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Virgo New Moon

Virgo New Moon Dates

Monday 6 or Tuesday 7 September 5:52pm, West Coast, USA 8:52pm, East Coast, USA 2:52am, Rome, Italy Tuesday 7

Virgo New Moon: Details and Decluttering

The Virgo new moon is emanating a powerhouse of energy to get stuff done. Which is why the theme I am using for this months new moon is details and decluttering.

It happens to the most organized of us. One day things are in order, then one day there is a pile of stuff occupying the space. That ‘stuff’ symbolically slows down or even blocks the flow of energy. That’s why most of us feel so good when we declutter and organize our stuff. The energy flows better through and around us.

It’s like you can physically feel the flow moving. Everything looks in order and all is well in the world. Take advantage of this energy for the short spurt of time it lasts to declutter and organize something that is inhibiting energy flow around you.

It’s not only good for decluttering closets, rooms, and garages. But also any documents or computer files that have gotten messy or even out of control. Since we have moved online for more time than usual, it’s easy to find computer clutter.

The other space that can be cluttered is our mental and emotional space. We may be full of mind chatter that is unhelpful and distracts us from what is important. Emotional clutter has us ruminating on things that do not serve us and we wallow in emotions that bring us down. The new moon and the two weeks following are a good time to mind your mind and release emotions that do not serve our well-being.

If your mental flow isn’t flowing in the direction you want, it is a signal to declutter those thoughts. Mindfulness approaches are the best way to counter unhelpful and unwanted thoughts.

This new moon signals a time to sift through your physical, emotional, and mental clutter piles and organize. The new moon is the best time to set your intentions around what you want to declutter.

It may be that your decluttering processes need more time. This new moon will foster brilliant ideas for how to proceed. Write them up during your new moon intention setting. You will be able to envision the process and new organization systems vividly. Then take the time over the next two weeks to take action and knock out your list.

Creating new systems is indicated at this time. So is detailed planning for what you want to do. Long term plans are highlighted as well at this time so think bigger than one closet. Perhaps you want to organize the whole house. Or you want to sign up for a mindfulness class.

Mercury is going to slow down and go retrograde at the end of the month and all through October. You may actually finish some of these bigger projects during the retrograde. Mercury retrograde happens three times a year giving us a chance to pause, revise, and review.

The projects you dream up for your new moon intentions will be realistic thanks to Saturn, the planet of time, being active at the time of the new moon. Big things can still be realistic if you have a practical plan.

Set your intentions and draw up your plan for what you want to accomplish on the new moon. Then put your plan into action the two weeks after the new moon. The next days after the new moon are the best time to take advantage of this energy that is detail oriented and declutter focused.

Virgo Archetypes

Sometimes Virgo gets a bad rap for that shadow side stuff. Like being the overly critical nitpicker, the over the top iceberg when it comes to sexuality, or the hypochondriac who gets every disease just by thinking about it. It’s laughable just reading it. Right?

Okay let’s just throw out the sexual iceberg right now. Virgo is a sensual earth sign, nuff said. Let’s just leave those stereotypical shadow sides behind. Virgo has so many great qualities to admire.

As someone with some fairly prominent Virgo in my chart, I can say from experience I love The Analyst Archetype and how it shows up in my life.

The Analyst

As a Mercury ruled sign, Virgo is the sign with extraordinary analytical skills. This is the archetype on the team who keeps track of what is going on, when, and where. A team with this archetype is already ahead of the game and will deliver a quality result on time.

This archetype is able to consider a large amount of data at the same time, make sense of it, and knead it into something better. Which kinda brings in a couple of other Virgo lovable archetypes, The Magician and The Alchemist.

Virgo’s can compute very quickly. Which also brings about some of the shadow side, the critic. Not only does Virgo criticize whatever is slowing down the process. But Virgo is highly self-critical and constantly trying to meet perfection. So keep in mind that striving to do your best is admirable. But if you go for perfectionistic, you may be pushing too hard and cross over to the dark side of becoming critical. That’s not helpful for you or anyone around you.

Watch out for the Virgo shadow archetype The Criticizer showing up in this new moon energy. Throw it out with the clutter. Open some space, and let the energy flow like the amazing organizational Virgo the magician does.

Natural Health and Astrology Virgo New Moon Video

Every month I co-host a show called Natural Health and Astrology with Health Coach and Naturopath Annabelle Fraser. We talk about the emotional quality of the New Moon and how to use essential oils to work with the lunar energy.

This month’s Virgo New Moon topic is ‘Detail and Declutter’ Lori and Annabelle, Episode 15 Natural Health and Astrology

This essential oil recommendation we talk about on the Virgo New Moon show is a mix called Purity from doTerra. The description of this mix is from Annabelle. You can purchase the doTerra oils from her if you wish.

Purify from doTerra is the oil of purification and perfecto for decluttering. It is a mix of lemon Siberian fir, citronella, lime, tea tree, and cilantro. It has a wonderfully clean and refreshing scent. Emotionally it helps us release toxic emotions and wash away negative influences. By releasing the old we become open and to the new. It’s an excellent oil to diffuse and clear away negative energy as well as cleanse the air of odors or germs.

You can put a drop in your hands, rub and inhale, or apply 1-3 drops to the soles of your feet. If you can’t get a hold of this essential oil blend by the new moon, get a few lemons, breathe in the freshness, and freshen the air with fresh lemon juice.

You can watch the show on my Astrology Facebook page. Our YouTube channel will be open soon and then you can subscribe to watch it there. We are in the testing phase now and hope to get you the link to our channel soon.

In honor of our practical Virgo sign who excels at getting things done. This months intention list of suggestions is short, but succinct:

  1. Set your intentions around being practical and down to earth.

  2. Notice things in your life that need grounding and journal about them.

  3. Improve or start a new health routine.

  4. Make intentions to declutter (office, home, mind, body, emotions).

  5. Get organized and get things done.

  6. Write up an action plan and to do list.

Empowering Things to start during the 2 week New Moon Phase

  1. Do Feng Shui in your house.

  2. Do a cleanse.

  3. Organize social gatherings.

  4. Organize your routines and daily habits in preparation for the Mercury retrograde.

  5. Declutter your house and closets.

  6. Implement action plans you wrote as part of your new moon intentions.

  7. Get a massage or any type of bodywork, Virgo is an earth sign.

  8. Work on paperwork details and finalize contracts.

  9. Volunteer for a cause where you provide a service and help people.

Journaling Prompts

  1. Where is there clutter in my life (physical, emotional, mental)?

  2. What 3 action steps can I do this week to start decluttering?

  3. What needs to be organized and put into a routine?

  4. How can I take better care of myself?

  5. Is my health routine healthy?

Wrap Up

This time of the year is good for some fall decluttering. We clean in the spring and declutter in the fall coinciding with the two equinoxes that happen at the same time of the year. It’s when we have equal hours of day and night, and balance is a theme.

Bring some balance in your life by decluttering the piles that have built up physically, emotionally, and mentally. Decluttering can be just as much of a spiritual experience as it is a physical experience.

Take some time on Tuesday to declutter that which needs to be organized. Set your new moon intentions around what you will organize and declutter. Any type of projects that require details can be successfully attended to in the new moon phase.

May your decluttering process bring a refreshing flow of energy into your life.


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