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Aries Full Moon

Aries Full Moon Date and Times

Wednesday 20 October 2021 7:57am, West Coast, USA 10:57am, East Coast, USA 4:57pm, Rome, Italy 27 degrees Aries

Aries Full Moon

Aries is about how we assert ourselves in the world and how we do ‘me first.’ This Aries full moon is a period of doing what’s best for ourselves based on what we have learned recently through reflections on the past.

As we experience a collective shift forward in October, things that have been stuck, slow, or stalled can now move forward. This Aries full moon may bring to the surface aggressions or assertions from other people that highlight where we are resistant to change. It also is a time to notice how we balance selfishness and selflessness.

Balance would be our ability to take care of our needs and use our assertive voice while respecting others needs and voices. Compromise is not an Aries characteristic, it is a Libra characteristic. Libra and Aries are opposite signs in the zodiac that symbolize the process of how we balance me and you, us and them. It is about our ability to navigate the world with others.

This Aries full moon can bring to fruition or a tipping point problems within relationships that have to do with the balance of power in relationships. Power plays and power struggles may intensify, or their presence comes to light that may have been hidden in the shadows.

Other manifestations that can come up during this two week Aries full moon phase is a third party may tip the balance of power in relationships. You may be learning how to balance your own power and increase your sense of self-empowerment. Or you may become aware that you are giving away your power.

Where and how this energy will manifest and be reflected in the sky depends on your own personal birth chart. If you would like to have a private consultation, learn more here.

During this Aries full moon phase is a great time to focus on finding your assertive voice. Contemplate whether you are balanced in your assertive style. Do you want to increase assertiveness or decrease aggressiveness? Balance is key. Ask yourself how far on or off center do you feel your empowerment level falls, and in which direction? Selfishness or Selflessness?

Aries Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde

This year’s Aries full moon is taking place just two days after Mercury changes from retrograde to direct. While Mercury takes some time getting back to its regular speed, this Aries moon is all about pushing us forward.

What I really like about this full moon is that we can now release all the stuff that was brought up from the past during the Mercury retrograde that we no longer need. This can be emotional, mental, or physical stuff. Full moons are about releasing, so it’s time to release.

During the retrograde we were called to reflect, review, and revise. Through this process, we have had a chance to pick up unfinished projects, consider past relationships, and rearrange our daily program. Now it’s time to move forward. To learn more about a Mercury retrograde, read the guide here.

Collectively we have this energy shift helping us to sift through what is important for us moving forward, and what is best left in the past. Aries, being an active fire sign, is ready to move us forward, perhaps more quickly than we are prepared for.

Whether or not we are prepared to propel ourselves forward, we will all get a universal energy boost at this full moon. Take advantage of this extra boost and apply that energy towards what is most important in your life right now.

For some it may be family and relationships. For others it may be a focus on career, and yet for others spirituality may be the priority in life at the moment. Whatever draws out your passion, what excites you, what makes you jump out of bed and ready for action, under this full moon devote some time and energy to it. 

Put that passion into action under this full moon and the two weeks following. This month, October, brought a unique quality in that four planets went from retrograde to direct. That doesn’t happen very often. Combine this with an Aries full moon and we finish off October with a bang.

It’s like if your shoes were stuck on the ground and suddenly pulled free propelling you forward. You are forced to muster the strength to land on your feet like a cat. You can use the momentum and keep moving forward at an exponentially faster pace.

We can use this full moon phase to move forward at a faster pace than what we have been experiencing since mid-September when Mercury went retrograde. There is another intense energy at play under this full moon, and that will bring in the theme of power.

Aries Full Moon, Sun in Libra and Pluto: Power Struggle and Empowerment

Tied up in this fiery Aries full moon is an interaction with planet Pluto. This is going to bring the theme of power into the energy of the full moon and the following two-week full moon phase. This is especially potent for Aries, Libras, Cancers, and Capricorns born in the late teens or early 20’s of April, October, July, and January.

When we consider power, we have to look at it on the continuum. We have empowerment on one end, where the use of power is fruitful for the person using it, and helps others at the same time, or at least does not hurt anyone else.

The other end of power is power and control over others. When you empower, you help yourself and others find their power, and you are not afraid of others having their own power. There is a balance because both parties can be fulfilled and in control without hurting others.

Power and control over others doesn’t leave room for empowerment. Pluto represents how power is used and it is directly challenging these two signs, Aries and Libra, at the Aries full moon.

Aries is the sign that is tasked with looking out for personal interests. We need to respect ourselves and be sure our needs are met. We do that through Aries. This is where we find our independence, our ability to be on our own, and to creatively problem solve.

Libra is tasked with considering the other, weighing what is fair for everyone, and to approach situations with diplomacy and grace. The Sun is traveling through Libra and is the light that makes the Moon full.

Power struggles ensue when we have an imbalance in selflessness and selfishness. Some other manifestations are passive-aggressive, wealth and poverty, empowerment and control, me vs. you. When Libra and Aries are involved, balance is a central focus.

When Pluto positions itself as a challenging energy in this continuum, it symbolizes and highlights where power struggles and power plays are showing up in your life. A positive manifestation is discovering your inner power and empowering yourself to have success, however you define success.

What you can do is purposely and intentionally focus on empowerment under this Aries full moon. Rather than getting caught in any power struggles or power plays, make a plan for how you will practice empowering yourself and others. When you empower others, they empower you back.

It’s a positive upward spiral. This is a great time to find your assertive voice and be kind at the same time. Add some charm to your language style, and it will be easier to engage in all of your relationships. I realize this isn’t always easy, this can be a very intense and empowering full moon. But attempting to add some finesse and increase your assertiveness at the same time can be fruitful for all of us.

I think the reason we read about astrology is to embrace the energy of the moment in the best way possible. This is a super energetic time where we can say what needs to be said, empower others, move like there is a fire under us, and find our inner personal power, all at the same time.

Find Your Aries Full Moon Assertive Voice with Essential Oils

I co-host a video series called Natural Health and Astrology, with Annabelle Fraser, a naturopath and gut health specialist. Each month we talk about the energy of the full moon and essential oils that support the vibe. 

This month Annabelle suggests Clove essential oil for setting positive boundaries and finding courage. All the essential oil information provided below is from Annabelle. You can contact Annabelle for purchasing doTerra essential oils as well.

The oil for this Full Moon is Clove, the oil of Boundaries. It is especially helpful for those of us who have a tendency to fall into a victim mentality because it helps us stand up for ourselves, be proactive, and feel capable of making our own choices regardless of others. It gives us the courage to say no and live true to ourselves by establishing clear boundaries. 

Use three to four drops in the diffuser or inhale one drop from your hands. For internal use, dilute one drop of essential oil produced for internal consumption in 4 fl. oz. of liquid. Remember to check with your physician for the use of internal essential oils. For topical use, dilute with a carrier oil and apply one to two drops on desired area. 

Clove is a hot oil, so use conservatively and test a very small amount before using the suggested amount in case of an allergic reaction.

Check out this month’s Aries full moon video on Facebook. For more information on natural health and gut health, contact Annabelle. Or join her private Facebook group, Natural Health Italy, by signing up.

Things to do On the Aries Full Moon

  1. Release obstacles that limit your personal power in the full moon releasing ritual. 

  2. Release old and outworn ways of doing things that no longer serve you in the fire releasing ritual. There is a shift of energy with forward focus. This is a great time to leave things from the past in the past so you can move forward to new things.

  3. Do physical activity, move your body, go for a walk or run.

  4. Be careful about getting into power struggles with others, try empowerment instead.

  5. Journal about what empowerment means to you and how close, or far, to your ideal you are in this present moment.

  6. Do things that bring you a sense of peaceful and healthy empowerment.

Things to Do between the Aries Full Moon and next New Moon

  1. Empower yourself by empowering others.

  2. Start a martial arts, qi gong, or tai chi class.

  3. Aries rules the head, schedule a head massage, facial, or a cranial facial treatment.

  4. Make something with your hands like ceramics, wire jewelry, or anything creative with iron or metal. This sign Aries has a connection with metals.

  5. Use clove essential oils in your aromatherapy diffusers or as described above by Annabelle.

  6. Make a fire pit or cook out on the grill.

  7. Do something that challenges you and go all in. Aries loves a challenge.

  8. Aries is a sign of passion and fire, a great time for couples to take some time together in the bedroom.

  9. Be direct, courageous, and honest regarding situations that need to be cleared. Be assertive, but not aggressive.

  10. If you are outspoken, try taking a position of observing more and talking less. Practice assertion over aggression.

  11. If you are timid and often feel unheard and disempowered, let yourself try out assertiveness in a mild way. Like dipping your toe in water before diving in. Breathe in some Clove essential oil to increase courage and bravery.

  12. Any kind of strenuous work is indicated under this full moon phase.

  13. Start an empowerment program.

  14. Schedule brainstorming meetings, this a great time to create something new, creative, and pioneering.

  15. Sew, cook, crochet, play ping pong, pool, anything fun you can do with your hands.

  16. Go hiking or out on an adventure. Energy is high during this full moon phase and Aries love and adventure.

  17. Move. Dance. Kick-box. Gymnastics. Fire throwing. Light candles. 

  18. Start up your fireplace for the winter in the northern hemisphere. Make one of your last fires of the season in the southern hemisphere.

Aries Full Moon Questions and Journaling Prompts

  1. Where do you fall on the scale of selfishness and selflessness?

  2. Are you more selfish or selfless in different domains? (e.g. romantic relationship, work, friends, family)

  3. When do you feel powerful and empowered? 

  4. How do you use this power in a healthy way?

  5. When do you feel powerless? What would it look like if you were empowered?

  6. If you could wave a magic wand and feel empowered, and use this power in a balanced and healthy way, what would that look like?

  7. What is one thing you can do that will take you a step in that direction?

Wrap Up

The Aries full moon beams down forward motion and an energy boost. Empowerment, assertiveness, and balance are key at this time. Power struggles and power plays may come up giving you an opportunity to practice your assertiveness skills. Clove is the essential oil for this full moon. Its energy promotes healthy boundaries and courage.


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