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Libra Full Moon

Libra Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Times and Dates

Monday 25 March 2024

12:00 AM, West Coast, USA

3:00 AM, East Coast, USA

8:00 AM, Rome, Italy 

5 degrees Libra

Libra Full Moon: A Time for Balance

As we reach the weekend, take a moment to look outside and see the growing moon. Though it may appear full, it won't reach its peak until overnight Sunday or early Monday. The Libra full moon holds particular significance as it happens about a week after the Aries Equinox.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Aries Equinox marks the beginning of spring, while the Southern Hemisphere welcomes fall. The Equinox signifies a seasonal shift and the start of the astrological new year, with Aries being the first sign of the zodiac.

Libra is one of the air element signs. It's naturally social and needs connection. Libra archetypes are the Diplomat, Mediator and Judge. This Libra full moon presents an opportunity to reflect on balance in relationships and embrace the fresh energy of the new season.

Libra symbolizes charm, grace and an appreciation for beauty. They champion the underdog. On the shadow side, they can be prone to vanity, gossip and indecisiveness – a quality often stemming from the difficulty in choosing between equally appealing options.

The opposing sign of Libra is Aries, the Ram. It's a fire element sign, dynamic and brimming with energy. With the Sun traveling through enthusiastic Aries, a vibrant new energy infuses the new season and the astrological year is born.

Libra Scales

Libra, symbolized by the scales, constantly seeks balance, a state achieved through continuous adjustment. Our human experience inevitably involves periods of imbalance.

This Libra full moon is a time to assess the balance within our various relationships, whether with family, friends, partners, children, or colleagues. Ask yourself: Am I prioritizing self-care sufficiently? 

Do I spend too much time on others, neglecting my own needs? Am I overly selfish, neglecting important relationships? Reflect on which relationships feel balanced with a healthy give-and-take dynamic.

The most valuable action you can take under this Libra full moon is to honestly evaluate your relationships and actively work towards restoring balance where it's lacking.  

This full moon can be the spark that ignites your motivation and spurs you into action. However, before diving in headfirst, a word of caution – Mercury retrograde starts on April 1st. Take the rest of March to finalize new projects, allowing April to be a period of reflection and reviewing.

Regularly reviewing your progress is a valuable practice, regardless of astrological influences. Aligning your review process with the Mercury retrograde can be particularly helpful and efficient. It allows for quality time to reflect, revise and realign while the planet of communication becomes more reflective and introspective.  

Libra Full Moon and the Cardinal Signs

The seasonal changes align with the four cardinal zodiac signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. 

Seasonal shifts are active transitions, evident through weather changes depending on your location. Every three months, the seasons pivot from one to the next, with the cardinal signs actively leading and symbolizing these changes.

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries marks the birth of a new Sun cycle and the astrological new year with the Aries Equinox.  This brings a sense of freshness to the new season, symbolized by the youthful zest and courageous energy emanating from the Sun in Aries. 

If you've been feeling sluggish or foggy, expect some of that to lift as the Sun and Mercury have moved out of Pisces and into Aries. Mercury moved into Aries on March 10 and the Sun on the Equinox, on March 19.

The influx of Aries energy through the Sun provides an extra push for self-care and taking stock of your well-being. It's a time to assess your level of focus and how well-balanced your relationships are.

The overall influence leans less watery than last month with the Sun moving from Pisces to Aries, but there's still a significant presence of Pisces energy during the full moon.

Mars and Venus are traveling through the water sign Pisces at the Libra Full moon and the slow-moving planets Saturn and Neptune continue their stay in Pisces for another year.

All Four Elements Active: Air, Fire, Earth and Water

We have a cluster of planets occupying consecutive signs: Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, and Taurus, with the Libra moon positioned across them, striving to bring balance to this energetic interplay.


With all four elements activated by these moving planets, we can access a spectrum of energies: fire (Aries), water (Pisces), air (Libra), and earth (Taurus). Plus remember the recent shift of powerhouse Pluto into the air sign Aquarius.

Libra Full Moon and the Eclipses

This month's Libra full moon arrives almost a week after the Aries Equinox and marks the first of two eclipses occurring within this timeframe. 

You've likely heard about the upcoming total solar eclipse on April 8th. If you live in North America, you might have a chance to witness totality, depending on your location. You can find out if you're in the path at

Before the total solar eclipse, we experience the lunar eclipse with the full moon on Monday. Eclipses always come in pairs and occur when a new or full moon takes place near the lunar nodes.

In astrology, solar and lunar eclipses are like intensified new and full moons.

A solar eclipse coincides with a new moon, bringing powerful new beginnings with an extra push for external change. A lunar eclipse, like the one happening on Monday, coincides with a full moon and signifies endings and letting go, often through emotional releases and deeper self-reflection.

Eclipses can come and go without significant personal impact. To understand if this eclipse might hold particular significance for you, consult your natal chart and read my blog on eclipses.

If you have placements around 5 degrees of Libra, Aries, Cancer, or Capricorn, this eclipse might activate areas of your life and indicate a significant event. The specific nature of this event depends on various factors within your chart.  

Check out my Astrology Houses blog for a deeper understanding.

For a deeper understanding of how your astrology chart reflects what is activated in your life, consider consulting a professional astrologer like me, or obtaining a copy of your natal chart.

If your chart shows no activations, the eclipse might pass by unnoticed. You can get a free copy of your chart online at

It's important to remember that if you're experiencing significant life changes or events, it could be due to other transits influencing your chart.

A comprehensive analysis of your natal chart in relation to current astrological influences will reveal how astrology reflects the life events unfolding for you.

Sun in Aries at the Libra Full Moon

The Sun in Aries beams light and vitality onto the Libra moon. Libra and Aries are always on the two ends of a polar opposite axis. The opposite signs Libra and Aries highlight the concept of self-focus and other-focus.

Aries, a fire sign, is dynamic, action-oriented, and embodies the warrior spirit – youthful, courageous, and ready for any challenge. It can be prone to anger and hotheadedness, but it's a natural leader and doesn't back down from a fight.

Libra, the Diplomat, and Mediator, seeks peace through diplomacy, while Aries, the Warrior and Conqueror, seeks challenge and stimulation.  Libra goes to war for peace while Aries goes to war to win.

Both signs belong to the cardinal modality, meaning they're ready to take charge, lead, and pivot toward what's next.  

These two opposing signs remind us to be mindful of how we present ourselves and how we impact others. Libra and Aries highlight that we can often only see certain aspects of ourselves through the reflection of others (projection and shadow work).

The Equinox, which happened on March 19th, signifies a period of equal daylight and moonlight. It's a perfect time to reflect on where you experience balance in life and relationships and take action to correct areas of imbalance in your life.

The interplay between the Equinox and the Libra/Aries axis that are active at this time encourages us to reflect on the balance between self-actualization and the level of independence we maintain.

It also prompts us to consider if we're overly focused on the needs of others at the expense of our own. Keeping in mind some relationships seem imbalanced when they aren't, like parenting responsibilities or caring for a sick loved one.

What's important in these situations is that you find time for your self-care. If you get too imbalanced, the word martyr comes to mind. In order to care for others, you must care for yourself first. This is a message from the Libra and Aries axis.

Planetary Activity During the Libra Full Moon

The celestial bodies paint a unique picture over this weekend's full moon. Let's explore the major planetary influences:

Planets in Pisces

We have four planets in Pisces: Mars, Saturn, Venus and Neptune. That’s a lot of Pisces energy, which has been prevalent since the Pisces new moon on March 10. Feeling a bit dreamy, more creative or wanting to stop and smell the roses more often? You’re not alone! 

This Pisces influence can be a touch unsettling, but embracing the flow and trusting the process can ease navigation through this period. Look to the Pisces house in your chart to get a better understanding of what is activated by the planets in Pisces.

Read my Astrology Houses blog to learn more about the topics, themes and people connected to the Pisces astrology house in your chart.

Planets in Taurus

While there's a strong Pisces influence, Jupiter and Uranus continue their journey through Taurus, creating a harmonious sextile with the Pisces planets. This Pisces-Taurus synergy can be particularly supportive for taking action on new routines or creative endeavors.

Mercury Retrograde Cycle

The pre-shadow phase of the upcoming Mercury retrograde began on March 19th.  In the remaining time before the retrograde starts on April 1st, it's wise to wrap up any new launches or projects if possible. 

Click here for my Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide. If you are looking for dates of retrogrades in 2024 for Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter, you will find them here.

Once the retrograde starts on April 1, you'll benefit from reviewing progress, revising plans, and realigning as needed. This period is well-suited for editing work, redesign, beta testing, resolving relationship issues, revisiting the past, finishing old projects and rearranging things.

This Mercury retrograde will occur in the sign of Aries. Look at the Aries astrology house in your chart to understand how Mercury retrograde activates your chart and how to best work with it in April.

It can be especially potent for you if you have important points or planets in Aries in your natal chart.

Mercury Retrograde Cycle Dates:

  • Pre-Shadow Begins: March 19

  • Retrograde: April 1

  • Direct: April 25

  • Post-Shadow Ends: May 14

  • Degrees: 27.13 - 15.59 Aries

Book a consultation with me to learn more about the year ahead according to your chart:

Libra Full Moon Quote

'Letting go helps us to live in a more peaceful state of mind and helps restore our balance. It allows others to be responsible for themselves and for us to take our hands off situations that do not belong to us. This frees us from unnecessary stress.' - Melody Beattie

Libra Astrology Glyph

Things to Do under the Libra Full Moon

  • Do a full moon ritual for Libra’s element air, use my guide with a ritual for each element by clicking here.

  • Socialize with your friends, Libra is a social sign and the Sun in dynamic Aries puts some spark in the full moon.

  • With the abundance of water and earth energy, you may feel too drained to go out and socialize, so a cozy night in with friends is another fun option.

  • Do something creative like painting, dancing or vision boarding. Libra loves the artistic things, Pisces loves to dream up something creative and mystical and Taurus appreciates the good food, drink and music that goes along with it.

  • Take some quiet time to reflect on how well-balanced your relationships are (family, partner, friends, work). Do you over-give in some? Are you too self-focused with others? Do you maintain healthy boundaries? Do you regularly do things for self-care? If you notice an imbalance in these areas, make adjustments. For soothing suggestions click here.

  • Write five things that are harmonious in your life right now. 

  • Do spring or fall cleaning to usher in the new season.

Libra Full Moon Wrap-Up: Finding Harmony and Balance

This Libra full moon under the influence of the Aries Sun and Equinox offers a potent opportunity for personal growth. Not everyone’s chart will be activated by the eclipses, it depends on your personal placements.

Embrace the chance to assess the balance within your relationships and take action for improvement. As we move into the new season, remember the symbolism of Libra: strive for harmony by remembering the importance of self-care and maintaining a healthy sense of self.

Many planets are currently traveling through Pisces, continuing a dreamy atmosphere prominent at the last new moon in Pisces. Trust in your intuition and go with the flow. It may be hard to navigate the road with only your mind, rely on your intuition and faith in yourself to illuminate the path.

Prepare for the upcoming Mercury retrograde by wrapping up new launches and projects so you can focus on reviewing progress, realignment, and strengthening the foundations of important projects and relationships during April.

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