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New Moon July 20, 2020

Cancer 28 degrees July 20, 2020 1:33pm New York 10:33am California

Sun and Moon in Cancer again, now at 28 degrees

The New Moon is exact when the Sun and Moon share the same point in the sky.  The last New Moon was also in Cancer. A second new moon in the same sign only happens when the first one is very early in the degree of a sign, and the second one is in a late degree around a month later.

Saturn in Capricorn is also at 28 degrees

Cancer and Capricorn are always opposite each other in an astrology chart. That means this New Moon, the Sun and Moon in Cancer are opposite Saturn in Capricorn. This is a really strong opposition because Saturn is in the exact same degree of Capricorn as the Sun/Moon in Cancer. Wowsa!

Opposition Aspect

The signature of this new moon is an opposition, representing the need to make a choice, a compromise, seeking a difficult balance or overcoming a challenge. If you have a planet or point at 28 degrees of the Cardinal signs Cancer, Capricorn, Libra or Aries, you will feel this intensely. The houses (areas) of your chart with Cancer and Capricorn are where this energy manifests in your unique chart.

Meaning of Cancer and Capricorn

Capricorn, represents structure, limits and boundaries in life. It can also represent people of authority, like your boss, a commitment, like getting engaged or married, or something that has boundaries, like a border wall.  The zodiac sign Cancer is protective, nurturing, and ambitious. Cancers are sentimental, ambitious, and tend to have a great sense of humor.

How the Opposition Manifests in your Chart Opposition In your chart by house topics

1st and 7th house: Self and Relationship (others) 2nd and 8th: Your resources and your partners resources, power plays 3rd and 9th: Objectivity and Spirituality, Knowledge and Philosophy 4th and 10th:  Family and Career, Home and Work 5th and 11th: Children and Friends, Giving love and Receiving Love 6th and 12th: Service and Loss, Health and Mental Health, Hard Work and Isolation

Putting it together: Sun/Moon opposite Saturn in Capricorn

This could be a difficult new moon, and also it could be productive and growth oriented. The Capricorn side of the opposition is limiting, it demands you go step by step, no skipping the hard work. It is all about working for results. The other side with the Sun and Moon in nurturing Cancer wants to spend time at home with the family, protecting and nurturing.  Both sides are ambitious. It’s the home time vs work time dilemma.

This New Moon energy reflects some of the same difficult Capricorn energy that has been at play all year. When you bring the luminaries Sun and Moon into the mix, it’s intense! The focus of this article is on this New Moon, but if you want to learn more about the energy of the year check out my article: What happened to 2020?!

What to do during the Cancer New Moon

During this New Moon, check in on your energy level, Saturn can feel heavy and slow. It wants facts, demands hard work, throws limits and obstacles. The two lights, Sun and Moon, represent vitality and the physical body.  You could feel tired, run down, or unsure what to do between two opposing but important things in your life. Remember to look at the houses in your chart for more information on what part of your life you will see this energy manifest.

What are some positive things you can do for this new moon? Pamper yourself, take a bath, cook or eat nurturing food, have a strategy for your time, give yourself permission to have balance. Rather than overdo one area in life, find a way to strike a balance. If you feel moody, talk to someone who grounds you. If you find yourself bossing everyone around and trying to control, take a pause for self-care.

All experiences, difficult and positive, give us a chance for self-growth and understanding. Take stock of how this energy plays out and how it gives you clues for bringing more balance in your life. Also remember that the Moon moves fast, and the Sun moves roughly a degree a day, so this energy will pass after a few days. Make the most of it!

Until the next time, ciao!


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