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Personal Goal Setting by Astrology Sign

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Find ideas for your personal goal-setting by Astrology sign. We are made up of more than our one sign and if you know your Moon and Ascendant, or rising sign, read for them also. I hope you find some great ideas. Enjoy!


Aries loves a good challenge. They prevail at starting things and are less enthusiastic about finishing things. Especially boring routine things. Their lack of patience and preference for quick and dynamic solutions should be considered when goal setting.

Aries do best with a short list, minimal detail, and to the point.

Aries's dynamic nature gives them a unique ability to quickly change course and make decisions on the fly as needed to reach their personal goals. They have an innate ability to intuit what to do and shouldn’t be bogged down with what they would consider unnecessary details.

Aries should make short sentences, specific, and measurable goals they can get to work on right away. Their goals must challenge them to keep them in the game.

Aries can benefit from audio or video recording their goals instead of writing them as it takes less time.


Taurus are practical and do great with routine. Goal setting should have a routine rhythm that Taurus can fall into. If it’s repetitive, it will get done, on time, you can bet on it.

Taurus are super reliable and like to build. Setting goals and accomplishing them feel good to this sensual loving sign. Material security is a driving factor for these comfort driven signs.

Since Taurus are natural builders, they may engage in the process of goal setting more often and break them down into small practical steps. Each time a step is accomplished, they can check off, review, and evaluate the practicality and timeline of their long-term goal.

They will enjoy including a self-reward for accomplishing steps. Like a sweet treat, shopping spree, or massage.

Goal setting will include some component that brings a sense of security to the Taurus. A Taurus will want to know that their goals have purpose and bring value to their life.

A Taurus is unlikely to set unrealistic goals, but they may need a push to challenge themself to strive for something beyond their status quo. Once they set their mind to something, they use their stubborn determination to achieve it.


Gemini loves all forms of communication and will likely want to write up their goals. They will usually be rational and logical, and possibly long-winded – which is ok.

Gemini’s will like the process of goal setting because it involves logical thinking. As an air sign, communication is the essence.

Geminis will use technology to its fullest using checklist apps, calendar reminders, and syncing across all their devices. Gemini may want to record their goals since chattiness is one of their gifts. And they will want a technological system to monitor their progress.

Gemini’s are mentally busy people, and so they are likely to achieve their goals on time if not before. They have probably achieved a few other goals on the side too. As long as Gemini doesn’t get too distracted by fluttering around too many simultaneous projects.

If they are bored or believe that they are working on a fruitless goal, they will problem-solve their way out of it, convince others involved to agree with them, and change gears.

While getting out of a rut early can be a Gemini trait, so can jumping ship too soon. As long as Gemini gives a full and comprehensive run down before bailing, they should benefit well from their mental gifts for planning and goal setting.

Luckily Geminis tend to be super adaptable and able to quickly adjust their action toward goals and move in the direction of what they want to achieve for themselves.


Cancers are likely to be able to hold all of their goals in their head, memorized perfectly. This tendency toward good memory can be very focused on what they are trying to achieve.

Cancer is a water sign, which brings a fluctuating nature to Cancerians, and an emotional and sentimental component to their personal goals. Cancer has an association with the family, traditions, the past and so their goals will have a nurturing component to them.

Cancer is one of the 4 cardinal or active zodiac signs in terms of leadership and taking action. Their action may go sideways to go forwards, like their symbolic representative the crab, but they are about taking action and moving forward.

Cancer has an innate protective quality that will always approach life with a need for emotional security. A Cancer is going to stay devoted to their goals as long as they will bring increased emotional security to them.

I am a big believer in writing personal goals, but Cancers may prefer to keep them inside. Almost like a treasure or secret, they keep locked inside but they know they are always going for it—that emotional security.

Cancer's goals will be fluid enough to adapt to life changes as they come. They will likely have long-term and short-term goals. They can fluidly envision the connection between their long-term and short-term goals.


Leo’s goals will include the essence of confidence, recognition, self-expression, and how to share the creativity inside them that is bursting to come out.

Leo’s can be grand choreographers for their creativity. I would expect their personal goal-setting to be a unique expression of who they want to be. Their goals will all be set based on how it will reflect the essence of who they are.

Leos personal goal setting can get creative like vision boards or a creative flowchart. It is part of Leo’s makeup to desire recognition for their contribution. They are generous people and can become hurt when this generosity is not noticed.

Leo’s can accomplish great things when they set their mind to it. Recognition only sparks more of that dynamic fire inside them, and they create more and more and more. They may need teams to help capture and manifest the personal goals of a determined Leo.

Leo’s will have a plan that involves their connections. Their dynamic personality is attractive to others. Leos will usually accomplish their goals. But if they feel unappreciated, they go off and roar in a corner or a cave (aka their home or where they feel like they have the most control).

Leo’s have to be careful about getting stuck. Leo is a fixed sign. The egotistic side can take over and become stubborn, egotistical, and adversarial, eventually delaying or impeding goal accomplishment.

Luckily Leo is a charismatic magnetic character that few can resist. He/she/they can get things regrouped and back on track to continue conducting their grand plan.


Virgo loves planning, details, and checklists. Virgo was born to do this. Lists are likely to be written, reviewed, over-analyzed, typed, and color coded. There will definitely be checklists. Maybe even daily checklists depending on your Virgo.

You can be sure that no detail will be left out. Virgos will move happily along checking things off their list and adding things back on. You can rely on a Virgo to get things done. A Virgo office co-worker is awesome for a team that needs producers.

Virgos can sometimes have so many goals and lists that even their goals have goals and checklists. What can happen is the checklists never stop.

More adding, more subtracting, on an endless list. Virgos can get stuck in the trees of details. They can’t see the forest for the trees. After a while this endless list checking causes worry and anxiety.

This is where Virgo has to step back and zoom out. Take a wide lens, evaluate the long-term progress and if they have lost sight of the end goal. When Virgos do this, they can relieve the physical stress they sometimes feel. Usually in the stomach.

Once they reset and de-stress, they tirelessly get back to work. Virgos should include self-care and time off in their goals as they can over work and over tax their nervous system without breaks.

Goal Setting Bamboo and Rock Pile


Libra goal setting will be a mix between the logical and rational, and a perfectly harmonious utopia. Libras will write up their goals after daydreaming about them. They have an active imagination and can envision long-term goals.

Libras are constantly seeking balance and will always have this essence as a component in personal goal setting. Though balance is achievable, it is not sustainable. So the Libra is always riding the pendulum looking for those moments of deep satisfaction when things are balanced.

Libras are great at evaluating and adjusting their goals. They understand the fluidity of life and the snowball effect of something. This snowball effect can be imagined forward in time, which is what the Libra does, and adjusts accordingly.

That’s why a Libra will keep personal goals in writing, probably typed on the computer so it’s easy to make those updates and adjustments.

Libras do achieve goals and are likely to see them as a series of achievements along a windy path to larger goals. They are totally fine with the long-term goals to be more gray and become developed over time.


Scorpios tend to have excellent memories, intense focus, and incredible staying power. Scorpios will always have a plan locked up tight in their secret mind vault that no one will ever have access to.

They are totally fine with written plans for business goals and with co-workers. But their personal goals are unlikely to be written in a journal kept under a pillow. There is way too much of a chance that someone may read it.

Scorpios are protective of their soft emotional underbelly. Their personal goals are personal, and nobody else’s business. So if they don’t achieve their goals, nobody will ever know.

A Scorpio is likely to achieve most goals they set for themselves. Their determination will power them through to get them what they want. In their need to stay in control, they want to be in charge of the outcome, which will be known by only them.

If a Scorpio does decide to write up their personal goals, it will likely be cryptic. The deeper meaning of their personal goals will not be able to be captured on paper. A Scorpios' well runs very deep. They may even keep journals and goal writing locked in a wall safe if they actually write them down.


Sagittarius loves adventure. Whatever their personal goals are, there will be a flavor of the wild and unknown to it. They can be easy breezy and completely change directions in a snap. Sag doesn’t have the patience for a long list and checking off items.

Sag needs to use up every minute possible enjoying life so no checklists, please. A post-it stuck to the side of my desk is fine. It probably says, travel, love, and peace. Bam, done, personal list finished. Sagittarius style.

Sagittarius lives for the experience of life. As long as they are experiencing something new and fun, they are achieving their personal goals.

If a Sagittarius gets stuck in a repetitive rut (e.g. job, living arrangement, boring town), they will put all their efforts into getting out. Then you may see a written goal list come out for this dreadful Sagittarius situation. Otherwise, Sags are more likely to live in the moment and not be bothered with lists.

Sagittarius can be easily convinced to leave a career for a four-month trip to Paris. Why not. That’s why detailed long lists aren’t likely going to be Sag style.

But where written long lists may not be found, long lists of destinations traveled probably will be. This is a sign that often falls into something cool. Some wild adventure that could not have been planned.

Though these signs of personal planning may not be very existent, they still manage to accomplish a lot in their life. And check off everything on that post-it list on their desk.


Capricorn loves structure and step-by-step planning. They were born to achieve and with their innate determination, they do get things done. Big things. Like CEO big things.

Capricorns lists probably have some bullet points, with sub-bullet points, and financials attached. If there isn’t an ROI (return on investment) then that personal goal must be upgraded or thrown out.

Whoa, these are supposed to be personal goals, not business goals. What the? Well, the thing is, a Capricorn will probably approach their personal goals the same way they approach their business goals.

For a Capricorn, what’s the difference between their career and their personal life anyway? Caps are about constructing success in all aspects of their life. They enjoy leadership, control, and power. These things don’t come easily, they must be worked for.

Capricorns are exceedingly good workers, but they are working toward the top. All of their personal goal-setting is going to include the essence of building power and a material base.

You can bet you will find Cap's personal goals in writing. You are also likely to see that their business and personal goals are intertwined, with financials, measurable goals, and material proof of success achieved.


Aquarius likes to innovate, to push through what is already created, and make something unique. They want to leave their unique footprint, or mindprint, on the world.

Aquarius goal setting will have the essence of something highly individual and unique.

They are driven to set themselves apart from the crowd, to let their individuality blossom, and to leave the world a better place.

Socially focused Aquarius operates through the air element, which is communicative. They will think about what they want to achieve and create ideas for how to get there. Because they are highly intellectual they will likely want to capture their thoughts on paper.

They may have a convergence of different thoughts and processes. Their personal goals may be scribbles here and there of sayings, formulas, memes, objectives, and doodles. They love to problem solve and look at things from different viewpoints.

Their goals will often have a socially conscious undercurrent to them. The sign of the water bearer has the unique gift of being able to maintain cool objectivity in the most emotionally charged environments.

They can carry the water (emotion) of a group, and represent it without becoming emotional. Their personal goals may be cause or innovation-oriented.


Pisces are going to feel their personal goals. They will imagine what they want by how they imagine it will make them feel. Pisces are changeable visionaries who fluidly adapt to their environment.

They may have a hard time distinguishing their own personal goals from those closest to them or those they admire. Pisces have to be careful about losing too much of themselves to other's wishes and desires, and other's pressure on them to do what they say.

Pisces can create amazing visions and may capture their personal goals through art, poetry, and vision boarding.

Pisces really benefit from having personal goals that are true to their heart. They are likely going to share their personal goals with their loved ones. When their loved ones support them, they can help a Pisces stay on track and avoid getting pulled into someone else’s dream.

Pisces can achieve their goals when they tap into their innate powers within. They have an amazing abundance of psychic powers to tap into the collective unconscious.

Pisces innate ability to connect will likely lead to personal goals that have a spiritual quality. These lovely and empathic human beings will have goals with themes of unity, creativity, peace, and self-growth.

If they write instead of creating art for their personal goals, they will likely be poetic. They may use different colored pencils, calligraphy, or other artistic methods for writing words.

Unlike Virgo’s color coding for efficiency, Pisces will use colors for aesthetics and beauty. Pisce's personal goals will have an ethereal and other-worldly feeling to them. They can connect through all of the senses and often have psychic abilities, which will drive how a Pisces sets their goals.


Get the most comprehensive information about goal setting by reading for the signs of your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign. If you don’t have your chart, here is a link to a website that generates them free.

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