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Taurus New Moon

Lunar Eclipse

Taurus New Moon Date and Time

Saturday 30 April 2022 1:28pm, West Coast, USA 4:28pm, East Coast, USA 10:28pm, Rome, Italy 10 degrees Taurus

Taurus New Moon and Solar Eclipse

Around every six months we have eclipse season. It’s a season because they come in pairs, or sometimes there are three eclipses in a row. It depends. Eclipses always occur at the new or full moon.

This eclipse season will bring a pair of eclipses in the signs Taurus and Scorpio. The first eclipse happens with the Taurus new moon. Then two weeks later we will have a lunar eclipse in Scorpio with the full moon May 16. 

When we have an eclipse occur with the moon cycle, it signifies a more potent energetic signature. The thing is that not everyone will encounter eclipse-like experiences. You can think of eclipses like wild cards. That said, astrology can give us some guidance.

If you are a Taurus or Scorpio sun, moon, or ascendant, you are more likely to encounter the potency of this eclipse season. If you have personal planets in Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, or Aquarius, around ten degrees, you are more likely to feel the energetics of the eclipses.

Eclipses can bring unexpected change, positive or unwanted, and uncover hidden problems. There are some who experience eclipse energetics before or after the eclipse, and even a month to six months after. Many people go through an eclipse season experiencing none of the above. It really depends on your chart.

The way we can all watch for how the eclipses play out in our lives is to know what astrology houses contain Taurus and Scorpio. That will guide you to the topics, events, and people most likely to be activated, triggered, or reflect eclipse energetics in your life. These are the parts of your individual chart that are activated by the Taurus new moon and the solar eclipse.

If you don’t know where Taurus and Scorpio are in your chart, read about how to find that and use a free online calculator in my ‘Ascendant’ blog.

Where is the Taurus New Moon and Solar Eclipse Visible

If you want to see the partial solar eclipse, you will probably have to watch it online. It will be visible in the southern part of South America, Antarctica, and parts of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

If you want to watch it online, learn more about the timing, and see a map of the eclipse path, I use

Taurus New Moon

This year the Taurus new moon energy signature is a mixture of earth and water element energies. That is because we have four planets in water sign Pisces (Mars, Neptune, Venus, and Jupiter) and the Sun and Moon are together in Taurus.

These water and earth signs make for a great time to soothe your senses, which is the theme of the Taurus new moon video this month. We have had an ongoing period of time with this Piscean energy, leaving many people feeling dispersed, scattered, dreamy, and/or confused.

There has been an underlying tension between Uranus and Saturn that started way back in 2021. This underlying tension combined with a sense of being underwater can leave your nerves frayed, tense, and in need of soothing.

Taurus is an earth element that is about grounding, being in touch with the material, the physical, and having your feet planted firmly on the ground. Taurus enjoys the pleasures of the senses. By engaging in pleasing your senses, you soothe your nerves.

Whether you relate to feeling this sense of floating through the day and ungroundedness, or not, putting energy into grounding activities should feel good during the Taurus new moon. It’s a time to slow down, unwind, soothe your senses, and engage in pleasurable things that delight your senses.

Mercury Retrograde Shadow

Mercury will go retrograde on Tuesday, May 10. It is already slowing down as the retrograde cycle began on April 26 when it entered the pre-shadow retrograde period.

That means now is time to prepare for a gear shift. The next few weeks should be about arranging your schedule so that you can spend the retrograde reflecting, reviewing, realigning, and updating what you have been working on. This is a time to incubate where you are in the moment, where you have been, and where you want to go.

You can think back through the time period since the last retrograde in January/February and review your progress. It’s a good time to prepare for the retrograde period next month.

You may want to schedule time in May to review, update, and do progress checks on your goals. It’s also a good time to dig up any unfinished projects that need completion. Look ahead at your calendar and plan ahead to favor clearing up old business before starting something new.

The next two weeks is like a slowing down process in preparation for the retrograde motion. When you plan ahead, the annoying Mercury retrograde type stuff is easier to deal with. Practical planning ahead is like saying to no to brand new projects if possible and rescheduling meetings to open up space on your calendar.

Mercury is in one of its own signs, Gemini, which really favors mental stimulation right now. You may be bursting with ideas. Catch them and collect them. Use this mental energy to plan how to get the most out of the retrograde.

After the initial period of retrograde in Gemini, where you will be mentally stimulated to problem solve, Mercury will retrograde back to Taurus. Taurus in Mercury is a great time for mental focus, to build a solution, or to rebuild something, do something tangible, and update routines.

Taurus is a builder, and connected with material things. You may be stimulated to build something with your hands that is related to an idea, solution, or project from the past. You may finish unfinished house projects for example, start a new garden, redesign your meal plan, or update the design of something. 

To know more about where the retrograde will show up in your life, look at where Taurus and Gemini are in your chart. That will let you know the topics, events, and people that are activated by this Mercury retrograde.

For a guide on how to find that information in your chart, go to my ‘Ascendant’ blog where you will find a free online calculator and instructions. 

Natural Health and Astrology

Every month I co-host a show called Natural Health and Astrology with Health Coach and Naturopath Annabelle Fraser. We talk about the emotional quality of the new moon and how to use essential oils to work with the lunar energy. 

Taurus New Moon: ‘Soothe Your Senses Natural Health and Astrology  Episode 31 Lori and Annabelle

Annabelle’s essential oil choice for the new moon is a blend called ‘Past Tense’ from doTerra, commonly known as the Tension blend. Past Tense is great for reducing tension and stress which is perfect for the Taurus new moon and soothing the senses. It can help ground any feelings of ungroundedness, frayed nerves, over fluidity, or like you are running through water. Apply the blend to your pulse points and inhale a drop from your cupped hands. For tension, you can apply the diluted oil blend to your neck, shoulders, temples and forehead to soothe a headache or migraine. It can also help induce restful sleep.

The essential oils in this diluted mix are wintergreen, lavender, peppermint, frankincense, cilantro, marjoram, roman chamomile, basil, and rosemary.

You can contact Annabelle for purchasing doTerra essential oils. She can send them anywhere in the world with a promotional discount. 

Check out this month’s Taurus new moon video on my Astrology Facebook page. For more information on natural health and gut health, contact Annabelle, or join her private Facebook group Natural Health Italy.

Soothe Your Senses

Find beauty through your vision Taste delicious through your food Listen to music that calms your nerves Feel beats and rhythms that ground your body Smell essential oils that stimulate and relax you

Taurus New Moon Intentions

  1. Do your new moon intentions after the new moon phase begins.

  2. Book a massage.

  3. Do the Body Scan mindfulness exercise and check-in with your body.

  4. Incorporate all of your senses in your new moon ritual. Include things that please your sight, taste, ears, skin, and smell.

  5. Journal about self-care.

  6. The vibe of this moon is earthy, grounded, spicy, dreamy, and sweet. Kinda like a chai tea latte. So if you like them, treat yourself to one.

Taurus New Moon ideas for the next 2 weeks

  1. Add self-care and self-soothing activities in your schedule as a repeating event.

  2. Get a massage.

  3. Soothe your nerves and ground your energy by paying attention to your body and your five senses.

  4. Incorporate things into your schedule that please your senses.

  5. You may find that in order to soothe your body and nerves, your body needs to do something physical. Move, dance, bodywork, yoga, swimming, and stretching are all ideas for how you can soothe your body. Choose the one that best suits your individual needs.

  6. Get yourself fresh flowers and prominently display them to stimulate multiple senses. 

  7. Taurus rules the throat and neck area of the body. Engage in bodywork for any tension that has gathered there.

  8. Do karaoke, sing in the shower or the car, sing at church, start singing lessons, or use your voice in some way. 

  9. Fix broken things that you have been meaning to take care of.

  10. Eat delicious food, listen to beautiful music, smell incredible smells, get a soothing massage, look at things pleasing to your eyes.

  11. Visit a museum.

  12. Taurus is a fertile sign, take care of your plants and garden.

  13. Engage in sensuality with your partner.

Inspirational Quote

‘Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.’ -Ude Ibiam Ufiem
‘I don’t feel very much like Pooh today,’ said Pooh. ‘There there,’ said Piglet. ‘I’ll bring you tea and honey until you do.’ -A. A. Milne

Taurus New Moon Questions and Journaling Prompts

  1. What soothes each of your senses?

  2. When was the last time you really relaxed? Describe it and then plan for a relaxation period of time over the next two weeks.

  3. Where are you holding tension in your body? 

Wrap Up

The Taurus new moon has a distinct twist with the Mercury retrograde shadow and a solar eclipse. Not everyone will experience eclipse related triggers. But we can all benefit from moving in tune with the Mercury retrograde season and plan ahead for reflecting back and realigning or refreshing things from the past in May.

Under the Taurus new moon, engage in activities that please your five senses. It’s a good weekend to soothe your nerves and do things that ground you physically like bodywork and self-care through your senses.


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