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Libra New Moon 2020

The Libra New Moon 2020 is coming this Friday, October 16. Every New Moon is flavored by the sign the New Moon and Sun are in so we will focus on Libra this month.

October 16, 2020 23 degrees Libra 12:31pm West Coast 3:31pm East Coast 9:31pm Rome, Italy

New Moon Cycle

New Moons are the designated ‘beginning’ of the monthly lunar cycle. But like a circle the Moon is really going through endless circular spirals. What we call the New Moon is the time when the waning moon ducks out of sight as she transitions to the waxing new moon phase. It’s an endless spiral of cycles that we have divided into phases to better understanding the symbolic meaning of the Moon.

Libra New Moon 2020

The sign Libra is represented by the scales, the only inanimate symbol in the 12 Zodiac signs. You often see images of Libra represented by a woman holding the scales while blindfolded and with a sword in the other hand. Like the image below.

The blindfold represents the objectivity, impartiality and lack of bias Libra is able to maintain while mediating an argument. She is the ideal judge, one that brings no prejudice to the court, only a true sense of fairness and justice.

The sword represents cutting through the nonsense, and intelligence. The scales weigh one side against the other. Because she is blindfolded she is not making judgment by what she sees, but goes much deeper than that to find the truth.

Where Libra is in your chart is where you have an innate sense of fairness and will fight for righteousness. If you are a Libra sun, moon or rising sign, you have this quality built within your identity or personality. You cannot help but want to fight for the underdog who has been treated unfairly and unjustly.

Libra Statue

Other Energies at Play this New Moon: Aries Mars opposes the Sun and Moon

While our peace seeking Libra energy is the form of New Moon expression for our life giving sun, and our security seeking and nurturing moon, there are other energies interacting with them that are important.

Our King and Queen of the universe (Sun/Moon) are uniting for peace and justice for all. But the problem is that in their kingdom, there are divisions amongst the people for exactly what that peace and justice should look like.

It seems we are on the brink of a social war and this New Moon is showcasing just how divided and passionate each side is about their ‘righteousness.’ With this division comes the Warrior Mars, who happens to be closely opposing the Queen Moon and King Sun at this New Moon.

If Libra is about fighting for the rights of others, Mars tends toward fighting for what is ‘mine.’ Aries is the opposite of Libra, his energy is to look out for number one. This is why Aries are sometimes called selfish and self-centered. Aries has many other fine qualities, like bounds of youthful energy, gung ho, creative, enterprising, passionate, pioneering, and has an iron will.

We need both Libra and Aries qualities. When they are out of balance, action is needed to bring it back. We need Aries energy to balance out the Libran tendency to focus on others.

We should consider our fellow human beings and how our actions impact them. We should also take care of ourselves and our own needs without over sacrificing ourselves to martyrdom. We cannot do much for anyone else if we don’t take care of ourselves. And if we take care of ourselves at the expense of others we create imbalance.

Mars in the sign of Aries is a fierce opponent, a skilled fighter, and he won’t back down. He is impassioned. That’s a part of the energy coming to a head on Friday.

Other Energies at Play this New Moon: Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn

The 3rd part of the energy is the Capricorn trio Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto that has been talked about endlessly in the Astrological community. It is the most potent energy and activity in the sky that has reared its head in sync with the Covid waves this year.

This Capricorn trio happens to sit at around a 90 degree square to both the Sun/Moon (together) and Mars (opposite Sun/Moon). It’s the middle point where the energy of this Sun/Moon opposite Mars explodes out.

What happens when you squeeze something squishy with your fingers, it pops right? All that pressure being squeezed so hard it has to go somewhere. That somewhere where this energy is erupting out is the Capricorn trio, which has been a stressed point all of 2020.

Putting it all Together on the World Stage

Okay, we have established this righteous battle between impassioned zeal (Mars) and justice (Sun/Moon Libra) squeezing the energy so that it explodes out through Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto Capricorn energy. Now we know the signs and planets involved.

Saturn represents the establishment, the old guard, the old structure. Jupiter tends to expand and grow things. Usually Jupiter brings opportunity, optimism and luck, but in this case, it may just expand (like more Covid in the cold weather). It also may bring a vaccine and optimism for an end in site to lockdowns and covid.

Pluto clears out old and worn out things no longer needed so new things can come in and replace them.

This new moon is heralding a change of old outdated established structures. All will not be solved or ended during this new moon cycle. But we do know that the USA election will take place during this new moon cycle, before the next New Moon. We know that many things are at risk and at stake.

We know that this year marks a historical social movement that threatens to disrupt outdated structure and mentality. Only time will tell what gets removed and restructured in our world. We each have a voice, and in the new and free world, we have the freedom to use our voice. Many are out there trying to make change for a better world, even if it’s two opposed sides pressuring opposite views.

It’s unfortunate that we don’t have an agreement on what a better world looks like. So instead, we have a sort of social war with moments of violence. I realize there are parts of the world experiencing more extreme violence than the USA or Europe. For this article my focus is on those two areas.

Let’s not forget the Retrogrades

Mars has been retrograde since September 9 and Mercury went retrograde recently on October 13/14. This adds some reflection on the past, some delays, an increased opportunity for confusion, and an extra layer of stress in an already stressful time period. It’s a time that can be described as complex, busy, temperamental, and annoying.

Retrogrades ask you to slow down, reflect and re-do. The best way to deal with retrogrades is first to know about it. When you know, then you can give yourself a pep talk for slowing down and taking a deep breath. You will find more sanity, success, and peace by going with the flow instead of trying to bend the flow to your will.

In your Personal Chart

As if the world stage doesn’t have enough for us to ponder daily. This energy is also at work in your chart. If you don’t know where Libra, Aries, and Capricorn are in your chart you can find links below to get your chart for free.

You may not need your astrology chart to know exactly where you are feeling pulled in two different directions. You may even already know where this energy is pouring out from the pressure of these two opposing forces. Astrology can help you if you want to dig further.

In your personal life, be on the lookout for where you are experiencing a challenge between two opposites. You may be facing a difficult choice, and a difficult outcome. However it is playing out in your life, the energy will pass. In November the retrogrades will end. In December Jupiter and Saturn will change signs and some of the intense pressure felt all year will be lifting and shifting.

As time moves us away from this last quarter of 2020 we may find some systems and structures in our life will have irreversibly changed. What we do now, how we face difficult choices and challenges in life, take us to our next step in the journey of our life.

We always have the chance to make changes for our future and to live in the present. But we cannot undo the past, only reframe it to find peace. Use your Libra and Aries skills in unison and you will find the energy to do what needs to be done with the consciousness of a considerate and caring human being who considers self and others simultaneously.

How to use this New Moon Energy

Use Libran energy to weigh all sides of situations you are faced with and do not make rash and impulsive decisions.

Libran objectivity and fairness can work well with your inner Mars Aries warrior if you can find a balance, a middle road, and take deliberate action.

When that action is used in a structured and benevolent manner, great change can be made that benefits all. That’s a difficult order to make, but it is possible.

Get a free copy of your natal chart here.


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