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Cancer New Moon

Cancer New Moon Dates and Times

West Coast, USA, June 28 at 7:52pm East Coast, USA, June 28 at 10:52pm Rome, Italy, June 29 at 4:52am Cancer 7 degrees

Cancer New Moon Overview

The energy signature of this Cancer new moon reflects this time of active and tense energy in the world. On an individual level, we may or may not have a war raging inside of us, like what is happening in eastern Europe. But we all will feel some level of driven motivation.

While many women from the US are feeling like our body is under siege by forces outside of us after the recent Supreme Court decision. 

The Moon represents women, our physical body, our emotional needs, and how we go about obtaining security in life. This new moon is special because it is in Cancer. The sign Cancer is the home sign of the Moon, where she is strongest.

As the news in the US eliminates choice and control over some aspects of her body, there is hope in the New Moon for women and families. There is action to be taken and better systems to be found.

The sky above reflects ‘as above, so below.’ I do not believe that the sky dictates what will happen, but it is a blueprint and a guide for which we can then apply strategic free will to bend the result to our desires. 

Sometimes we use our free will and bend the results in our favor. Sometimes we do nothing and let fate play its hand. And other times we use our free will only to look back and realize that we may have gotten it wrong. Those are valuable lessons learned.

While some hail the recent Supreme Court event in the US as a good thing, the greater majority is incensed and appalled. Common ground is hard to find. But action, growth, potential, and opportunity are in abundance if enough people take action. That is the message of this Cancer new moon.

All new moons are about new beginnings and new phases. A Cancer new moon, when the moon is in her own sign, only happens once a year and will always have an energetic quality that is about women. The Moon represents women, pregnancy, and the uterus.

This Cancer new moon, expect to see women taking action. Actually, expect to see many people taking action for women in the US, including men. I have already heard of protests happening all over Europe. Having Jupiter prominently involved gives hope. It beams in ideas, and along with Mars, provides an extra layer of energy to put toward action.

If you are feeling hopeless or devastated, channel that energy into taking action. The Cancer new moon comes on the tails of this US event. It seems like it was meant to be for this timing. It is woman focused, action oriented, and presents an opportunity when action is taken.

We can look to world events to understand an energy signature, but how it shows up in our individual lives can widely vary. While at first glance it may appear stressful, tense, or challenging. It is really this type of energy that is needed to make change and foster growth.

Think about it. When things are going smooth and easy, there is no motivation to change, update, or make a situation better. It is strife, tension, and stress that motivates most humans to make something different or better.

When we reframe what is happening from a catastrophe, and take it as a catalyst for growth, we can spend less time suffering and get on to doing something about it.

I just read an interesting article where the idea was not to let an arrow hit you twice. The first time is when the arrow hits you. The second time is when you beat yourself up over it or you ruminate on how awful it is. 

The idea is to avoid that second self-imposed arrow. Use this Cancer new moon to soak up the charged up energy in the air. Take action and do something about whatever situation may come up in your individual life.

Review your situations, identify your strengths, and move forward in a way that aligns with your core values. We all have strengths. If you are unsure of what yours are, try this character strengths survey that I use in my practice. It is helpful and motivating.

Cancer New Moon and Leadership

This new moon has a highly active signature and a significant amount of leadership energy with four planets in ‘take charge’ signs. The first two are the Sun and Moon in Cancer making up the new moon. You may think of Cancers as sentimental and kind hearted folks who bake you cookies when you are feeling down.

You wouldn’t be wrong, it’s just that Cancer is far more than that. While Cancer may approach things like the crab, moving sideways. Make no mistake, Cancer is one of the four leadership signs along with Capricorn, Libra and Aries. They zig zag, forward.

Speaking of Aries, the other two planets in ‘take charge’ signs are Jupiter and Mars both in Aries. To make it stronger, Jupiter is traveling through the exact same degree as the new moon and this superchargers this new moon. Plus, Aries is one of Mars’ home signs. It is a potent new moon.

The message of this Cancer new moon is to focus on taking action, learn from the past, and put action toward a better tomorrow. Mars is about action and Jupiter is about growth, opportunity, and optimism. Cancer and Aries are both leadership signs.

If you have been looking for a good time to take action on something, do it under this new moon energy. Take the lead for yourself, your family, a cause, or your belief system.

Cancer New Moon and New Starts

There are a number of planets in signs that make this Cancer new moon a special time to start something. We have four planets traveling through signs that are their natural signs. They are Saturn in Aquarius, Mars in Aries, Mercury in Gemini, and Moon in Cancer.

It is worth noting that Venus and Jupiter are also making a fortuitous connection in the sky on the same day as the new moon. This is really nice! If you have something to start, this is a good time to do that.

You could kick off something by writing an email, start writing a business plan, or start designing a website. You could call a meeting with a business partner. Really the ideas are endless. In order to capture this sky condition, do something. Take action, make a move.

Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, and Libra signs may be super motivated to take advantage of this energy. Whether that is your Sun, Moon, or Ascendant, you may be feeling the itch to move and take action. Listen to your intuition.

No matter what your sun sign is, you have these signs somewhere in your chart. That means some part of your life should feel charged to take action. In order to know where these signs fall in your chart, you will want to know your birth date, time, and location.

You can get a free online chart here. 

To go deeper into your chart, my blog on rising signs and the different houses will help you focus in on where Aries and Cancer are in your chart. The topics, events, and people associated with that part of your chart may be more active during the new moon phase and two weeks after.

Cancer New Moon and Essential Oils

There are two essential oils that I recommend for taking action, or making a move, during this new moon phase.

The first is Peppermint. It has a wonderfully refreshing scent with qualities that give you strength and energy to take action towards manifesting your desires. It promotes the quality of optimism like the planet Jupiter. You can diffuse it, or put a drop on your palms and breathe it in.

The other essential oil is Wild Orange. This oil also promotes optimism, along with productivity and a feeling of boosted energy. It can induce feelings of playfulness and let your inner child out to find fresh new possibilities like Aries. Diffuse or inhale.

Remember to dilute essential oils before using on your skin. 

Cancer New Moon Inspirational Quote

‘Action is the antidote to despair.’ Joan Baez
‘Be the change that you want to see in the world’ Mahatma Gandhi

Cancer New Moon Ideas

  1. On the new moon, set your new moon intentions.

  2. Go to the ocean or sea if possible.

  3. Take a bath or go to a steam room.

  4. Start something new, no matter how big or small. Do something that signifies the beginning of something to capture the energetic and strong sky configuration.

  5. Take action to stand up for yourself, your rights, and your body.

  6. Cancer enjoys solitude, take some time for yourself to be alone and do what you enjoy. Or do something with your immediate family.

Cancer New Moon Two-Week Phase

  1. Go near a body of water near you or visit a spa with a steam room, pool, or jacuzzi.

  2. Get in touch with important women in your life and spend time with them, whether in person or online.

  3. Make a nurturing meal for yourself and/or your family.

  4. Look at photo albums from the past and reminisce on good memories.

  5. Take action on something that has meaning and purpose for you.

  6. Reach out to your family and extended family.

  7. Do things that are comforting like watching a movie, eating your favorite foods, listening to your favorite music, or get a massage.

Cancer New Moon Journal Prompts

  1. Cancer is about compassion. How can you practice compassion for others, self-compassion for self, and find balance between the two.

  2. What makes you feel exposed? What makes you feel secure? Write about how you can feel more secure and less exposed.

  3. What does security mean to you? Do you have enough of it in your life?

Wrap Up

We have an active and dynamic Cancer new moon. There is a tense quality in the air that will help many of us get motivated to make needed change. There is a nice configuration in the sky to start something new. Cancer is a sign of woman and family. Spend time with your family, nurture yourself, and surround yourself with things you love.


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