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Capricorn Full Moon

The Capricorn Full Moon date and time:

Thursday, 24 June 11:40am, West Coast, USA 2:40pm, East Coast, USA 8:40pm, Rome, Italy

About the Capricorn Full Moon

The majority of June so far has had the haze of Mercury Retrograde hanging over it. Now we are moving out of the cloud of mental confusion. This full moon will beam down some energy that supports getting grounded and highlights our material and emotional security needs.

Elusive answers will start making appearances now. A vibe of luck and optimism is connected with the full moon energy from the planet Jupiter.

Anything you postponed due to Mercury retrograde may begin to take form. It still may be a week or so before things really come together. But you will start to see a glimmer of clarity as the clouds that have been in the air fade and disperse in front of your eyes.

Practicality, security, and planning may suddenly become important to you at this time. The reason why this energy may feel so new is because the Sun has just moved into the sign of Cancer and the full moon is in the early degrees of Capricorn.

The feeling of sensuality and nurturing may become more prominent a few days leading up to and after the full moon is exact on Thursday, 24 June.

Decluttering under the Capricorn Full Moon

Each month I try to distill the emotional energy of the moon so that we can focus on it and tend to self-care, well-being, and growth in rhythm with the moon cycle.

Emotional decluttering for grounding and security captures the essence of the energy shift we are experiencing. For the last few weeks we have had a lot of mental activity, which comes with lots of thoughts. This takes us into our heads and out of our bodies.

To declutter, we want to throw out unhelpful mental activity. What is occupying your thoughts and time? Prioritize what is important, what is irrelevant, and set a plan into motion. In this process you will identify what you want to release under this Capricorn Full Moon. I have a whole guide for how to do a Full Moon Releasing Ritual here. You will find one specifically for the earth element of this full moon.

Capricorn is an earth sign known for responsibility, structure, discipline, and restriction. These qualities are all needed in life, right? We love to eat our favorite thing, but we can’t constantly eat our favorite thing. Practical boundaries, discipline, and material security are connected with Capricorn

Cancer is about nurturing and caring for ourselves and others. Mercury retrograde tends to have us thinking to the past while the sign Cancer also has a connection with the past. The Sun is in Cancer beaming light on the Full Moon while Mercury will start moving forward just a couple of days before this Capricorn full moon.

This means you may feel a pull toward the past but with a renewed interest in how this affects your future. Cancer is connected with emotional security. The things that come up for you at this time are going to be security related, both emotional (Cancer) and material (Capricorn).

Decluttering at the time of this Capricorn full moon is providing a window to clear out or prioritize the residue from the Mercury retrograde and put it to work for your future emotional and physical security.

It is a time to take a proactive approach to be prudent, set positive boundaries, nurture yourself, and take a pragmatic approach to how you utilize your time and emotional energy.

The Saturn and Uranus influence

This whole year of 2021 is marked by an important meeting in the sky between two heavy weights, Saturn and Uranus. They are heavy weights because they are slower moving planets. When they meet, they take their time to work through their energy vibe, meeting purpose and agenda.

These two contrasting energies can be summed up as the traditional, old, and establishment way versus the new, innovative, and rebellious way. We can see this energy readily on the world stage. Seeing it ‘out there’ and on the news can help us figure out how to relate it to our personal lives.

Think about your own personal world. Where do you have contrasts within your personal space, your emotional and mental spaces. Are there parts of your life you are holding on to that are outdated and need to be released?

This Saturn Uranus energy is operating in the background of the full moon, and its pulse will be felt for much longer than this full moon. It’s what flavors this full moon and makes it different from other years.

If you want to have more specific information on where this Saturn and Uranus energy is showing up in your horoscope, look for the parts of the chart where you find Taurus and Aquarius. They would be the signs on the cusp of the astrological house in your birth chart.

If you don’t have a copy of your chart, feel free to contact me and I will help you get one. Or you can use one of the free online calculators like this one.

Emotional Decluttering for Grounding and Security

Emotional decluttering for grounding and security is the theme for the Natural Health and Astrology full moon episode this month. I co-host the show with Annabelle Fraser, my friend, health coach, naturopath, and gut specialist.

You can catch the video replay here. To join us live each month, join the Facebook group Natural Health Italy here. Each month I suggest activities to do for the Full Moon, which you will find below. 

Annabelle recommends essential oils that support the energy vibe. All the essential oil information below is provided by Annabelle.

Essential Oil Balance Blend

This essential oil blend named for its namesake balance is made up of a combination of tree oils and roots. This blend includes Frankincense, Spruce, Ho Wood, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile, and Osmanthus.

This oil helps us strengthen our connection with the lower body and with the earth. These connections are especially important when the upper part of our body, like our head and brain, has been overused due to excessive thinking or speaking.

Balance teaches us to ground our energy and manifest our vision with the patience of a tree. Trees are stable, present, and never in a hurry.

To use the essential oil, inhale it from the bottle, diffuse it, or place drops in your hand, rub and inhale. You can apply 1-3 drops of Balance essential oil to the soles of your feet every morning to set yourself up for the day in a way that feels calming and in control.

Decluttering Questions and Journal Prompts

  1. What are your priorities for material and emotional security? What are the obstacles in the way?

  2. What is blooming in your life right now, and how does that contribute to your emotional and material security?

  3. What are you in the process of bringing into fruition in your life? How does it relate to your security?

  4. What obstacles can be released to clear the pathway to your long-term needs for physical, material, emotional, and mental security?

  5. Do a boundary check-up. Are you over-extended? Are you too rigid? Or are you balanced with your boundaries? Consider your boundaries with people, money, and possessions.

Decluttering Activities for the Capricorn Full Moon

  1. Touch the earth, lie down on it and connect with the physical earth energy. If you don’t have a yard, go to a park.

  2. Go to the beach where you can experience the earth and water elements together. These are the elements of the full moon in Capricorn (earth) opposite the Sun in Cancer (water).

  3. Do the Full Moon Earth Releasing Ritual at the time of the full moon.

  4. Spend some time meditating on what material and emotional security means to you. Are you living your truth or someone else’s? What is interfering with your emotional security and well-being? What you identify as an obstacle can be used in your full moon releasing ritual.

  5. This is a great time to declutter buildup from the past year. Is there a part of your home where energy is stagnant because of too much stuff? Is your emotional and mental center cluttered with taxing thoughts and feelings? 

  6. Declutter your house and get rid of stuff. Donate to organizations that help others in need.

  7. Do you feel like you have been lazy, or in a mental/emotional fog? That haziness is lifting, you want to get your feet on the ground and exert effort with this energy shift. Get out and touch the earth, hug a tree, put your feet on the ground or in the sand.

  8. Do the Body Scan exercise.

Things to Do between the Full Moon and next New Moon

  1. Make something in the kitchen that requires strategy, following steps, uses fresh products from the earth and requires you to mix stuff with your hands.

  2. Get close to earth, the ground, a mountain, sand, flower fields, or rocks.

  3. Go to a farmers market and get some fresh produce.

  4. Climb or hike a mountain.

  5. Do Goat Yoga.

  6. Go to the countryside and visit a goat.

  7. Build something that has steps and requires structure and discipline.

  8. Tend to your garden and pull all the weeds.

  9. Start activating plans, move a project forward, and build momentum on a project. 

  10. If new ideas have been swimming in your head, get them on paper in a structured way. For example, have you been thinking about a new financial or a business plan? 

  11. Take a practical step by step approach to things. You will benefit the most by paying attention to rules, being disciplined, and by creating structure.

  12. Journal some planning ideas for manifesting and/or maintaining emotional, mental, and physical security.

Wrap Up

I hope you find this guide helpful for how to navigate the upcoming Capricorn full moon. I am looking forward to Mercury’s change of direction, decluttering mental bottlenecks, and doing some grounding work. 

Please give the Body Scan exercise a try. I would love to hear from you on how it is working for you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Happy Capricorn Full Moon!


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