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Libra New Moon 2021

New Moon in Libra Date and Times

Wednesday, 6 October, 2021 4:05am, West Coast, USA 7:05am, East Coast, USA 1:05pm, Rome, Italy 13 degrees Libra

New Moon in Libra

This Libra new moon brings opportunities for new beginnings related to the past. Trying a new approach to old problems can help open doors. Especially around resolutions needed with relationships with others. This is true whether it’s social justice or a personal relationship.

Every lunation cycle has similarities and differences from a previous cycle in the same sign. The similarity is the sign of the sun and moon and how their energy gels together. What makes the big difference is what sign all the other planets are traveling through.

I probably say every month is interesting because of the unique mix of planetary energies. What makes this month interesting is the number of planets in Libra, and the number of planets that will astrologically change direction from retrograde to direct.

Notice I say astrologically because physically, or astronomically, the planets don’t actually orbit backwards. If you ever hear an astronomer making fun of astrologers by saying we think planets move backwards, please know this isn’t so.

Astrologers are well aware of the symbolic retrograde motion, and why it appears in the sky as if the planet is actually moving backwards. So what is happening? Well you know that the planets orbit around the sun, and they move at different speeds.

When you think of a race track, any one that goes in a circle or oval, there is always a bend. When a faster planet moves past a slower planet around the bend, from the view in the center of the circle, it looks like the planet is moving backwards.

Astronomy has a much more detailed and technical explanation for how it works. I found a non-astrology video that explains it really well and you can watch it here.

In astrology, we see the planets, sun and moon from earth. We know everything revolves around the sun, which is why the sun plays a significant role in your astrology chart. But we aren’t located on the sun, we view the sky from our position on earth, we are the center.

We define the location of the planets, sun, and moon by degree and by sign. So when we say a planet is retrograde, it is moving backwards through a sign. In October we have 4, yep count-’em f-o-u-r planets changing astrological direction. Whoa! This signifies a shift of perception as a signature for the month of October and the new moon.

A Shift in Perspective

With four planets changing from retrograde to direct, there is a shift in our collective focus. These four planets all went retrograde at different times, some of them months ago, and months apart. But because they are all turning direct (from retrograde) in a relatively short amount of time all in October, it is something to take notice of.

Retrogrades are common. Having four planets change from retrograde to direct, around the same time, is not very common. Four planets stands out. Which is why I wanted to write more about retrogrades in this issue. It’s a signature of this Libra new moon.

This is a time where individually, and collectively, we may see a shift in our perspective from reflecting on the past to a more pronounced focus on moving forward by the end of the month. It can relate to things that have been stalled from moving forward, or a shift in focus from the past to the future. This shift may be felt more significantly in November, but it starts in October at the new moon.

You may be wondering, what other planets are retrograde? Good question. The four planets are Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury. All the other planets go retrograde, but not the lights, the sun or moon. Read more about Mercury retrograde here.

Retrograde Planets

Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter retrogrades are important in consultations when we are looking at timing so we can see how it is functioning in your chart. These three planetary retrogrades offer up excellent information for forecasting geopolitics, economy, and social affairs.

The three interpersonal planets are Venus, Mars, and Mercury. They represent how we relate to others, our energy and drive out in the world, and how we communicate. So when these three are retrograde, it is felt personally. The individual potency of any retrograde depends on what is activated by it in your chart, if anything.

I recently updated and released my Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide. Mercury is retrograde right now, so if you want to catch up on that, the guide will explain all about it.

Venus goes retrograde about every year and a half with the next one coming up in December. I will write more on it later this year. Mars goes retrograde around every 2 years, with the next one coming later in 2022, and I will write more on Mars then. Mercury goes retrograde around three times a year. The most frequent of the planets.

When considering the meaning of a planet retrograde, what’s important to think about is the symbology. Where we have come from and where we are going. Retrograde by astrological definition, is moving back over ground already covered.

Retrograde has us reflecting back on where we have come from. Direct motion is moving forward to where we have not yet been. When four planets shift direction all in the same month, it is a more pronounced shift.

If you journal, and I hope you do because it’s so awesomely helpful with self-development, I highly recommend writing about anything from the past that has become prominent for you in October.

What do you find yourself thinking about from the past? What has come up that needs repaired, reviewed, or revised? Then through the rest of the year consider those things when you are journaling about what you are doing as it relates to propelling you forward into the future.

Libra New Moon Aries Connection

The twelve zodiac signs form six pairs of signs that are always working in tandem on a continuum when it comes to defining and interpreting them. The Libra and Aries axis is one of my favorites to write about.

It’s not because I am biased being a Libra sun Aries moon. Okay maybe just a little. But there is a bigger reason. Aries and Libra mark the beginning of the seasonal shifts, the equinoxes when we have equal light and night. Aries is the beginning of the astrological year, and the first sign of the zodiac.

Libra marks halfway through the year, and signals a turning point. The first six months of the astrological year contain Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo, in that order. The expression of each of these signs has a subjective flavor and a focus on the individual.

The last six months of the astrological year contain Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces, in that order. The expression of each of these signs has an objective flavor and a focus on the collective.

Libra is the sign that is known for being concerned with social justice, the other person, and diplomacy. The new moon in Libra will have a tone highlighting these topics. There is a lot of Libra activity at the time of the new moon because of other planets also traveling through the sign at this time (Mercury, Mars, and Sun).

As we already talked about above, the Libra focused flavoring this new moon includes the Mercury retrograde, and the red planet Mars. Mars makes this new moon feisty, a bit unstable, and at risk of being aggressive. Best case scenario is using a whole lot of patience and practicing assertion rather than aggression.

We may all have difficulty exerting our assertiveness with grace and diplomacy. But that is exactly what this new moon in Libra is calling for. With the active and action oriented Mars present, we may be more emboldened than usual to take action.

The Libra and Aries axis is the continuum of me and you. The extreme ends are either selflessness or giving too much of oneself (Libra) and selfishness, or being too self-centered (Aries). The Libra new moon is a good time to evaluate where you fall on this continuum.

The quality of the energy of the time is certainly Libra focused. This means that the shadow side, or opposite energy is Aries. Aries is known for independence, going for what he/she wants without hesitation, and often times not stopping to think about the consequences for others.

This dynamic applies to our personal lives, and the greater world we live in. We can see the micro in the macro just by reading the news. We run the very real risk of thinking we are righteous in our ways because we are focused on social justice, when actually we have taken on an Aries approach of ‘me first.’

First of all, ‘me first’ isn’t a bad thing and I don’t mean to present it as so. When we are using it to make a point of extreme comparison, then yes, it is symbolic of being out of balance. ‘Me first’ in a way that hurts others, and does not take into consideration the consequences outside of the self is the extreme way. It’s ineffective and can be harmful.

Giving too much of oneself can be just as harmful. The message in this Libra new moon is to be conscious that your display of diplomacy is actually diplomacy, and not a rouse hiding behind a charming smile for self-serving purposes.

With action oriented Mars, breakthroughs are possible. Actual diplomatic progress is possible. Along with all the pains and sacrifices that come with diplomatic relations. Libran archetypes are the Diplomat, Mediator, Judge, and Arbitrator. Aries archetypes are the Warrior, Passionate Creator, and Pioneer.

Shadow side archetypes for Libra are the Procrastinator, Gossip, and Vanity. Shadow side archetypes for Aries are the Inconsiderate, the Immature One, and Irresponsible One. Watch out for these archetypes and their shadow forms the rest of the month.

Remember Libra is the sign representing justice. Lady Libra is represented below by the blindfolded woman who weights things fairly, not by what they look like, but what is fair and right. The sword represents cutting through the web of deceit to get to the heart of truth.

Libra New Moon, Mercury Retrograde, and Mars Head on Collision

With Mercury retrograde, we may have to take care of unfinished business, reflect backwards, and hit some snags in our daily life. In the sign of Libra, issues surrounding social justice for past inequalities are likely to erupt, or erupt further. This applies to individuals and the greater social environment.

Mercury energy has a domain over communication in general. Put Mercury together with Mars at the new moon and words could come out like little daggers. Being in the know can give you a heads up to be wary of how you express yourself, because impulse control will be lower than usual.

New moons are typically about new beginnings, new phases, and a sense of renewal. The amount of retrograde action active at the new moon certainly gives this libra new moon a twist. You may find you are taking new turns around something from the past rather than seeding a new beginning.

The Libra new moon has an edge to it thanks to the presence of Mars. It is an action oriented time where you may need to resolve an old issue and feel emboldened to go ahead and do it thanks to Mars. This extra assertion you are receiving can be unstable. Be sure to use extra self-control when delivering your message. What I mean by that is to try to use peacemaking language rather than conflict perpetuating language.

Difficult words that need to be said might come out more harsh than you intended. Make a conscious effort to deliver your message using the most peaceful language possible. Mercury retrograde indicates there is a higher chance for misunderstanding. Now you are in the know and can approach your individual relationships prepared.

Libra New Moon Intentions

We have a unique opportunity to turn something in a different direction under this Libra new moon phase. We may not be starting completely new things, but taking something to the next phase, or completely revamping something to get it on the right track.

Here are some ideas for your new moon intention setting:

  1. Set your intentions around resolving relationship issues festering from the past.

  2. Set your intentions to approach situations with an open mind.

  3. Set intentions to practice more patience and try to see others viewpoints.

  4. Shed old worn out relationships or relational approaches that no longer serve your well-being.

  5. Set an intention to start a new phase of an ongoing relationship.

  6. Refine roles in relationships.

  7. Set an intention to clear the air on something that has been bothering you.

Essential Oil for Refining Relationships Peacefully

​​Every month I co-host a show called Natural Health and Astrology with Health Coach and Naturopath Annabelle Fraser. We talk about the emotional quality of the New Moon and how to use essential oils to work with the lunar energy.

This month’s Libra New Moon topic is ‘Refining Relationships Peacefully’ Lori and Annabelle, Episode 17 Natural Health and Astrology

This essential oil recommendation we talk about on the Libra New Moon show is Oregano. The description of this mix is from Annabelle. You can purchase the doTerra oils from her if you wish. 

Oregano essential oil is the oil of humility and non-attachment. It helps remove blocks and clears negativity so that we can experience emotional and spiritual growth. When using oregano essential oil we will feel encouraged to let go of rigidity, stubbornness, and toxic relationships.

We can break through circumstances that are holding us back. It helps us become more humble and more flexible. As this month brings a mix of energy that can be feisty and in need of flexibility, this is a great companion essential oil to include in your self-care routine.

Oregano is a very intense oil. Be cautious when applying it to the skin or taking internally as it is very hot. Be sure to consult with your physician before using essential oils, and only use oils prepared for internal use internally. Always dilute Oregano essential oil when applying topically and use a veggie capsule when taking internally.

Oregano oil is great for helping fight bacteria, strengthen immunity, and cleanse the gut.

You can watch the show on my Astrology Facebook page. For more information on essential oils, or to purchase them, please contact Annabelle.

Libra New Moon Phase Things To Do

The new moon phase is the two weeks following the exact new moon, which leads up to the full moon. During this time, here are some things to do in the flow of this Libra new moon energy:

  1. Start solutions to a past problems in close relationships

  2. Practice being assertive in a peaceful way

  3. Start reviewing, revising and refining things that no longer serve you in social relationships.

  4. Restart collaborative projects collecting dust.

  5. Sing out frustrations, and dance a little too. Do it with your best friends.

  6. Do competitive research, you will have extra energy for seeing what works for others that may give you some new ideas and approaches.

  7. Collaborate with people you have worked with before or do things with friends you haven’t seen in a while. Just watch out for how you communicate your words as a harsh tone may unintentionally come out.

Libra New Moon Journaling Prompts

  1. Are you happy with your level of assertiveness? Do you want to be more assertive or less assertive?

  2. Is there aggression in your behaviors that you want to change? What are 3 things you can start doing right now that would be assertive instead of aggressive?

  3. Do you consider your closest relationships to be healthy for your well-being?

  4. What behaviors do you bring to your close personal relationships that you would like to revise, refine, or leave behind in the past?

Wrap Up

This is a month to expect a shift of perspective due to four planets that are retrograde will go direct during the month. This is a feisty new moon with dynamic energy. Watch how you use your words as they could come out more harsh than you intended.

By the end of the month the energy will shift from reflective toward the past to forward thinking to the future. From where you have come to where you are going. This is a good time to evaluate your social and personal relationships with others and resolve unresolved or repressed issues.

Anything resolved and aired out this month will prep you for moving on to what’s next. Ignoring things that need to be resolved will erupt, or fester. Even if confrontations are uncomfortable, they will bring relief and release. This is a great time to journal about where you have been and where you want to go.

Happy Libra new moon!


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