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Pisces Full Moon

Pisces Full Moon Date and Time

Wednesday 30 August or Thursday 31 August

6:36 PM, West Coast, USA

9:36 PM, East Coast, USA

3:36 AM, Rome, Italy

7 degrees of Pisces

Super Blue Moon

Pisces Full Moon Overview

The Pisces full moon is about your strategy for manifesting your vision. It’s about having the dream (full Moon in Pisces), writing your goals and paying attention to the daily details and tasks (Sun in Virgo).

What you do on a daily basis will accrue over your lifetime. What is it that you want to grow? How much of your daily grind is taking you towards your long-term vision?

The Pisces full moon configuration is set up to help figure that out with Saturn retrograde and the full moon in Pisces, and on the opposite side of the zodiac, the Sun and Mercury retrograde in Virgo.

Venus is approaching the end of her retrograde cycle but we still have time to work with both Mercury and Venus retrograde together until September third when Venus goes direct.

All three outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are traveling retrograde bringing the total to six retrograde planets at the full moon. This retrograde statement adds to the Pisces full moon energy to take time for reflection and introspection. I’ll go into details below.

If you are looking for a full moon ritual, I have one for you. I wrote a 'Full Moon Releasing Ritual' for each of the four elements, water, earth, air and fire. Pisces is a water sign so I recommend you do the water ritual. Here is the link.

Pisces Full Moon and Your Life Vision and Mission

The Pisces full moon is asking you if you are working toward your vision, or doing a lot of daily work that isn’t helping you move toward your life purpose. I’m not talking about some unattainable wishful thinking, but a reasonable and challenging vision or goal of what you want to accomplish in your lifetime.

Throughout this week under the influence of the Pisces full moon, reflect on how you integrate and balance your overall and most important vision of what you want to accomplish in life with your daily grind and your to-do list.

You may have a few visions, one for family, one for relationship and one for career. Or you may have one overarching thing that stands out as the most important thing you want to do. That’s totally up to you. I hope this blog helps you question if you are on track, and helps you discover if some realignment is needed.

You may want to correct your course and get back on the direct route to your vision and life mission. You may find that you are so deep in daily details that you have lost track of what it is you set out to do in the first place.

You may find yourself daydreaming all the time of the amazing vision you have for yourself, but not taking any action toward that vision.

You may also realize how well balanced you are and get incredible insight during the Pisces full moon as to what you are doing well, and what you want to do more of to maximize your efforts.

Or you may find that you have no idea what your life purpose is and have been looking for a way to figure out what it is. If this sounds like you, please contact me. I have developed a program that guides you through the process and includes your personal astrology chart to help navigate your life map.

Learn more about how to find your life purpose and mission, click here.

We each have different levels of energy, resources, support, and goals. We are also each unique in the family, culture, and country we are born into. We all have our different levels of energy, resources, support and goals. Plus we are all unique in the family, culture and country we are born into.

As you read through this information, please be gentle with yourself. Only compare you to you. No one else is walking your path in life. You are right where you need to be. Learn from your past, be present in the moment, and be strategic with how you spend your precious resource of time to take daily steps toward your life vision and mission.

Pisces Super Blue Full Moon

This particular full moon is a super blue moon, which means the Moon is closer to earth and appears larger than usual. It’s also a Blue Moon because we get an extra lunation in the cycle. And no, the moon won’t be blue, but it will be big and beautiful.

According to, the last super blue moon was in December of 2009 and the next one will be in August of 2032, so it is somewhat rare. If you can, get out and take a look at it.

There are two definitions of a blue moon. The first is the ‘seasonal blue moon’ where we have four full moons in a season, instead of three. The other is a monthly blue moon, when we have two full moons in one month, like this one coming up.

Full Moon in Pisces and Sun in Virgo

Full Moons are about releasing, a culmination or ending and compromise. It’s about how to balance or integrate the parts of your chart the Sun and Moon are traveling through by looking at their signs during the full moon.

There is an awareness of these two sides, two viewpoints and this may indicate having to make a choice. Full moons are bursting with energy as the moon takes in the full amount of light from the Sun.

The full moon is in Pisces. Pisces is about connection with others and finding unity. It’s known to be creative, adaptable, and service oriented. Pisces is the sign most associated with ‘we’ - like we are all one, there is no you or me, there is just we. Or there is no ‘I’ in Team.

If you have a strong presence of planets or sensitive points in Pisces in your astrology chart, you will really resonate with the Pisces full moon energy peaking this week.

Pisces is a water sign that is highly adaptable. It can change its form to fit whatever environment it enters. This is why Pisces people have to be very careful that they are not always morphing to fit into what others want or to what they think they need to be in order to fit it. Pisces has to find its own structure and mold.

This is where Virgo can come in to help. Virgo breaks things down into pieces, steps, tasks, and a structured plan and strategy. It is an adaptable earth sign under the rulership of Mercury, practical, pragmatic and analytical. Virgo has intelligence with practicality.

Virgo could use the big unified vision that Pisces represents while Virgo breaks the vision down into practical steps to achieve it. Virgo doesn’t get caught up in being a chameleon but it can get lost in details and lose track of the vision.

Pisces gets lost in the dream world seeing the magnificent possibility of vision, but can have trouble executing the daily grind that is needed to get there. We all need to find that balance and that is what this full moon is all about.

Pisces Full Moon and Saturn in Pisces

This can be a time when your dreams bring you messages from the Piscean world of archetypes and the collective unconscious. The Pisces full moon taps into the collective, the dreamscape, the place where visions are made. It’s a great time to let your daydreams run wild and imagine your life vision.

Saturn is traveling through the sign of Pisces as well. Saturn is the planet of structure, discipline, boundaries and building something with hard effort. The sign of Pisces is about unity, and like water, does not have its own boundaries, but is shaped by the container it is in. Saturn in Pisces can have a seemingly contradictory message.

But if we zoom out and think about what it means for Saturn to be traveling through Pisces, it is quite lovely. We have Saturn holding boundaries for our vision. We have Saturn telling us, remember your vision and asking us - are you lost in the details?

Are you heading toward your true calling, your life purpose, your overall vision? Or are you doing great detailed work and spinning your wheels at the same time because you aren’t actually making progress. If all your hard effort isn’t producing a return for you, it's time to get off the treadmill and onto a more direct route.

Saturn may bring a somber mood and some realism to the dreamy and visionary Pisces full moon - and that’s probably a good thing. What Saturn can help with here is a reminder that strategy, structure and discipline are important to achieving your vision.

Saturn is saying that you must stay focused on your long-term goal, your vision and life purpose. Your strategies, level of efficiency and attention to detail may set you off course if you are focused on small details rather than the big picture.

Virgo and Pisces - Working with Mercury Retrograde

The Virgo Sun is beaming down the energetic vibe to help bring order out of chaos, to use discernment to become more efficient, to have an eye for details, and use a pragmatic approach to your daily tasks.

This energetic vibe is supported by Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, the sign the Sun is traveling through. Additionally, Mercury is in its retrograde cycle. Mercury is saying: slow down, reflect and figure out where you may need to adjust your course of action.

Mercury retrograde in Virgo is asking you to take a reflective and introspective look at your daily grind, your task list, and if these things filling up your days are actually taking you towards your life purpose, vision and fulfillment. While Saturn is asking you to look at the big picture, your vision, and to be sure your daily strategy is in sync with that vision.

The Pisces full moon is a time period where integration of the Virgo and Pisces side of things is not only possible, but actionable. If you are pushing hard to keep moving forward as is, and not taking the time to reflect and do some introspection, you are likely going to be highly frustrated this last half of August and first part of September.

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to do the type of reflective and introspective work that retrogrades offer. Working with Mercury and Venus retrograde and the lunar cycle may ask you to step away from what you ‘think’ you should be doing and instead take a broad and reflective view of where you have been, what you are doing now, and where you want to go.

Dream Your Vision Into Reality

The remainder of August is a great time to focus on balancing your overall life vision and big time or long-term goals with your current day to day grind working in the details. The question is if you are too focused on your overall vision but not actually doing the daily work to help achieve that vision. Or if you are so focused on details that you have lost track of the overall vision.

You will have until September 15 to work on what messages Mercury retrograde has for you, when it goes direct. Then use the post shadow period, until September 30, to start implementing the ideas, realignments and redesigns that you identified during the Mercury retrograde.

Always remember to be gentle on yourself. Only compare yourself to yourself, no one else is walking in your shoes, so you can’t look at any other person and say to yourself - I should be where they are. You are exactly where you need to be and you have the opportunity to let astrology help you get on the most direct course to your life vision.

Pisces Full Moon and Jupiter

Jupiter, one of the two planets not retrograde at this time (Mars is the other), is making an easy flowing trine aspect to the Sun and Mercury in Virgo.

Jupiter is also making an active and opportunity oriented sextile connection to the Moon and Saturn in Pisces. Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces and that makes it directly connected to the full moon by rulership.

This means that there is opportunity to learn during this time, especially while both Venus and Mercury are retrograde at the same time, until September 3rd. You may find it easier to come up with ideas and strategies to firm up your daily routine, and you may have some luck or opportunity to enhance your strategy and cut out unnecessary activities.

Jupiter is known to be the planet that represents growth areas. It should help you see more clearly where you are over doing activities that are less helpful, and come up with new strategies to maximize your time. It will also make it easier to reflect on your values and belief system to help you sort out what is most important. Where you want your focus to be.

Though Jupiter (along with Mars) is direct, it will go retrograde on September 4th, the day after Venus goes direct. Interesting timing! And that means that the speed of Jupiter is already slowing down as it gets ready to change direction. This contributes to a more reflective and introspective full moon in Pisces.

If you would like a list of the retrograde dates, check out this blog with the list.

Pisces Full Moon and Venus Retrograde in Leo

Remember we still have Venus retrograde in Leo, which is nearing its end on September 3. Venus represents our relating style, and what we desire and value in life. This Venus retrograde highlights our desires and how we express them, our values and how it impacts others.

In Leo, Venus is highly aware of how relationships relate to recognition. Venus relates to our desires and values, expressing through Leo, it brings in our passion and creativity. A strong need to express your personal value system. Watch for any shadow work that is needed. Like tendencies toward vanity.

Look to the Leo house of your chart to understand better where Venus retrograde energy is most active. Reflect on your personal self-expression with others. Are you getting your needs met in a relationship? Do you feel free to be who you really are? Or do you put up a facade in order to fit in?

A Venus retrograde period is helpful for resolving old unfinished business in relationships. Take stock of where you may need to do some realigning in relationship with others, or with yourself.

After September third, when Venus goes direct, is the time to implement the changes and resolutions you identified. This is the post-retrograde shadow period where Venus is moving forward again, slowing picking up speed and crossing over the same parts of your chart from the retrograde.

The Venus retrograde post-shadow period ends on October 7. Remember that you have between now and September 3rd to work with both Venus and Mercury retrograde at the same time.

An Abundance of Retrograde Planets

The three outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all retrograde too. These retrograde cycles are more subtle and long-term when it comes to describing how the energy manifests.

When working with these retrogrades, you look to the house they are traveling through for more information. And more importantly, if they are making a relationship with one of your natal personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter or Saturn).

At the time of the Pisces full moon, there is a retrograde statement being made when we see so many planets retrograde at the same time. A total of six planets are retrograde at the time of the full moon.

Just like when we have a period of time when all or most planets are direct, when we have a time period when most of the planets are retrograde, it indicates a period of time that is more reflective, introspective and delays and slow downs are more prevalent.

Note that the Sun and Moon never go retrograde, but all the other planets do.

Pisces Full Moon Inspirational Quotes

‘Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.’ - Joel A. Barker

‘You’ve got to think about big things while you’re doing small things so that all the small things go in the right direction.’ Alvin Toffler

Dates of Mercury and Venus Retrogrades

Mercury Retrograde
  • Pre-Shadow 3 August

  • Retrograde 23 August

  • Direct 15 September

  • Post-Shadow 30 September

Venus Retrograde
  • Pre-Shadow 20 June

  • Retrograde 22 July

  • Direct 3 September

  • Post-Shadow 7 October

Pisces Full Moon Wrap Up

The Pisces full moon is asking us to slow down the pace with all but two planets retrograde. The Sun in Virgo and full Moon in Pisces reminds us that we will best succeed with a clear vision of where we are going in the long run, and the daily steps we are taking to get there.

Are you on a direct course, or distracted on a windy road of details that aren’t producing much return for your efforts? Are you balanced, with an eye on your vision and taking regular daily steps to get there? Reflect on this, figure out where you are, and take action in the post-retrograde shadow periods.

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