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Virgo Full Moon

Put order to something by visualizing what you want to manifest.

Virgo Full Moon Times and Dates

Saturday 24 February

4:30 AM, West Coast, USA

7:30 AM, East Coast, USA

1:30 PM, Rome, Italy

5 degrees Virgo

Virgo Full Moon Overview

The full moon is culminating this weekend on Saturday. Full Moons symbolize when something blooms, comes to fruition and full of the Sun’s energy. The sign of this month’s full moon is Virgo, receiving its light from the Sun, currently in the sign of Pisces.

Virgo is an earth sign known for critical assessment, organizational skills and a keen eye for order. This sign represents the ability to bring chaos to order and can manage detailed work. Virgo is an earth sign which indicates the Virgo nature of being practical, pragmatic and sensual.

Pisces, the sign of the Sun, is about vision, the big picture, unity, service and connection. Pisces energy can be highly empathic and can have difficulty holding boundaries. Pisces is a water sign which indicates its sensitive nature and ability to intuit the emotions of others and situations.

Both Virgo and Pisces are mutable signs. They can adapt to situations. Virgo will use its analytical skills to figure out an efficient way to adapt while Pisces can morph into different shapes and forms to adapt to a situation.

Both signs are great for being able to change and adapt to a fast-paced environment requiring flexibility. However, they have more difficulty holding a steady course and neither are known for having exceptional skills at starting something. They are at optimum adapting or changing directions.

Virgo Full Moon Intention Setting

This full moon, the Moon and Sun are in a changeable mood and you can use this to your advantage. Considering the axis between Virgo, putting things in order - and Pisces, seeing the greater vision, this is a great time to put order to something by visualizing what you want to manifest.

Full Moon Mantra: Put order to something by visualizing what you want to manifest

That can be your full moon mantra. Think about what your greatest priorities are right now, and where you could benefit from adding details to your plan and/or make lists of tasks to accomplish over time.

The full moon is a good time to daydream or meditate on the big picture. What do you want to manifest? When looking ahead the next six months to a year, what is it that you hope to accomplish between now and then?

Your Virgo Full Moon Chart Activations

You can look to the Virgo and Pisces astrology houses in your chart to get a more detailed understanding of what life areas are activated in your chart over this full moon weekend. You will also want to see what house Taurus and Aquarius occupy in your chart as I will cover planets in those signs below.

You can refer to my blog on Astrology Houses to learn more about the topics, themes and people associated with each house.

If you don’t have a copy of your chart, you can get it free online. Here are two sites I recommend: and

Planetary Activity During the Virgo Full Moon

Saturn and Mercury

Saturn and Mercury are highlighted in the full moon configuration this weekend. They are both traveling through the sign of Pisces, along with the sun. Pisces is the sign that is across from, or opposite from, the sign of Virgo where the full Moon takes place.

All three (Sun, Saturn, Mercury) are facing the new Moon representing a mirror and bringing to consciousness the bigger picture, a reflection from a different perspective and a reminder of choices.

The light coming from the Sun can light up blindspots and help you become aware of your own projections that you are placing on others. We all have this configuration somewhere in our charts, so you could also experience other people becoming aware of projections they place on you.

Saturn and Mercury and the Sun in Pisces, remind us that in order to effectively do our busy day-to-day work, which is represented by Virgo, we need to have a bigger vision of where we're going, what it is we want to achieve and what the biggest priorities are in life.

That way the busy day-to-day stuff actually takes you in the direction where you want to go in the long run. This full Moon calls our attention to the daily tasks we do as they relate to the long-term bigger vision. Days can easily slip by without us doing the small baby steps needed to achieve long-term goals and vision.

Use the Virgo full moon energy to become aware of any priorities that aren't getting enough of your attention to become a realized manifestation in the long-run. Then come up with small action tasks that you can add into your daily schedule.

Mercury is the home planet of Virgo and this gives special importance to its placement across from the Virgo full moon this weekend. It is in the opposite sign of its own sign. It opens the possibility to see things from a different perspective and to become aware of blind spots as it relates to experiences that are coming up for you right now.

To better understand these blind spots, look at the Pisces house of your chart and the topics related to that house. Spend some time thinking about what new awareness is coming up for you right now.

Or how you might be expanding your ability to see a situation from a different perspective. There is new wisdom coming through to you in these new insights coming through. Pay attention.

Planets and the Sun

Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus

Jupiter contributes to this visionary outlook of the full moon as it makes a harmonious relationship with Saturn, Mercury and the sun in Pisces, and a harmonious relationship with the Moon in Virgo.

We have the gas pedal with Jupiter, helping us to think big or visualize the bigger picture with gusto and optimism. And we have Saturn involved, giving access to the brake pedal to slow down anything moving too fast.

Saturn will help you visualize a realistic big picture, calling your attention to vision and goals that don’t have a solid and structured strategy.

Mars, Venus and Pluto in Aquarius

At the last new moon February 9, Mars and Venus were traveling together but in the sign of Capricorn. Now they've both moved into Aquarius, along with Pluto. While these planets in Aquarius don't make a relationship with the full moon, Sun, Mercury or Saturn, they do make a relationship with Jupiter and widely with Uranus.

This relationship is an activating and growth oriented type of astrology aspect called a square. A square puts on the pressure to make something happen, it’s a catalysis, activating a growth oriented type of tension.

The square relationship between these planets can represent a time where opportunities or change comes knocking on your door whether you are ready or not. It’s best to flow with this type of energy rather than resist. Change doesn’t usually go away just because you want it to.

You may be called to recognize behavior patterns or thinking that has become outdated. It’s time to open your mind to new ways of doing these things. The planetary line up at the Virgo full moon is a great time to do this type of self-development.

Working with Fixed Energy

Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus and Venus, Mars and Pluto in Aquarius are all in fixed signs. The parts of your chart activated by these planets are the parts of life that tend to be steady and stable for you. It also represents the parts of your chart that are designed to stay the course and where you are most likely to resist change.

With so many planets activating these parts of your chart, you are likely to experience discomfort with the way things are while at the same time resisting or refusing to change. You will have a much better experience if you can find ways to embrace change and frame change as opportunities to improve your outcomes.

This can be a really good time to come up with new ways of doing things and it can also help you visualize something new. Create a new vision that has been brewing for a while but only now is becoming clear to you.

This concept of creating new ideas and innovative solutions is even further supported with Venus, Mars and Pluto in the innovative and reform oriented sign of Aquarius.

These five planets are actively pushing you to come up with something new or a different way of doing things, as it relates to where you are stuck or resistant to change. While the full moon is asking you to see the two sides of Virgo and Pisces.

Virgo is about the detail work and Pisces is about the vision. You have Saturn in Pisces asking you to keep the long-term vision in mind while implementing a realistic and structured strategy.

Adaptable Full Moon Energy

Consider the energy of the planets in fixed signs as a backdrop and theme that enhances and helps ground the highly changeable and mutable energy of the full Moon in Virgo and Sun in Pisces.

The luminaries are sending energetic vibes that embrace a changing environment. This will help in breaking old limiting habits and patterns so you can bring in some new and fresh possibilities.

Virgo Full Moon Quote

‘Use the analytical energy of the Virgo full moon to visualize your desired outcomes, bringing structure and order to the vision you want to manifest by the end of the year.’

Things to Do under the Virgo Full Moon

  • Do a full moon ritual for Virgo’s element earth using my guide with a ritual for each element by clicking here.

  • Take some uninterrupted time this weekend to meditate, do a guided meditation or some daydreaming where you visualize what you want to manifest this year. Then start writing up a structured plan for how you are going to get there.

  • Notice where you are hitting some brick walls and where you can easily move something forward. What messages are you receiving from the universe?

  • This is a time where you can tap into creative solutions and innovative ideas. Take the time to be open to something new or different.

  • Clean up any clutter in your office or home and put order into those locations. Focus on the part of your home directly related to your long-term goals.

    • Looking to get pregnant, enhance the children part of your home.

    • Looking to meet a new partner or spice up your current relationship? Clear out and enhance the relationship part of your home.

    • Want to bring more abundance into your career and income? Clear out clutter and enhance the wealth and abundance part of your home and office.

    • Bring some Feng Shui into your home or office to invite new energy into your space.

    • We just had the Chinese lunar new year, learn about the Wood Dragon and how you can welcome this new energy into your life.

  • Virgo is related to health, especially dietary health and the digestive system. If you have been wanting to start a new health program like diet, exercise or adding well-being breaks to your day, this is a good time to implement them. You could do a fast, sign up with a gym, start a yoga practice, get a trainer or make a healthy meal planner.

  • Virgo is also about alternative medicine. This is a good time to start seeing an acupuncturist, massage therapist or visit a homeopathic doctor.

Virgo Full Moon Wrap Up

All planets are direct as we continue through a time period where the focus is future oriented. The Virgo full moon and Pisces Sun ask us to look at the two sides of their axis - detailed work and the big picture or vision.

The other planets support finding innovative ideas and creative solutions as it relates to breaking old outworn thinking or behavior patterns. They can indicate a time where you become aware of where you are resisting change.

Use the mantra over this full moon weekend: Put order to something by visualizing what you want to manifest.

Go deeper in your chart by looking at where Virgo and Pisces are in your chart. If you aren’t sure, book a consultation with me to look at your astrology chart.


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