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Virgo New Moon

Virgo New Moon Date and Time

Thursday or Friday, September 14 or 15

6:40 PM, West Coast, USA

9:40 PM, East Coast, USA

3:40 AM, Rome, Italy

21 degrees Virgo

Virgo New Moon Overview

The Virgo new moon calls our attention to how our daily habits manifest into our long-term achievements. This is a good time to switch up your daily routine so that your valuable resource of time is going toward the most important priorities in your life.

The new moon is the first of eight phases in the monthly lunar cycle. The cycle represents the waxing growth of light to fullness and the waning darkening of the moon into darkness. This represents the cycle of life, death, rebirth and renewal that we see each month with a new moon.

The symbology of the monthly lunar cycle is a reminder from nature of the cyclical nature of all living things, and most non-animate things like companies, cars and careers. We are taught in western culture a more linear way of living that is contrary to the reality that life is a series of cycles with beginnings, middles and endings.

Linear living is focused on moving forward and upward. This doesn’t take into consideration that life isn’t usually a straight line. We have to zig zag, curve and pivot. Astrology reflects this back to us and offers a unique roadmap. Astrology is all about cycles. Each of the planets, the Sun and Moon move in cycles.

When you embrace cyclical living over linear, it makes sense of the reality of life. Living things and inanimate things have a birth, a peak, a period of maturity and wisdom and a winding down to rest and eventually die a metaphorical death in order to be reborn, to transition to its next cycle.

Cyclical versus linear living is a great topic to meditate on over this upcoming new moon weekend.

Virgo the New Moon Sign - A time of Harvest

Virgo is an earth sign that is highly adaptable and has a Mercurial quality thanks to its ruler Mercury. This is a sign that is both grounded as an earth sign and objective, rational and logical thanks to intellectual Mercury.

We have the Moon, Sun and Mercury retrograde traveling through Virgo on the new moon. Look to see where the house that Virgo occupies in your chart. You can get a free copy of your chart at and learn about the house meanings in my 'Astrology Houses' blog.

When I think of the sign of Virgo, I think of the harvest. Taking something in its raw form and then preparing it for consumption. When we harvest crops, they become food and ingredients. When we harvest plants they become essential oils and medicine. When we harvest our skills they become jobs and create innovations, and so on.

Think of what is going on in your life right now, what are you harvesting? Or better yet, what have you been growing that is ready to be harvested? Or is what you are growing still gestating? You have been doing something in the last few months and years of your life. What are you growing and in what stage are these things?

Do your crops need some treatments or remedies? Your crops are your investments. You have invested in them with one of your greatest resources in life, time. It is likely that over the last few months you have realized that some adjustments are necessary to move forward.

Libra Equinox

Just one week after the Virgo new moon is the Libra equinox. It’s the time of the year when the season changes. You can smell it in the air and feel it in the wind. This is the time of year when we experience equal amounts of sunlight and moonlight.

The Equinox takes place on September 22 or 23 depending on where you live. If you are in the northern hemisphere, you are moving into fall and if you are in the southern hemisphere, you are moving into the spring. Either way, spring or fall cleaning is a great thing to do around the equinox.

The Equinox is the time of the year when we are reminded to consider how well we are maintaining balance in our lives. The retrogrades will hopefully have shown you this information already.

The Virgo and Pisces axis has been highlighted in late August and most of September, and that asks us to evaluate our daily activities, Virgo, and how well they tie into our long-term vision, represented by Pisces.

When we move into Libra season, on the Equinox, the Libra and Aries axis is highlighted. We are asked to consider how well we are balancing our time between self and others. The question will be, ‘are you overly self-focused,’ ‘other-focused,’ or balanced? How is balance different between work, partner, friends and family?

Every year the Virgo new moon happens and the equinox happens, but the configuration of the other planets is not the same. This year, hours after the Virgo new moon phase begins, Mercury turns direct.

Mercury Retrograde Ends

Mercury is getting ready to turn direct after being retrograde since August 23rd. This period of time leading up to the Virgo new moon is a good time to review what you have sowed with your time and energy, and make lists for any needed course corrections. Start taking action on your list in the new moon phase.

Learning from reflection, introspection and review is most productive at this time. Mercury retrograde in the sign of Virgo gives a special kind of reflective reviewing power. It’s like a portal has opened giving you the opportunity to take an objective assessment of what you have been doing with your time on a day to day basis so you can decide if it is taking you where you want to go, or not.

The Mercury retrograde has a focus on reflecting backward so you can move forward. These Mercury retrogrades happen three times a year so that the progress you make when Mercury is direct can have a chance to settle by taking a short pause.

During Mercury retrogrades, review what you have done, evaluate what may be missing or needs to be updated, and then start implementing those changes by taking action in the post-retrograde shadow stage. We start that post retrograde shadow phase at the new moon and it lasts until September 30.

Spend this weekend taking action or putting together your action strategy because it will be supported by the new moon energy.

Virgo New Moon Opposite Saturn

This week’s Virgo new moon features Saturn opposite it, also in retrograde motion, in the sign Pisces. With Saturn and Mercury retrograde at the same time, in opposition on the Virgo/Pisces axis, there is a call to make adjustments to your daily routine in order to align yourself with your long-term vision, strategy and purpose.

With Mercury going direct in Virgo, opposite Saturn in Pisces, use this time period to heed Saturn’s call to keep your eye on your long-term vision as you decide what is important to keep in your daily and weekly calendar, and what to cut out.

Virgo New Moon Trine Jupiter

Jupiter connects with a few planets during the Virgo new moon, and it is also retrograde. All of these retrogrades contributes to the slower paced and introspective new moon vibe. Jupiter's typical optimism is more practical and less adventurous, it is grounded and realistic in earth sign Taurus.

Jupiter is more reflective and slow in retrograde motion. This can help keep you from over promising and under delivering. It carries the attitude of patience and perseverance that will pay off in the long run by tapping into your wisdom and applying it in a steady but consistent pace, as it expresses through the sign of Taurus.

Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus

Jupiter is traveling with Uranus, also in Taurus. This combination is like a spark for new innovation that contributes to material growth that builds steadily over time. Uranus is the planet of disruption, innovation and the unexpected.

If you feel stuck, be open to ideas that are ‘outside of the box’ or non-traditional approaches. You may also need to go with more practical or simple solutions. Simplifying may be the best solution if you are overloaded with too much work, especially detail work. Try to simplify.

In addition to traveling with Jupiter, Uranus makes a trine aspect with the Sun and Moon. This adds a bit of excitement to the new moon. The details and work that you are doing with the retrograde reflections will help you correct course, redesign and realign material from the past, and indicates that you can tap into innovative solutions as you are making updates, reframes and realignments on projects.

Many of us have picked up and worked on past or current projects that had been started but not finished during the Venus and Mercury retrogrades. Now is the time we should be heavily involved in taking action on what came up, and even wrapping some of the redesigns and realignments.

Tap into the innovative but practical tactics Jupiter and Uranus are serving up through the easy flowing trine between the earth signs Virgo and Taurus. Taurus is a fixed earth sign that likes a steady pace and realistic approach.

Virgo New Moon Intentions

Do your new moon intentions after the new moon phase starts, and write up some action items based on this reflection and introspective information that has come up over the last few months. Evaluate what you have been growing in your metaphorical ‘crops.’

Do you need to do some reframing of the words that you use? Sometimes just taking on a different perception of your past can help you move forward with inspiration. Instead of criticizing what you have done, focus on what went right and how you can learn and use your experience to move forward.

One of the Virgo traits that can be more of a shadow type of behavior is to let your inner critic run wild and your internal dialogue turn negative toward yourself. So a Virgo new moon intention would be to use self-compassionate language when talking to yourself.

Virgo loves order, it’s great at analyzing and assessing. You can tap into this energy for decluttering anything. You can solve problems with both intelligence and practicality. Virgo is symbolic with critical thinking. You can cut through the noise and get straight to the heart of the matter.

Get your chart out and look at what house Virgo occupies. The topics and people represented by that house will give you more information on what part of your life is going to be activated by the Virgo new moon.

Learn more about the astrology houses and what they represent in my 'Astrology Houses' blog.

Here are some activity ideas for you to do under the Virgo new moon:

  • Set your new moon intentions using my free guide, get it here

  • Go on a hay ride or get out into nature, take a walk near trees, pastures or fields

  • Virgo is an earth sign, put your feet on the ground, touch some dirt

  • Design a new health and well-being routine

  • Do a cleanse, Virgo is a sign that is connected with digestion and health

  • Set an intention to create and follow a plan for well-being

  • Organize your files, closet, desk, or do some spring/fall cleaning

  • Purge your closet and get rid of clutter in your home

  • Declutter any part of your life

  • Mercury turns direct later in the day Friday, be extra careful to be clear about dates and times when making plans for the rest of September

  • Schedule extra time between appointments

  • Drive extra carefully

  • Do your post Mercury retrograde strategy and start taking action

  • Because the ending and beginning of the new moon phases are when the moon goes to darkness and is then reborn, it can be a time when you feel more tired or in need of more rest, pace yourself so that you get the most out of the weekend and come out of it feeling refreshed

Mercury Retrograde Dates Recap

  • Pre-shadow began: August 3

  • Retrograde: August 23

  • Direct: September 15

  • Post-shadow ends: September 30

  • Degrees 21 to 8 Virgo

Virgo New Moon Inspirational Quote

‘Clutter is not just physical stuff, it’s old ideas, toxic relationships and bad habits. Clutter is anything that does not support your better self.’ - Eleanor Brown

‘To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.’ -Anatole France

In Summary

It’s time to start manifesting lasting improvements. Many things from the past may have re-emerged as priorities or unresolved matters that need attention. Learn from the introspection and reflection the retrogrades pulled you into, and put that information to work for you.

Tap into the Virgo energy of Mercury retrograde and the new moon and use your critical assessment. Come up with ways to improve your current projects. Use the Uranian innovation energy and practical Jupiter optimism to develop a clever strategy. Listen to the wisdom of Saturn and keep an eye on the long-term vision.

The pace of time will likely continue to seem a bit slower with so many planets retrograde, but we are coming out of it since Mercury and Venus will both be direct and picking up speed this weekend.

If you would like a personal astrology consultation to learn more about what is currently activated in your chart, what to expect from the retrogrades, or just a better understanding of your natal chart in general, please schedule a consultation with me.


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