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Leo Full Moon

Leo Full Moon Date and Times

Wednesday 16 February 8:56am, West Coast, USA 11:56am, East Coast, USA 5:56pm, Rome, Italy 27 degrees Leo

Leo Full Moon 2022

This Leo full moon has a serious quality to it that can be used strategically and a fun element that is playful, passionate, creative, romantic, and child like. It’s not often you hear serious and playful in the same sentence, but I think that is exactly what this full moon is about. 

The serious quality comes from the combined energetic vibe of the mixture of planets in Saturnian signs Capricorn and Aquarius at the time of the full moon. The fun quality comes from the Leo full moon, who loves to be fun, playful, and have some romance. It wants to let your inner child out to play.

This Leo full moon falls just a couple of days after Valentine’s Day, when romance is in high demand in cultures who celebrate this day. This can be great for lovers wanting to get engaged. It is also great for creatives who want to take action with passion and make some strategic progress on creations of any type.

Leo Full Moon and Valentine’s Day

Every year we have a full moon in Leo, and it will happen on a day when the Sun is traveling through Aquarius. That is from around 19 January until 18 February, give or take a day as it fluctuates from year to year. This year, the Leo full moon falls near the holiday of romance.

It’s nice to have Leo, a lover of romance, highlighted the same week of giving chocolate, roses, and sweet words to our loved ones. Valentine’s is romance, yes, and also love for the important people in our lives. This full moon is a great time to shower your generosity on people you love.

Whether it’s your kids, friends, co-workers, family, or partner. It’s a time for letting your love flow. Remember your pets too! In our busy pace of life, we can sometimes forget to tell the people we care for how much we appreciate and care about them.

Remember the most important love affair of your life is the one you have with yourself. Dedicate some time under the Leo full moon for some self-love. While you are at it, let your inner child out to play, and give him, her, or they some self-love too.

What’s great about this Leo full moon in the same week as Valentine’s day is that there is another meetup in the sky of planets, and it happens to be the lovers of the zodiac, Venus and Mars.

Leo Full Moon and the Venus Mars Conjunction

Conjunction is a word used in astrology to indicate when two planets are in the same sign, and the same degree, or close to the same degree. On Valentine’s Day and on the Leo full moon, these two lovers are traveling together in the same sign and the same degree.

Love is in the air! The sign Venus and Mars are traveling in is important. It’s always important. What makes the significance in this particular week is that they are in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is a sign of the earth element. Material things, physical sensuality, and touch are highlighted at this time.

Capricorn is a Saturn sign, and so is Aquarius. To have a full moon, remember that the Moon sign and Sun sign always happen in pairs of signs. The Leo full moon will always be opposite the Sun in Aquarius. 

With Saturn signs Aquarius and Capricorn active during this Valentine’s day and full moon, it brings a serious tone. It has long-term indications, and it can add some strategy to how you will move along into the future.

If you are getting engaged this Valentine’s Day under the Venus Mars conjunction, this indicates a long-term commitment, which is what you want in marriage, right?

Not everyone will be getting engaged, or is even in a relationship. So if you are looking, this can be a good time to meet someone for a serious relationship.

This is a great time to push your creative efforts forward that have a long-term timeline. I look at the configuration of this full moon and see it as a time to put your passion into action. That is the theme of this month’s Leo full moon video series. 

Leo Full Moon: Put your Passion into Action

As we quickly move through February, we may wonder how the time flew by so fast. A few things have shifted since the holidays and January. If you immediately thought about the retrogrades, you are right!

The last Mercury retrograde was compounded by a Venus retrograde happening at the same time and in the same sign of Capricorn. That Capricorn part of your chart was, and still is, getting a lot of action. Now Mars and Venus are hanging out together in Capricorn continuing the action in this part of your chart.

This meeting is a mix of receptive (Venus) and active (Mars) energy expressed through a determined, strategic, and tenacious sign, Capricorn. As you think back over the last few months, and what parts of your life were prominent, now is the time to push those topics forward.

The retrograde energy had us looking backwards to reflect, revise, and renew. With Mercury and Venus moving forward now, and Mars coming to join Venus in Capricorn, we have an active time to push forward again with strategic intention and passion.

The parts of your life that required your attention and called out to you during the retrogrades are now updated and activated for you to push forward. Let your inner creative out. Let you inner child out. Let yourself be passionate about something, and take action to fulfill yourself. Engage in self-love.

With the Leo full moon highlighting your creativity and passion, there is movement where before there was delay during the retrogrades. Light a fire in your heart and move forward the things in life that you have passion for. The stage is set, nothing happens unless you take action.

Natural Health and Astrology Series

I co-host a video series called Natural Health and Astrology, with Annabelle Fraser, a naturopath and gut health specialist. Each month we talk about the energy of the full moon and essential oils that support the vibe. The following essential oil information is from Annabelle.

This month Annabelle suggests a blend called ‘Passion’ from doTerra. This blend includes the essential oils cardamom seed, cinnamon bark, ginger rhizome, clove bud, sandalwood, jasmine flower absolute, vanilla bean absolute, and damiana leaf.

The Passion blend encourages us to use our creativity and imagination to rediscover and fulfill our true passions, to be more playful and spontaneous, and break free from the limitations we place upon ourselves.

To use, dilute 1-3 drops with carrier oil and apply over the stomach, wrists, and behind the ears. Or use the pre-diluted roll-on version Annabelle demonstrates in the video. You can reach out to Annabelle to order the oil to be shipped anywhere in the world. Check out this month’s Leo full moon video on Facebook. For more information on natural health and gut health, contact Annabelle. Or join her private Facebook group, Natural Health Italy, by signing up. You can contact Annabelle for purchasing doTerra essential oils from anywhere in the world. 

Natural Health and Astrology episode 26 Put your Passion into Action Available now on Lori Barnes Astrology Facebook page by Annabelle Fraser and Lori Barnes

Leo Inspirational Quotes

‘Express Yourself’ Madonna
‘There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.’ Martha Graham

Leo Full Moon Ideas

On the Full Moon

  1. Write up the details of your 2022 action plan if you haven’t done that yet.

  2. Finish your vision board for the year.

  3. Journal about your creativity.

  4. Do the fire element releasing ritual to release obstacles to accessing your passion, creativity, and inner child.

  5. Play like a child, or with your children. Let your inner child out to play.

  6. Engage in self-love and do something you are passionate about, that thrills you, and fills you with joy.

  7. Plan something really fun on Wednesday.

  8. Shower yourself with inner love.

  9. Express yourself.

Things to Do between the Full Moon and next New Moon

  1. Do things on your 2022 action plan that bring it to life.

  2. Put into place any creative routines that you want to become habits this year. Add them to your calendar.

  3. Do creative things that you are passionate about. Sing, dance, draw, cook, daydream, listen to music, embellish your house with a decorative item.

  4. It’s Valentine’s week, Leo is a romantic sign. Get out there and mingle if you are single and looking. If you have a partner, plan something romantic this week.

  5. Do something romantic and creative with your partner. Rose petals on the bed, a romantic candlelight dinner, wine by the fire, dance together, cook something wildly scrumptious.

  6. Do something generous for others.

  7. Leo is a highly creative sign. Now that the retrogrades are behind us, it is a good time to take all the planning you have done since the new year and put it into strategic action.

Put your passion into action!

Questions and Journaling Prompts

  1. Where are you most creative in life?

  2. What stirs your passions? How can you do more of that?

  3. What routines can you put in your schedule that supports your creativity and free leisure time?

  4. What are you committed to doing this year that boosts your well-being? Is it part of your action plan? If not, write about how you will work in routines that boost your well-being.


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