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Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Taurus Full Moon Date and Time

Tuesday 8 November 2022 3:02 AM, West Coast, USA 6:02 AM, East Coast, USA 12:20 PM, Rome, Italy 16 degrees Taurus Lunar Eclipse

Taurus Full Moon Overview

Imagine you are an astronaut on the Moon. You know that gravity is different and that you would float off into space without your special space shoes. Now imagine that floating away would allow you to go deeply into an insightful spiritual state.

But you know that floating around endlessly in spiritual space eventually leaves you disconnected and out of touch with reality and you long to get your feet back on the ground. When your feet get back on the ground, you feel secure, and back in touch with reality, and more disconnected from your soul center and connection to the collective unconscious.

Both states are desirable in measure and balance. Tapping into our spirituality is important for our self-growth and development. Being realistic, pragmatic, and grounded is important, but can leave us exhausted and lacking the connection with our spirit, soul, and self-growth.

Taurus represents grounded energy and Scorpio represents the depths of our spiritual world. Taurus is concerned with tangible things like food, the earth, and nourishment. Scorpio is concerned with peeling back the layers to find what’s under each layer. A desire to know more and find the truth can become an obsession. Scorpio wants to investigate the intangible and push the limits of the depths of our inner core.

These two signs hold the balance between how far out we can allow ourselves to go spiritually and philosophically, and how grounded we are in the reality of the world we live in. Taurus and Scorpio are a pair of signs that share the same axis, the same line in astrology.

They are six months apart, and they can be understood as a pair for how they balance each other. We all have both signs somewhere in our chart. Where Taurus and Scorpio fall in your personal astrology chart will be highlighted at the upcoming Scorpio full moon. 

There is quite a line up of other planets and points occupying these two signs making a powerful, stubborn, and intense energetic signature this upcoming Taurus full moon and lunar eclipse.

A full moon is halfway through the current moon cycle, which started at the new moon in Scorpio on October 25. What intentions did you set for this cycle? The middle of the cycle should show you some information as to your progress.

Take it easy this week as we move into a highly charged full moon, heavily activated with surprising and disruptive Uranian energy, and a background of Mars retrograde. Being aware of the challenges of this tense and intense time can help you disengage from toxic situations.

The best we can do is get perspective by going into our greater spiritual place to expand our consciousness and find answers from zooming out to get a different view, a different perspective. Compromise may seem like a far off idealistic dream more than a reality.

Start with yourself. Where are you digging your heels in the ground and stubbornly refusing to hear another point of view? Engaging in compromise is a strength not a weakness and honesty is a virtue, one that can open closed doors.

Neither Taurus or Scorpio are known for their compromising traits, both are known to be stubborn. Scorpio wants to soar higher and reach transcendence while Taurus wants integrity, practicality, and reason. We foster personal growth when we can compromise and integrate these things in ourselves first, and let it spill out into the world. 

If you are a Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, or Aquarius the energetic vibes of the full moon may represent a time of powerful insight or extreme stubbornness. You could experience both insight and stubbornness at the same time.

Look at things from all sides and to go deeper and beyond surface level information. Scorpio can help produce answers if we can step away from stubborn pragmatism and look at the big picture. Taurus will help us to simplify, be realistic, and structured in how we approach the problems of today.

Taurus Full Moon and the Lunar Eclipse

If you are a Taurus, Scorpio, Leo or Aquarius, or have these signs predominant in your chart around sixteen (16) degrees, like your ascendant or Moon sign, you could experience something that seems like a challenge or some tension that pushes you to grow. Oftentimes we need a little push to move forward. The universe is offering some pushes, prods, challenges, and tense situations at the Taurus full moon and lunar eclipse. How we respond is up to us. 

Eclipse seasons usually happen twice a year, they always come in pairs, and sometimes there are three eclipses in a season instead of two. The eclipses have been moving through the Taurus Scorpio axis. Next year they will transition to the Libra Aries axis. The flavor of the eclipse seasons will change and we may see some resolve as we move away from the stubborn fixed signs into the action taking Libra and Aries eclipse seasons.

To learn more about eclipses in general, check-out my ‘Eclipses’ blog here.

Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Date Activations

Eclipses are like wild cards. The results of an eclipse activating your chart can show up before or after the eclipse, and can show later, up to six months or even a year later. It usually shows up as something that alters the trajectory of where you were going.

Eclipse points are activated when another planet comes along, activating that same part of your chart again, and something manifests. If you have a planet or sensitive point between 14 and 18 degrees Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius, pay attention to the activation dates to see if anything of significance happens.

If you want to know the specific areas of your chart activated, look for where Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius are on your chart. You can read about the different houses here. For a free online chart calculator, try this one.

The activation dates for 2023 are listed below. You may see things playing out in life around you at this time, even if your personal chart isn’t activated, because this energy exists out in the world around you. It will activate something for you personally more or less depending on your chart. 

November 8, 2023 Lunar Eclipse Activation Dates

  1. February of 2023: Sun and Mercury activate the eclipse point by square in Aquarius

  2. March of 2023: Venus activates this point at the end of the month in Taurus

  3. March and April of 2023: Uranus crosses the same point in Taurus again, direct in Taurus after a retrograde.

  4. April of 2023: This can be interesting as Mercury retrogrades in Taurus over this point crossing it three times.

  5. May 2023: The Sun will cross over the same degree as the eclipse in Taurus

  6. June 2023: Mercury crosses over the same degree for the third time direct in Taurus

  7. June 2023: Venus and Mars activate the eclipse point by square in Leo.

  8. Venus will go retrograde in Leo making contact with the eclipse point three times. Perhaps this will help with diplomatic solution finding for stubborn idealism and finally some progress will move forward.

  9. July 2023: Mercury activates the eclipse point by square in Leo

  10. August 2023: The Sun activates the eclipse point by square in Leo

  11. August 2023: Venus activates the eclipse point retrograde by square in Leo

  12. September 2023: Venus activates the eclipse point the third time, square and direct in Leo

  13. November 2023: The Sun will return to the same point one year later. Reflect back on what has happened over the last year.

The next eclipse season will be a solar eclipse on April 20, 2023, in Aries 29 degrees. The second eclipse of the pair will be the lunar eclipse on May 5 in Scorpio 14 degrees.

There are two eclipse seasons in 2023. The second season has two eclipses. The first on October 14, a solar eclipse in Libra 21 degrees. The second of the pair is on October 28, a lunar eclipse in Taurus.

A Consultation for Your Chart

Astrology birth charts are so wide and varied that an astrologer would need to look at your chart to give you a more detailed idea of what to expect from any astrological event. If you would like to read more on eclipses in general, check out the blog I wrote on ‘Eclipses’ here.

If you would like to learn about how your chart may be activated by the eclipse, schedule a consultation with me by clicking here.

Most people who don’t have planets or sensitive points at sixteen (16) degrees Taurus or Scorpio won’t experience anything significant as part of the lunar eclipse. However, there are many other things happening in the sky that most everyone will feel in some way or another.

Taurus Full Moon Quality of Time

I think it’s important to be aware that even if there wasn’t an eclipse happening at the full moon, the quality of the moment is irritable, adversarial, and unsettled. The energetic vibe of the Taurus full moon is tense, emotional, stubborn, and tricky.

Taurus Full Moon and Uranus

Uranus is traveling through 16 degrees Taurus on the Taurus full moon, also at 16 degrees Taurus. This adds a powerful statement to the full moon lunar eclipse. It indicates a time of unrest, instability, and much needed change. 

Uranus with the Moon and North Node paints the picture of a break that leads to a breakthrough. There may be moments of confusion and chaos. This full moon looks like a time of unexpected breakthroughs that can shatter some stuck situations. Think about things that are at critically opposing each other in your life, your stress points, and where you can no longer support the status quo. 

Uranus is a wild card and what we think is coming may turn out to be something radically different. The message is that change is underway. Especially as it pertains to stuck and stubborn ways of doing things. Opposing voices, whether your own inner chatter or other people, will strongly state their opinion, and progress will likely be slow.

Taurus Full Moon and Saturn

Slow progress is further indicated by Saturn, playing referee between the planets occupying Scorpio and Taurus. Saturn supports growth as it expresses through its own sign Aquarius. But in a slow, structured, and disciplined way. We may look back to this period of time and trace it to the beginning of a movement.

Since we are living through this quality of time, it’s hard to see exactly what is being kicked off. But we all know that something is brewing. There is too much unrest, inequality, and activism to think that we are in a peaceful time.

Saturn’s placement here takes the status of a catalyst for change. A taskmaster demanding reform and innovation and trying to manage two strong opposing voices. The struggle may become intense as lessons are both taught and learned.

Taurus Full Moon and the Nodes of the Moon

The north and south nodes of the Moon, who travel in pairs of opposing zodiac signs, are traveling through Taurus (north node) and Scorpio (south node). The Moon, Uranus, and the North Node are close together during the Taurus Full Moon.

In fact, it is the closeness of the nodes to the Sun and Moon that indicate an eclipse. The nodes are associated with fated events. Eclipses can forebode significant changes in the trajectory of life. Our ancestors watched eclipses closely for the fate of rulers and their nations.

There is an opportunity for growth, reform, and disruptive change associated with the Taurus full moon lunar eclipse. The North Nodes is about going to places we haven’t been before, the direction for self-growth, self-development, and reaching higher levels of our capacity.

The South Node is about where we have been and what we can easily fall back into. In Scorpio we can slide back into idealism. There is righteous stubbornness that impedes growth as both Taurus and Scorpio are known to be fixed, stubborn, and slow to change.

Uranus, conjunct the Taurus Moon and Saturn challenging the Scorpio Sun and Taurus Moon from both sides, is saying change. Whether slow, or fast, something has to give. It may not be what is expected, and it is likely to have long-lasting effects. That is because of the eclipse, nodes, and the square from Saturn. The progress indicated by Saturn at the bends of the nodes, a ninety degree angle to either side, will be reform oriented and a slow steady build.

Taurus Full Moon and the Fixed Signs

The Moon in Taurus, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Scorpio, and Saturn in Aquarius, that makes five of the seven personal planets in a fixed sign. Fixed signs are great for maintaining the status quo, following routines, and a sense of consistency.

In times of great change, the fixed signs represent where we find rigidity, inflexibility, and stagnation as no solution can move forward when compromise is considered weak, too much work, or not even an option at all. It won’t be long before these planets move along and change the energetics of the moving sky. But because this is an eclipse, it takes this energy and projects on a longer timeframe to play out.

As we go into the peak of the full moon, it should be come apparent where something has reached a tipping point. Something has to come apart so that it can be built back better. Saturn in Aquarius wants to kick off a new time of growth at the Taurus full moon. In fixed signs, it means this catalyst for change will experience resistance in some way. Watch for where you resist changes that come up over this week.

The two opposite houses, or placements in your chart, where Taurus and Scorpio are will give you information about what events, situations, and relationships with people will be activated. If you have no planets or sensitive points activated, you may see it through people around you rather than personally experience it.

Taurus Full Moon and Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Scorpio

The other side of the Taurus full moon is the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and the South Node in Scorpio. The best use of the Scorpio energy is to search for truth and honesty inside of yourself and in others. There is the possibility for great reflective work for those open to reflecting on situations from perspectives other than our own. Obsessive righteousness is a sign of being stuck, stubborn, and closed off.

Scorpio can climb to the highest heights like an eagle and can transform and purify itself metaphorically like the mythical phoenix. Scorpio can stay at the lowest levels as well like a scorpion on the grounding stinging anything that is perceived as a threat. Allow yourself to go deeper into a spiritual quest to expand your perception like an eagle, transform like a phoenix, and appreciate the beauty in life like a Taurus. Appreciating beauty is a way to open up a transformative Scorpionic experience.

This intense Scorpio energy can indicate a time period where information can be kept hidden. Dishonesty may show up in your life and is highly to show up in the news. There will be opportunities to break false fronts, not without a struggle, but the opportunity lies in the will of people reflected by the sky above. If you encounter dishonesty, with other people, or in your inner chatter, acknowledge it, and choose to open to greater honesty.

Taurus Full Moon and Mars Retrograde

The Mars retrograde will already be in effect as the full moon peaks on Tuesday. I wrote a blog on the Mars Retrograde and you get full details on what to expect and ideas for how to make the most of Mars Retrograde. Read the blog here.

You may feel more fatigued than usual during Mars retrograde. Be sure to get plenty of rest and take care of you body. Soothe your nervous system by taking breaks and diffuse some essential oils. Between now and March of 2023 is a time to see where you could benefit from trimming up a part of your life. What is weighing you down, what can you let go to lighten your load?

Journal about what is going on with you during Mars retrograde. By January 12, when Mars goes direct, you should have a better idea of what would lighten your load. Take action between January and March of 2023 and you will be ready to move forward lighter on your feet.

Mars and Neptune Square

The Mars retrograde is flavored by a challenging relationship to Neptune. It can mean more fatigue or physical disorientation than usual, or like you are on a boat rather than solid ground. Things can take longer than usual leaving you mystified as to what happened with the time.

There can be a benefit to trusting that the universe is taking you in the right direction. You can get swept up in the wave feeling your way through things you would normally rationalize.

Be aware that over the full moon and continuing on through the Mars retrograde cycle, there is a chance you could be more sensitive to the effects of drugs and alcohol. If you experience addictive behaviors, take proactive measures for your well-being.

Essential Oils for the Taurus Full Moon

  1. Vetiver to help when feeling ungrounded to feeling rooted

  2. Wintergreen to address stubbornness and feel more accepting

  3. Rosemary for open mindedness

  4. Cypress when feeling stuck and to help manifest progress

  5. Ylang Ylang to help ease the burden and lighten the load

  6. A new essential oil to try – Arborvitae aka Thuja Plicata

  7. Enhances spiritual connection and state of calm, and balances

  8. Grounding aroma, woody, strong – from the Arborvitae tree which can live for 800 yrs

  9. Called the ‘Tree of Life’ 

Taurus Full Moon Inspirational Quote

‘The world becomes a better place when people get busy doing what they love instead of trashing what they hate.’ -unknown
Persons appear to us according to the light we throw upon them from our own minds. -Laura Ingalls Wilder
Life is about perspective and how you look at something. Ultimately, you have to zoom out. -Whitney Wolfe Herd

Taurus Full Moon Ritual

  1. Do the Full Moon ritual for the earth element.

  2. Do a spiritual quest. Whether it’s meditating in a garden, hiking a mountain, or taking a calm walk by a body of water. Try to find a new perspective on what is going on in life.

  3. Appreciate beauty in your environment or create something artistic.

  4. Go to your favorite part of your home and surround yourself with things to please your senses. Pleasant music, essential oils, comfy pillows, looking at something you find beautiful, while eating something healthy or drinking some herbal tea.

Activities for the Full Moon Phase

  1. Go to a park or botanical garden and admire nature, anything of natural beauty.

  2. Do gardening or any type of work with the earth.

  3. Cook healthy using local or organic herbs and vegetables, and drink organic herbal teas.

  4. Visit your local farmers market.

  5. Research about climate change and/or do something that supports mother nature.

  6. Do something that pleases your senses. Sound, smell, sight, touch, and taste. Enjoy creative comforts.

  7. Get a massage or any type of bodywork.

  8. Nurture yourself, slow down, and notice how your nervous system feels? Overwhelmed, at peace, stressed, worn out, or balanced. Take a proactive approach to finding balance and peace.

  9. Move at a slower pace, watch your energy levels, and work with Mars retrograde energy by taking it easy.

  10. Watch for substance use sensitivity and if you have addiction tendencies, watch your intake and get support from your community.

Taurus Full Moon Journaling Prompts

  1. Are there things in your life that you are stubbornly clinging onto? What would it look like if you made a change?

  2. Where is pressure and challenge showing up in your life right now? This is pointing to where you may need to make some cut backs and/or compromise in your life. 

  3. How can you start working on clearing out things no longer needed in life so that by March 2023, you carry a lighter load?

  4. What type of spiritual quest calls you?

  5. How do you ground yourself when you feel out of touch, anxious, or nervous?

  6. What are your favorite things to please each sense: Sight, sound, taste, touch, smell. How can you incorporate more of them into your daily routine?

Astrological Events at the Taurus Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

  1. Moon 16 Taurus opposite Sun 16 Scorpio and Lunar Eclipse

  2. Moon 16 Taurus partile conjunct applying Uranus 16 Taurus

  3. Sun 16 Scorpio conjunct Mercury 15 Scorpio and Venus 20 Scorpio

  4. Saturn 18 Aquarius square Mercury, Sun, Venus in Scorpio and Moon and Uranus in Taurus

  5. Mars went retrograde Oct 30 until Jan 12

  6. Mars 25 Gemini square Neptune 22 Pisces

  7. Jupiter is retrograde

Wrap Up

We have an intense Taurus full moon and lunar eclipse on Tuesday. Uranus takes part in the full moon by joining the Moon. There is a statement for change in an environment that is stubborn, adversarial, and irritated. Saturn plays referee in a breaking down old structures in order to rebuild amongst chaos. Mars retrograde operates in the background asking us to notice where we have overgrowth in life and trim up our metaphorical garden.

The Moon in Taurus reminds us to take care of ourselves as we navigate unstable times. Nurture your five senses this week and take extra effort to relax, take pauses, and slow down when feeling fatigued, stressed, and nervous.


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