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Aries Full Moon 2020

Aries Full Moon 2020

The Aries Full Moon 2020 is Thursday, October the 1st at 9 degrees. On the west coast in the USA it will take place at 2:05pm, on the east coast at 5:05pm and in Rome, Italy at 11:05pm.

The Libra Sun opposite the Aries Full Moon makes up our first Full Moon in October, the 2nd one coming on Halloween in a different sign. Full Moons happen every month (and sometimes twice like this month) when the Sun is opposite the Moon in the exact degree. That’s why we will focus on the opposing energies of Libra and Aries for this Full Moon.

Libra and Aries expressed in Society

One thing about a strange year like 2020 is the extreme opposites we have encountered. The division we are seeing through the news, activism, and social media clearly reflects the deep division that exists between peoples beliefs. But it also means that there is a growing unity on each of those sides that was perhaps more diffusive or dispersed before.

This growing unity of sides reflected in politics, activism, and the media is a great way to understand the opposite signs of Libra and Aries, each representing a unified group against the other.


How do Libra and Aries represent these two opposites or extremes? Libra is typically known for wanting peace and for being non-confrontational, and at times indecisive (because they must weigh both sides objectively). But there is a saying that “Libras want peace, at any cost,” or that a “Libra is the Iron Fist in the Velvet Glove.” So your peace loving non-confrontational sweet Libra can turn into the war general if that’s what it takes to achieve peace and justice.

Libra fights for the underdog and cannot sit still when there is an injustice. He/She will stand up and try to right what is wrong. Libras have an innate sense of fair, which is why the scales are the symbol representing Libras. The Sun is in Libra.


Then you have Aries, the sign of the warrior. The trained fighter, fit and ready for battle. Aries is known to be youthful, naive, energetic, reactive and impulsive. The warrior has the most valor or chivalry when working for a cause or a king. Otherwise he is the selfish warrior seeking to take care of only himself with little regard for others.

The thought of ‘others’ vs ‘self’ is the crucial difference between Libra and Aries. While Libra cannot operate without considering others. Aries, in a purely symbolic form, is concerned only with himself/herself. Aries folks are yelling at me right now, but please read on, I’ll explain more.

Aries folks, I know you are not always selfish and thinking only of yourself, nor is Libra always putting others’ needs ahead of her/his own. It’s that these are the two extreme and pure energies that help us understand the Libra and Aries opposition. We all have both Aries and Libra in our charts, and our charts can show us where in life we tend to focus our energies on others and where we focus on ourselves.

Libra and Aries House Cusps in Your Chart

As we go into this Aries Full Moon we have the opportunity to enter into a private self discussion of Balance in our personal lives using our individual horoscope. If you have your chart (aka horoscope), look to see which houses have Libra and Aries on the cusp. These houses in your chart will allow you to focus even further on how balance and imbalance manifests in your life through the house topics. Look to the Aries house to see where you may be more self-focused, and the Libra house for where you will be more focused on others.

For example, with Libra on the 5th house cusp of children, creative projects created by you, or romance and lovers, are areas you would tend to focus on others. If it was Aries on the same cusp, you could be more self-focused when it comes to these 5th house topics. Or you may even choose not to have kids to pursue your own creative projects.

To describe a whole person, we blend energies of all the planets, by sign and position. No person exhibits only one sign.

Finding Balance

Taking this back to our example above of unity and divisiveness, we can see how both sides could be viewed as both Libran and Aries. I am not going to describe the sides, as this is not to start a political debate. This article hopefully opens your eyes to understanding that without finding balance, we could tip the scales with unfortunate outcomes for all. Look at history and wars, genocides and inhumane treatment of others, all for the personal gain of one group over another.

If we only accept one side and refuse the other side’s voice, we all lose. But on the flip side, if we only consider others and put their needs in front of our own, then we all lose as well. Balance is the key.

Balance is not something we achieve, but it is a lifelong exercise. It’s a skill that can be nurtured and mastered over time. When I say mastered, I don’t mean an end goal, but a lifestyle goal. Like learning to drive, speak another language, or build a website. The more you practice that skill, the better you get. At some point you can do that skill without much thought, it becomes almost automatic.

Balance isn’t finding that perfect place and staying there. Because as soon as you feel completely aligned, a soft wind will come along and push you slightly off balance. Sometimes it’s a huge wind storm and you get thrown way off balance. Either way, to stay in balance requires constant effort.

Working with Libra to find Balance

The Libra sign doesn’t mean that all Librans are balanced. But it does mean that Libras are constantly adjusting themselves to bring themselves back to balance. It takes Aries action, determination, energy, and motivation to do the work and learn the skill of balance.

The wise Libras, know that this constant adjustment is the journey, and balance is not the end goal but a daily pursuit. Libras are extremely good at mediating and experiencing that balance. That’s why you find so many judges and military leaders with Libra prominent in their chart.

Working with Aries to find Balance

Aries are great at interrupting someone giving too much of themself away and energizing a self-focused program to ensure ones needs are met. Aries are not ones to sit back and let their life be driven by someone else. Aries know how to take care of themself, as we are each responsible for our own life. Aries can do well on their own, they love their independence, and don’t you try to take that independence away from them or you can expect push back. Aries are tough.

Aries benefit from the Libran charm in social situations, they could learn that honey is so much sweeter than vinegar or vulgar to get your way. Librans careful and objective consideration of all, not just the self, is both complementary (by opposition) and provoking to Aries. People with a lot of Aries in their chart may not be too keen on Libran ways and may run into difficulty by refusing to accept that there are other points of view than their own.

Where you have Aries in your chart will be invigorated over these few days of Full Moon energy. As one of the most energetic and hot signs of the zodiac, you may feel full of motivation in the topics represented by the house the Aries Full Moon is transiting.

Where Libra needs to balance the imbalance of thinking too much about others by taking care of his/her own needs first sometimes; Aries needs to balance the imbalance by considering others views and the consequences of his/her actions on others.

Connection of Libra and Aries to the Spring and Vernal (Fall) Equinoxes

This symbology of balance is integrated into our seasons. The day the Sun moves into Libra represents the first day of Fall in the Northern Hemisphere, and the day the Sun moves into Aries is the first day of Spring. It’s reversed for the Southern Hemisphere. These dates are known as the Equinoxes, the days when there are equal amounts of light and dark. They occur at opposite points in the year. This opposition of energy can be likened to the Yin and Yang symbol of equal dark and light. Libra and Aries are tied to the seasonal nature of Earth’s terrestrial cycles.

The Solstice cycle is just as interesting. The 2 Equinoxes plus the 2 Solstices make up our (Earth’s) 4 seasons. Just as the Equinoxes mark Spring and Fall, the Solstices mark Winter in December and Summer in June.

Community Balance/Imbalance: 2020

When it comes to imbalance in our shared communities, it may not be so easy to find the middle ground. Both Libra and Aries argue for what “is right.” But no one will win if each side keeps insisting it must be their way. We are seeing the pendulum swing to extreme sides in 2020. There is no doubt this year will take a special place in history. We don’t know how much farther this pendulum swinging is going to go. Divisiveness is as strong now as the force is in Luke Skywalker (Star Wars reference for non sci-fi people) and will be highlighted all of October leading up to the cranky USA 2020 election.

October highlights not only this focus on balance/imbalance, but there are a number of other astrological events pushing social tension, questioning current social structures, and tearing down old outdated systems so we can rebuild something new and hopefully better. This article is too long to list the current planets and aspects at play, but you can read about these 2020 calamitous planetary astro events in this blog article:

Life Isn’t Fair

Aries energy (not Aries people) looks out for number 1 and is not interested in the consequences of what happens to others. Libra energy (not Libra people) is focused on justice, equality, and fairness, which can leave some feeling like they have given more than they should have to.

The reality is, in life things are often not fair. We are not born into equality and fairness. Some are born into broken, abusive, or neglectful families while others are born into intact and loving families. Some are born into wealth, others into poverty, and others somewhere in the middle. Some are born into a caste system where their hopes of gaining wealth or status are entirely out of reach, or a community where women have less rights than men, or in a place where women have no rights at all. The world is full of unfair situations.

In a community when the power belongs to one side, and the other side lacks power, war or human rights abuse is likely unless the side with power is willing to consider what is best for everyone, not just his or her ‘tribe.’ When both sides have power, negotiation can happen, and although not everyone gets to have it 100% his or her way at the cost of the other side getting nothing their way, everyone gets something at the cost of compromise. Unfortunately we are not seeing enough compromise.

We are the only ones who can Make Balance Happen

It is our responsibility to be able to identify when there is an imbalance and do our best to bring back equilibrium. We usually can’t say one side is always right or wrong, like what is happening with the polarization in politics, media and activism. There are certainly times when it is obviously clear when one side is wrong, like genocide, blaming a woman, man, or child when he/she is raped, or the Klu Klux Klan. But oftentimes it’s far more fuzzy than that.

When opposite sides are moving further away from each other, polarizing, isolating, and unable to tolerate the other, things get worse. This is what we are seeing right now. It’s not too late. October will certainly see it’s fair share of interesting ‘news.’

Where will you put your energy? Toward balance, or toward extremism?

This month’s Full Moon article isn’t a light and breezy one I know. I wrote it from my heart, because I truly believe we are each responsible for doing our part to find a solution, and a compromise in our community, country, and world. I admit I’m a Libra and I want everyone’s voice to be heard. But without compromise we will continue to move in the direction of divisiveness where one side cares nothing for the the beliefs and needs of the other side. Please write your comments I would love to hear from you. Comments are all on Facebook, and you can find a link below to my Facebook page. I wish you a safe and healthy October.

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