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Virgo New Moon 2020

We have our monthly New Moon in the sign Virgo on Thursday, September 17 at 25 degrees Virgo. It takes place in the early morning for USA east coasters and while you are sleeping for west coasters. In Rome I will experience it at lunchtime.

4am West Coast | 7am East Coast | 1pm Rome, Italy

Symbolic Meaning of the New Moon

The meaning of a New Moon is symbolically a new beginning as the Moon starts her monthly phase at the New Moon. No new beginning comes without an ending, so it also symbolically represents the end of the last phase. The exact time of the New Moon marks this shift of energy between symbolic death and birth.

Though we have New Moons every month, they take on different flavors depending on the sign they are in. But even if you compare year to year New Moons when they happen in the same sign, the energy manifests in it’s unique way, never exactly the same. Why? Read on, I can explain.

The Sky is a Soap Opera

One of the things we do as astrologers is watch the moving positions of the planets and how they flavor the day with their ever changing relationships to each other. You could justifiably call the sky a soap opera. The main planet(s) giving off the most energy are the ‘stars.’ Haha pun intended. The other planets or points involved are the supporting characters.

Main Characters: Virgo New Moon and Sun in Virgo

In todays ‘story’ we are talking about this month’s New Moon. A New Moon is defined by the position of the Sun and Moon in the same exact degree and sign. That’s why the Sun and Moon are always the main characters in any Moon Phase story because a Moon Phase is simply the relationship between the Sun and Moon, or the amount of light the Moon is receiving from the Sun.

This month the Moon and Sun are expressing themselves through Virgo energy. Virgo energy loves to organize things in a practical and logical manner.

Supporting Characters: Neptune in Pisces and the Nodes

Other planets, and sometimes points, are the supporting actors to the main characters. When you watch a movie, you know those supporting characters impact the storyline even if they aren’t the headliners. Like Nick Fury to any Avenger. Each New Moon is different based on what is going on with all the different planets and points. This is why no two New Moons are the same.

Our supporting characters during this New Moon are the planet Neptune and the points in the sky called the Nodes. The Nodes are not physical bodies, but they mark a point in the sky that has to do with eclipses and fate. Neptune corresponds to faith, spirituality and dissolution of boundaries.

What’s interesting is that Neptune is in the opposite sign of the New Moon in Virgo, Pisces. Neptune and Pisces go together like spaghetti and meatballs, or peanut butter and jelly, or an amazing red wine with a cheese and salami plate. Two things you love together, you get the picture right?

Pisces likes to envision, dream, go beyond the rational and practical. Virgo is rational, likes facts and has perfected the art of constructive criticism. From a worldly perspective, this New Moon Virgo energy is showing us the extreme ends of listening to our instinctual heart or our rational mind. You could also say that Neptune is throwing diffusing and confusing energy toward our rational facts and objectivity.

The Nodes are in a square position challenging this duality. They are asking us to take in new information while releasing that which we no longer need. There is a fated element to this Virgo New Moon saying in order to find a balance between our spiritual self and our rational self, we must be open to take in new information while releasing old, outdated beliefs and ideas which no longer work for us.

On the World Stage

As this energy plays out in the world, it also plays out in our own individual charts. The areas of your life where you will feel this balancing tension through consumption and releasing depends on the date, time and location you were born.

The consumption North Node is in Gemini, it is looking for facts, taking in more and more information and processing it through the mind. This puts us at risk of releasing through the South Node in Sagittarius our spiritual side, ideals and beliefs, even if it doesn’t feel right. There is a risk that the imbalance we feel will be at the cost of our conscience. We are called upon by Neptune not to forget our spiritual side in the massive ocean of ‘rational facts’ and go back to our gut instincts for guidance.

On the Internal Stage

You can learn a lot more about yourself when you look at where this energy shows up in your chart. It’s easy to get a free birth chart online with the link I provide below. Since Astrology charts are made up of symbols, called glyphs in astrology, you will need a key if you don’t have them memorized. So I posted one on my site for you.

Using Neptune to balance the Virgo New Moon Sun and Moon Expression

When you sense that your actions and beliefs are contributing to the solution and not the problem, you are on the right path. This is something that spiritually lifts you up, not something that makes your blood boil, or drives you to argue or defend your standpoint.

It’s seeing these extreme opposites playing out in front of your eyes without choosing a side and empowering yourself to follow your heart leaving you with a sense of peace. Your body relaxes, your shoulders stop acting as ear muffs and relax. Your stomach isn’t doing flip flops. You disengage from Social Media and the news. You smile and find optimism in the dark, knowing that as this phase ends, another will begin.

My Virgo New Moon Wish for You

My New Moon Wish for you this Virgo New Moon is to find some balance and courageously move forward through one of the most difficult years of our lifetimes.

I hope you and your loved ones are safe from the multiple scary events taking place in our world right now. Balance can be very difficult to find in times of disaster, disease and divisiveness. Finding balance personally and within our communities may seem elusive, impossible, and in reality hard to sustain if we find it. But it is one way to do something that contributes to healing. It is something we can do individually that doesn’t cost money, only a little time and conscious awareness.

To get a free copy of your chart online click here

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