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Depth Astrology Sessions

Shape Your Story - using a larger font, but smaller than Depth Astrology Sessions


Explore the Rich Symbolism of your Chart

Imagine a path where every step feels purposeful and guided, where the flow of time becomes a roadmap rather than a mystery. 

Envision stepping into a space where the intricate patterns of your life unfold before you, revealing insights that empower rather than mystify.

In Depth Astrology Sessions, we explore your chart through different techniques, exploring the rich symbolism that lies within. 

Through a collaborative process, we uncover the threads that connect your past, present, and future and your experiences through the language of astrology.


Hi, I’m Lori

Hello, I'm Lori, an adventurer, astrologer, curious person and coach. It's my privilege to guide individuals like you on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment through astrology. 

As a Libra Sun, Aries Moon, and Sagittarius rising, I bring a unique blend of intuition, insight and practical wisdom to every session.

I believe in co-collaboration, where we work together to uncover the messages and insights that live within your unique astrological chart. 

Through Depth Astrology Sessions, I serve as your mentor, counselor and support person, empowering you to navigate life's challenges and design a path that aligns with your deepest desires and life purpose.

My Chart


Shape Your Destiny

Step out of that feeling of being adrift or at the mercy of circumstance. With Depth Astrology, you gain valuable insights into the patterns and cycles that influence your life. Understanding these patterns will empower you to make informed decisions and navigate challenges with clarity and purpose.

This isn't about making grand promises or offering quick fixes. It's about recognizing the potential for growth and transformation that lies within you. Through our sessions together, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your strengths and challenges, empowering you to make conscious choices aligned with your values and

Depth Astrology is not about predicting the future or imposing limitations. Instead, it's about embracing the opportunities for growth and self-discovery that arise from understanding the symbolism in your chart. It's a journey of exploration and empowerment, where you take an active role in shaping your destiny through the awareness of astrological timing. I’ll help you navigate the complexities of your chart, uncovering hidden insights and exploring new possibilities for growth and fulfillment.


Welcome to Depth Astrology Sessions

A multi-session transformative astrological experience designed to illuminate your path, empower your choices and open up the possibilities of your unique journey.

This is where the power of astrology and free will meet the art of self-discovery, guiding you toward a life filled with purpose, clarity and fulfillment.
In a world where uncertainty often clouds our decisions, astrology serves as a guide, offering insights and clarity when we need it most and auspicious timing for success.

What You’ll Receive in Depth Astrology Sessions

Our journey begins with a free initial session where we discuss what's happening in your life, your goals for Depth Astrology Sessions and the options for setting up sessions. Whether you have a specific goal in mind or seek general guidance, our consultation sets the foundation for our collaborative exploration.

Six 90 minute sessions

Natal Chart: We will cover the planets, houses, aspects, lunar nodes,significant points and major themes, life purpose, destiny and karma.

Cycles: Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto cycles, returns and mid-life.

Secondary Progressed Chart: How your chart unfolds over a lifetime

Progressed Lunar Phase: Over your lifetime the progressed lunar phase reflects the flow of time in broad strokes.

Timing with Transits: The current moving sky and the messages reflected by the different planetary relationships with your natal chart.

Solar Return Charts: Current and following year, profection and fine tuning of timing with transits.

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How to get started

Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation Free Initial Consultation. You can do that right here.

We’ll meet on Zoom to see if Depth Astrology is a good fit for you and  I can answer any questions you have.

We can set up your Depth Astrology Sessions in the Zoom call if you are ready to get started shaping your story through astrology.

It’s easy to get started and I will help guide you all the way.


How to get started

There is no need to know any astrology to benefit from Depth Astrology. I will minimize the use of astrology terms for easily understandable interpretations of your chart.

In our free initial session we will talk about what is happening in your life, what you want to get out of Depth Astrology Sessions, and the options for setting up sessions. If you have a specific goal in mind, we will bring that along on our journey.

I will draw up your astrology charts. We will cover different types of Astrological information and important timing events such as lunar phases, retrogrades, current astrology trends and birthday charts and how they indicate activation in your astrology chart. Including

Your life purpose, destiny and karma
○ Comprehensive discussion of your needs, communication style and interactions with others
○ Different cycles of development: When and what to expect
○ Broad stroke techniques that show patterns over a lifetime
○ Timing - Transits - Current activations by planets in the sky and what types of experiences are likely to show up in life
○ Your annual birthday charts and timing your major goals


Depth Astrology Pricing

$update my prices
● Payment Plans
● Free Initial Consultation - Are we a good fit? Let’s have a quick chat to see how
I can help you launch and grow your business,

Have questions?

Email me.



‘I have had two consultations with Lori so far and I am simply blown away at Lori’s intuitive insight, her deep knowledge and ability to “read the stars”. Her words and revelations were so on point with what I am currently going through in my life, it’s astonishing. I truly appreciate Lori’s gift. She looks at the sky and zooms in and out, revealing what will help you and what you need to be aware of- much like a guide on your path to conquer a summit. I feel so supported and safe under her guidance. She is a genuinely caring astrologer who shares their divine gift to help you live your most fulfilling, satisfying life- embracing and enjoying every little turn. I look forward to connecting with Lori regularly as her insight helps me live in harmonious flow with the Universe.’

Let’s Get Started

Are you ready to push the boundaries of self-knowledge, break free from repeating patterns and embrace a future filled with possibility? If this describes you, then Depth Astrology Sessions are for you. 

I invite you to take this opportunity to pause, reflect and explore the most important person in your life: yourself.

  • What is a Birth Chart?
    Using your birth date, time, and location, your chart is calculated. Mostastrologers use the circle type chart, though square was used in ancient times. Itis divided into 12 areas of life called houses. The planets, moon, and sunareplotted inside the circle, which represents the sky around the earth at the timeof your birth, to be interpreted by sign, and area of life (the house). It is alsocalled a Natal Chart, Horoscope, Astrology Chart or Nativity.
  • What can Astrology do for Me?
    Astrology can help you better understand what is going on in your life, giveclarity on your past, and to be prepared for the future.
  • What is Sun Sign Astrology?
    Most people know their sun sign, it’s based on your birthday, like when you say “I’m a Leo” it means the Sun was in Leo’s part of the sky when you were born. Sun Sign Astrology is what you read in the newspaper, magazines, and online blogs by sign, which is really a Sun Sign. To get more accurate information from Sun Sign Astrology, it’s best to read about the sign of your Ascendant, also called Rising Sign, as well as your birthday sun sign. These readings are fun and entertaining, but cannot give you the depth and individualized perspective that an astrological reading with an astrologer can.
  • How do I Prepare for an Astrology Reading?
    Think about what is going on in your life right now and the areas you really want to focus on in the consultation. Share your specific questions when you schedule the appointment. At the beginning of our session we will review your questions to be sure I understand your priorities. You can certainly change your questions from what you wrote when scheduling. We will always focus on what you want to talk about. The more clear you are on what you want to talk about the better. Take some time and think about this in advance so you get the most out of your consultation. Before our meeting make your space calm, quiet, peaceful, and comfortable. You want to be mentally and emotionally present in the Consultation by clearing your mind and opening the inner space to receive. We may talk about very personal things, so try to find a spot where you are alone and will not be disturbed, overheard, or interrupted. Make arrangements ahead of time with your family, kids, or work, so you can have this time all to yourself. It’s like self-care. Use the restroom, burn some sage, fill the air with essential oils, or stretch, whatever makes you feel comfortable and ready.
  • What are the Basic Components of Astrology?
    Planets: The “what” in your horoscope. They are the movers in the sky, the wandering stars, the energy at play. They represent people, events, skills, self, the “what” and “who” is doing. For example the Moon seeks security, how depends on the sign she is in, and where depends on the house she is in and the one she rules. Signs: “How” the planets express their nature is though the 12 zodiac signs. Rather than saying “I am a Libra” it’s that the Sun in my chart is expressing through Libra. Houses: “Where” things are happening in your life. A horoscope represents life through the 360 degree band of sky that goes around the earth, divided into 12 spaces called houses. For example the 2nd house is about money, finances and self-worth. Aspects: Give more clarity on how the planets, sun and moon “relate” to each other. They are a mathematical measurement of the distance between any two points.
  • Why is it important to have an Accurate Birth Time?
    The sign rising at the moment you were born is called the Ascendant. It is one of the most important points of your chart, and it changes degree every 4 minutes. Yes, you read that right, the movement of the earth changes the rising degree roughly every 4 minutes. That’s why astrologers really need your exact, to the minute, time of birth.
  • Where do I find my Birth Time?
    Most people can find their time of birth on a birth certificate. Oftentimes memory does not serve well for identifying an accurate birth time. However, if a family member can give you a time within a few hours, chart rectification (see below) can be done. Please be sure and consult an official document if there is one, even if your mom gave you a time, because often times memory can be flat out wrong, rounded, or off by 15 minutes which could significantly change your house signs. If your chart shows where a few minutes would significantly change your ascendant or moon sign, a rectification should be done to ensure we are working with the right chart.
  • What if I don't know my Time or Date of Birth?
    If you don’t have your birth date, there are other types of astrology you can access beyond your birth chart such as Horary and Electional. Horary is when you ask a specific question and a chart is cast at the time the astrologer understands what your question is, no birth information is needed. Electional Astrology is when an Astrologer helps you pick a date to start something, like opening a business or choosing a wedding date, no birthdate needed. If you know your birthday, but unsure of the exact time, try to get a ballpark within at least a few hours. With that information, a chart rectification consultation can be scheduled (see below). 
  • What is Chart Rectification?
    Rectification of a chart is a process where an astrologer uses techniques to determine the likely time of birth. The most common techniques include comparison of your personality characteristics related to the possible rising signs in the timeframe you know for your birth, and characteristics of the two possible moon signs if it is changing during the timeframe in question (the Moon changes signs every 2 1/2 days roughly). Astrologers can also compare the timing of important past events in your life to transits and progressions of the birth chart in the same time frames and see when they sync up.  When a person does not know their time of birth at all, rectification is very difficult. When a person knows the time of birth within a few hours it is highly recommended to schedule a rectification consultation. Most professional astrologers will insist on using a rectified chart in order to provide the most accurate natal reading if the rising sign and/or moon are on the cusp, or if you have a window of time like a few hours, but not the exact time.  It can often take hours of investigation to rectify, including advance preparation by the astrologer, and then a session with you to answer questions that lead to identifying the most likely rising sign. The more narrow window of time you know, the more likely an astrologer can identify the correct rising sign. If you only know the date, it is very difficult to rectify. There are 360 degrees in the zodiac and each degree rises each day, so there are 360 possible rising degrees in 12 possible signs. This can become a lengthy process the greater the time window of an unknown birth time. You and the astrologer will discuss multiple possible charts covering the unknown birth timeframe. Because rectification can be time consuming, the cost can be higher than a natal reading. It depends on how small the window of time is, and how much date specific history you have that can be compared with important astrological events from the past.  I will do rectification if your ascendant or moon is on the cusp and your time is from a reliable source like a birth certificate. If you birth time is unknown, or you know only morning, afternoon or evening, I will refer you to an astrologer who specializes in rectification.
  • What if I find out I gave you the wrong birth time?
    The planets and Sun are unlikely to show much difference if the time of birth you gave turns out to be different, but on the same day. This is because of how fast, or slow, the planets and Sun move. Your ascendant could change none, some, most, or all of the sign rulerships of the areas of life (the houses), depending on how great the difference is. The Moon could also be changing signs on your birthday. This is why it is important to rectify the chart if you are unsure of the time, or you were born on a cusp when the ascendant or moon was changing signs.  If you gave the wrong date and/or time, it’s best to re-cast the chart and schedule another reading to review the correct chart, and important differences from the other chart. As stated before, most planets will not change sign due to the speed, but the house cusps and rulers could change. This is to say that the differences can vary and sometimes there will be no difference at all.
  • How much does it Cost?
    The current price for my consultation offerings can be found on my consultations page.  By joining my Astroblog email list you will receive notifications when I am offering promotions and seasonal specials. You can subscribe at the bottom of this page.
  • What is an Astrology Consultation like?
    It’s interactive. If you have specific questions or topics you want to talk about we will focus on them. The time we are together is all about you, and the information I share will be in the context of astrological information gathered from your birth chart, and any other charts created for our meeting like progressed lunar phases, secondary progressions, and transits.  It’s important that you share what you are most interested in talking about. We will talk about how the energies reflected in your chart are manifesting in your life, and how you can best use this information.
  • What are Lunar Phases, Progressions, and Transits?
    I utilize these techniques in The Year Ahead Consultation: Progressed Lunar Phases: Based on the phase of the Moon at the time of your birth, the lunar phase, which is the relationship between the Sun and Moon, continues to progress through your life. These phase changes are like the backdrop of your life and give important long-term information to be kept in mind when looking at any point of time in your life. Progressions: The Planets, Sun, and Moon continue to move after you are born. This technique considers where they have progressed to during the time period of your consultation and how that relates to your birth chart. Transits: The current place of the Planets, Sun, and Moon make relationships with your birth chart placements. This technique considers the relationship formations before, during, and after the time period of your consultation, usually covering the year before and year after.
  • Where does the Consultation take place?
    Generally online through Zoom.
  • Do you offer Face to Face readings?
    Yes, if we are located in the same city I am happy to do a face to face reading. I will also make announcements in Astroblog emails when I am traveling and offering face to face readings in your city. Contact me by email for further details.
  • What types of Consultations do you offer?
    The most up to date information on Consultations I am currently offering can be found by checking my consultations page.
  • Is there a Minimum Age Requirement?
    You must be at least 18 to book a Consultation with me.
  • What is the Astroblog?
    The New and Full Moons each month are important energetic times. I let you know when they are happening, how to honor that energy, and how to find out where it’s happening in your chart. I also let you know when a planet is going retrograde and other astro news bits. Signup below where it says Astroblog.
  • How often will I receive emails from you if I subscribe to your Astroblog?
    I usually send out an email for the New and Full Moon each month, Retrograde alerts, and if there is a particularly interesting astrological event. You could receive 4 emails in a month from me, but on average around 2, and sometimes only 1. Signup below where is says Astroblog.
  • What is your Cancellation Policy?
    You will find information for cancellation, rescheduling, and refunds by checking the rescheduling process page.
  • Will I benefit from Strength Based Coaching?
    Yes if this describes you: - You are launching a new project - You seek deeper meaning in life - You want to make a change in your life - You are making a career change - You want to achieve more - You are open to interactive exchange - You want to learn a new skill - You are willing to make the time to invest in your goal - You like the idea of having an experienced coach to be a sounding board for your ideas - You accept feedback and take action - You seek personal development and self-growth - You achieve more with accountability - You want help getting motivated and staying on track Any one of these scenarios describes someone who would benefit from Coaching. Anyone who wants to accomplish something will benefit from Astro-Coaching. If this sounds like you, contact me for a free consultation to see if my coaching services can help you.
  • How long does Astro Coaching take?
    The length of time for coaching depends on your outcome goals. It can be as short as 3 months or as long as a year or more. Coaching is not indefinite. I offer 3 and 6 month packages that can be renewed as needed. We will set a target date to achieve your goal and check in regularly on progress.
  • I’ve tried Coaching before, how is Strength Based Astrology Coaching different?
    You will experience a unique mix of astrology, Positive Psychology, and strength based coaching. We will use a science based strengths assessment to help guide the process by incorporating your top strengths. Astrology will give extra insight to personality, self-growth potentials and pitfalls, and timing strategy.  Coaches are widely varied in style, technique, and training. That’s why it’s important to interact with a coach first to develop a sense of what working together would be like. Coaches are not a one size fits all. When you find the right Coach, you will find success.
  • How Much does it Cost?
    There are two packages. Get the full details on the Packages and Prices page - 3 months $875 - 6 months $1,550 You can renew and continue coaching depending on your unique needs.  Both packages include a 90 minute Natal and 90 minute Year Ahead astrology consultation, a strengths based assessment report on your top 5 strengths, coaching / consultation sessions, astrological timing, and an individualized future plan at the end of our time together (this applies to a 3 month package or longer).
  • Can I add-on more check-ins and/or consultations to a package?
    Yes you can add on check-ins and consultations as needed to any package. This is something we can talk about in the free initial consultation or during your journey with me.
  • What are your qualifications to Coach?
    There are a few things to consider when hiring a coach:  - Experience - Approach - What’s included in the Package - Synastry and Compatibility between us - Budget - Scheduling In terms of experience, I have over 15 years of providing counseling services. My experience is primarily from when I was in practice as a licensed psycho-therapist. While I remain a licensed clinician, I am no longer providing psycho-therapy services. I want to help people flourish in life and that’s why I decided to make a leap of faith and move from social services to my own private practice. For me, my career is a huge part of who I am. That is why I now am in service to you, someone who is a searcher and seeker in life and is looking for an experienced professional with an eclectic mix of skills. You may want to know some of my career experience. I have changed careers (from marketing in the entertainment industry to psychology and counseling), been promoted many times, received recognition rewards, built training programs, turned programs to black when they were in the red, chaired lots of committees, organized large events, managed managers, and held responsibility for multi-million dollar budgets. Those things can help you with your external goals. When it comes to our spirituality and emotional well-being, it’s important that a consultation relationship feels comfortable, that there is trust, and mutual respect. This can only be developed through interaction, which is why I offer a free initial consultation.  There are many types of work I could do, but I choose to be an astrologer, a coach who uses Positive Psychology, and someone who believes in employing our greatest strengths to grow in life and experience that deeper meaning. I help those who believe life is a journey to fill with adventure, growth, and fun. Then I help you get on the right track through astrology, finding your strengths, and letting them empower you to find more happiness in your life. That sounds a little fluffy, so here are the areas of life we will focus on: Your calling, destiny, profession and career Your resources, money and self-esteem Your health and vitality Your spirituality Your strengths and values Your opportunities and challenges Timing by astrology One reason why I switched from being a clinical therapist to a coach is my vast experience working with development of staff who reported to me. I discovered how much I enjoyed helping people find their talents and helped steer them in successful directions. Both personally and in their professional life. I take a holistic and solution focused approach to coaching. I foster a can do attitude toward challenging, but realist and attainable goals. Though I have many years of counseling and astrology experience, the key to a successful coaching partnership is the synastry and chemistry between us. We all have people we are a good fit with and those where we are not. I want to be sure we are a good fit, which is why I offer the Free Initial Consultation before you make a time and money commitment. I think the best way for you to know if I am the right coach for you is to book a free consultation. For more about me and my Astrological experience please go to my About me page.
  • What’s the difference between Coaching and Therapy ?
    Coaching is when someone helps another reach their goal, usually around career, personal growth, and skill building. Therapy is provided by a licensed clinician with specialized training to provide services based on a mental health diagnosis. Therapy services are usually covered by health insurance. Therapy is for those in need of services from trauma events. You could say that therapy is helping someone whose mental health is interfering with their ability to function in daily life. Coaching is for those who are functioning in daily life but want to achieve something, find deeper meaning in life, or engage in personal development. To go from functioning to flourishing. Another way of contrasting is the premise that therapy is about recovery and coaching is about well-being. Recovering from a mental or physical illness is not the same thing as engaging in well-being activities. Well-being activities can be used to supplement recovery, but used on their own, help a person increase in happiness and optimism. A person actively engaging in their well-being will experience higher satisfaction in life. There is actual science and statistics that support this statement through the work of Positive Psychologists.
  • What types of tools, techniques and activities will I experience?
    - Goal Setting - Homework - Time Management - Presentation Practice - Interviewing and CV/Resume - Research - Strengths and weaknesses lists and Pro/Con lists - Personality Tests - Vision Boarding - Record Keeping - Data Tracking  - Journaling - Oracle Cards - Business Plan  - Budgeting - Astrology Profile and Timing - Reframing and positive self-statements Not all tools will be used, just those that apply to your journey and we are not limited to the approaches I have listed. I like to be creative and draw on my vast experiences to support you in achieving your desired outcomes. Every persons Coaching plan is individualized. These are some examples of the most common tools. You have a voice in what we do, so if there is something in particular you want to do, let me know. The cool and unique thing about strengths based astrology coaching is the astrology piece. In addition to helping you achieve the outcome you desire, we utilize astrology to map out timing and maximize your talents.
  • What's the difference between Goals and Outcomes?
    I speak of goals and outcomes as separate because in my practice they differentiate a bit. Goals are what we use to benchmark your progress, they are measurable. I help you become a Goal Getter. Desired outcomes are like wishes or overarching wants that aren’t rigidly defined like a goal. 
  • What are some Outcome Examples
    - A successful career transition - Routine Healthy Eating Habits - Successful Business Launch or Grand Opening - Celebrating a completed work project - An increase in optimism and the feeling of happiness - Finding yourself - Setting off on a new adventure or journey  - Completing a home based project - Completing an education program - Developed a new skill - Increased Work Productivity - Peace from a decrease in stress and an increase in tranquility
  • How do I know which package is right for me?
    When we have your free initial consultation, we decide together what’s best for your success. Everyone’s journey is individual. We are all unique and so each person’s coaching needs should be individualized. That’s what we will do, personalize your coaching plan to meet your goals and needs.
  • Are custom packages available?
    Yes, Custom Packages are available. Please contact me to talk about your personalized needs.
  • What if I recently had a reading with you, is there a coaching package excluding the astrology consultations?
    Returning clients who have had a natal and/or Year Ahead consultation within the previous year can get a price adjustment on the package for the amount you paid for the previous consultation(s). I do not have this automated yet. Please contact me to get the special pricing code and instructions for how to get started with your Coaching package.
  • What if I just want Astrology or Coaching?
    You can book just Coaching or just Astrology sessions individually. Contact me to discuss a custom package. 
  • I’m already seeing a Life Coach, can we work together just on the Astro-timing part of Coaching?
    Yes Absolutely! I love working with other Coaches and collaborating. We can set it up how you want. I can work with you directly just the two of us, or join a team. Contact me to make arrangements or schedule a 3 or 6 month package.
Depth Astrology Sessions are for you if any of these describe what you are experiencing right now:
  • You want to understand timing to avoid disappointing outcomes and feeling discouraged and want to learn about what the timing of the sky says about upcoming opportunities

  • You think you should be farther along in life or feel like something is missing

  • You want help navigating your story and feeling more in control 

  • You feel like what you appear to be on the outside is no longer aligned with how you feel on the inside and are open to learning about how astrology can help you make sense of it all. 

  • You want to step away from what you ‘have to do’ and do what you ‘want to do’ 

  • You’re tired of living with your own needs unmet

  • No matter how hard you try, you find that you slip back into bad habits and patterns and don’t understand why. Why do I keep attracting the wrong type of partner, why don’t I attract material abundance, why do I keep overextending myself?

  • You’re an astrologer who spends a lot of time doing other peoples charts and have difficulty finding the time to focus deeply on your own chart

  • You’re experiencing a challenging activation in your chart

  • You want to feel empowered to overcome the obstacles you are experiencing. 

  • Other modalities have not worked for you like psychotherapy and coaching.


Depth Astrology Benefits & Solutions

Depth Astrology is a practice that meets you where you are in life. It wraps around you like an old friend that supports you where and when you need it. The Depth Astrology Sessions are a journey where when you reach the end, you find yourself in a better place than you were before.

Depth Astrology Sessions are designed to help you plan your most fulfilling life and improve your outcomes.

Depth Astrology is designed to be fluid and flowing so that each session takes in consideration what is going on in your life and astrology clarifies byproviding more information and timing.

This will be a satisfying experience if you are wanting to push the boundaries of self-knowledge and make discoveries about yourself that empower you to navigate your future in the direction you want to go.

You will have the opportunity to deepen your self-knowledge, improve your outcomes and break self-limiting patterns.

This is a rare opportunity to pause and take the time to look deeper into the most important person in your life, you!

By investing in Depth Astrology, you go deep into your chart, your history and experiences, and gain insight to patterns, destiny and timing.

You will walk away with improved clarity and insight to your personality makeup, your communication and relating style, opportunities and challenges in this lifetime, your life calling, and practical tools to use every day.

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