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How Assertive Are You? by Zodiac Sign

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Before reading about your zodiac sign, ask yourself this question, how assertive are you? When we talk about assertiveness as a human behavior, we think about being bold, proactively taking charge, and exuding confidence.

We all have experienced assertiveness, it’s a human characteristic. Is it one of your common personality traits? Or is assertion something you have to force yourself to do? To be clear, assertiveness is a positive characteristic that includes respect.

Do you have to muster up the courage to be assertive, or does it come naturally? Think about how comfortable you feel when being assertive. Do you wish you were assertive more often?

If you have kids, I imagine you have had reason to flex your assertive muscle. If you have wanted to get a highly competitive promotion, hail a cab in New York City, or stand up for the underdog in an unfair situation, you have had to be assertive.

In this article, we take a look at assertiveness by zodiac sign as a tendency.

One lovely thing about being human is that we get to express ourselves in our own unique way. We have differences and sameness. How you assert yourself can be reflected in your astrology chart by a number of things. Here we focus on your Sun Sign, or your zodiac sign.

You will gain more insight if you also read for your Moon and Ascendant or rising sign. There are free online calculators to get your chart, or feel free to reach out to me and I will help you get yours.

Here we go:

Aries symbol


You are the poster child for assertiveness. This is the most natural sign for assertiveness in the zodiac. You assert effortlessly, to the point it is sometimes foot in your mouth. Aries are known to be impulsive and act before thinking.

Aries know no other way than by being assertive, it’s how you have trained your assertiveness over time that you want to become aware of. Because it’s so natural to be assertive, Aries may not understand why others aren’t.

Aries can become frustrated with others who have more difficulty asserting or even expressing themself. One way Aries can make the best use of assertiveness is by training yourself how to use your words, non-verbal cues, and timing in a kind and respectful way.

What I mean by training is that most Aries must train themselves to be conscious of how they are expressing their assertion and the responses of others. Though it may be easy to assert, it’s not easy to monitor your words or take the time to think about the consequences of your behavior ahead of time.

By training yourself to recognize the situations that get you into hot water with your assertiveness, you can get better outcomes with your amazing assertive talents.

We can all learn how to assert ourselves by watching an Aries in action who has trained themself to use kindness in assertion and to be able to scope out the appropriate time and place.

One thing we can count on is that Aries is an expert in assertion.

Taurus Symbol


Taurus folk assert when and if they need to. Otherwise, they haven’t the desire to stand up and speak out just because of a momentary impulse.

Taurus like it stable and steady. They are great with maintaining the status quo, keeping things on track, and not deviating from the program. When things deviate or threaten to derail your day, project, work, or whatever you are doing, that’s when Taurus gets assertive.

When Taurus gets assertive, you will know it. It’s like that calm and peaceful person who is always plugging away reliably becomes vocally demanding. Taurus demands you get in line, get back on track, and stop messing with the flow.

When Taurus asserts himself/herself/themself, it can take you by surprise and startle you into compliance. Mostly because you aren’t expecting it. Some people take the pleasantly plodding forward motion of Taurus to be an invitation to be walked all over.

Big mistake, Taurus is not a carpet to be walked on and they will let you know. Though sometimes you can push Taurus farther than your average fire or air sign, once you cross the line with them, the bull comes out.

It’s true that Taurus is very different from your average fiery Aries, with in-your-face assertion at every opportunity. But Taurus is effective and will become assertive when needed. That means less often, but highly impactful.

Gemini Symbol


Will Gemini assert or won’t he/she/they, that is the question! Gemini is a dual sign and is known for taking dual positions, or just simply changing her/his/their mind often. So yes, and no, well it depends.

Gemini is an air sign, a social sign. Probably the chattiest of air signs. If there is interest in the subject, sure Gemini will assert. But that doesn’t mean that Gemini won’t change his/her/their mind, and they will darn it.

You get Gemini going in a conversation they feel strongly about and you betcha some assertive opinions and positions will come in. But at the same time, something can come along and distract Gemini, and off they go on a tangent, no asserting just moving on to the next interesting thought.

Say you are waiting for a seat at a restaurant. You and your Gemini friend are chatting away while the host starts to seat the couple who arrived after you. You, being the observant and hungry friend notice. What does Gemini do?

Gemini A realizes her stomach is growling and what the heck. Gemini A quickly informs the host of their mistake, assertion complete.

Gemini B, scenario 2, is more focused on expressing their opinion and couldn’t care or less when they get seated. Gemini B shrugs their shoulders and keeps on talking, who cares, let’s just keep on chatting, we will get the next table.

So back to the question of how assertive is Gemini? Well your guess is as good as mine. My professional and astrological answer is, it depends. But I will say that Gemini has no problem asserting themself.

Gemini has the gift of gab, tends to know what to say and when, and does not hold back on communication. But to assert oneself takes motivation, and that is where the ‘it depends’ comes in.

It really depends on what the Gemini is thinking in the moment and the intention of communication, in the moment.

Cancer Symbol


The zodiac sign Cancer is an assertive sign, but you may be surprised by this. Cancers tend to be sincere, protective, sentimental, and traditional. Assertive is probably not one of the first words, not even the first 10 words, you would use to describe this sign.

But Cancers are part of the leadership group of signs in astrology we call Cardinal signs. These four signs represent the change of seasons, a symbolic representation of their active nature, and they are Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn. So yes, Cancer is an assertive sign doing the symbolic part of changing spring to summer.

In the world, Cancer asserts herself/himself/themself a bit differently than the Cardinal counterparts. Like the symbolic namesake Cancer the crab, Cancer asserts sideways. You may not even know what hit you because it came from the left, or the right.

Cancer may zig-zag the path to assertiveness, but you can be sure they do get there. They will assert themselves firmly, strategically, and thoughtfully. It may not be immediate, in cases where time allows.

They may also do it more passive-aggressively, like at a supermarket deli counters where people are trying to jump the line. Rather than yell out, they may humf very loudly, give an obvious non-verbal clue, and death stare down the counter clerk or the line cutter.

I have a Cancer friend with an Aries Moon. Wowsa, you get to experience assertiveness from all sides. I never worry that I am misunderstanding her because she is one of the most assertive people I know.

Being a water sign and tending to put up a hard outer shell protecting that soft and sweet inside, Cancers may stew a bit before asserting themself. Better late than never.

Cancers would self-serve themselves to watch out for pent up assertiveness so that it doesn’t come out as aggression. Or passive-aggression. Because then the timing could be off and complicate misunderstandings.

Generally Cancers are sensitive to others feelings and will elaborate on how to assert themselves before taking steps. This is especially true when having to stand up for oneself, like an unfair work situation, or among friends.

Leo Symbol


The royal sign of the zodiac doesn’t want to have to assert themself, but will if they are not receiving their due recognition. Leo’s carry a regal air of benevolence, generosity, and creativity.

Their sparkling personality and charisma generally pave the way so that assertion is gracefully wrapped in the air of their presence. The ego of a Leo can squeeze the air out of a room, but we aren’t talking about those Leo’s. We are talking about you, the sparkly and enchanting Leo.

Like I said above, Leo’s tend to wrap up their assertive nature in their charisma, avoiding the need to kick it up a notch and intentionally or overtly assert. They will pull out all the Leo interactive tools. Their smile, humility, humor, and insinuations usually work super well for them.

However, if Leo must assert after their charms fail to get the desired response, it may be more of a growl, or (gasp) a roar. No one roars better than the Lion. And an upset lion roar isn’t pleasing for anyone.

For Leo’s part, they tried. They used all their charm and charisma, but you didn’t notice. Now they must use their roar to assert themself. Does it work, oftentimes yes. Leo will roar as long as Leo needs to roar, so you better listen. Got it?

Leo is a fire sign remember. Leo is also a fixed sign, and pretty fixed in her/his/their ways. People in Leo’s close circle tend to learn early on what will trigger an assertive roar and what will make the cat purr in happy bliss.

A happy lion makes a happy group. So let’s all keep the lion from roaring and scaring away the good vibes by mind reading their charismatic cues for keeping the calm.

Virgo Symbol


If any sign is going to evaluate whether to assert or not, it’s Virgo. They are a walking analytical calculator capable of evaluating every situation for its cost-benefit of asserting. What are the chances of success and at what cost?

If Virgo determines that asserting oneself will provide a better result than not asserting, then Virgo asserts herself/himself/themself. Virgo’s are practical, and will consider the practicality in most everything they do.

They will calculate IF they should assert themself or not, and when, where, and how. Once they determine which option is the best, then they proceed. Of course they may evaluate that asserting themself at this time is fruitless and just let it go.

The bottom line here is that assertion is about it’s net benefit. Rather than assert or assert not, a Virgo does not care for such triviality. It’s about the outcome. Virgo’s have razor sharp analytical skills which they put to use in almost everything.

Virgo’s can’t help but calculate how current actions affect the future, and their assertive nature is no different.

Virgo’s are an earth sign, and are connected to the planet of communication Mercury. Therefore, they are not only practical, but analytical. That’s why the area of research is a Virgo and Mercurial thing.

You can count on Virgo asserting himself/herself/themself if it’s worth their time, effort, and energy.

Libra Symbol


Libra is one of the four cardinal leadership signs. Libra will assert his/her/their voice, especially when it comes for standing up to injustice and unfair situations.

Yes Libra is the social, graceful, sweet, romance loving sign. But stand in the way of liberty, justice, and following the rules, watch out. The other side of Libra, also known as Lady Justice, is the lawyer, judge, and mediator.

Though Libra will not hesitate to assert herself/himself/themself, you can be assured that they will weigh out all sides and respond fairly and diplomatically. Even if it’s different than what they originally thought. Libras can and will change their mind once they have weighed all the facts.

Libras can be super sensitive to the pet peeves like lane cutters on the highway, line cutters, false information, and prejudice. It matters not how small or large the slight, Libras fair meter is always working.

It’s like a 6th sense that all Libras are born with. A feeling inside, the burning gut, the anxiety and the need to speak up and out on behalf of others is natural to all Libras.

Interestingly, Libras can also weigh situations and see the bigger picture. Like the supermarket counter example of someone taking a turn before their turn.

A Libra may be the one getting cutted, but can look at the situation and choose to stay silent. Like in this example. A woman comes up with 3 little ones, one crying, one whining, and one she is trying to catch from wandering off. The Libra in this situation may determine that this person isn’t cutting so much as just trying to manage a chaotic situation and gladly lets that person go ahead without saying a word.

That same Libra may speak up if another person tries to cut ahead of this parent of 3, even if the parent wasn’t able to notice herself/himself/themself that someone was cutting in front of them. The Libra can’t help but to speak up, because it just isn’t right.

Scorpio Symbol


This is a tricky one. Does Scorpio assert themself, or do they just wait and make you pay for what you have done with their sweet revenge? Hehehe and a devilish laugh.

You Scorpios have a beautiful, intense, and deep well of resources to calculate how you will handle situations requiring assertiveness. I have always joked never to cross a Scorpio, because that tail will sting you.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign. What does that mean? They tend to fall into behavioral habits and reliably and consistently respond in the same way. So if you are a Scorpio or have close Scorpios in your life, you can count on consistent responses to similar situations.

There are 3 levels of Scorpio, the Scorpion who lives on the ground, the eagle who flies high in the sky and has broad and spiritual vision, and the phoenix, who is able to burn to ash and rise again in purity.

Scorpios operating at the ground level probably assert themselves with the stinging action of that pointy tail, often in stinging words, but stinging actions are possible too. The question is if it is assertion or aggression.

This type of Scorpio has to watch for being overly aggressive. Usually because Scorpios try to control situations, but holding onto those intense feelings and emotions can override their system and then blow out uncontrolled.

The other two levels of Scorpio handle assertion in a more healthy way. With the depth of emotion of this water sign, the broad vision of the eagle, and the renewing qualities of the Phoenix, this Scorpio can evaluate the situation and devise a plan.

This second type of Scorpio carries a spiritual quality that cares about the outcome, and how they personally affect the consequences of their assertive behavior. They will be calculating, observant, and certain of success before taking action.

If a Scorpio is not assertive in situations where they feel they should have been, or want to be assertive, but feel like they may lose control and become aggressive, then they are at the most risk of bottling the emotion that explodes later.

By processing the emotion of the situation which calls for assertion, analyzing the situation for options to respond, taking steps to express themselves in a manner that helps and doesn’t hurt others (or themself), then they will find relief in their assertive actions.

If a Scorpio chooses not to assert themself, in a situation in which they should, they risk pressure cooking these pent up emotions. This pressure cooker situation is not helpful and can turn into depression or lower self-esteem, or erupt in uncontrolled aggression which is counterproductive.

A large part of the reason that being assertive is difficult for Scorpio is that it opens the possibility that someone could perceive they are vulnerable. Scorpios loathe the thought of being vulnerable to another and protect their sensitivity. Hence the mysterious, poker face, secretive traits often given to these spiritual folks who feel their feelings deeply.

Scorpio does have to work harder on asserting themself, so as to ensure it doesn’t grow into an aggression waiting to hurl out onto the world. But Scorpio has amazing renewal qualities, observational skills, and the intuition to build their assertive skill set.

Once a Scorpio learns to manage the emotional component of assertion, they become quite good at it. Almost expert like. Scorpios like to master things, and assertion mastery is one area they would greatly benefit from.

Sagittarius Symbol


This sign is known for its bluntness and honesty. Sagittarius will assert and may not even acknowledge that is what they are doing. They are just saying it like it is, or how they see it.

They may say, ‘well I was here first, but if you really need to go first just go.’ Because the truth is, Sag is here to enjoy life and doesn’t’ really care to get involved with the petty stuff like line cutting.

However, try to impose limits to their freedom, and bam, you have Sagittarius assertiveness right in your face. And again, they are going to say it like it is.

A Sag employee who thinks they are being taken advantage of, not getting paid enough to do this job, pushed to the limit too many times. You will probably get 2 words, ‘I quit.’ And like that, they are gone. No two weeks notice, no let’s talk about it, no negotiation.

When Sag is done, Sag is done. This is the most independent and freedom loving sign of the zodiac. Maybe Aquarius gives Sag a race for this, but in the end, this fire sign is fiery.

A Sag will stand up for others too, if they happen to get caught in the crossfire. They may be more entertained than involved in the fairness, like a Libra. But state the facts they will.

If you are a Sag or have a lot of Sag friends, well that sounds like a lot of fun! You may say that you are super cool, and easy going, and things just kinda roll. Yep, sounds very Saggy to me.

But if anyone or anything threatens your philosophical point of view, freedom, or individuality, your assertiveness is straight forward. You will argue or walk out. No one can hold back a Sagittarius from their need to grow and expand.

Saturn Symbol


Represented by the goat, Capricorns like to climb. They are determined and tend to achieve their goals, especially when it comes to material and security. Capricorns are like the CEO archetype, and you don’t tend to get a CEO job without great assertive skill.

Capricorns are highly skilled at tenacity, setting structures, and disciplined in their goal achieving ways. They are also one of the leadership signs easily taking the helm when offered the chance.

Capricorn can be so caught up in their own goal achievement that their assertive skills may be more evident in that arena of life. Less so in being assertive for others, unless it relates to their family, interference with their work, or material security.

If you see a Capricorn asserting themself, expect to be impressed with their use of fact, cold, calm, and calculating responses. This is an earth sign who doesn’t mess around with drama, fluffy words, or stomping around using non-verbal clues.

Capricorn is direct, controlled, and serious. Perhaps Libra would be happy to take on an assertive conversation with a Capricorn, meeting each sentence with a diplomatic and fact-based response.

Many signs can be intimidated by Capricorns’ sometimes ruthless use of facts to assert themselves. And Capricorn typically doesn’t assert themself for no reason. They assert themself straight up the mountain, or better put, straight up the corporate ladder.

Just as Aries is a natural as assertiveness, Capricorn is a natural at accomplishment and climbing the mountain of their self-imposed goals. You could say being assertive is natural to a Capricorn, and I would qualify it further to say it is natural when applied to their pursuit of success.

Aquarius Symbol


Our unique and freedom loving Aquarians may not be outwardly assertive. But they are inwardly super smart and strategic about how they are asserting themself through their day, and their life.

The Aquarian brain is kinda like a supercomputer meets the creative lightbulb. These folks are innovators by nature, and need the freedom to explore the boundaries of pretty much everything.

As they are off exploring the boundaries of science, technology, and things undiscovered, they are often aloof as to their immediate surroundings.

So being assertive at the grocery counter may not be an Aquarian thing. After all, they are busy inventing the next best thing in their head since sliced bread. That Aquarian supercomputer called a brain is always at work.

But in the lab, writing code, getting support, and gathering intelligence, yep an Aquarian gets assertive over these things. Need a certain hard to get part for that blueprint, Aquarian will find a way. Need a new equation to solve a mathematical mystery, can’t stop Aquarius from overturning all rocks.

When Aquarius asserts, there are facts, outcomes, supporting reasons for which you should comply. They are sometimes erratic, demanding, and obstinate once they have determined what is needed. This is when you really see assertiveness come out in Aquarians.

Aquarians are also known for their energy toward reform, humanitarian causes, and building better worlds. When operating for any of these causes, you can bet they will be assertive, smart, convincing, and backed up with solid information.

Aquarians often have some obvious and unique quality to them. An offbeat personality, a unique way of dressing or hairstyle, or have an electric charge to their personality. They may also exert their assertiveness in an offbeat or unique way.

That’s ok. Aquarians be yourself. Thankfully in today’s western world we are increasingly tolerant of diversity. There may be times when Aquarians are asserting themself for themself or for others, but coming from a different angle or perspective.

Aquarius is an air and social sign, so you can be sure that when asserting, it will be vocal, social, evidence based, and objective. It’s less likely to see an Aquarius asserting over things like line cutting because they are mentally occupied with their current creative project.

Pisces Symbol


The sweet, creative, mystical, and sensitive Pisces may have the most difficult time with self-assertion. Pisces is a water sign that is highly adaptable and was born into the world with a sense of unity. We are all one. Can one assert oneself toward oneself if we are all one?

A Pisces may fall into trying to understand the situation, the people involved, why they are the way they are, and why can’t they see how their behaviors affect everyone.

Pisces feel their emotions deeply, and this will also affect how they express themselves. Sometimes the feeling is too difficult or overwhelming to express and Pisces gets choked up on their words.

Pisces are at risk of being taken advantage of or walked all over because of their caring, giving, and unifying nature. Pisces may justify others’ selfish behaviors because they ‘understand’ the others situation.

But Pisces do have to draw a line sometimes, especially with those who you give an inch and they take a mile. Pisces may prefer a non-verbal or non-direct approach to assertiveness.

For example, if a Pisces needs to address something that is not urgent to the moment, they may write a letter or an email. But in situations like being cut in front of, it could be hard for a Pisces to speak up.

Pisces could think of past situations where they felt like they needed to stand up for themself, but didn’t. Then think about how you could respond if it were to happen again. Like getting cut in front of in line at the supermarket.

Of course pre-planning for these situations means that you have to come up with something you would actually be able to do or say to someone in a real life situation. Being assertive can be stressful to peaceful and sensitive Pisces, which can be eased by pre-preparation.

It’s not helpful to imagine being super assertive or even aggressive if it’s just going to make you angry, and if you wouldn’t actually behave that way if it were to happen again. Your best plan is to plan ahead, write it out, role play, or talk to your trusted tribe of friends and family to help you process and plan.

Whatever you design as a plan, be sure you feel comfortable actually doing this in real life. I know role play is hard, but it is a great way to prepare yourself for a situation where you have to be assertive. Role play is especially useful for preparing for a work conversation or standing up for yourself to a friend, family or colleague.

Pisces is at risk of being passive-aggressive because it’s so hard to get those assertive words and actions out in the moment. If you find yourself bottling up when you want to be assertive and lashing out aggressively because you can no longer contain it, then try this pre-planning exercise.

Thanks for Reading

I hope you have found some help in understanding assertive behavior in yourself, friends, family and co-workers. Remember we are more than our Sun sign, so though this applies, there is more to your chart. Please drop your email below to receive monthly Full and New Moon rituals by zodiac sign every month.


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