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How to recognize and move stuck energy

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Most of us can identify a time when we have felt stuck and need to move stuck energy. The energy around that stuck topic is stagnant and can fester over time. We may experience this stuckness as boredom, restlessness, exasperation, or fear of what will happen without a change.

Thankfully there are things you can do to nudge that energy along and bring positive changes into your life. The first step is to recognize when you are stuck. This is hardest for the zodiac signs of a fixed nature: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

Fixed Signs in Astrology

The fixed signs represent the group of people who hold things together, keep things on course, and are stubborn, loyal, and reliable. They each have their place in the middle of each of the four seasons.

Taurus in May bridges the beginning of spring to the end, while Leo is the middle maintainer of summer, Scorpio cements the fall, and Aquarius carries us through the winter. Of course, this is reversed in the Southern Hemisphere.

The fixed signs are not the only ones who get stuck though. We each have all 12 signs somewhere in our chart. By looking at your whole chart, you can see if you have more or less fixed signs indicating how likely you are to encounter getting stuck.

Recognizing when your Energy is Stuck

Let’s start with how to recognize when you are stuck. The easiest way is to evaluate your language. When you find yourself saying “I have to…” or “I should…” instead of “I want to…” or “I will…,” you have found your first clue.

Check in with your feelings, do you dread doing your job, your daily routine? And check in with your actions. Are you constantly procrastinating something? Always late? Become grouchy and cranky when doing something? These things are indicators that you have some stuck energy.

Let’s look at each zodiac sign and the likely ways energy can get stuck in your sign. Then we will look at how you can break up and move stagnant energy. Positive energy flow will help you manifest more happiness and well-being in your life.


Aries deplores stagnancy. It’s a trait of this sign to constantly start new and exciting things. Finishing them is another story. Where Aries gets stuck is when things have been started and there is pressure to maintain them.

Aries can be in a situation where entry-level work is routine and you have to do it to move up in your chosen profession. Or you have to take a routine job to survive and pay the bills. Or your job that you loved has turned into a boring routine but you stay for the income/lifestyle.

Aries prefers to keep moving forward and keep things fresh, exciting, and challenging.

If Aries has to settle into a routine, Aries is going against his/her/their nature. If delegating isn’t an option, then Aries will benefit from reframing their situation and creating new challenging interests.

Aries may be the sign most inclined to take action against stagnancy without even giving it much thought. Aries is a natural go-getter and risk-taker, making this sign the least likely to find himself/herself/themself stuck.

If Aries is stuck, a bolt of creative lightning is needed. Once Aries has an idea for solving the stuck problem, there will be no hesitation in taking action. Gratitude may be the way to tap into creative brainstorming.

When we are grateful, we raise our energy vibration. We are more open to receive, and we feel more in touch with our meaning and purpose in life. In that mindset, we are ready to receive those bolts of creative insight.

Every day think of 3 things you are grateful for. Do it right before sleeping, or in the morning as you start your day. Write them down in a journal if you are so inclined. Let these grateful thoughts open doors to your creative ideas that will guide you to actions that produce energy flow.

Humor is another way to break up stagnant energy. It’s hard to feel stuck when you are laughing and surrounded by people and situations that make you happy. Seek out friends and family regularly who lift you up, make you laugh, and get those happy hormones flowing.

When you are feeling high on life from your gratitude exercises and experiences from being with people who make you feel happy, you will be in the creative spirit. That’s the time to do some creative problem-solving. If anyone can creatively steer themself out of a stagnant situation it’s you, Aries.


Taurus is the poster child for stability and routine. The Taurus personality type may revel in routine and be perfectly happy right where they are. Others may look at you Taurus and think you are stuck, when in reality you are not. You adore security and predictability.

You may not notice you are in a stagnant situation, nor may you care. If you have all your creature comforts, why change? What can happen is that your security rug is unexpectedly pulled out from under you.

If this happens, you may want to stick your head in the ground and move forward like nothing has changed. But that response won’t work if you are laid off, ending a relationship, or forced to change home. In these situations the stagnancy is resistance to change.

Taurus you may be inclined to indulge in food and hedonism to feel better. A more healthy approach to tackling unavoidable change is to engage in sensual pleasures that help express the feelings, not stuff them inside your body.

Art, journaling, vision boarding, vigorous walks, building something with your hands, and bodywork (massage, yoga, sound vibration healing) are all good ideas to move stagnant energy.

Another possibility Taurus may experience is when people around you pressure you to change due to their own projections. You may be perfectly happy, but your friend, spouse, parent, child, or co-worker pressures you to change something.

Good thing Taurus has that stubborn ability to put your foot down. Because you do not want to make changes to suit someone else’s idea of what is best for you. You are the only one who can determine if you are indeed stuck, or if someone elses’ projected ambitions are misplaced.

Taurus is great with money, reliability, and routine. More than any other sign, a Taurus can find great pleasure in leading a simple and predictable life. To others, they may see you as stuck, but you see yourself as secure and happy (i.e. not stagnant).

If you find the idea of changing careers, climbing the corporate ladder, or constantly competing for promotions anxiety-producing. Remember stagnancy is a state of mind, not a state of career, bank account, or status. You get to decide but with honest self-awareness.

If you are questioning if you are stagnant or comfortably secure, use a gratitude journal. Over time you will notice how grateful you are for your situation. If you feel longing for something more, then you can slowly build up your skills and plans to make a change.


Gemini has a quick wit and adaptable personality. As an air sign, Gemini is social and uses the mind to constantly analyze their situation. Gemini may be able to quickly and astutely recognize a stagnant situation. But may experience stress on their nervous system.

When we talk about Gemini, we have to consider the nervous system. Any stagnancy a Gemini is experiencing is going to involve the nerves and get caught up in overthinking, overanalyzing, and rationalizing.

The stagnancy will likely manifest as ruminating thoughts that tend toward pessimism. Like a loop played over and over in the head digging a deeper rut each time that becomes harder to get out of.

It’s like a stagnant thought loop that needs to be interrupted and re-routed to optimistic outcomes, ability to meet future challenges, and considering external factors instead of only internal blame.

It’s not easy to move from pessimism to optimism, it takes some purposeful work, but it is possible. Start by writing down the ruminating thoughts, and rewrite or reframe the thought so it is optimistic-focused. There is a lot of research available on optimism. You can read more at the Positive Psychology website.

Geminis will benefit from disrupting ruminating and stagnant thoughts. If there is a trigger that you are aware of, start there. It may be social media or the news, it may be a co-worker at work, it may be a particular topic. Once you know what it is, limit it as much as possible.

Refocus your mind on the present. Ruminating thoughts usually take you to the past, focusing on something that happened, or the future, on how something will turn out. Force yourself to return to the present and what is happening right now.

For ruminating thoughts on a future result, force yourself to think of an optimistic outcome. Humor can help here, if you can make up a funny scenario that makes you laugh out loud, your energy vibration is lifted. Then you allow that rumination loop to take a different route.

When you can see a different outcome that is optimistic, you have moved that stagnant energy. It will also be helpful to reframe any past events contributing to your rumination loop by using the exercises explained in the Positive Psychology link above.


Cancer can experience stuck emotional energy being a water sign. Cancer folks are highly sensitive to others emotional states and can ‘feel’ a room instinctively. If a Cancer consistently experiences a negative emotional state from a life situation, they can get stuck.

It’s like when water becomes sludge, or mud. It doesn’t flow and can clog up the drains. Stagnant Cancer energy may manifest as depressive feelings, lacking energy or drive, or feeling emotionally exhausted.

An emotional boost or diversion can help for small or short-term blockages. Like a romantic comedy or a big hug from a loved one. But big instances of stagnant energy, like at work or in a relationship, need more finesse.

Cancers are considerate of others feelings, and often approach things from the side instead of directly. But make no mistake, Cancer is a sign that will take action. Cancer will want to clear stagnant energy, but may struggle in finding the right way because they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Try tapping into your true desires. Write down or think about what you want. Compare it to what you ‘should’ do or what you ‘have’ to do. The discrepancy between the ‘shoulds’ and the ‘wants’ will be telling for the basis of the stuck energy.

Some Cancers may be more direct if they have a fire moon or ascendant. But many Cancers will take a more roundabout way of dealing with stuck energy. Going to their source element may help loosen up that energy and reinvigorate it.

Cancer’s source element is water. If you live near a body of water, visit it and meditate upon it. Meditation is being present in the moment, acknowledging thoughts and letting them go, and mindful breathing. Calming the internal waters is a first step to reducing emotional reactivity from driving your behavior. Regular practice of calming your emotional internal waters will bring peace and refresh your spirit.

To move and break through stagnant energy, you want to purify the blockage. The extent of purification needed depends on your situation and can range from help from a psycho-therapist to a swim in the ocean.

I will let you judge for yourself how deep goes any emotional blockage you are experiencing. Engaging in therapy can be very rewarding, eye opening, and inspiring. Jungian therapy can help you explore your unconscious through dreams and symbols.

Any type of bodywork will help move the flow of energy, like acupuncture, massage, or hydrotherapy. Anything that increases your energy vibration to a level where you experience pleasure will purify stunted emotions.

Cancers feel their emotions deeply and may want to avoid strong feelings, which can also self-stagnate. In these cases, joining groups of like-minded people can ease the fear of opening up.

Group therapy, support groups, and joining community groups can impact the flow of energy and over time purify stagnant energies. When you feel the energy start to move again, you will be inspired with ways that you ‘want’ to move forward and have less of the ‘have to’ feelings.


Leo is one of the four fixed signs and may have a blind side to stagnated energy. This can come across as stubbornness and creative blocks. Leos are incredibly creative signs, so if the flow isn’t flowing it’s time to shake up some of that stubborn fixed energy.

Underneath all the glitz, flair for getting attention, and generosity, Leo’s want to be admired and recognized. When that doesn’t happen, the ego roars and you better believe everyone will know when Leo isn’t happy.

It may seem like a communication problem, but for Leo, it’s a personality misunderstanding. They sulk, dig their claws in the ground, and await their proper admiration. They may be waiting a long time, and this can put them in a stagnant state.

As much as Leo likely deserves the recognition, you can’t make people come and admire you. You, Leo, have to nudge yourself out of your cave. Though it is not easy, see if you can identify 3 things you are grateful for in relation to the misunderstanding.

If you do this every day, the misunderstanding will start reshaping and redefining itself so that a new communication process can take the situation to a more productive level. You may even discover that sharing your gratitude with someone else busts through stagnant energy and kicks off a wave of thankful energy that makes its way back to you.

Another way Leo may experience stagnant energy is through a creative block. This is likely due to your fixed nature to keep doing what has worked before. But sometimes creativity needs to flow through different creative streams.

Leo can open up new creative streams by stepping out of the status quo. For example, if it’s music writing, call on a different muse. Meaning find a different source of inspiration. Have you tried going out in nature, have you listened to a different genre of music, have you been out recently to listen to other artists?

Whatever medium of creativity is blocked, step out of your comfort zone and find inspiration from a new source. Do a little laughter therapy by watching a comedy, or go to a comedy club. Once those laughter muscles are working again, you may find your creative juices are flowing again.


Very little gets past a Virgo with their amazing superpower of not missing a detail. So if a Virgo has some stuck or stagnant energy, they are going to hone in on it and get to work fixing it.

What Virgo may not realize is they are in a detail loop and all their efforts are just maintaining the stuckness. Virgo’s will find their best way out of a situation is to take a step back and try to see the whole picture.

When a Virgo zooms out and looks at the big picture, they can more easily identify the little details that throw them into a repetitive detail loop. Virgo, you love all those little details, you live for checking things off your list. So zooming out may be a difficult maneuver.

So how do you know when you should zoom out? When you have lists coming out of your ears. When your lists have lists. And when you are working a lot of overtime and see no end in sight. These are all good indicators that you would benefit from a Zoom out.

Even if you Zoom out and realize you aren’t in a detail loop, you can get a lot of information from a bird's eye view. You will also get a chance to evaluate if you are working on the right thing, or focused on small stuff.

Virgos can get stuck on perfectionism. There is a saying in social media that goes something like, it’s better done than perfect. Meaning if you wait until what you are doing is perfect, you may have missed the best timing, or a deadline altogether.

It may feel lawbreaking to wrap something up when you want to perfect it, but let’s face it, the clock doesn’t stop. Virgo’s can use their quick wit and super analytical mind to sum up the project and make the necessary changes to move past perfectionistic paralysis.

In order to move past perfectionistic paralysis, employ optimistic visioning. Run scenarios through your mind of different and positive ways you can move forward, save time, and complete what is on hand.

This works great for work stuff. But what about stagnant relationships? Virgos have a tendency to put effort into improving everything. So why not help a partner by giving wardrobe advice, or hygiene advice, or how to park the car advice?

Virgos can find themselves on the receiving end of pushback from their well-intended, and likely correct, advice. You may not be aware that you are doing it, but you can’t miss the pushback. So start noticing what is right about your relationships.

Start giving out compliments more often and save the ‘advice.’ There is another saying that you attract more bees with honey than vinegar. You may not believe me, but try it out. Spend a day, or a week, giving out more compliments than advice and see if stagnant energy in your relationships starts moving.

Give this idea a chance with any relationship. Family, friends, co-workers, and intimate partners. You will likely start receiving back some nice reflections that bolster your mood, and keep that newly freed energy flowing.


Libras get stuck on making decisions, small and large. What do I eat for dinner? Should I break up with Fred? Yeah, the whole spectrum. The dinner stuckness, not really a big deal right. After all, at some point you get so hungry you make a decision and bam, you eat.

But dealing with stuck energy at a bigger level, like relationships and career, are much more difficult. Libra gets out that scale and weighs back and forth and back and forth. Why is it so hard for Libra to make a decision?

Well, the more factors to consider, the longer it takes to evaluate, and decide. But that’s not the hardest part. It’s when Libra understands and empathizes with both sides of a matter that really gets you stuck. How do you decide when no matter which way you go, someone is let down.

Or what if you make a decision, and then it turns out you regret it. Oh the rabbit hole of ‘what ifs’ a Libra will go down. So what does a Libra do to try and tip the scales and get out of indecisiveness?

One thing that seems to help is a pro/con list for both sides. Another is to talk to a trusted friend or mentor. Especially if that someone has experienced making the same decision. Be aware to talk to someone that can maintain neutrality and objectivity to your situation.

Libras by nature are other-focused, or people pleasers. They want to get along with everyone and avoid confrontation as much as possible. All that people pleasing can leave one person in an inauthentic place, that is you my dear Libra.

If you find yourself in a job you don’t want, a relationship you are not happy in, or volunteering for something you don’t want to do, you are not caring for your own well-being. You are stagnant because you are fulfilling others’ wants instead of taking care of yours.

It’s against Libras nature to say no, to break up with someone without another person in the wings, or to say no to workload in order to keep a colleague happy. But sometimes you have to. I once had to role play saying ‘no’ because a job I had required me to direct kids. If you are the adult responsible for kids, you have to be able to say no.

So the first thing is to recognize you are stagnant because you are imbalanced in the self-care department. Next is to learn compassionate ways to say no. This depends on who you are talking to, but a little role play and help from a trusted friend will help.

Take time for self-care. What will increase your feeling of positive emotion? A daily walk, sitting on the beach, reading, journaling, listening to music. Taking time for yourself helps everyone. You will be in a better mood, and that is contagious.

Once you increase balance and self-care in your routine, the energy will flow. You may not need to break up with Fred, because you have changed. Or maybe you do need to break up with Fred because he liked when the relationship was all about him.

Balance is the measure in life that will indicate for you how stagnant or flowing your energy moves.


I am not stuck, says Scorpio with their piercing eyes daring you to disagree with them. Oh no Scorpio, I wouldn’t want to take you on in that argument. Say what you want to me, but we both know honesty is one of your valors. So be honest with yourself.

Scorpios are the third of the fixed signs and the most intense sign of the zodiac. Talk about laser focus and sheer will, Scorpios know how to fixate, on anything. I think Scorpios love their obsessions, because they can actually benefit from them.

When I say benefit from an obsession, I am referring to healthy obsessions. Like learning something, completing a project, or persevering through a self-growth program. I am not referring to addictive obsessions, or obsessions that turn into addictions.

What fine lines these are. I have actually debated with a Scorpio on how their drug use was impairing while the Scorpio was sure it was contributing to self-growth. A Scorpio can hold onto a belief like it’s a permanent body part. It’s really hard for a Scorpio to do anything that goes against their belief system.

So if a Scorpio has stagnated energy, but does not acknowledge it, or believe it exists, there is little to do. You can’t force or trick a Scorpio to do anything a Scorpio doesn’t want to do.

The beautiful thing about a Scorpio is his/her/their deeply profound reflective nature. When you think of deep still waters, you are describing the inner world of a Scorpio. So a Scorpio who is willing to self-reflect will eventually figure out that energy is blocked and will do something about it.

If you are close with a Scorpio and think you are seeing a stagnant energy block, gently share your observations. Give Scorpio some time to give it reflective thought, don’t be surprised if Scorpio disagrees with you and gives you an impenetrable argument as to why you are wrong, and then a month later decides to work on said stagnant energy.

Scorpios need time to move stuck energy. If you are a Scorpio, you already know that you have a huge secret filing cabinet in your head that holds the secret diagram to how you work. When you are ready, you will get your blueprints out, design a focused plan, and proceed to prod that stagnation along.

The determination and will power of a Scorpio is powerful stuff. When Scorpio determines that something needs to change, it’s going to be addressed. Just one thing Scorpio, try not to do it all alone.

Scorpios only share their innermost feelings with a few trusted close people. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing with your trusted tribe, seek out professional counseling. Scorpios are attracted to the mystical arts, you may benefit from seeking out an astrologer or life coach.

When Scorpio focuses on moving stagnant energy, they go all in. This is no surface level stuff, they go for deep and transformative growth. You are the phoenix, who purifies the self by burning to ash in order to be reborn.

The biggest hurdle is admitting when you are stuck, and seeking help. The process of moving stagnant energy will be incredibly nourishing and regenerating. These are things Scorpio lives for.

If you are a Scorpio and you haven’t yet experienced regenerative self-growth, what are you waiting for. Self-reflection and transformation are exercises for your well-being. Remember it’s the journey, not the destination.

Scorpios may have the most stubborn stagnant energy to move, but also the deepest well of self-reflection to dip into, and the most intensive and powerful drive to blast through it.


All work and no play makes Sagittarius stuck. Caged is more like it. You may have seen that movie Jurassic Park where they talked about the dinosaurs throwing themselves against the electric fence trying to find the weak spot, and they never stopped trying.

Yep Sagittarius doesn’t take kindly to clipped wings. Cage them long enough and they become depressed and stagnated. Oftentimes this happens due to societal restrictions like working a 9 to 5 job or settling down into routines with marriage, mortgage, and kids.

Now Sagittarius is likely happy to have the job, family, spouse, and house. What Sag doesn’t always notice is how this change into adulthood cuts into their natural need and desire for experience, freedom, and travel.

Sagittarius is lucky by nature, and oftentimes is able to find a way to travel, like through work, or make a better than average income and allowing more freedom. The flip side is when Sagittarius finds themselves wishing for an adventure and then becomes depressed when their life circumstances don’t allow it.

Now you could say this applies to most people. I say, Sagittarius feels it more deeply. The call for adventure, the need for experiencing different things. Then comes the guilt, because you think you should be happy with the good job, nice house, great family, and still you long for more.

This type of stuckness can be addressed in two ways. One is making fun experiences and adventures locally, and including your family and kids if you have them. The other is long-term planning for bigger adventures, like bucket list stuff.

When you know you have something thrilling and exciting coming up, it makes the day to day routine palatable. Sprinkling some fun local stuff every week gets you through between the big adventures. You know, like an African Safari, or European Tour.

If you are feeling stuck and can’t figure out why, because according to everyone else you have it all, then you are probably craving an adventure. You probably have something cool you can do in your locality.

Other things that can satisfy the thirst for expanding your universe are enrolling in a degree program, engaging in philosophy groups, learning another language, and being active in your faith.

When you find yourself feeling like a caged bird, bored, or absorbed in television and disgusted with yourself by it, get yourself engaged in something that moves you. Whether it’s sport, learning, traveling, or even teaching, just get moving.

When you move, engage, and experience life, you will get that stagnant energy moving. If what you are doing feels like an adventure, the energy flow will vibrate higher bringing you great joy.


Capricorns are hard workers who tend to move forward at a regular pace. When that tenacity putters out, you are stagnant, and you don’t like it at all. Capricorns are doers, they set a target, make goals, identify bench markers, and get to it.

Capricorns are less likely to get stuck, and more likely to plow right through any blockages. Because Capricorns are earth signs, they are practical. They are known to employ strategy with remarkable staying power.

Capricorns are achievers and often climb to the top of whatever they are aiming for. If they hit a brick wall, or a bump in the road, they plow through it, or find a way around it. They will make their own detour if they have to, they will not be stopped.

With all this determination, you may think moving up in the world is a breeze for Capricorn. Not usually. Capricorns have to work hard for their achievements. They were born prepared for hard work, it’s a signature trait and one that comes naturally to them.

Having this character of working hard means that when faced with a stuck or stagnant situation, they don’t back down. They are ready to develop the plan, step by step, to combat and win against whatever stands in their way.

What can become a problem is when all that hard work is the block. The stuck situation is their health, their inability to relax, or find joy in life. Capricorn may have the most amazing skill in the boardroom, but winding down after work and enjoying life is a different ballgame.

Capricorns can get stuck in thinking that life is all about material success and material security. When meaning and purpose in life becomes synonymous with the bank account, that is being stuck. The price is shallow or non-existent relationships, and a lack of fun.

Capricorns are earth signs and will benefit from stimulating the body. Doing bodywork that connects mind and body can help a Capricorn experience pleasure and get a reminder that there is a spiritual and soul world outside of the physical one.

Regular massage and exercise will do wonders for a Capricorn’s spirit. It can also help in those rare times when a brick wall is hit at work and you need to get the creative juices flowing.

Capricorns are less likely to get into the woo-woo world of the metaphysical. But connecting with something that speaks to your spirit is good for you. That can be hiking and appreciating the beauty of nature. It can be pilates, martial arts, or yoga.

If you are an all-work and little-play, type of Capricorn, you have stuck energy in the playfulness area of life. Now you may be thinking that is for kids, slackers, and hippies. Maybe so, but playfulness is good for the soul, spirit, well-being and health.

There are plenty of grown-up and playful activities that can unstick your fun channels, and you may even enjoy them. What’s important is to find something you can enjoy, that stimulates your body and gets those happy endorphins moving.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how much better you will feel when you engage in some fun in your free time. And bonus, you will probably be even more successful at work because you will have opened up channels to let more creative energy move through you.


Aquarius you are so interesting because you can be super innovative and rebellious and stubborn and fixated all at the same time. You are the fourth fixed sign of the zodiac, in the air element.

You have a social quality that needs to connect with people. You are fiercely independent, and walk to the beat of your own drum. While you are walking on your path creating things that have never been created before, you may find yourself alone and isolated.

This is because you are often ahead of your time in your thinking and ideas. Does this mean you are stuck? Or just waiting for everyone to catch up? Perhaps both.

If you are stuck in a work or creative project, you may not have many colleagues to talk to if you are inventing something new. In that case, zooming out and looking at your project from different perspectives will help.

If you are stuck in relationships and connecting with others, you may need to come back down from your isolation work cage and try different tactics to get the connective energy flowing.

As social as air signs are, Aquarians tend to feel more comfortable socializing with groups, associations, or through causes. One on one connections can be difficult or even awkward depending on your personality.

An Aquarian can start clearing out stuck energy in relationships by socializing with others in areas of common interest. What are your hobbies? Is there a social group or club you can join?

What about connecting with others online? There are always unique and lovable character traits that set Aquarians apart. You can be sure there are plenty of people out there who will appreciate that uniqueness in you if you just give them a chance.

Your best bet to clear stagnant social connections is to have a few groups you interact with. You love variety, and a fixed routine. So spreading your social connections over a few groups, with a routine for interactions and get togethers may work really well for you.

If there is a cause you feel strongly about, you will really benefit from getting involved. Whether it’s a science club, social justice, gender identity, or volunteer group. Just get involved.

Aquarians are a sign that can be stuck and not even realize it. That is why it is so important that you connect with others. You can easily fall into a routine of work and home that you forget to nurture human connection. This happens sometimes even when other humans live with you.

Being around people isn’t connecting. Interacting with the people around you is connecting. This is why it is so important that you engage with people socially in groups that share a common interest with you.

When you socially surround yourself with like-minded others and keep yourself engaged in interesting and innovative work, there is no reason for your energy to slow down, get stuck, and bring down your energy vibe.


Pisces may be the most adaptable sign of the zodiac, and this opens up many different pathways for energy to find its way. Your creativity will carry you through detours and scenic routes to stay clear of blockages.

It’s not that a Pisces can’t get blocked. It’s that Pisces is like water, it will flow wherever there is an opening. Through the tiniest crack, to the largest hole. Pisces is a water sign and super adaptable. Like a swing that can move a little, or fly high in the air.

Pisces has a direct line to the muses and is constantly inspired. However, inspiration does not always come in regulated doses. So one moment you may think you have a creative block, and another moment you can’t get the inspiration out fast enough as you are flooded with ideas.

Pisces are a bit like a Libra in that they are trying to balance the flow. The difference is that Pisces isn’t weighing the inspiration they get, they are filtering it. At times you can be overwhelmed by the amount and pressure of the flow.

In other moments, you may feel like the inspiration faucet has been shut down. Stagnant and stuck, your inspiration is suddenly on holiday. You panic, you wonder what happened, and how you get it back.

Well Pisces, you have tools and skills to help you with this. One thing is just giving it a little time. Calling your muses will help. Play music, do something in or near water, take a bubble bath, see some live entertainment, watch a sentimental movie, or do something romantic.

Pisces have the closest connection to the spirit and to energy flow. You will benefit from bodywork, meditation, mindful breathing, vision boarding, creative visualization, yoga, and chanting.

If you truly feel stuck and none of these things work, psychotherapy can help or a spiritual coach. You may benefit from joining a like-minded spiritual group or getting involved with your faith community.

Wrap Up

We have looked at the unique ways each sign can get energetically stuck, and ways to help open up the energy flow. Read for your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant sign to get the most information on what applies to you.

You can find free chart generators online if you don’t have your horoscope or natal chart. Or feel free to contact me and I will help you get a free copy of your chart. You can contact me through my website at

Get your energy flowing and enjoy great health and well-being. You deserve it!


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