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Virgo Full Moon

Virgo Full Moon Date and Time February 27, 2021 12:17am West Coast, USA 3:17am East Coast, USA 9:17am Rome, Italy 8 degrees Virgo

It’s Full Moon time. This Full Moon we have a shift of elements offsetting the overwhelming amount of air we have been experiencing.

Earth and Water Elements Shift the Astro Weather

The Sun, our light and giver of life, and Venus, the planet of relationship and justice, will have both shifted into water sign Pisces for this Full Moon on February 27. The Full Moon will be in earth sign Virgo. The Pisces energy brings a shift from the head and mental energy to the heart, compassion, empathy and soul. 

Virgo Full Moon Energy

The Virgo Full Moon will help us ground our emotions and get in touch with our body. At times our emotions and mental state get disconnected from our body. This was especially likely when we had the pile up of planets in Aquarius earlier in February. During this Full Moon tune in to your body, listen to what is it saying.

Are you feeding your body with healthy food? Are you de-stressing or distressing your body after a long day at work, or from sitting all day. Do a body scan and plan to do some self-care. Virgo is an earth sign, do something that grounds you. For example exercise, yoga, a brisk walk, acupuncture, or a massage.

The Moon in earth sign Virgo brings an element of practicality to the astro weather. The majority of February was full of stubborn mental thinking, rebellion, and detachment from the emotional harm of information overload due to the abundance of planets in the air sign Aquarius. As the energy shifts, take some time to tune in and listen to what your body, mind and spirit is telling you.

Sun and Venus in Pisces Energy

As the compassionate and adaptable energy of Pisces enters the picture and opens the door for two opposing sides to stop digging their heels in the ground. It’s time to start the healing and mending.

Pisces likes to connect, unify, and be all as one. Starting late February and going on in March, we will have this Pisces energy, giving us hope and faith that things can and will change for the better. 

At the same time we have this friction between Saturn, the planet of the establishment and tradition trying to hold on to power while it is being challenged by Uranus, the bringer of unexpected change and rebellion.

As fellow humans, we know how complex life can be. And that we can have both difficult things and good feeling things happening at the same time.

I do believe the Pisces energy will bring the temperature down a bit and help us humans connect more gently to our hearts and find more similarities than differences in others. We can see the greater local, state, and world community reflect the same thing on a social level as what we may be experiencing as individuals.

Virgo Full Moon Self-Care

Do a self-care ritual this Full Moon by eating natural and healthy foods, taking some quiet time for meditation, yoga or a brisk walk, use essential oils, or get a massage. Do something that makes your body feel good and lifts your spirit. Virgo is an earth sign, so something physical will make your whole body feel good. Your mind, spirit and body.

Full Moons are a time of releasing. Every month I write a Full Moon Releasing Ritual based on the zodiac sign of the Moon and talk about it on my show called Natural Health and Astrology. It’s a livestream video on Facebook with my co-host Annabelle Fraser, Natural Health Coach. We record every Full and New Moon talking about the Moon sign and how to self-care. I hope you will join us or listen to the replay.

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