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Leo A Regal New Moon

Leo New Moon Time and Date

Zodiac Sign: Leo New Moon 26 degrees August 18, 2020 7:42pm Pacific Coast, USA 10:42pm East Coast, USA 4:42am Rome, Italy (Wednesday, August 19)

New Moon in Leo

This month’s New Moon is in Leo. The zodiac sign Leo is known for being gloriously confident, generous, and quick tempered. Leos love to be recognized for their amazingness. But watch out they can roar like a lion if you don’t notice their kindness. Leo is a fire sign after all. Leo is also a fixed sign. S/He can be stubborn as a bull, reliable as the sunrise, and will follow-through on commitments.

About New Moons: The Dark Moon

The time of the month both the Sun and the Moon are in the same exact degree and zodiac sign. The Moon is dark because she is between the Sun and earth, her dark side is facing earth.

New Moons are the first phase of the monthly lunar cycle. It is a good time to review what you have accomplished over the last month. And then set goals that you want to accomplish during this cycle.

What does it mean for me?

The most important thing to know about any astrological event happening in the current sky is where it is happening in your natal chart. Look at your chart and find where Leo is. The house being lit up is where you can use this sparkly Leo energy. If you don’t have your chart, there are links below where you can get yours free.

Go Be Creative according to the Astrological House of Leo in your chart:

1st House Leo Rising: Leo Ascendant people this is a great time for your self-expression. You really are the center of attention. You are full of vitality, generosity, and curiosity. Now is a good time for that new hairdo, shop for clothes that really express who you are, or step out and speak in public. This is your once a year New Moon in Leo, take advantage and start something to showcase the one and only YOU. Shadow side: Be careful you aren’t strong-arming others and check your cockiness at the door for best results.

2nd House Leo: The Sun and Moon are lighting up your house of resources. Your identity is connected to your pocketbook and self-worth. This time of year is great for a self-check on your resources and feelings of self-worth. Set new financial goals. Put in action things that make you feel good about yourself. Shadow side: Be careful with overspending to show off. Check-in on hoarding, greediness and being scrooge like.

3rd House Leo: You are a communication genius this month. If you have been wanting to study something, write, do a Youtube video, or exchange ideas with others – this is a great time to start. You will have extra creative juices flowing through your veins. Shadow side: Hogging the spotlight, know-it-all ness, and a sense of superiority. Even if you are the smartest one in the room, try not to let it come out in a condescending manner.

4th House Leo: Not only will you sparkle, but so will your home. Your identity is expressed through your home space and family. Whether you live in a studio apartment or a lavish mansion, your character and charisma will shine through your living space. Do something to spruce up your house. Lavish your attention and generosity on your family. Shadow side: Be careful not to be a tyrant at home and with your family. Are you trying to force your family to revolve around you?

5th House Leo: Your kids will make you proud. As a parent with Leo on the 5th house cusp, you take great pride in your children. This extends to anything creative you have produced. This is a great time to create something jaw-droppingly good. Your creative juices are bubbling, take advantage of this highly creative time. You will also feel really good doing pleasurable things like your favorite sport, self-care things like massage or a spa day, or artsy things like painting. Do one of those wine and paint events, your painting will leave everyone raving. Shadow side: Trying too hard to gain recognition. Any inferiority complexes in the psych may pop out.

6th House Leo: The Sun shines brightest in your chart when in service to others. Are you in a helping field like first responder, counselor, nurse, military, retail or customer service. When the Sun comes through this house, it shines the light on the service you provide. You feel good, useful, and important. Being a helper can be exhausting so take time during this new moon and pamper yourself, you deserve it. Go to the beach and take in the sun, eat a yummy but healthy meal, and if you have employees – show them some appreciation. Shadow side: Notice any self-critical thoughts or words you use against yourself and do a positive reframe. Try to find balance between work and play. Do you put too much pressure on yourself? This is a good time to re-evaluate how you evaluate yourself. Watch out for over exaggeration of illness due to fear.

7th House Leo: Your committed relationship is central to life. This is a great time to socialize if you are single and want to meet someone. You are super attractive and charismatic at this time. You may have many suitors under this new moon and one may just be the one. Married? Do something social with your honey. Romantic getaway, date night, stroll on the beach or dance to your favorite song. Shadow side: Remember who you are outside of your relationship, don’t lose yourself. Running hot and cold with your partner. Wanting freedom and relationship at the same time.

8th House Leo: This is a great time to go deep into your psych to better ‘know thyself.’ If you have been wanting to invest in psycho-therapy, art therapy, hire a life coach, or start journaling, do it now. If you work in banking or any field working with others’ money (insurance, stocks, inheritances) or death (think funeral home, mortician, forensics), your job may be highlighted. Shadow side: Watch your scruples and morals. Secrets could be revealed at this time. Be kind and sensitive to your mental state. If you are feeling down, seek out help. This is a good time to benefit from counseling.

9th House Leo: Your philosophical mind will kick into high gear. You may feel the urge to travel to foreign places. If travel isn’t possible, start learning a new language. You may be starting a higher education program at this time. If you are single and you mingle, you could meet an exotic lover from a vastly different background than your own. Experience for personal growth is your core motivation. Shadow side: Check your moral compass if you find yourself judging others for their values and beliefs. At risk for believing in religious superiority and forcing your beliefs on others.

10th House Leo: Career and recognition are the winds in your sail. You thrive on career success and carry an air of dignity. You do very well in the public eye, especially so during this time. You will have extra charisma and the will to succeed. If you have the opportunity to do public speaking, take it! Shadow side: Be careful not to overestimate your abilities. Watch for vanity and striving for power without caring for the affect on others.

11th House Leo: Make plans with your friends. Any social groups you are involved in may become more prominent while the Sun is in Leo, and especially around the new moon. You can easily make new friends and take a leadership role in your group activities. You are primed for imagination and creation of new things that break boundaries. If you have been wanting to lead a group to the next step, now is a great time to do that. Shadow side: Careful not to put too much into how others think of you. Your high expectations of friends could cause disappointment. Don’t isolate.

12th House Leo: You like to help others and have a deep love of humanity. If you already work with herbs, essences, psychology, astrology or spirituality, these things will be highlighted during this month. You will find pleasure in doing these things. If you work in an institution like a prison, hospital, or other type of facility, you will feel uplifted at this time. If you have always felt like you wanted to get involved in a spiritual practice, start now under the Leo New Moon. Shadow side: Feeling isolated and excluded. Worse case self-destructive and out of reality. Best way to combat the shadow is to immerse yourself in something spiritual, metaphysical, or connected to the collective (study Jungian psychology). Join a spiritual group or start a spiritual study program.

About Astrology Charts

In order to have an accurate astrology chart, use your exact time of birth. Remember that general astrology is just that and a professional astrologer will look at your natal chart as a whole in order to interpret current planetary placements.

Where to get a free Astrology Natal Chart:


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