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Taurus New Moon

It’s a Busy Sky: Taurus New Moon Astro-Weather Report

The Taurus New Moon is sensual by nature. It’s mixed up with a few other important planetary energies in the sky bringing a more social flavor which will enhance the pleasure seeking energy of Taurus. So expect this second week of May to bring an electric mix of energy and sensuality.

You may feel pulled in a few different directions that are exciting. Jupiter is changing signs which means a shift will take place somewhere in your astrology chart. The other astrology event is a dynamic aspect, or relationship, between the planets Mars and Uranus.

New Moon in Taurus Date: May 11, 2021 21 degrees 11:59am West Coast, USA 2:59pm East Coast, USA 8:59pm Rome, Italy

Jupiter Changes Signs from Aquarius to Pisces

This is a big deal. For two years Jupiter has been traveling through Saturn ruled signs. This makes optimistic and adventurous Jupiter more serious than usual. Now Jupiter gets to spread his wings in his own sign. Oh yeah, happy dance for Jupiter.

In astrology we say Jupiter travels through a zodiac sign a year. It’s not exact to the date, but you get the picture of the average amount of time this planet travels through one sign. Because of retrograde movement, sometimes a retrograde planet will cross back and forth from one sign to another. This is the case this month with Jupiter.

Jupiter will go into Pisces until the end of July. At the end of July Jupiter will go back into Aquarius until the end of December 2021, when he returns to Pisces for the majority of 2022. That gives us a few months of super happy Jupiter swimming through one of his traditionally ruled signs.

What does that mean for you? Somewhere in your chart, the signs Aquarius and Pisces are in charge of a particular topic of life. You can find out where by looking at the signs on the houses around the wheel of your natal chart. That is where you will feel an energy shift.

If you don’t have your chart, you can get a free one online here. Or contact me and I will help you.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, opportunity, and adventure. The topic of life that is shifting in your chart, the Pisces part of your chart, will get an infusion of energy, probably some luck, and a general expansion of energy in that area.

Mars and Uranus

The contact, called an aspect in astrology, between these two planets is a smooth and easy flow. There are different types of aspects, this one is called a sextile. Mars is the planet of action, energy, and movement. Uranus is the planet of rebellion, innovation, and freedom. They both operate with great dynamism.

The flow of energy this meeting will cast down to us humans on earth is an electric kind of vibe. We may feel driven to do something, start something, or just move. Like a jolt of energy, or a bolt of lightning, it hits you and you get moving. When I was a kid we used to have a saying about wiggly kids, you know the ones who can’t stand still.

‘She’s got ants in her pants and wants to dance.’

That is a good metaphor for this energy. This connection between Mars and Uranus is exact by degree on the same day as the New Moon, wowza! You will feel the energy growing a few days before and the fading away a few days after. Maybe even now as you are reading this you are already feeling it.

Considering the New Moon is in sensual and practical earth sign Taurus, it is an interesting mix. Expect this astro-weather to give you some extra energy, but with practicality, and more in tune with your senses. The place where Taurus resides in your chart will give you more information where your senses will be heightened.

New Moon in Taurus

Back to the main subject, the Taurus New Moon. Considering all the energy I just mentioned, we mix in this sensual New Moon. New Moons are a time of planting a seed, reviewing, reflecting and setting goals, and starting things.

The sign Taurus is one of the most practical signs of the zodiac. It is also one of the most sensual. This is the New Moon for indulging in some sensual pleasures. Sex may be the first thing you thought of, and yes, indulge in somma that if it’s right for you!

Pleasure is a broad category, so while sexual pleasure is certainly on the menu for this new moon, there are many other ways to indulge. Think about the five senses. Appreciate the beauty you see, the sounds you hear, the tastes in your mouth of your favorite food or beverage, a caress on your skin, and an aroma you love to smell.

Your senses are highlighted at the time of this new moon. Taurus is one to savor the things that excite your senses. I am sure you can list plenty of delicious sensual things you will enjoy. In case you would like some more ideas, I have listed some below to mix in to your Taurus New Moon ritual.

There is the practical side of Taurus that we want to pay attention to at this new moon as well. Taurus is the sign of routine, reliability, and steadfastness. This would be a great time to set intentions around any new routine you want to become habit. You can practically approach projects now, especially physical ones. Like that project waiting for you in the garage.

Considering the bolts of energy and action that are in the astro-weather, you should have some extra energy to help kick off your new moon intentions this month. It’s a nice touch to have some lucky Jupiter energy kicking in at the same time somewhere in your chart.

For this month’s Taurus New Moon Ritual, I have put together some ideas for you that tantalize your senses and delight your soul. Some of these ideas can be done in the two weeks after the new moon, like setting an appointment and getting a massage.

Do your actual New Moon Ritual of intention setting within a day or two after the phase starts. The date and time are above at the top. The ideas below are supplemental ideas for this months Taurus New Moon. For the free New Moon Ritual that can be used every month for all of the zodiac signs, click below.

Taurus New Moon Ideas

  1. Include earth in your ritual. 

  2. Sing, chant, or read affirmations out loud. Taurus is affiliated with the throat and gemini with communication. 

  3. You may be experiencing a shift of energy, a new flow from unstuck energy moving around you. This is a great time to set up new and healthy routines that go with this new flow.

  4. Taurus is a sensual earth sign, perhaps the most sensual in the zodiac. Introduce some new sensual ideas in the bedroom with your partner.

  5. Get new lingerie.

  6. Cook your most favorite and delicious meal and share it with people you care about.

  7. Write a love letter with a pen on paper.

  8. Have a get together with your friends, even if it’s on Zoom.

  9. Treat yourself with new beauty products, creams, and moisturizers. Get a mud bath or salt scrub.

  10. Sign up to a self-care retreat.

  11. Visit an art museum or other places that hold things you find beautiful, like a garden or historical site.

  12. Plant something in the ground, pull weeds, and care for your plants. Talk to them and give them some love. 

  13. Listen to music you love

  14. Do things that excite and delight your senses

Use Lavender Essential Oil

Every month I co-host a show called Natural Health and Astrology with Health Coach and Naturopath Annabelle Fraser. We talk about the emotional quality of the New Moon and how to use essential oils to work with the lunar energy.

This essential oil recommendation and description is from Annabelle, and you can purchase the oils from her if you wish. To participate in the live show, join the Facebook group Natural Health Italy. Or you can watch the replay, which will be available on my Astrology Facebook page.

Lavender is the essential oil of communication and calm. If you don’t already have a bottle, or two, at home, I highly recommend getting some. I have one in my purse, on my desk, in my kitchen, and before I started working remotely, I always had a bottle on my desk at work.

Lavender helps us to allow ourselves space to get win touch with what we truly think and feel, and express our true thoughts and feelings. It is very calming to the nervous system, helping us to slow down and relax. To use lavender you can inhale it, diffuse, or apply 1-3 drops directly to the throat or the nape of the neck. Enjoy!

Wrap Up

This upcoming Taurus New Moon has a mix of energies going on at the same time. While they each shine their own vibe, we will experience them at the same time.

You may feel grounded and connected with your senses as you connect with the Taurus new moon. It’s a great time to set some new intentions around, routines and self-care.

You will likely feel electrified and motivated to start something with that Mars and Uranus energy mixing it up. And a part of your chart will shift focus when Jupiter changes signs from Aquarius to Pisces.

Enjoy this rush of new energy igniting the sky the second week of May.

Practice self-care every new moon by setting your intentions and full moon releasing rituals. Every month I deliver free resources for how to work with the new and full moon energy. Get this information delivered to your inbox by dropping your email below.


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