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Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse

This months Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse takes place on Monday, December 14, 2020.

West Coast, USA, 8:17am East Coast, USA, 11:17 Rome, Italy, 5:17pm 23 degrees Sagittarius

Can I see the New Moon Eclipse?

The visibility locations are in South America and the southern part of Africa. This Eclipse on December 14 will not be visible in Europe and North America.

Eclipses are powerful and they do not need to be seen to be felt. But it is an incredible thing to be in the visible path of an eclipse. Many people have invested in the Solar Eclipse glasses to try and catch one when it comes around.

It is worth noting that many ancients and some modern cultures avoid looking at the Eclipse. They advise people to stay inside for the duration and avoid doing anything of major importance. In modern times we are on a schedule and can’t just stay in when an eclipse comes around. It’s helpful to be aware that your energy levels may fluctuate and to take it easy.

To see details on where the Eclipse is visually, plus a timeline of the Eclipse, click here.

How to Prepare for the Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse

Now first it’s important to note that not everyone will feel the Eclipse. It all depends on our natal chart and if there are planets or points that are in the same or close degree by sign or aspect. For those who will have a connection in their chart with the Solar Eclipse, I recommend to try and schedule the eclipse time of day in your time zone as lightly as possible.

I realize many of you will be working on a Monday at the times listed above. Don’t worry, the time of the eclipse passes quickly. It’s the long-term application of the energy we want to focus on. If you can take it easy on the Eclipse, great, do it. If not, do the best you can and just be aware that the energy may be intense. Take your time and don’t allow pressure or stress to make you rush. Take deep breaths, stretch, communicate and plan and you will be fine.

Those of you with more control over your schedule can take a break and meditate through it. Check in with your feelings and energy. Meditation is a personal and individualized activity based on what quiets your mind, like sitting with your legs crossed or taking a brisk walk. You know how to get in your zone.

Journal throughout the Eclipse periods to get a sense of how this energy is manifesting in your life. If you love Astrology and follow it like I do, an astrology journal is very useful for tracking your personal patterns over time.

A New Moon

We know this is a Solar Eclipse, let’s talk about the New Moon. You may already know that New Moons symbolically represent a time for starting something and putting your intentions into action for what you want to accomplish over the next month (lunar phase).

An Eclipse super powers a New Moon. Because this New Moon will be highly charged, you may want to do your monthly New Moon routine after the exact time passes. It can be the next day or two after December 14.

Remember to do New Moon routines after the actual conjunction or meeting of the Sun and Moon, not before. That is because the phase before the New Moon is Balsamic, or waning crescent. The Balsamic phase is the ending period of a cycle, a time for ending and clearing space. 

The Balsamic phase is symbolic with resting and releasing the last bits of the cycle which clears the way for a new cycle to begin. You want to allow the ending phase to conclude before symbolically moving on to the next cycle that begins with the New Moon phase.

A Solar Eclipse

There are two kinds of eclipses, Solar and Lunar. A Solar Eclipse only happens on a New Moon, like the one coming up on December 14 in Sagittarius. A Lunar Eclipse only happens on a Full Moon, like the one we had November 30 in Gemini. Eclipses come in pairs. If you didn’t read about the previous one, you can check it out here.

A New Moon means the Sun and Moon are in the same sign and degree. You can typically sense the energy building up in the day or two leading up to the conjunction, and a few days after. 

This December 14 super powered New Moon Eclipse will be felt more strongly if you have planets in the signs Sagittarius or Gemini. The closer the New Moon Eclipse degree is to a planet in your chart, the more strongly you will feel it.

A Solar Eclipse is when the Moon is between the Sun and Earth in her orbit. The Sun is life giving. Without the Sun us humans would not be able to live on our Earth. In Astrology the Sun represents us, it is our identity, our ego, the essence of ‘me.’

When the light of the Sun is blocked, it is felt. It is symbolic of a temporary loss of light, or vitality. This is why some people energetically feel tired during an eclipse, like they are running through mud. It can be difficult walking to the other side of the room if this energy is hitting your Sun directly or by aspect.

Eclipses can bring opportunity through change. Sudden things can happen that push you in a different direction. Eclipses are about realignment and personal growth. The Lunar Eclipse on November 30 was about releasing and letting go. The Solar Eclipse on December 14 is about getting prepared. It’s time to sweep up and clean out. Once the space is cleared, something new can be created.

Sun and Moon in Sagittarius

This New Moon has both the Sun and Moon in the adventurous zodiac sign of Sagittarius. There is a freedom loving, adventurous and optimistic tone to this New Moon. If you have a planet directly impacted by 23 degrees Sagittarius, you have the energy to handle changes coming your way. Sagittarius is an adaptable fire sign who takes action if he or she finds it interesting enough. 

Even if you feel like you have been tossed upside down, you will see it as an adventurous challenge and get yourself prepared for the journey. Sagittarius is curious to the stories of the world, meeting other cultures and expanding the mind. If the Eclipse is touching a planet on or around 23 degrees Sagittarius or Gemini, this Solar Eclipse will help you realign with your purpose.

Eclipse energy can last 6 months or even up to a year. I recommend journaling what you were doing, thinking and feeling on the days around the Eclipses. It helps when you want to reflect back on how far you have come. If you have journaled about previous Eclipses in Sagittarius and Gemini you can reflect back on those times and see if any patterns show up this time.

This is why journaling can really help you understand your personal astrological patterns according to your chart. Once you journal for years you have an amazing depth of personal work that will give you an advantage because you expand your self-awareness and self-growth in this process.

If you don’t already journal, or write down the progress you make towards your goals, I highly recommend you start now. It’s like putting money in the self-esteem bank. When you take those therapeutic moments to reflect back on your journey in life, these journal entries become priceless.

What Will Happen in My Chart?

If you already have a copy of your chart, look for the sign of Sagittarius on the wheel. The house cusp where you find the sign of Sagittarius will tell you the life topic where you are likely to experience the New Moon Eclipse. Also look to the other side in Gemini to see if you have planets near 23 degrees. The Gemini part of your chart is activated by the opposition aspect.

We can all experience the New Moon Solar Eclipse differently because we each have our unique planet placements in our chart and the house (topic) area activated by the Eclipse varies. 

You can print a copy of your natal chart free by clicking here.

Happy December

As 2020 nears to a close, we do start to have some nice energy shifts. The Astrology world is excited about the shift of both Saturn and Jupiter in the sign of Aquarius on December 18 and 20 consecutively, and then meeting in a conjunction on December 21. Expect a breath of fresh air and hopefully a shift in some of the societal problems going on in the world today.

Though these problems take long periods of time to make change, there are turning points which become noticeable in history. We should take note of the changes happening in the years we live in, especially this historically significant year 2020. Saturn and Jupiter meeting in Aquarius is part of a larger 200 year cycle in which they meet in air signs every 20 years over the next 200 years.

I hope you all have a safe and wondrous holiday season. I will be sending one more newsletter out before the end of the year. Much happiness, peace and joy.


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