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Aries New Moon: Let Your Voice Be Heard

Aries New Moon Date and Time

Monday 8 April 2024

11:21 AM, West Coast, USA

2:21 PM, East Coast, USA

8:21 PM, Rome, Italy

19 Aries Solar Eclipse

Aries New Moon

New moon symbology is about refocus, a new cycle, preparation, rest and quiet time. Each new moon is expressed through one of the zodiac signs. In April, the New Moon and Sun are in the sign of Aries

Aries is a fire element sign with dynamic qualities. It is proactive, explosive and impulsive. It’s a cardinal sign that jumps at a challenge and enjoys taking the lead. Problems can come from over-the-top reactivity, impulsivity, and impatience. 

Aries is great at starting things but lacks the follow-through. Fast-paced types of activities go best at this time because it's easy for Aries to lose interest when bored. Aries archetypes are the Warrior, Conqueror, Pioneer, Self-Starter and Daredevil.

This is a freshening time of the year, whether it’s spring or fall where you live. With Mercury retrograde during the Aries new moon, there is a pull to the past and an eye on the future. This is the time to learn from what has happened and use that information when reviewing your plan for the next few months.

Solar Eclipse

Eclipses come in pairs. The first one was the lunar eclipse on March 25th with the Libra full moon. The second one happens with the Aries New Moon.

Solar eclipses are potent. If you live in North America, you will have a chance to see the Great American Northern Eclipse. You can find the eclipse path and specific times in your location online, I recommend

Remember that many people won’t have anything in their chart activated by the eclipse. The astrological interpretation of the eclipse depends on its relationship to your chart. If you want to learn more about your chart, schedule a consultation with me.

Planets and the Aries New Moon

The sky is looking interesting right now with every planet spanning four consecutive signs, from Aquarius through Pisces, Aries, and Taurus. There are two planets leading the way, Uranus and Jupiter, as they approach their long-awaited meeting in the sky in Taurus at 21 degrees on April 20. 

Jupiter and Uranus Conjunction

This Jupiter and Uranus meeting can have a vast amount of ways it could manifest. We have the planet of expansion, vision and wisdom joining Uranus, the planet of rebellion, independence and surprise. 

In the sign of Taurus, there should be some grounded practicality to even the wildest schemes these two planets could represent. Wherever Taurus is in your chart (astrology houses) you can see where you can tap into brilliant and unexpected catalysts for growth. 

Change may be thrust upon you in the topics and themes related to your Taurus. These changes may be welcome, desired or unwanted. Groundbreaking changes can come through surprising or unexpected means. 

Use change as an opportunity rather than letting it get you down. With the predominant Aries energy in the air, it’s time to take dynamic action. With visionary Jupiter and risk-taking Uranus leading the way, it’s as if the path is cleared by thunderbolts zapping out obstacles. 

Saturn and Mars at the Aries New Moon

Saturn the planet of strategy and Mars the planet of action are in a harmonious relationship with Jupiter and Uranus. It’s quite a good time to make some strategic moves, as long as it’s toward a goal that you have been working on long-term. 

Pruning a project, editing or revising something, beta testing and making changes in relationships are generally common during an active period like we are in now as it coincides with the Mercury retrograde.

Saturn and Mars in the sign of Pisces are vision-oriented, indicating this is a good time to take strategic step-by-step action toward something important in the long-term.

Chiron Conjunct Aries New Moon

Chiron is in the same degree as the Aries new moon. This could bring up memories of old wounds during the Aries new moon phase. If deep, long-buried anger has been held inside, it could explode outbduring the new moon. 

Sometimes blowing off steam is the best thing you can do. Just be sure the steam blows out in a healthy way, and not at someone. If you feel like your body is overcome with stress and anger, get out and move your body. 

Go for long walks, swim to cool down your body, or go to a climate-controlled gym. Be careful not to overheat your body and stay hydrated.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury went retrograde on April 1st. Spend April reviewing the progress you've made toward your goals and visions since the beginning of the year. 

  • What needs an adjustment?

  • What needs to be cut out and what needs to be reprioritized?

With Mercury retrograde in Aries, you may get agitated quicker and speak before thinking. Try to take deep breaths to find extra patience this month. 

Mercury retrogrades through the sign Aries. This extended reflective time of Mercury, the planet of communication, in Aries, gives you extra time to find your voice. If you’ve been holding back or holding in something, it’s time to release it. 

Speak out and let your voice be heard.

Mercury Retrograde Dates

  • Pre-Shadow: 19 March

  • Retrograde: 1 April 2024

  • Direct: 25 April 2024

  • Post-Shadow: 14 May

  • Degrees 27.13 Aries to 15.59 Aries

Venus in Aries

Venus is also in Aries adding a fiery and direct approach to resolving relationship problems. This time of the year is full of passion, new beginnings and assertiveness. Tap into those things effectively and you can get a lot accomplished in April, even with the retrograde.

You will likely have the most success at accomplishing things related to the past, relationships or projects in process. 

In Your Chart

Check your chart to see where Aries is located to get a better understanding of the parts of life that are activated in your chart at the Aries New Moon.

The Mercury retrograde and the new Moon are in Aries. Venus, Chiron, and the North Node are all traveling in Aries calling a great deal of attention to the topics related to your Aries house. Learn more about the meaning of the Astrology Houses here.

Mercury increases communication and interest in Aries topics and Venus brings an increase of socializing and enjoyment to the Aries part of your chart.

The Taurus position in your chart is energized by the conjunction of visionary and growth-oriented Jupiter and Uranus, the planet of reform, rebelliousness and originality. Look to see what unique experiences are coming up in that part of your astrology chart. 

The Pisces placement in your chart is energized by Mars, Saturn, and Neptune. There is a grounded practicality forming a supportive foundation to build something important for the long term. Keeping your long-term vision in mind is important for the motivation and strength to reach your goals.

If you don't have a copy of your astrology chart, you can generate one free online. I recommend using or  Or schedule a consultation with me to look at your unique birth chart.

Aries New Moon Activity Ideas

  • Set your new moon intentions near fire, like a candle, fireplace or outside fire pit. Use my New Moon Intention Setting guide for a step-by-step approach.

  • Move your body, Aries likes to move. This is a good time to start a martial arts or self-defense program if that's of interest.

  • Challenge yourself to complete a big project you have been putting off, like spring cleaning or clearing out the garage. 

  • Aries love to pioneer new things, they are great starters. There may be some cool projects that were started but left unfinished. Look at any abandoned projects and inject some action into them.

  • Speak out and let your voice be heard. If you’ve been holding back or holding in something, it’s time to release it. 

  • Give your self-confidence a boost. Do something that makes you feel strong and vibrant.

  • Wear protective eclipse-seeing glasses if you are in the path of totality and enjoy the total solar eclipse. Find out if you are in the path here.

Aries zodiac glyph

Aries New Moon Inspirational Quote

‘When we speak we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcomed. But when we are silent, we are still afraid. So it is better to speak.’ - Audre Lorde

Wrap Up Recap 

The Aries new moon is dynamic and encourages us to allow our inner voice to speak out. With Mercury retrograde, our thoughts reflect on the past to make adjustments that will help move us forward. The Great American Total Solar Eclipse is happening with the new moon.

Solar eclipses are potent new moons, but not everyone’s chart will be activated. The long-anticipated conjunction of visionary Jupiter and rebellious Uranus happens on April 20. Who knows what will happen with Uranus the wild card, but it should be exciting. 


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