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Year Ahead & Natal Chart

Service Description

In Natal Chart consultation we focus on your unique birth horoscope. This is a chance for you to learn about which zodiac signs the five major Planets, Sun, and Moon were in when you were born. In the Year Ahead consultation we focus on the relationship of the current sky with your natal chart. You will discover what planets are super active in the next year, and the area of life they are expressing their energy. With this information you can be prepared for the year with the astro forecast that includes dates. We will meet twice. The first date you select when booking through the calendar below. The second date will be set during our first appointment. Examples of Questions - What kind of career should I pursue? - What is my Destiny? - Why do I always attract the same type of partner? - What does my chart say about finding love? - How do I find more fun in my life? - How can I improve my communication style? - How can I improve my financial situation? Planetary Energy Saturn: How limits and boundaries are set in your life Jupiter: Where you find luck and opportunity Mars: Action, drive and energy Venus: The pleasurable things in life, sex, relationships Mercury: Your communication style Sun: Your vitality, identity, personality and ego Moon: Your needs, receptivity, security, emotions, body

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 220 US dollars

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