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Taurus New Moon

Solidify Your Long-Term Vision

Taurus New Moon Date and Time

Tuesday, 7 May

8:22 PM, West Coast, USA

11:22 PM, East Coast, USA

Wednesday, 8 May

5:22 AM, Rome, Italy

18 degrees Taurus

Taurus New Moon Overview

New moon symbology is about new beginnings, growth, action, refocusing, refreshing, a new cycle, preparation, rest and quiet time. Take extra time for sleeping and dreaming the days before, during and after the new moon. 

The Sun and Moon are traveling through the sign of Taurus. Taurus is an earth sign, very grounded and practical. People with prominent Taurus energy in their chart tend to have their feet firmly planted on the ground.

Qualities of Taurus are steadfast, consistent, reliable and stubborn. As one of the zodiac signs of Venus, Taurus takes great pleasure in satisfying the senses. There is an appreciation for aesthetics and collecting beautiful things.

Taurus is a fixed sign, one of the most stubborn signs of the zodiac. There is an appreciation and a desire for the expected in daily life.

As we are in a time of great change, the topics and themes associated with the Taurus part of your chart may be feeling extra tension due to change coming from within or from external situations outside of your control.

Taurus is not a sign that tends to want change. It works best when maintaining the status quo keeping things going at a steady pace. When change comes knocking, it can be unsettling or frustrating. The mantra to use is 'I embrace change.'

Use this mantra: 'I Embrace Change'

Taurus archetypes are: The Builder, Art Collector, Foodie, Provider, Earth Lover, Sensualist.

Taurus Glyph

Taurus New Moon and Planetary Activity

Many planets are traveling through the zodiac sign Taurus: Venus, Sun, New Moon, Uranus and Jupiter. We are still collectively experiencing the energy from the April 21 meeting of visionary Jupiter with innovative Uranus.

Jupiter has continued on, but they are still in each other's sights. We can continue to infuse our projects with this energy until May 26, when Jupiter moves into the sign of Gemini.

Projects you have started in this time period, late April and early May of 2024, have this innovative and realistic energy baked into them. This is a lovely expression of having a new vision that is grounded in reality in the sign of Taurus.

If you don’t already have a long-term goal or vision, now is a good time to make one.

Saturn comes into the picture with a tight sextile to the Sun and New Moon. A sextile indicates harmonious and active energy. Saturn is about long-term strategy, efficiency and consolidation.

Saturn is in Pisces, looking the big picture and vision for the long-term. It’s time to sink into a new routine where you build something that will take time to grow and mature. 

Focus on things that need to grow at a steady pace over time. It's about the long build, not the get rich quick type of energy. Break down your vision or strategy into actionable tasks and add them to your calendar with recurring items and reminders to stay on track.

What you invest in now can have a big payoff over the long term if you have the patience and steadfastness of Taurus to stubbornly and steadily plow through the time needed to see your vision through.

Venus and Mars are each traveling through one of their own signs expressing their natures in their own preferred style. Mars is direct and assertive in its own sign of Aries and Venus is down to earth, sensuous, delighting in luxury or pleasures of the five senses.

This is a good time to have pleasurable experiences. Get out and move about. Mars in Aries likes to move and Venus is Taurus likes to do things that feel good.

Combine the two and have some excellent sensual experiences like dancing to your favorite music or creating a new music playlist for walking. Get some new workout clothes that are comfortable and make you feel good, and then get out and move your body.

Mercury is moving forward now after going direct on March 25. It continues to express its nature through the sign of Aries. Mercury in fiery Aries provides the courage to say what needs to be said in a direct, passionate, expressive and at times forceful way. 

We are in the post-retrograde shadow phase until May 14. Utilize this time to wrap up any retrograde review and reflection work, and begin integrating what you have learned. Any resolutions to situations can be implemented, integrated and pushed forward now.

Mercury Retrograde Dates

  • Pre-Shadow: 19 March

  • Retrograde: 1 April

  • Direct: 25 April

  • Post-Shadow: 14 May

  • Degrees 27.13 Aries to 15.59 Aries

Find a complete list of Retrograde Dates for 2024.

In Your Chart

To look deeper into the new moon in your horoscope, find the astrology houses the planets are traveling through in your chart. Here are the areas to look for:

  • Taurus: Sun, New Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Uranus

  • Pisces: Saturn and Neptune

  • Aries: Mars, Mercury

  • Aquarius: Pluto

If you would like to learn more about your personal astrology chart, schedule a consultation with me. If you don’t have a copy of your chart, you can get one free with one of the online calculators. I recommend either or

Taurus New Moon Activity Ideas

  • Set your new moon intentions in nature, close to the earth, or on the sand by the beach. Take off your shoes if possible and get your feet connected to the earth, the element of Taurus. Use my New Moon Intention Setting Guide for a step-by-step approach.

  • Review your long-term vision and how you plan to take action on it. Taking action at this time is a good idea for your long-term goals. A slow but steady growth plan is a winning strategy.

  • Intentionally please your senses. What you see, smell, hear, taste and feel on your skin can bring great pleasure. Do something to stimulate your senses like an aromatherapy massage with calm music followed by a refreshing or calming cup of tea. Try these mindful approaches to self-care.

  • Take action! Mercury retrograde is over. It’s time to look forward again. Get moving on new projects and life situations. Put into action solutions that you found when reviewing during Mercury retrograde. Take forward-focused action.

  • Seek out the obstacles keeping you from moving forward. How many are coming from within, self-generated? How many obstacles are you experiencing externally, from situations outside of your control? Come up with practical solutions to overcome these obstacles.

  • Refresh your home by doing some spring or fall cleaning, change out or buy new linens for the season and do your annual routines for the seasonal change.

  • Combine Venus and Mars expressions in their own sign. Take assertive action (Mars in Aries) toward indulging in pleasing your five senses (Venus in Taurus). For example, go dancing to your favorite music or make a sensual playlist and have some fun with your partner.

Taurus New Moon Inspirational Quote

‘If your short-term goals are too high, you may give up too soon. If your long-term goals are too low, they may not give you enough enthusiasm to drive you over the bumps in the road along the way. -Darren LaCroix

Wrap Up Recap 

The Taurus new moon is a fertile time to take action and move forward. Mercury is now direct, asking you to take action on new ideas that have come up for you. While Jupiter and Uranus are traveling together, there is still innovative energy you can tap into. 

Venus and Mars are traveling in their home signs opening up vital energy from our relationship-oriented planets. Saturn reminds us that long-term vision can only be manifested by steady and long-term effort.

Don't set your goals too low, challenge yourself. Don't set goals so high that they are too far out of your reach. Only you know what is realistic for your life situation, and Taurus excels at being realistic. Now is a good time to invest your energy in your long-term goals.


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