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Libra Full Moon

Libra Full Moon Date and Times

Saturday 16 April 11:55am, West Coast, USA 2:55pm, East Coast, USA 8:55pm, Rome, Italy 26 degrees Libra

Libra Full Moon Introduction

This month highlights the signs Libra and Aries as the Sun moves through Aries starting late March until April 19. The Libra full moon is in the opposite sign of Aries. We can best understand one sign through its opposite, and full moons are always a pair of opposite zodiac signs.

I love astrology because it reflects the infinite manifestations that life evolves. This month there are many astrological reflections beaming down from above. Sometimes there is one central theme that stands out, and other months there are different themes happening at the same time.

I sat looking at the chart for this upcoming full moon for a long time pondering on what the overarching message is. I couldn’t narrow it down, there were multiple options. There is tension, there is scattered energy, spiritual and mystical energy, and self vs other energy.

Not one or even two dominating things, more like four expressions of energy. This upcoming Libra full moon can be confusing. If you feel like your head is more in the clouds than usual around this Libra full moon, don’t be surprised and know that you are not alone.

Under this weekend’s Libra full moon you may have to rely more on your sixth sense and gut instinct. Things may not be clear, or things that are clear may not be what they seem.

In May we will have our next Mercury retrograde cycle which will give us a chance to look back at this time period and clear up what was illusive, foggy, scattered, and unclear. Another way this can manifest is a flow of creativity.

During the retrograde you may look back and find many new and creative seeds were planted. Under next month’s retrograde you can go back and collect all the details and start putting the pieces into form.

If you want to get the Mercury retrograde dates on your calendar, here is the 2022 schedule. The May retrograde is in the signs Gemini and Taurus. Perfect for gathering up details and putting them into order.

Every six months we have a full moon involving Libra and Aries. In late September or October we have the Aries full moon and Libra new moon. In late March or April we have a Libra full moon and Aries new moon (this past April 1). Two out of twelve months a year there is a focus on the Aries and Libra parts of our chart.

Libra Full Moon and the Sun Aries Axis

Every month the full and new moons highlight a pair of opposite signs. There are six pairs of signs in the zodiac and each pair of signs has two months when the new and full moons highlight their dynamic energy by looking at the two sides of the axis they share.

This is the one where the Moon is asking us to evaluate our selflessness and our selfishness scale. How we balance self-focus and other-focus. The range is from the full blown narcissist to the full blown co-dependent. We can fall in different areas of the scale with different people and relationships in our life.

Spending the majority of your time at either end of the axis is not healthy for you or others you interact with. Neither is rigidly staying in one spot on the continuum or axis. Balanced flexibility is key. We talked about the analogy of being like a tree in the monthly full moon video that you can watch here.

We want to have our roots deep in the soil to ground us while our trunk remains our center, and like the branches and leaves, we are flexible and adaptable to the winds of change that blow through our lives.

If we rigidly stay in one place, or at either end of the axis, we are not able to engage or adapt to living life. There are times when it is necessary to extend ourselves to either end of the continuum, that is normal, natural, and healthy.

The Libra end is about focusing on another, or others. If you are a parent, you spend a lot of time on this end of the spectrum caring for your children. Or perhaps a loved one who is sick, overworked, or going through a crisis and needs more support.

However, if you remain focused on another person or group of people, you lose perspective of yourself and how your individual person fits into the world in your own unique way. This is not good for you or those you care for. It is important to balance your focus with self-care and ‘me’ time.

The other end of the continuum is the Aries end. There are times when it is important to focus on yourself, your goals, and making sure your needs are met before you help others. You find help to care for your dependents, you close off distractions, and you feed your soul.

If you stay on the extreme end of the Aries side, you become overly self-focused at the expense of others. Those who care more about their individual gain than the cost of their gain to others is an example. Greed and authoritarianism fall here.

It’s important to remember that going to these extremes will happen to all of us who are engaged in life with other people. The axis of Libra and Aries is about how well we are balancing our interactions and relationships with others and ourselves, not to stay completely away from the opposite ends of the Libra Aries axis.

We want to be like a tree blowing in the wind. Flexible and adaptable enough to move with the flow and rhythm of what time has brought in our lives. We want to give without losing ourselves, and focus on ourselves without hurting others.

This looks like constant shifting and it’s what most of us do on a daily basis as we engage with others at home, work, with friends, and in our community. This Libra full moon is a great time to take stock of where you fall on the continuum with the different people in your life.

The goal is not to stay rigidly in one place, but to shift around the axis as needed with most of our time swinging around the middle.

When a loved one needs help, you swing more to the Libra ‘other-focused’ end. When you have an important goal or deadline, you swing more to the Aries ‘self-focused’ end.

When you have kids, you swing toward the Libra end when it’s your watch. When they go off to school, or leave the nest and go off to university, you swing to the Aries end.

Magical, Mystical, Elusive, and Foggy Pisces Pile Up

Keeping in mind the relationship oriented Libra full moon energetic signatures for this weekend, we fold in another layer of planetary activity. This signature is longer lasting than the Libra full moon. This Pisces pile up has been growing since the beginning of the year.

In fact, some faster moving planets have already traveled through Pisces and left, with other planets coming into Pisces evolving this mystical, spiritual, and foggy energy.

Last month I talked about this type of energy and it related to the Sun and Mercury joining Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. The Sun and Mercury have moved along out of Pisces. This month we have Venus and Mars joining Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces.

It’s Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces that is making astrological headlines because this meetup will not happen again in our lifetime. Neptune takes around 164 years to travel through all twelve signs of the zodiac. Neptune has been in Pisces for years.

Jupiter takes twelve years to travel through the zodiac. This means we are experiencing a once in a lifetime event this month with the meet up of these two planets in the sign of Pisces.

During the Libra full moon, not only will Jupiter and Neptune both be in Pisces, but they are traveling through the same mathematical degree this weekend. Wowsa!

The positive energetic signatures are heightened creativity, connection to a universal power, and spiritual experiences. The challenging aspects are fogginess, scattered energy, inability to focus, and worst case illusion and experiencing deceit.

If you are prone to addictive behaviors, be on the lookout for wanting to indulge. We may all be confronted with over indulging. Only you know what is healthy and unhealthy for your individual situation.

If you do have addictive traits, please put all your support systems and plans in place to help you through this period. Jupiter will move out of Pisces in May signaling a shift in this energy.

Libra Full Moon Agitators: Saturn and Pluto

There are two other energetic signatures happening at the Libra full moon. These may or may not impact you directly, it depends on your chart. If your chart is not directly engaged, you are still likely to see these energies play out around you.

Astrology is like the adage ‘as above, so below.’ You may have to practice more patience in general with yourself and others as we all feel our way instinctually through the Libra full moon weekend. 

The first agitator is the connection with Saturn and a fated space in the sky called the nodal axis. I won’t go deeply into the astrology of the nodes because that is another whole blog. The outcome of things happening at this time can have a fated sense with lasting results. Saturn is agitating the nodal axis in a way we can see two sides vying for control.

Hmmm, that kinda sounds like the news. There are many astrologers who are reporting on world events and astrology, so I will leave that to them.

Those of you likely to feel personally impacted by the agitation of Saturn are those with prominent personal planets or points (Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mercury, Venus, Mars) in Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius, or Leo.

The other agitating planet active at the Libra full moon is Pluto. If you are an Aries, Libra, Cancer, or Capricorn born later in your sign, you have already been dealing with some intense energetics from Pluto for the last few years.

When Pluto is activated, it is because it syncs up mathematically with other, faster moving planets, because Pluto moves slow. Pluto is activated by this month’s full moon through challenging aspect called a square. This intensifies the full moon’s energy. It gives it an edge and extra potency.

Remember full moons are about culminations, endings, peaks, blooms, and change. If Pluto was farther away by degree, it wouldn’t be considered as part of this full moon configuration.

It just so happens that the degree of Pluto right now is engaged with the Libra full moon. This brings in a power component. It can show up in life as feeling empowered, having power over others, or feeling like others have power over you.

This Pluto power energy will be felt most strongly by those signs I mentioned above who are born later in your sign.

Remembering that the Libra and Aries axis is about interactions and relationships with others, a power component may be highlighted for you this weekend with others.

Libra Full Moon Summary

The Libra full moon energy as I just described is like the weather according to astrology. How much you will be impacted depends on what is activated in your personal chart, and those around you.

Relationships with yourself and others is the main theme. Watch out for a power factor that can manifest from within or externally. Keep in mind that all things may not be what they seem and you may have a hard time focusing.

Watch for any type of addictive behaviors to ramp up and use all your support and skills to keep them in check. If you think you have run into someone or something deceptive, trust your gut instinct, you are probably right.

This is a great time to tune in to your muses, your creativity, and to allow some future visioning to bloom. Capture your creativity by journaling, writing, doing art, or any other method that works for you.

Write down and track things that are happening at this time for when Mercury retrograde comes around next month. Mercury retrograde is a great time to reflect back on what happened during this month’s Libra and Aries moon cycles.

Stay tuned for the next moon blog for the end of April when we have a new moon in Taurus and also a Solar Eclipse. 

Astrology, Emotions, and Essential Oils Monthly Moon Video Series

Theme: Be One with the Force

Episode #30 available now on Lori Barnes Astrology Facebook Page

The Libra full moon video that I co-host with Annabelle Fraser is available now. Annabelle is a naturopath and gut health specialist who is trained in utilizing essential oils to support our emotions. 

In the video we talk about the energetics of the full moon, essential oils that help support our emotions, inspiration quotes, and things to do during a full moon ritual.

This month Annabelle recommends a blend called ‘Balance’ you can get from doTerra. The oils in this blend are from trees. Being like a tree with deep roots that allow the flexibility and adaptability of its branches and leaves is a perfect fit for our Libra full moon.

Trees live in the present and are very stable and strong. Tree based essential oils help keep us grounded and patient under this Libra full moon as we wait for clarity to set in.

Meditating on the tree symbolism can help us persevere and stay strong as we transition through scattered, disconnected energy to stable and connected energy

Here are the oils in this blend: Spruce leaf, ho wood leaf, frankincense resin, blue tansy flower, blue chamomile flower, and osmanthus flower.

To use these woody tree essential oils aromatically, inhale from the bottle, diffuse or place drops in your hands, rub, and inhale. To use topically put 1-3 drops on the base of your spine or the bottom of your feet.

Remember to dilute before using or get the pre-diluted blend called ‘Balance’ from doTerra. You can contact Annabelle for purchasing doTerra essential oils from anywhere in the world.

Check out this month’s Libra full moon video on Facebook. For more information on natural health and gut health, contact Annabelle. Or join her private Facebook group, Natural Health Italy, by signing up. 

Libra Full Moon Inspirational Quote

For the theme of this month’s Libra full moon, I found quotes from my favorite movie series, Star Wars!

‘Many of the truths that we cling to depend greatly on our point of view.’ Obi-Wan Kenobi, ‘Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi’
‘War tends to distort our point of view. If we sacrifice our code, even for victory, we may lose that which is important for our honor.’ Obi-Wan Kenobi, ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’, Season 3 Episode 20.
‘Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.’ Yoda, ‘Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace’.
‘Remember, concentrate on the moment. Feel, don’t think, use your instincts.’ Qui Gon Jinn, ‘Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace’.

Libra Full Moon Ideas

On the Full Moon

  1. Do the Full Moon Ritual for the air element.

  2. Let go of the need to control and spend the weekend using mindfulness approaches to stay in the present moment. 

  3. Notice any projections and self-reflections that come up for you this weekend.

  4. Tap into your creativity and write things down, vision board, or capture in your unique creative way. Save what you create for reflecting back on during Mercury retrograde in May.

  5. Evaluate how balanced you are with people you are close to and those you interact with often (e.g. colleagues, neighbors, school, church) using the scale from above.

  6. Feel your place in the world both as yourself and part of a unified collective.

  7. Send out a peace calling into the world.

Things to Do between the Libra Full Moon and next Taurus New Moon

  1. Use your perception and gut instincts to help guide you.

  2. Have faith that the scatteredness and chaos that may be going on around you or in the greater world will pass.

  3. Be social if you have been isolated, or spend more time alone if you have over socialized and feel the need to be alone. Unify and integrate the balance of your time with others and yourself.

  4. Look at your schedule and adjust it to create more balance in your life.

  5. Do something you consider spiritual like a retreat, class, meditation, massage, paint, music, or visit the beach.

  6. Put yourself in situations where your mind can wander and reach toward its creative outer limits.

  7. There is a feeling of expansive freedom that you can tap into. Be careful not to overindulge.

  8. If you have an addiction disorder, have your support team in place as a precaution.

Questions and Journaling Prompts

  1. Where do you need to let go of power and control? Are you ready to practice it this weekend?

  2. How do you rate yourself on the scale of selfishness and selfishness. The extreme of either end can be destructive. Moderation and balance is key.

  3. If you are in balance, what helps you maintain balance? If you are out of balance, what are two things you can do right now to bring balance back?

  4. Describe power in your life. Do you feel empowered, that you have power over others, or that others have power over you? Describe the power relationships you have with the different people in your life.

Wrap Up

The Libra full moon is an air sign, but the usual rationality of Libra may have a foggy scatteredness to it. Our sense of self and others, and our boundaries with others, may be confusing during this full moon.

We will all benefit when we focus on what unites us rather than our differences, but first there must be openness. Neither Aries (self-focus) nor Libra (other-focused) is balanced, only together can they become one, unified, and able to think of the whole.

Our usual five senses may not serve us like usual. We may have to rely on our gut instincts, our sixth sense, our perception. Feel to see and have vision without sight through this full moon weekend. We may be inspired and sluggish at the same time.

The Libra full moon wants us to take stock of how well we are balancing our self-care and our focus on others. As these things may be unclear through the full moon, you can best use this time to indulge in some daydreaming, creative activities, and a slowed down schedule.


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