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Build Lasting Friendships

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Build Lasting Friendships by Zodiac Sign

Friendships are some of the most important relationships we maintain throughout our lives. For many of us, romantic relationships have come and gone, but our best friends have been by our sides for years, decades, and lifetimes.

Friendships sometimes do break up, but mostly our friendships are our foundations. Our friends are the ones who are always there for us. There’s a saying that we can’t choose our family, but we can choose our friends.

Our closest friends become just like family. Over the years, our friends can get to know us better than our family of origin. Friends are the people we spend our leisure time with, on purpose. 

Friendships can remain over long distances and over time. Friends help us get through the bad times and celebrate the best times. Making friends and maintaining friendships takes work just like our intimate relationships.

Friendships have their nuances, and not all people do friendship in the same way. I thought it would be fun to take a look at the different zodiac signs and some of the qualities of friendship you are most likely to encounter.


Outgoing Aries is a friend who will need a large amount of stimulation. This is a sign of curiosity, someone who will enjoy an adventure with his/her/their friends. Aries can be impulsive, fun, impatient, and super excited to try new things. They can jump into action without any planning.

Aries are freedom and independent-oriented. Just like in relationships, they won’t do well with clingy or needy friends. They say it how they see it and often speak before thinking. If you want a friend who will tell you what they really think of the outfit you are trying on, bring an Aries friend with you.

Aries’ bluntness can sometimes be misunderstood, so they like friends who understand them and don’t take things personally. They need friends who are flexible and willing to start something or change plans in the wink of an eye.

They tend to be active and enthusiastic to try new things. Hang out with your Aries friends when you want to do anything challenging, thrilling, or exciting.

Friend date ideas: Join a sports team together, make something with your hands, watch a sporting event, do something that takes courage like skydiving, go to an adult fun center with bumper cars and a race track. Remember anything spontaneous and spur of the moment is fine for your Aries friend.


Taurus is a reliable and loyal friend who will stick by you through the good times, boring times, and the difficult. Taurus likes to enjoy the fine things in life and will take the time to do so. No hurrying the bull, they are stubborn, and have their set pace.

As a friend of a Taurus, you will get to enjoy the pleasures of life together. Taurus will be down for anything that tastes good, feels good, sounds good, looks good, or smells good.

Your Taurus friend will have excellent aesthetic tastes and a deep appreciation of the arts. They make good listeners and will be your biggest fan when times are tough.

Taurus friend date ideas: Go to the spa or book facials and massages, and then enjoy a refreshing tea together afterward. Go to the movies, out to a delicious dinner, or shopping. Go to a museum, art exhibit, or concert. Take singing classes or start a band together.

Take a cooking class or co-host a dinner party together where you cook up something yummy. Taurus are builders and a great friend to call for a home project.


Gemini’s are one of the most social signs of the zodiac and have many acquaintances. With so many people in their life, it’s hard to tell who is a close and trusted friend, and who they just met a few minutes ago. Yes, they do make excellent friends and are open to diverse conversations and fun. They are the perfect friend to bounce ideas off of, chat with, or ask for advice. They are witty, clever, and connected.

It may be hard to pin Gemini down into a deep and serious conversation on one thing because they have so much to talk about, they jump topics quickly. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the tangle of 3 conversation threads happening at the same time. But that just adds to the fun and intellectual stimulation.

Easy-going Gemini is someone who will pick up a friendship where you left it. Whether it’s a week, month, year, or decade since you last spoke. They are happy to chat it up with you like you just saw each other yesterday.

Geminis are likely to make friendship alliances with those who like to go out and socialize. They will want friends to go out with them to the social scene and who can hold their own in a conversation. They love to chat and gossip with their besties.

Gemini friend date ideas: Hit the social scene and meet others. Take a class together, practice learning another language together, do a game night, travel, meet up at a coffee shop just to chat, do karaoke, and watch a lighthearted funny movie together. Share jokes, connect with other friends and groups, or co-host a party.


Cancers are sentimental folk who will be your friend forever once you make your way inside their nurturing and loving heart. This is the friend you call when you need a ‘lift me up,’ a hug, or words of encouragement and support.

Cancer will remember significant and special times you have had together and will reminisce about them with you. Expect pictures to hold a special place in their heart right along with gifts they have received.

A Cancer friend will be protective of you and your friendship. If someone messes with you, they mess with them. All that compassion makes Cancer feel emotions deeply in their soul. If you hurt or betray them, it will cut deeply, so don’t do it.

This nourishing sign can take on a mothering role for friends in need. If you find yourself beaten down by the outside world, call your Cancer friend, who will be sure to have the right words or ideas to help you pick yourself back up. They may make you cookies too.

Cancer friend date ideas: Take turns cooking for each other or do a cooking class together. Go to the beach or any body of water. Watch movies that combine humor with emotional drama or true stories of overcoming challenges. Volunteer together for organizations that help others, like a shelter, or water-related, like beach clean-up.

A Cancer friendship can be like a protective shell where you feel like you can share anything with this person. There is a sense of trust and feeling relaxed and blessed to have such a supportive friend in your life.


Leos are friends you can get creative with. Leos can dream big and carry an air of magnetism, benevolence, and star power. Being the sign of the Sun, they have a light that shines through them which makes it hard to see that they are very fixed in their ways. So don’t be surprised when you find that they like doing certain things often.

It’s likely you become friends with Leo because you have something in common you bonded over. Once you connect with a Leo on something, the creativity grows along with the friendship.

If you are at odds with many things, the friendship isn’t likely to last or it becomes a friendship only around that one thing. For example, your Leo friend whose child is on the same soccer team as yours, and your friendship is around games. Or your Leo friend that you always sit with at your painting class.

If your Leo friend and you really hit it off and share lots of common interests, you may find yourselves planning all kinds of things to do together. Leos love expression and will want someone who recognizes what Leo is expressing and tells them what is working well for them.

Leo friend date ideas: Take an improv class, painting class, or anything artistic that you both enjoy. Do photo shoots together for your social media profiles? Watch romantic comedies together. Support each other in finding romance and be sure to keep hanging out when one or both of you are in a romantic relationship.

Plan or organize events, or volunteer together for organizations that support children or the arts. Do any kind of self-growth activities together that boost confidence and increase smiles. Shop for super awesome new clothes together.


Virgo’s will be choosy about who they are friends with because they won’t want to waste any precious time with someone who isn’t a good fit. Virgo’s tend to be interested in healthy living and will want to hang out with friends who share their health values.

You may connect on a certain type of healing practice like yoga, herbs, energy healing, or Feng Shui. They are analytical by nature and appreciate friends who want to engage in meaningful conversation that probes the depth of data they have stored in their brain.

Virgo’s may find themselves friends with their opposites, like a fire sign, who gets them out of their practical world. They can be highly adaptable and flexible but may need the push to get out and let loose.

Friend date ideas: Take a patch in a community garden. Do Feng Shui in each other’s homes. Take a natural healing class together. Learn about essential oils together. Get involved in service-oriented activism together.

Go to the gym and support each other in health and activity routines. Plan relaxation and retreat spa days. Set up routine hang-out dates like monthly movie night or game night.


Libra’s are a social sign and like to have a diverse group of friends. Libra enjoys having friendships with people of varied interests that broaden their social experience in life. Libras are known for thinking of and prioritizing the other person, and they make great friends to talk to.

If you need someone to lend an ear and give you honest advice, look no further than your Libra friend. They can maintain objectivity and diplomacy while giving you honest feedback with great finesse, even if they have to tell you what you don’t want to hear.

Libra’s are social and known for their love of gossip and chattiness. Be sure you are clear when something is a secret, or Libra may accidentally spill the beans. Libra’s have a sharp eye for fashion and beautiful things. They are one of the best signs to go shopping with.

Friend date ideas: Shopping, wine and painting, or just plain wine tasting. Take part in any activity or activism where you are supporting the underdog and justice together. Hang out in chic and cool places with low lighting and unique decor.

Libras are aesthetically sensitive, do things that please the senses, and stimulate the mind together.


Scorpios are one of the most loyal and trustworthy signs in the zodiac. You do have to earn that trust, and when you do, you become like family, a brother or a sister.

You can count on your Scorpio friend and they will stand up for you. If someone is bothering you, they may have to get through your Scorpio friend first.

Scorpios can be intense and are deeply affected by their emotions, even though they have the best poker face in town. They have a great memory and tend to hold grudges, so be sure you are also the loyal type and you will be like two peas in a pod.

You can trust your deepest and darkest secrets with a Scorpio, and they will help you anytime you are in need. Scorpios tend to be drawn to anything mystical, which can lead to some pretty interesting conversations.

Friend date ideas: Go to a metaphysical shop together. Cleanse crystals and do moon rituals. Watch emotional drama movies together or crime-solving series. Learn or research something together and take it up as a hobby. Do anything water-related like going to the beach, going out on a boat, water skiing, or floating around in the pool. 


Life of the party Sag makes for a super fun friend. They aren’t always around when you need them, but they sure are fun when they come around. Their optimism is contagious and they have a way of making you feel good when they are around.

Don’t be surprised if Sag disappears when things get boring. You may not be able to pull them off the couch if they don’t like the alternatives, but hey you can join them. They love company and people. Laughing and hanging out are an art form for them.

Sagittarius lives for experiencing life and often have wide and diverse interests. They tend to have friends from each area of their interest, with fun being the constant ingredient. If you love to travel, have fun, and experience new things, you will likely pick up a Sagittarius friend along the way.

Friend date ideas: Go horseback riding, hit the gym together, or take a yoga class. Travel anywhere. Study anything. Talk about your hopes, dreams, and vision for your future regardless of your age. Socialize out or have a party in. Be up for spur of the moment fun and follow your whim.


One of the more serious signs of the zodiac, Capricorn is often climbing the status ladder. Friends of Capricorns usually fit into the social status and future plans of a Capricorn. They are reliable, goal driven, straight shooters.

If you are a mover and a shaker, you may find yourself hanging out with Capricorn, a fellow goal seeker driven to win and succeed. Sharing connections and networking with like minded colleagues is important to this sign.

Caps like to present themself as put together and refined. Friendship reflects on their status, and will be drawn to others who project the same status, or sense of upward mobility.

As an earth sign, Capricorn has a traditional and classic nature and may hold their ideals and values close to their heart. They will appreciate and be loyal to friends with shared values. They are long-term oriented and will value a friendship that can last a lifetime.

Friend date ideas: Go to a fundraiser or networking event together. Volunteer with nonprofit groups. Do happy hours after work together. Join a private club together. All earth signs love body care, do a spa day.

Hike together and climb a mountain. Train or do a marathon together. Scrapbook, vision board, or other crafty things where you build and structure visuals to tell your story over time.


Aquarius likes to do things their own way and can even be called a rebel at times. This is no ordinary rebel, but truly a rebel with a cause. The way an Aquarian bonds is usually over something, or a cause, in common. 

Aquarius is a social air sign and will want to connect and communicate through intelligent conversation. Eccentric, odd, and bizarre conversations are welcome. Investigating and learning about the oddities of life will set your friendship on a course for forever.

It is just as likely that you could befriend an Aquarius around a particular interest, but only hangout to do that one thing. Aquarians can be loners and will need their space. They can be diffuse at times and you may not have a good pulse on what they are actually thinking.

Friend date ideas: Visit a science museum. Go to a bizarre or unique event and laugh your way through it. Do trivia night at the local pub. Host a game night with other friends. Invent something together. Go shopping for a unique look.

One of the best things you can do with your Aquarian friend is to join a cause you are both passionate about. The water bearer has a unique talent to be able to communicate or represent a group's voice without being emotionally consumed by it.


Pisces is a loving and loyal friend who will treat friends like they are family. They have an uncanny way of knowing how you feel, and the empathy to be with you through any difficulty you experience. Of course, they will celebrate all the awesome times too.

Pisces have an innate ‘go with the flow’ type of personality that makes them adaptable to almost any idea you have. They will go along for the ride and have fun in almost any situation. They love to experience life, love, and fun.

They will sense and feel your pain, love, laughs, stress, and loss. They will be right there with you holding your hand telling you everything is going to be okay. Be careful and loving toward your Pisces friend and do not take advantage of their giving and loving nature.

Friend date ideas: Pisces is the fish, so anything water-related will be fun. Swimming, the beach, or floating in the pool. Have lunch by water with a view. Check out art shows together or music festivals. Enjoy and savor the scrumptious things in life, food, spa day, or art fairs.

Wrap Up

To get a well-rounded understanding of your friends, and how you may be perceived as a friend, you will learn more by reading about your Moon sign and rising sign in addition to the Sun sign descriptions above. If you don’t know your Moon sign and Ascendant, use a free online calculator or feel free to contact me and I will help you find yours.


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