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Pisces Full Moon 2020

Full Moon in Pisces at 10 Degrees September 2-3, 2020 It’s a Corn Moon

10:22pm West Coast, September 1, Tuesday 1:22am East Coast, September 2, Wednesday 7:22am Rome, Italy, September 2, Wednesday

Pisces Full Moon Energy

The September Pisces Full Moon energy is in the water element increasing our emotional perception and reactivity. Full Moons heighten the emotions, and the way that energy is expressed depends on the sign it is in. Pisces is the most adaptable of the mutable signs and it is changeable, like its element, water. We may feel our feelings more pronounced the first few days of September.

The Moon is also known for her changeability due to her fast movement through the signs and constantly changing shape in our sky through her phases. Pisces is known for creativity, inspiration, unity, and merging with the collective unconscious. Pure Pisces energy is like the saying ‘we are all one.’

Pisces Moon – Virgo Sun – Opposition

The Sun is in Virgo, the opposite sign of the Pisces Full Moon, and the source of the Moon’s light. Virgo qualities are to categorize, analyze, and sometimes can’t see the forest for the trees. Truly opposites, right? There are two forces pulling us in two different directions between Virgo detail and Pisces merging.

The Pisces Full Moon is an opportunity to detach from all those little details Virgo has us working on and look at the big picture. If you have been looking too close at something, step back and take in the birds eye view during this Full Moon.

The archetypal artist can represent this Pisces Moon opposite Virgo Sun energy. Imagine Michelangelo creating the Sistine Chapel, a product of his creativity. He was immersed, he was merged with his vision (Pisces). At the same time he created a masterpiece made up of virtuoso detail (Virgo). He saw the big picture and created it detail by detail.

This opposition between Sun and Moon is Full Moon energy. Oppositions can be found between many different planets, not only Full Moons. But you cannot have a Full Moon without an opposition.

Pisces ‘Corn’ Full Moon

This Pisces Full Moon on September 2 is called a ‘Corn Moon.’ The descriptive names of monthly Full Moons come from lore handed down generations, many from the diverse Native American Indian tribes. The names were incorporated into the calendar by European settlers, and in modern day this tradition is carried on in the Farmers Almanac.

Some years the September Full Moon is called the Harvest Moon, the Full Moon closest to the Equinox. This year, there is another Full Moon in October closer to the Equinox, so we call this September Full Moon the Corn Moon. Why? Because it’s corn harvest time!

Pisces Full Moon in Your Chart

To find out what this means in your chart, you want to look at the house occupied by Pisces, described below. Under each description I list the two opposites house where the Moon and Sun are located, and the two opposing themes of the Full Moon.

So get your chart and let’s get started. If you don’t have a copy of your chart, scroll to the bottom to find links where you can get your chart for free. Then come back and read below. Look for the Pisces symbol to find the house occupied by Pisces.

1st House Pisces

You are a Pisces Rising, this is your Full Moon! People likely see you as a highly spiritual and inspired person. With the Full Moon here, you will feel compelled to connect with something greater, whatever your belief system may be.

You may feel an increased desire to engage in art, music, or ecstatic dance. Even better dancing around outside in the moonlight. Collect some of that moonlight in water and cleanse your crystals. If that water is drinkable, drink it over the next few days when you want to get into an artistic trance. Take some time out and immerse yourself in vision making, lucid dreaming, and anything artsy.

Shadow: You may project onto or unconsciously be attracted to a partner who criticizes you. This person doesn’t understand your lack of attention to details. Compromise by arranging for a day of details after the Full Moon. You cannot stay in an ecstatic dream state forever, you must find a way to balance and get your feet on the ground half the time.

You may have to make a choice between mundane responsibilities and serving your need to check out of the real world. Careful not to overindulge in psychedelics, drugs or alcohol.

Opposition: 1st and 7th House: Self and Partner (romantic or business).

2nd House Pisces

When the Moon travels through a house, it can cause fluctuations. In this case it has to do with material things like money and possessions. You may experience a sense of knowing about your financial situation and what needs to be done. This applies also to your values, materialistic needs, and self-worth.

You may feel called to visit a watery place and if you live near an ocean, lake or pond, go! If not, go on an online virtual trip to the sea. Being near water on this full moon can improve your confidence and fill you with joy.

Shadow side: Fluctuations in money resources. If you temporarily step away from responsibility, be strategic. Don’t give away all your money because ‘we are all one.’

Opposition: 2nd and 8th House: My money vs Others Money, Self-Worth vs Others Value of me

3rd House Pisces

Dreamy communication and poetic charm is your style. You will wax extra poetic during the Pisces Full Moon in your house of communication.

If you are close with a sibling, spend some time together doing something creative. You may receive amazing visions and gifts from the collective when you meditate. If you are an artist, get ready to be inspired.

Shadow side: People may have a hard time relating to what you are talking about. Your psychic messages may not be well received by everyone. If someone gives you a stinging rebuttal for your beliefs, ignore them.

Opposition: 3rd and 9th House: Objectivity vs Spirituality, Short-distance vs Long-distance travel

4th House Pisces

Your home is likely a sweet and safe place for you, enjoy it to the maximum. If it isn’t or wasn’t, be aware that those issues and memories may come up during this time, and seek a positive support system.

The Moon shines in your house of home and family. Put together a dreamy family dinner. Shut off the TV and do something magical like listen to music, do karaoke, or play musical instruments together.

It’s a fine time to hang soft party lights and make a beautiful and relaxing home setting. Pisces is a water sign so bring something watery in like an essential oil water fountain. Take the family to the beach.

Shadow side: It’s hard to step away from the opposite world of details, but do try to take some moments away. Your family may not be interested in stepping into a mystical evening, so plan something solo. Try not to go to extremes on either end of work and home life.

Opposition: 4th and 10th: Home vs Career/Job, Family vs Career

5th House Pisces

Let your creativity flow. You may already be aware of artistic gifts you have, this is the perfect time to use them. Professional artists should be full of ideas to express. Sport may be your way of connecting to the collective, get out there and let yourself go.

Create a child under this fertile Full Moon, it can be a very romantic time. If this isn’t the right time for making babies, it is still the house of romance. Plan something quiet and romantic with your honey. You could be mysteriously attractive to others if you are single. This house is about fun and pleasure, immerse yourself in something creative.

Shadow side: Too much pleasure can cause problems, try to maintain balance. Your children may not understand your artistic side, let them be and do your own thing. Try not to over indulge in pleasure inducing substances or gambling.

Opposition: 5th and 11th: Me time vs Social time, Personal Expression vs GroupThink

6th House Pisces

The 6th house is the house of service. Pisces tend to serve or suffer. If you have a chance to immerse yourself in something that is of service to others you will feel better. You may volunteer at your church or place of spirituality, rescue a pet, offer inspirational insight to others in need, or simply be a calming presence for others.

If you have domestic pets, spend some extra time loving them. If you are a boss, you will be extra perceptive and sensitive to your employees at this time.

Shadow side: Overgiving of self, be sure to practice self-care. Over identifying with others taking on or taking in their pain. Poor boundaries with those suffering or in need. The need to save everyone, you can’t.

Opposition: 6th House and 12th House: Service to others vs Collective Unconscious. Service burn-out vs Self Care

7th House Pisces

You may completely merge yourself with your partner in a relationship. You love glorious romance. You give selflessly to your partner. If you are attached, make a romantic date night with your honey.

Single, visualize your ideal partner and send a manifestation wish out to the universe. Symbolically let go of anything holding you back from meeting that special one.

Shadow side: Careful not to put your partner’s needs ahead of your own too often. Check in with reality to be sure your partner is not taking advantage of you. Too much attention on the other deprives your inner soul of time to connect with your special creativity. Be sure you develop your own connection with spirit and spend some time alone practicing self-care.

Opposition: 1st and 7th House: Self vs others.

8th House Pisces

This is the area of other people’s money and resources. There could be fluctuations in your partners finances, and/or with creditors, and investments.

During this time you can be extra sensitive to how others value you. This is just fine if you are in sync with your partner. If you do not feel valued by your partner, find others who do value you just the way you are and spend time with them. There is also an internal and psychological component to this house. You may have deep internal discussions with yourself on spirituality. This is a great time to seek advice from a trusted friend or professional.

Shadow side: You may experience fluctuations in shared finances. If a serious partner is less than kind with words and actions you will feel it deeply. Try to steer clear of personal attacks and seek help from your support system.

Opposition: 2nd and 8th House: My money vs Others Money, Self-Worth vs Others Value of me

9th House Pisces

Spirituality, in whatever form you practice, is likely to be an important component in your life. With the Full Moon here, dive deep into your practice. You may feel super connected to your tribe and energized to participate in an experience greater than yourself. If you are inspired to take a class, do it!

Shadow side: Careful not to invalidate others opinions if they disagree with your own. You may get so lost in your own ideology you lose objectivity. Details do have their place in the world, even if you are not interested in them.

Opposition: 3rd and 9th House: Objectivity vs Spirituality, Short-distance vs Long-distance travel

10th House Pisces

Your career is influenced by the expression of Pisces. You benefit from service and vision. You may be a great visionary in your career. The days around this Full Moon may drop some amazing ideas and vision into your career. Write them all down and see where they take you.

Shadow side: You are great with vision, but have difficulty with the details. Surround yourself with others who have this skill and you will make an excellent team. At work, remember to come down from your bird’s eye view and touch the ground every now and then.

Opposition: 4th and 10th: Home vs Career/Job, Family vs Career

11th House Pisces

You may be psychic when it comes to your friends and they love to hear your insights. Spiritual groups may be calling for your presence during this Full Moon, go and join them. If you have been wanting to join a social group with similar interests this is a good time to do so. Any social groups you are already part of will welcome your vision and input. You may feel inspired to post uplifting articles on social media.

Shadow side: Your inclination to merge and join may push away your super independent friends, don’t take it personally and just let them be. Don’t hide yourself away, find groups who treasure you for who you are.

Opposition: 5th and 11th: Me time vs Social time, Personal Expression vs GroupThink

12th House Pisces

With Pisces on this cusp you already have a tendency to connect with the collective unconscious. When the Full Moon happens here, this inclination is amplified. Go out in nature where you can meditate uninterrupted. You will likely feel that you want to be alone. Spend the time wisely engaging in spirit lifting activities like listening to music, dancing, using essential oils, take a bubble bath, journal, and do yoga. This can be a very purifying time. Do self-care.

Shadow side: Overindulgence in drugs and alcohol. Feeling lonely can be very difficult, reach out for help to your support system. Visit a psycho therapist if you are struggling with grief or depression.

Opposition: 6th House and 12th House: Service to others vs Collective Unconscious. Service burn-out vs Self Care

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