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Connecting to your Spirituality by Zodiac Sign

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Connecting to your spirituality may hold different definitions amongst us seekers, and we all have our own unique way of connecting with it. For this article I am defining spirituality as the way we connect with the essence of who we are our purpose, and destiny in this journey of life.

Below we take a look at how the different zodiac signs can connect in their own individual ways.


Aries like to be on the move. The dynamic and initiating Aries will connect with spirituality when you feel free, inspired, and motivated (challenged). It’s hard to tune in to your spirituality when you are irritated, bored, or forcing it.

Aries, you connect in your dynamic way, move all you want, and make as much noise as you need. Aries should give themselves a break and not feel like their mode is wrong because it is different.

Aries may not find traditional meditation a fit for their particular style at connecting with their spirituality. Oftentimes when we think about connecting with our spirituality we think of traditional meditation, sitting quietly with our legs crossed and taking deep breaths while quieting the mind.

But Aries may feel like they need to burst out of that position because their body doesn’t want to sit in one position for a long time. I recommend Aries connect with their spirituality by doing something active.

Aries thrive on their intuition. You know when you are in your zone, and when you aren’t. You repel being told what to do. And you should listen to what your body is telling you about connecting to your spirituality.

When you walk, run, or do sport, do you come up with some of your best ideas. Is your mind clearer when you are moving? Individual sport is a great way for Aries to connect up.

Aries also tend to enjoy doing things with their hands. You may connect with your spirituality when you are completely invested in making something.

Here are some examples: make wire jewelry, build projects with wood, go to an arts and craft store and find something you can make, do vision boarding and cut out all the pieces by hand, or tear the little pieces with your fingers.

Aries is connected with metal and iron. Working with these elements can help you get in your zone. Household projects can also be a way to connect with your spirituality.

The key is that through your activity of choice, you are alone and uninterrupted so you can immerse and really enjoy what you are doing. As you go about with the project, let yourself slip into the zone where you are completely engaged. You will notice a feeling of peace and flashes of brilliant ideas may come up.

Stay firm on your unique way of connecting to your spirituality because it may be different from what others think it should look like. It doesn’t matter how you do it, it matters that you find your own style and way to connect to your spirituality.


Taurus love the coziness of home. You will want to connect to your spirituality in the comforts of your home. Surround yourself with beautiful spiritual things. You probably already have lots of knick-knacks and trinkets around your house.

Make yourself a meditation nook, or corner of a room. Make it cozy, inviting, comfortable, and easily accessible. You will love spending time in this place letting it fill you with comfort. When you feel the safety and warmth of your cozy place, you are connected to your zone.

Connecting to your spirituality in your space will give a feeling of security. You may benefit from traditional meditation and have the patience to stay in that position while plugged into your spirituality. Sit in a comfortable position in a quiet place where you will not be interrupted. Focus on your breathing, allow thoughts to slip away while grounding your body in its position.

Ideas to help tune in to your spirituality are: Journaling, drawing or painting, and vision boarding. Taurus is an earth sign who appreciates artistic stuff. Having a nice colored pencil or pen set is recommended. Anything that excites the senses through touch, color, and smell will help. Good smells, like essential oils, quality art materials, soft music, and some dark chocolate. Sounds heavenly right?

Another place Taurus can tune in to spirituality is in the kitchen. Making scrumptious food can be a spiritual experience in itself. While you are in your cooking zone, you may find that your mind is at peace. Plus you have a nice meal as a reward for your focus and concentration.

Taurus is a builder, and this is another way to connect to your spirituality and essence. A Taurus gets things done and appreciates routine. What building projects await you in the garage? Turn them into a spiritual connection and watch your to-do list get checkmarks of completion.

The key to success for a Taurus is to make connecting to your spirituality a part of your routine. You would benefit from setting a time for daily meditation and adding in some of the other ideas I mentioned above for some extra spiritual me time.


Gemini’s tend to be in their heads as a chatty social sign. The best way for Gemini to engage their heart is to do something that pulls them into their body.

Regular exercise may not help their mind focus and let those thoughts scatter away. So I suggest a type of movement that has body and mind components.

Whether it’s yoga, tai chi, or qi gong, these exercises help quiet the mind and get in touch with your whole body.

Gemini’s are known to run on nervous energy, meaning the nervous system is highly engaged. You are quick to react verbally, and tend to always have a witty comeback. Which is great for living in our society of communication and social media. Not so great for quieting the chatter in your mind.

Writing is a great way to connect to your spirituality. Let it all spill out and eventually your chatter will spill out some of your deeper and spiritual essence.

Gemini’s are about exchange and interaction. Finding like-minded spiritual others may be important to you. Just be careful about the dogma and stay connected to your real essence.

Because your mind is so active, you would benefit from any kind of holistic service that helps with the mind and body connection. Monthly visits to the acupuncturist, massage therapist, or reiki practitioner may provide the grounding you need and balance your nervous system.

When your nervous system is balanced, you have less friction blocking your ability to connect to your spirituality. If this friction is happening, you will know it because you will have difficulty quieting your mind chatter. This is a signal to do one of the grounding suggestions above to reconnect your mind, body and spirit.

Gemini’s often have difficulty sleeping, your mind is racing with thoughts that spill into your sleep time. I recommend you do grounding and spirituality connecting before sleeping. Turn off all electronic devices at least an hour before sleeping and engage in your spiritual practice. You may get some nice pre-bedtime techniques from Yoga or Qi Gong.

Stretching, mindful breathing, using essential oils, and nature sounds can also help ease you out of your mind and into your body. Doing this before sleeping can help you get a better nights rest. If you carry a lot of stress, try a gratitude journal with daily entries of 3 things you are grateful for.

You may also benefit from getting a deck of oracle cards with positive messages and meditate on the message. Then you are directing the thought chatter to the positive statement. Any unwanted thoughts that barge in, and they will barge in because it’s human nature, you send away using the message of the card you are meditating on.


The nature of a Cancer is introspective, nurturing, and protective. They are of the water element and sensitive to their fluctuating moods and of those around them.

Cancers connect easily with others through their emotions and need to clear and cleanse their spiritual self from time to time. Using their water element is the best way. Sometimes just taking a shower can (with mindful intention) wash away emotional build-up and help you reconnect with your spirit.

Something as ritual as your daily shower or bath can be a time when you tune in with your spirituality. You have privacy and typically we are left undisturbed in our daily cleansing rituals. The water can symbolically carry away all the emotions that you collect and free space to continue to help and nurture.

Connecting with your spirit through water can be so much fun. A dreamy bubble bath with soft lighting and spirit-lifting essential oils. An invigorating swim at the beach or the gym. Or even listening to water music like flowing streams, ocean waves, or raindrops can be super therapeutic to the Cancer soul.

We typically want to be alone and without interruption when connecting with our spirituality. But that shouldn’t stop you from having a spiritual experience on the beach. Especially if you know a place where there are few others and you can still have your privacy in a public place.

Cancer expends a lot of energy caring for others. When connecting with your spirituality, you want to clear out any emotional baggage you are carrying. This baggage may be your own, or others you have helped along the way.

Let the freshwater nurture you, replenish you, and cleanse your whole self, mind, body, and spirit.

Cancers are sentimental folk and would really appreciate having a journal. The memories over time become treasures for Cancers to reflect on life. From time to time dig back into your pictures, drawings, vision boards, goal lists, and journals.

This type of meditation can really help you connect with your soul, purpose, and bring you clarity toward your future path.

Cancers’ intuitive and at times psychic nature often opens the doors to their spiritual realms naturally. It’s important that Cancers make the time to take a time out and connect with their spirituality. Block times out of your schedule and make them repeat events.


Leo’s are creative by nature and will tap in to their spirituality through their creative process. Creativity is a very broad word and its interpretation should be left to the individual Leo to determine what that looks like for you.

Leo’s may find a muse to be their inspiration. A particular piece of art, or combination of colors. While another may find music and artful surroundings help connect them to the divine.

The essence of a Leo is charismatic, generous, and outgoing. They may connect frequently to their inner essence as this is a sign particularly interested in manifesting creativity in their life. While creativity is often attributed to the arts, you can find creativity in anything. Even a boardroom presentation.

Once a Leo finds the thing that resonates with their core inner spirituality, they will usually stick with the process. Leo’s are a fixed sign and like to maintain what functions well.

Leo is ruled by the Sun so being in the Sun is recommended for connecting to your spirituality. Whether it’s sitting outside at home, or inside by a window where the sunlight is beaming in, going to the beach, or hanging beautiful pieces of Sun art on your walls. The Sun will inspire you.

Meditate on a beautiful sunny sky. Create designs in a private journal. Dance, sing and write. All these things open up your senses so you can connect with your spirituality and receive divine bolts of creative ideas.


Virgos are an earth sign ruled by the planet Mercury, which brings the analytical quality to this practical sign. Virgos are likely to carry excess nervous tension as they have a brilliant vision of how to make everything better. Their critical eye catches even the slightest of detail.

With all those details swimming around in your head, you may need to schedule time to mentally check out. Take the time and do anything that does not require details or analyzing but does require some movement.

Virgos will connect best to their spirituality by doing things that bring the conscious away from the mental focus and toward a holistic, body, mind, spirit one. The best way to do this is with mindful breathing and bodywork.

Virgos may connect through stretching, yoga poses, pranayama, qi gong and tai chi, for example. If you are struggling to quiet your mind, use a positive mantra. Repeat the mantra again and again so that your mind cannot race away with reminders and things that need to be done.

Virgos love to organize and it can become a spiritual event getting in the groove of organizing something. As long as it doesn’t require thinking. If you have an organization project where your body is working but your mind can checkout, try this and see if you get connected.

Connecting to your spirituality should bring a feeling of peace, of forgetting about time, and going with the flow.


Libras are about balance, and are constantly seeking to find it. Since balance is something

that can be achieved but not maintained, Libras will benefit by acknowledging when they are at the extreme ends of imbalance.

Being lovers of art, beauty and harmony, these things will aid the Libra seeking to connect with their spirituality. You will want to have a space that is aesthetically beautiful to your tastes. Whether it’s a velvet blanket, colorful room, soft music and lighting, or uplifting smells of essential oils, Libras need to have the sense of beauty around them.

Libras are an air sign so quieting their mind is important to connect to the core spiritual self. Fresh air is imperative to this sign so a walk in the park admiring the beauty of trees and ponds is a great way for Libras to connect to their spirituality.

It is important to take some time in peace and quiet after time spent among others. Libras will stand up for the underdog and work tirelessly when they can balance out a situation. But if you don’t recharge yourself, you run out of energy.

This is how the ‘lazy Libra’ shows up. You see, Libra is not a lazy sign, it just gives all it has to extremes and then has to take some time and shut down. Without this balance, Libra is out of sorts.

It’s best to regularly take time out to recharge so when you get back into the world of mediating, representing others, and leading, you have all the strength and energy you need. If you find yourself burnt out, you have likely engaged in a situation that has left you imbalance.

Imbalance can show up at both ends of the extreme. While most Libras get burnt out from overdoing it or over socializing, you may find yourself lethargic, over sitting on the couch, over eating, and sleeping too much. This extreme indicates you need to socialize, volunteer for an organization that helps people or animals, and uses your judiciary, diplomatic and mediating mind. Watch out for extremes at both ends.

Remember to take care of your whole body, mind, spirit, and body. Just because you have physical energy, it does not mean you are balanced. Check-in with your emotional and spiritual self, and do things that bring you back to middle ground.

If your emotional and spiritual self don’t want to go to that party or meet up with friends, it’s a sure sign you need to take some ‘me time’ and connect with your spiritual self. When you do this, you will replenish and be your normal social self again.


Scorpios tend to keep a large well of information locked up in their internal vault of things you will never know. This is a burden they carry alone, but they can handle it. Scorpios connect with their spirituality privately, in their private space.

Their private space may be completely in their head. The interior landscape is very important to a Scorpio, and they will do well to spend time there connecting with their spiritual side.

Scorpio naturally is drawn to meditative states and rituals. They may enjoy adding items like a crystal, a symbolic trinket, or a yoga cushion to sit on. Scorpio will connect deeply with their spirituality. Those Scorpios who operate on the higher wavelength of the eagle will be in touch with a powerful vision of possibility.

Scorpio is a water sign and feels very deeply, they just don’t show it. So deeply Scorpios have to be careful that their deep connection with the spiritual side does not overtake their emotions and leave them brooding on the mysteries of the world rather than engaging in it.

Adding some uplifting essential oils and music will benefit the Scorpio spiritual connection. Also reading and studying mysticism and occult arts may be a way for the Scorpio to better understand the unknown and unseen spiritual side of humans.

As natural researchers, spiritual seekers, and often psychic awareness of otherworldliness, they easily glide and connect to their spiritual side. For a Scorpio, it’s more about how they engage in the process in a healthy and productive way that is important. If dependency is a risk for Scorpio, stay away from being seduced by drug-induced spiritual experiences.

Scorpio naturally tends to spend time alone. When connecting to the spirit, have an intention. Use a mantra, like I am connecting to cleanse my mind, body, and spirit so I can penetrate deeper into my purpose and destiny.

Scorpios also may enjoy chanting and hatha yoga, using incense, gongs and drums. For the adventurous Scorpios, you may want to seek out groups who engage with tribal rituals like the smoking teepee, gongs and singing bowls, fire pit circle dancing, or beach drum circles.


Sag is about the love for adventure and lives for the experience. Sag connects when they feel the thrill of excitement tugging at their heart strings.

For a Sagittarius, repetition is humdrum and not likely the best way for them to connect. Rather, Sag will love engaging depending on where they are and who they are with.

Since Sag is typically on the go and loves to travel, they may experiment in the different ways cultures find their spirituality. If a Sag travels to India, they will want to participate in a Yoga retreat.

If in the Caribbean, they will connect to their spirituality through the beautiful water and beaches. In Paris, they may have a spiritual moment at the top of the Eiffel Tower and over a caffè and croissant.

Optimistic by nature, and freedom oriented by design, you can bet that Sagittarians will have a wide and varied way to connect to their spirituality. They are the free spirits in the world.

Ask them how they connect and you will hear as many answers as the number of people you ask. But they probably have one thing in common, they connect, connect often, and it just happens.

Sag doesn’t try to connect, they just do, and they know when it happens because it’s a feeling of exhilaration. It’s when you feel completely excited to be alive and wouldn’t want to be in any other place than that moment in time.

The best thing for Sagittarius to do is notice those moments when they feel that exhilaration and acknowledge the spiritual connection. Then they can reflect back on those moments and relive them again and again in their mind.


Capricorn is an earth sign and will connect through the physical body. Structure and discipline are innate in this sign. They are also hard workers determined to achieve their goals and rise to the top.

Capricorns may forget to tap into their spirituality because they are too busy and have more important things to do. They don’t want to get side tracked. But by taking some time to connect to their spiritual self, more can be accomplished.

Capricorns do want a justification for something that is going to take their precious time. So think of it like this. Your body needs to relax, so does your mind, and your spirit. When you do this, your productivity rises. You may even find that by clearing your mind, you made space for a solution, new idea, or clarity on something.

Capricorns like to be in control and achieve. Having a regular spiritual connection while doing something physical is a great way for Caps to plug in to the spiritual side. Martial arts, yoga, and running are good choices.

Because Capricorns are disciplined, once a routine is set, you will stick with it. Schedule some time where you are away from work, and can be alone and uninterrupted. Listen to music, have tea, and just do nothing.

I know it’s hard for a Capricorn to do nothing, but it’s not really nothing. You are practicing self-care, and that’s something. Listening to music like jazz, nature sounds, or flute music can calm your soul and allow you to tune in to that spiritual side.


Aquarians are all about their unique, eccentric, and individual self. Your mode of connecting to your spirituality may seem strange to other signs, but who cares. As long as you find your way, that’s what is important.

Aquarius is an air sign, and associated with the circulatory system. This means that Aquarians can build up nervous energy and tension that needs to be released. You will benefit by clearing your mind and doing something that connects you to your body.

If it’s possible for you, go on hikes, do mountain climbing, parasailing, or sailing. Get that fresh air inside your lungs and appreciate how beautiful nature can be. Touch nature, touch the rock, touch the ocean, breathe, release and connect.

Not all Aquarians are the outdoors type. Some ideas for indoors activities are to collect crystals and charge them with the moons. Then use them in mind cleansing rituals at the New and Full Moons.

Journaling is another way for Aquarians to help get out of their heads and into their body. Pour those thoughts out until you start connecting with a deeper part of yourself. Once you are tired of writing, meditate.

Musician Aquarians will find the instrument helps ground them in their body and this is a great way to connect with your core inner self.

Give yourself permission to be different in your style of connecting and just do it! Connecting is important for Aquarians so that you can wind down that powerful machine you have called your mind.


Pisces tend to live connected to their spirituality and may have more difficulty disconnecting than connecting. The compassionate, spiritual, and artistic Pisces is unique in that this sign is the most fluid of all signs and can easily move between the worlds of spirituality and reality.

Pisces can benefit from spiritual practices like yoga, meditation, and chanting. Many of you probably already do these things.

Other Piscean ways to connect in are to do art, vision boarding and calligraphy. Being a water sign and likely a lover of water, swimming and beach going are recommended.

Pisces can be so compassionate that they give away too much of themselves and need to tap into their spirituality to replenish. Because of this, they will benefit from releasing rituals at the Full Moon.

Pisces should use positive self-statements and mantras so that they are sure their soul connections are self-focused and not other focused. It’s easy to get caught up in the lives of the people you love, work with, and live with. But soul connection is about #1, me and I.

What Pisces needs is to remember there is an individual living inside you who connects easily with the collective unconscious. Though you embrace the world from a united standpoint that we are all one, to live in this world requires a boundary between yourself and others.

This boundary is to help you from being taken advantage of, living your life for someone else’s goals, and for ensuring that you fulfill your own purpose and destiny. When you connect with your spirituality, it’s okay for it to be for you and about you.

When you are out in the world, you give and help others. Sometimes to your own detriment because you give too much. You feel everything. You can often feel, sense, or have psychic visions of others, including their pain.

When you connect with your spirituality, use this precious time to cleanse out the emotions and toxins you pick up from others. During Full Moon Rituals, use the element of the sign of the moon. Here are Full Moon Releasing ideas by element:

Do a fire-releasing ritual, where you write down what you want to release on a paper and burn it. A water-releasing ritual where you rinse away by showering, swimming, or rain. An air ritual where you release thoughts and negative self-talk in the wind. An earth ritual where you create a symbolic release figure out of dirt and send it back into the earth by burying it.

Wrap Up

I hope this helps give you some great ideas for how to connect to your spiritual self. Remember to read for your Moon and Ascendant signs too. Contact me if you don’t know what that means or what yours are and I will be happy to help you out.

If you want more information on monthly Moon rituals, check out my YouTube channel. Subscribe to my Astroblog and I will send you an invite to future episodes.


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