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What to Love About Your Zodiac Sign

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

What to Love About Your Zodiac Sign

As I was brainstorming on this week’s blog, I was thinking about each sign and how the qualities get mixed up in the world, each bringing a unique viewpoint and flavor to life. All of the zodiac signs have qualities that are considered positive, beneficial, and helpful.

And all the zodiac signs have qualities that are considered obstacles, difficult, and at their worst, destructive. In late November, the United States celebrates Thanksgiving, a time to give thanks for what we are grateful for in life. I thought it would be awesome to give thanks to the qualities I admire in each zodiac sign.

Living overseas has given me the opportunity to expand my network of colleagues, friends, and clients to an eclectic international mix. I must say that having friends from all over the world is one of the things I am grateful for in life. It has expanded my understanding and experience of the world. My language and cultural norms have diversified, and my interest in world affairs has more meaning.

I don’t think I would have been able to embark on such an adventure if it wasn’t for the strong family foundation I was raised in. I feel very blessed to experience both an international community and a close-knit family unit.

Living overseas in an ancient city that hosts international travelers and students from all over the world has shown me that no matter where you come from, we are more similar than different. I have met and made friends with people from every continent during my time here in Rome.

Life has so many positive sides to it, things to experience, and people you share life with. Some people pop in your life for a short period, others long, and some for life. Whether you know it or not, you have encountered every single one of the zodiac signs through your interactions with others, and of course through your own horoscope.

I wanted to take some time to talk about what’s positive, beneficial, and helpful by zodiac sign. Below are the things I am grateful for that are unique to your sign. Remember that each of these zodiac signs has a part to play in your birth chart, a wheel of all 12 zodiac signs that shows where the planets were in the sky on your birthdate.

Some signs will be more dominant, and others may be more in the background. You can only know by having your chart read. Remember that sometimes what is super amazing about one sign is significantly different than what is amazing about another sign, as in opposite. Which is totally what we experience in real life, right? 

When those differences come head to head there is friction. Some of us want to do things quickly, while others are more comfortable taking their time. Some like fast food and others slow food. Hard rock or Jazz. Beatles or Elvis. You get the picture. There is no right or wrong, our traits just are. We fill the world with diversity and try to make our way through it together.

Today, I ask you to be open to how each of the beneficial qualities of each sign has its place in the world. Maybe even grateful for the positives those traits bring, even if they are not yours. Even if some of the signs have qualities you don’t possess, want, or appreciate, they can be beneficial.

Here’s what I love, appreciate, and am grateful for in each of the zodiac signs. With love, from your professional astrologer:

What to Love About Aries

I love how courageous and brave you are. You don’t back down from a challenge, and you jump at the chance to take action for anything that ignites your passion. You are quick to react, have great instincts, and have boundless energy.

When one is called on an adventure, call on Aries to go with you. You speak your mind so we don’t have to play guessing games. You like to invent things, start things, and get in on the action. The Aries spirit is uplifting, inspiring, and exciting.

What to Love About Taurus

I love how Taurus feeds the five senses. Enjoying sensual moments is your specialty. You recognize beauty through sight, you appreciate the smell of good things, like cinnamon rolls baking in the oven. You want to fill the atmosphere with pleasing sounds and you appreciate the pleasures of the taste buds. Touch and body pleasures are a way of life for you.

I love how reliable and practical you are. I know you will be there when needed, on time, and prepared. You think things through and you come prepared. Routine things never fall through the cracks with you.

What to Love About Gemini

I love how easily you can chat it up with anyone. Your quick wit is engaging. Your curiosity is endless, making you an interesting conversationalist. I love how you process things at lightning speeds and can have two conversations at the same time. Multi-task is your middle name.

Gemini’s working in a busy environment is an art form. One wonders how you process all that information so quickly and get things done at lightning speed. You quickly understand what another person is thinking and can astutely get to the point.

What to Love About Cancer

I love how sentimental and caring you are. You know how to make someone feel special because you notice what is important to the other person. You are a fantastic nurturer. Whether it’s through your supportive words or a home-cooked meal, the people you care for are well cared for and they know it.

I love how under that tough shell of a leader is a softy who would do anything for friends, family, and loved ones. You are a compassionate leader who represents the greater good. Your sense of humor is incredible and makes that nurturing nature really fun to be with.

What to Love About Leo

I love how protective and generous you are to the ones you love. Your protective nature is undeniable. You love to lift up others. Your regal nature is one to model after. You are gracious, dignified, and generous. Your creative flair is inspirational, and your grace and charm are beguiling.

I am impressed with how you ooze self-confidence and express your unique creative flair. I love your knack for self-expression that allows that innate creativity inside of you to flow out into the world. Sunshine flows through you and beams out to the world making it a better place.

What to Love About Virgo

I am always impressed with how you get things done methodically and in the most efficient way possible. The world is more organized because of your superb skill. You have an eye for how to execute any plan from conception to execution. Anyone with a vision will benefit from your analytical skills to bring a vision to fruition.

I find your modesty and humility endearing. Your keen mix of mental agility with practical groundedness makes you a much desirable colleague to have on any team. All projects and teams benefit from the presence of Virgo. I love how you bring clarity and focus to any task.

What to Love About Libra

I love how fair, honest, and objective you are. It’s amazing to see the Libran charm mixed with the insistence to treat everyone as an equal. I love when you lead others with grace, charm, diplomacy, and the velvet glove. You know more than anyone that you can attract more bees with honey than vinegar.

I love going to your social events, from a small social dinner to a gigantic gala, your parties are the best. We can all appreciate Libra as an icon of fashion, aesthetics, style, glamor, and appeal. I respect that you are usually the first person called when fair mediation is needed because everyone knows you will be fair.

What to Love About Scorpio

I love the deep well of your soul and how much you love diving deep into that well. Your drive to ‘know thyself’ is never-ending. You are one of the most trustworthy signs out there and your word is solid. You know how to keep a secret and will take it to the grave.

I know you take friendship seriously. Once someone is in your small circle of close friends, they are lucky because they can count on you when they need help. I love how interested you are in learning about the mystical side of nature and your never-ending study of anything that holds your interest.

What to Love About Sagittarius

I love how you engage in life like it is an adventure. You live for experiencing. You are the role model for the saying ‘life is about the journey, not the destination.’ You have an uncanny connection with horses, beautiful animals known for their social nature.

You are constantly seeking meaning and purpose in life. It may take you around the world traveling, through the university seeking knowledge, or into your faith and belief system. However it manifests, I love that you are about experiencing and expanding your world. You are always one with a story.

What to Love About Capricorn

I admire your innate leadership skills and your natural capacity to build things. Whether it’s a career, business, family, or whatever it is, you build with determination, discipline, and tenacity. Your ability to focus on a goal and achieve it is incredible. Achievement is your keyword, and achieve you will.

I respect how you are resilient, patient, purposeful, strategic, and reliable. You complete what you started. You are a no-nonsense kind of person. When leadership is needed, you step in, and you are darned good at it. You make people feel at ease because they know you can be trusted to lead.

What to Love About Aquarius

I am in awe of your innovative mind and how it creates things that have not been created before. You may be a scientist, musician, or business person. No matter what field or life domain you are in, you are creating something unique. You have a unique flair and walk to the beat of your own drum.

I am inspired by your independent nature that drives to freedom to push new thoughts and things out into the world. I love that you do not back down and fold to peer pressure. You create new paths and blaze new trails. You innovate the future and rebel against ‘the way it’s always been.’

What to Love about Pisces

I am grateful for your compassionate nature and inclination toward the mystical arts. You see the silver lining in everything. You have vision for what could be when others don’t. You have an artistic nature that needs an outlet, not only for you, but for the benefit of everyone else who is touched by it.

You know how to connect with others and have a sixth sense where you can feel another person. You have a huge heart and probably give some of the best hugs to anyone you know. You are able to see the world through the lens of beauty, which makes people feel very special when they are around you.

Wrap Up

I hope you get lots of chances to tell the important people in your life what they do that you are grateful for. Or how a particular characteristic or quality impacts you in a positive way. As humans, we need to hear this positive feedback from others. We need to know when we do something that impacts another in a positive way.

All of the positive traits I listed above are experiences I have had with people with those signs. These qualities are real.

To my entire community, thank you for being part of my tribe. I am grateful that you are interested in what I have to say, and are part of my growing community that wants to live an authentic life.


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