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Lori Barnes Astrology

Astrology coaching is like a compass for when you aren’t sure what to do next in life. When you think you should be farther along in life. When you feel like something is missing, even though most people think you have it all.

Astrology Coaching helps you step away from what you ‘have to do’ to what you ‘want to do.’ How often do you find yourself doing something that isn’t enjoyable? Or to satisfy someone else, leaving you with your own needs unmet?

You will find there are many life paths you can take and that you have the ability within yourself to change your life. Astrology Coaching helps you focus on getting what you want using cosmic timing.

Combining Coaching and Astrology helps make sense of timing in a way no other service can. The universe reflects the complexity of human nature to us, and when we choose to listen, we can gain much wisdom from our astrology chart.

Astro Coaching is designed to help you plan your most fulfilling life.


Astrology Coaching with Lori Barnes

Life coaching provides an amazing service that helps people overcome obstacles to achieving something greater. However, the best life coaching combined with bad timing can lead to disappointing outcomes and leave you discouraged. It’s important that you have high quality coaching and astrological timing to guide you to the most opportunity and fulfillment.

Astrology coaching takes your timing and cycles into consideration. Without looking at the timing of the sky and your astrology chart, you could miss opportunities. With astrology, you can receive a great deal of information that is directly accessible from your astrology chart. Astro coaching is designed to help you find meaning in life. In session, we go through the process of aligning your life mission with your actions, beliefs, and mindset.

I help people experience aha moments about the direction of their life and design a plan to live it in the most meaningful and fulfilling way. I love to help others find their life mission after experiencing the process of finding mine through psychology, astrology, and mindfulness practices. 

To learn more about me, please check out my ‘About Me‘ page. I am an adventurer, astrologer, and coach. It is my honor to work with individuals and groups to help people find and develop their life mission. I am a Libra Sun, Aries Moon, and a Sagittarius rising. I would love to hear from you to see if astrology coaching is the right fit for you.

Astrology Chart - Lori Barnes Astrology

About Astrology Coaching

Astrology coaching is a practice that meets you where you are in life. The service can wrap around you. In our free initial session we will talk about what is happening in your life, what you want to get out of coaching, and the options for the unfolding of our sessions. There are three general approaches to coaching that will help you decide what is the best way for you to experience working with me.

The first is the least structured. It is designed to be fluid and flowing so that each session is about what is going on in your life, or with a particular astrological event. This can be especially helpful when you are experiencing a challenging transit in your astrology chart or would like to take a deep introspective into yourself using astrology as a helpful guide.

The second approach is goal oriented. This is perfect for focusing on goals and timing strategy. We can develop your goals, or take the goals you already have, and work on manifesting what you want. We do this with the intention of bringing into alignment your goals, actions, and finding or developing your life mission.

The third approach is a structured program. Each session will present a topic, exercises, and journaling. Coaching is structured so that you uncover and overcome the obstacles to finding your mission in life. It will help you start the process of finding your purpose and meaning in life and what direction to take next. Through this process, you will gain clarity and practical tools to use every day.

All three approaches include ways to experience a growth oriented mindset and how to keep it going after coaching ends. To get started, book a free initial consultation with me. Together we will decide which approach is best

Astrology Consultations and Astrology Coaching

I will draw up your astrology chart and let you know of important timing events such as lunar phases, retrogrades, current astrology trends and how they indicate activation in your astrology chart. Astrology timing and important events are incorporated into the coaching sessions. You may want to schedule an astrology consultation prior to starting coaching.

If you have never experienced an astrology consultation, I recommend scheduling a natal consultation, or a package of natal and year ahead for a detailed understanding of your astrology birth chart. An astrology consultation will focus deeply on astrology rather than coaching.

An astrology consultation integrates seamlessly with astrology coaching and will deepen your understanding of astrological events that come up during astro coaching.

Astrology consultation and coaching sessions are $120 each.

Please note that packages of 12 and 24 have free sessions included, see below.

Six (6) Consultations

Sixty Minute Sessions


Thirteen (13) Consultations

Includes 1 Bonus Session

Sixty Minute Sessions


Twenty-Four (24) Consultations

Annual Plan

Includes 2 Bonus Sessions

Two Sessions Per Month

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