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Capricorn Full Moon

Harmony in Action

Capricorn Full Moon Date and Times

Friday 21 June Full Moon

6:08 PM, West Coast, USA

9:08 PM, East Coast, USA

Saturday 22 June Full Moon

3:08 AM, Rome, Italy

1 Degrees Capricorn

Capricorn Full Moon Overview

The full moon expresses its energy through the sign of Capricorn with the Sun sending light through the sign of Cancer. This year’s full moon happens just a day after the June Cancer Solstice on Thursday, June 20.

This period holds the longest days and shortest nights in the northern hemisphere and the shortest days and longest nights in the Southern hemisphere.

Solstices happen in June and December. They are a natural reminder to notice when you are out of balance. The extreme days of light and dark remind us that when we hit the outer limit of our extremes, Capricorn, it is time to nurture and look inward lovingly and compassionately, Cancer.

Capricorn is about tradition, structure, and the boundaries and limits of life. Cancer is also about tradition, focusing on sentiment, connection and family. 

The Capricorn Cancer axis asks us to become more aware of the balance between career, public image, and ambition for success out in the world, and family, self-care, nurturing and home life. People in the West tend to struggle with these two areas often. 

Capricorn is an earth sign. It is known for leadership, strategy and a disciplined approach. The challenging side of Capricorn is to be overly controlling, rigid, and cold.

Cancer is a water sign. It is known as being nurturing, protective and intuitive. The challenging side of Cancer is to be overly protective of sensitive emotions and indirect, like the crab moving sideways. It can respond in an overly emotional way at times.

Both Capricorn and Cancer are cardinal signs, known for leadership. Their leadership styles differ greatly. Capricorn is direct and unyielding. Cancer is ambitious also but goes about it differently - indirectly, like its symbol the crab. 

The intuition of Cancer helps them to make quick decisions that propel them forward. If not for their Cardinal ambition, they may be tempted to seek and immerse themselves in emotional security at home and stay there. But Cancer wants to lead and to be helpful.

Capricorn on the other hand thrives in challenging work environments. It can gravitate to public life and career promotions with little time for emotional nurturing. The Capricorn full moon shines the light on the balance between material and emotional security in your life.

Work and family themes may come up for you and you may be running back and forth trying to satisfy both. This weekend you may have to figure out a strategy to keep both sides happy, or you may have to make a choice. 

Full Moons always have the Sun and Moon opposite of each other, bringing up two sides of an issue. Take a moment to reflect on what life situations are happening right now that may bubble up over the Capricorn full Moon weekend. 

Planetary Activity at the Capricorn Full Moon

The Sun, Venus and Mercury are traveling in Cancer at the full Moon. All of the visible planets are in a water or earth sign except Jupiter. This pulls back from the highly dynamic air element energy we had over the last month. 

The predominance of Cardinal energy (Cancer and Capricorn) makes this a good time to push on the gas pedal and work on your most important life situations. This can be any type of relationship with others, work projects, hobbies, etc.

Mars, the planet that represents taking action, is in a harmonious sextile configuration with the Sun, Venus and Mercury, and a harmonious trine configuration with the Full Moon. Whatever you want to put your energy into, Mars is ready to make it happen. 

The Sun, Venus and Mercury are together in Cancer. This makes a great time to do something with your family. This can be your immediate family, extended family, or your chosen family of friends. If you have a family reunion scheduled for this weekend, it should mark a memorable and special occasion.

Saturn continues its two-and-a-half-year journey through Pisces and prepares to meet Mars in a harmonious sextile. They work together to get things done methodically and practically while keeping in mind the long-term vision.

This is further indicated by the harmonious trine between Saturn in Pisces and the Sun, Venus and Mercury in Cancer, all water element signs.

The predominance of the water element during the Capricorn full Moon highlights the importance of emotional security in life. You may seek out emotional security by reaching out to family and friends that you trust. Material security may play a part in the conversation.

If you are experiencing a difficult time right now, reach out to your closest people who help you feel better emotionally. Spend time in the nurturing environments that make you feel secure.

Usually, the outer planets are making some challenging relationship with one of the faster-moving personal planets, but not at the Capricorn full Moon. This is a great time to catch up and get stuff done or take some time off.

In Your Chart

You will always get more information on how this energy will show up by looking at your natal chart. The twelve astrology houses describe all of the human life experiences.

Look at your chart and find the houses occupied by the signs the planets are traveling through. Refer to my free Astrology Houses Blog for an explanation of the life themes associated with each astrology house.

The topics and themes associated with the astrology house in your chart will give you details on what’s likely got your attention:

Taurus: Mars, Uranus

Gemini: Jupiter

Cancer: Sun, Venus, Mercury

Capricorn: Moon

Pisces: Saturn and Neptune

If you would like help understanding the energy in your chart, schedule a consultation with me by clicking below. 

If you would like to get a free copy of your chart, I recommend either or

Inspirational Quotes for the Capricorn Full Moon

Capricorn Full Moon 

'The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you're willing to work.' - Oprah Winfrey

Cancer Sun Quote

'Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bow-lines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.' - Mark Twain

Capricorn zodiac sign glyph

Things to Do under the Capricorn Full Moon

  • Do a full moon ritual using Capricorn’s element earth. Use my free guide with a ritual for each element by clicking here.

  • Spend time with your family or those who nurture you. Sometimes your chosen family, like your friends or extended family members, are the ones who provide the most emotional security and nurturing. Seek them out and spend time together.

  • Host a family or friend reunion.

  • Focus on getting something done. We have a forward-focused full moon with most planets working harmoniously together. 

  • Work on strategy at the end of the week and over the weekend. You may find it easier to focus on a project and strategically and methodically get a lot done.

  • Capricorn is about material security and Cancer is about emotional security. Journal about those two things in your life.

    • Is one more important than the other?

    • Is one getting more attention than the other?

    • Are you satisfied with the balance of work and home/family? If yes, describe what you are happy about. If not, what choices and decisions are you contemplating to find more balance?

  • Write a strategy for a project that you have been dreaming about. Get it out of your mind and into a written plan.

  • Get active. Go out and move your body. With the Sun in Cancer, if you can get to a body of water and walk along it barefoot, you would be combining the water and earth elements of the Sun and Full Moon. Another way to work with the two elements is to take a salt bath with high-quality herbs. Even better if they are fresh herbs from your garden.

Capricorn Full Moon Wrap-Up

The Capricorn Full Moon highlights two important areas of life: Home and family, and career and public image. Both sides may be calling for your attention. Seek out emotionally nurturing people, which may be your family or your chosen family of friends.

This is a perfect time to get things done with most of the planets working together in harmony. The energy is grounded with Mars in Taurus sextile Saturn in Pisces. That’s why I chose ‘Harmony in Action’ as the theme for this month’s Capricorn Full Moon.


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