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Taurus Full Moon

Taurus Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Information

Friday 19 November 12:57am, West Coast, USA 3:57am, East Coast, USA 6:57am, Rome, Italy 27 degrees Taurus Convert to your time zone here.

Taurus Full Moon

Taurus is about being practical, realistic, reliable, and maintaining the course. Taurus is known for their incredible aesthetic taste and love for things that please the five senses. This Taurus full moon energy says enjoy the pleasures of life, take it easy, eat well, and go for comfort.

All moon phases are about the relationship between the sun and the moon because it’s based on how much light the moon is receiving from the sun. The full moon is full because the Sun is shining light on the surface of the moon we can see from earth.

The Sun is shining through the sign of Scorpio. This calls forth the energy of how we manage responsibilities and how we look deeper into our soul. How we go beyond the day to day living and reach deeply into our souls for our individual meaning and purpose in life.

What is happening at the Taurus Full Moon

As any full moon goes, there are other energies manifesting at the same time. This month’s eclectic planetary mix is quite busy. We have a stimulating mental connection with the Taurus full moon that will have our minds highly active and possibly a bit rebellious and ready to push beyond our inner boundaries.

This stimulating mental energy will be quite passionate and will push us to dig deeper to find meaning and purpose in life. Let your mind travel to the expanses of your inner soul and psyche. Go deeper than surface level and surf the depths of your mind. Seek out your inner strength that lives inside of you and let it empower you.

This energy excites and stimulates our mind so that we can open to the deepest points of the well of emotion that live inside each of us. By doing this, we find that we are more grounded and engaged in our day to day activities out there in the mundane world. Let this process remind you of the innate strengths you have, and then set an intention to use those strengths out in the external world.

This curiosity for traveling inwards is increased and more prominent at the Taurus full moon because of the presence of optimistic and growth oriented Jupiter. This energy is like a caring teacher or mentor who challenges and encourages you in a beneficial way to grow, learn, and transcend.

You may feel driven to develop your inner strengths in a way that is practical, and satisfies your emotional and mental health. It’s a great time to explore your emotional depths. To attempt to navigate the outer limits of your emotional capacity. It’s a feeling of wanting to know yourself better by looking inside.

Illumination from within.

There is support for an easy flow in our relating style during this full moon, though you may be surprised by how this shows up. You may be the one who surprises others, or you may be surprised by someone in your relationship circle (e.g. partner, family, friends).

Full moons have the quality of erratic lunacy. I’m pretty sure that hospital records have the data to support their increase in patient arrivals on full moons. There is an instability or emotionality in general to full moons. This one is particularly boosted. That is because the planet of surprise, Uranus, is actively involved with a few planets.

There is this underlying tone of wanting to go in a few different directions. While the Taurus full moon energy is asking us to slow down and enjoy life’s pleasures, we may feel like we have the wiggles, and have to meditate through them.

Like trying to sit quietly in peace while a fly keeps landing on your body and interrupting your flow. But the challenge is to just be and go within to the point that you no longer notice, feel, or acknowledge that pesky little fly trying to disrupt your peace.

Do your Taurus full moon ritual Friday evening or Saturday once we have entered the full moon phase. If you are unsure of the time of the Taurus full moon where you live, use the time zone converter here.

The Taurus Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

The lunar eclipse happening this Taurus full moon gives this moon phase a super charge. A lunar eclipse means the shadow of the earth temporarily cuts off the sunshine lighting the moon. This lunation is about finding illumination from within since the light of the moon is temporarily cut off.

With Scorpio involved, we need to be honest with ourselves and with Taurus involved, there is a practical approach to what we do. We need to look inside to find our meaning and purpose in life, not outside of ourselves. Find our own sunshine and illuminate from within.

This is a great full moon to do soul searching on a deep and expansive level. It is a highly personal full moon and an opportunity to grow and learn about ourselves. We are able to have one foot on the ground and the other deeply attuned into spiritual matters.

This is a time to engage in deep soul searching and it can dredge up many thoughts, emotions, and feelings. It’s not important to share anything that is revealed or illuminated within you during this full moon with anyone else.

It is important to engage in honest (with yourself) soul searching, as it can kick-off far reaching life activities that over time you can trace back to this period of time through ‘aha’ moments that may surprise you. 

The impact of this full moon is more potent if the eclipse position is taking place at the same place as something located in your natal chart. Schedule a consultation with me if you want to know if that applies to you.

More on the Eclipse and Visibility

According to the lunar eclipse will be visible from North and South America, Australia, and parts of Europe and Asia, but not here in Italy, where I am. If you want to see the map of the eclipse to check your exact location, click here.

Eclipses can represent big shifts in life, but not for everyone. It really depends on where it is showing up for you in your personal astrology birth chart, and if it activates or triggers something in your personal chart.

I wrote a general blog on eclipses that you can read here. If you want to learn more about your chart, schedule a consultation with me here.

Natural Health and Astrology Series

I co-host a video series called Natural Health and Astrology, with Annabelle Fraser, a naturopath and gut health specialist. Each month we talk about the energy of the full moon and essential oils that support the vibe.

This month Annabelle suggests an essential oil blend for finding illumination from within. All the essential oil information provided below is from Annabelle. You can contact Annabelle for purchasing doTerra essential oils as well.

The blend is made of up Grapefruit, Lemon, Osmanthus, Melissa, and Siberian Fir essential oils in a base of fractionated coconut oil. These essential oils can be found in the doTerra blend called Arise. This blend helps instill feelings of happiness, clarity, and courage.

This is a great blend to diffuse during yoga practice, and especially for yoga poses such as standing, arms high, standing side stretch, and half moon. Use this enlightening blend during your full moon ritual. Citrus oils in particular can be uplifting. If you don’t have the blend, use some fresh grapefruits or lemons.

In addition to cold water diffusion, for application, you can apply it to your temples, wrists, and neck.

Check out this month’s full moon video on Facebook. For more information on natural health and gut health, contact Annabelle. Or join her private Facebook group, Natural Health Italy, by signing up.

Taurus Full Moon Intentions and Ideas

  1. Stay home and take it easy.

  2. Release internal obstacles that limit access to your inner world of thinking and feeling during a full moon releasing ritual. 

  3. Do the Full Moon Releasing Ritual for the earth element.

  4. Let yourself dive deep into your soul and broaden your capacity to find inner strength.

  5. Meditate in a way you connect with your inner self. That may be a traditional sitting pose, a walk outside, listening to music, or any other activity that helps you connect. You get to decide what meditation looks like for you.

  6. Release anything that throws shadow on your light.

  7. Spend quality time alone in peace. Turn off distractions like the TV, computer, and mobile phone. Listen to music that gets you in the zone to tap into your deeper feelings, values, and authentic self.

  8. Write intentions for how you want to spend your time. Are you making space for the most important things in your life?

  9. Indulge your senses with good food, pleasant sounds, look at things you find aesthetically pleasing, wear comfortable clothes, and fill the air with pleasant smells like essential oils and healthy but yummy food.

Things to do between the Taurus Full Moon and next New Moon

  1. Find practical ways to express your deepest desires.

  2. Get a massage or any type of body treatment that feels good.

  3. Do sensual things more often (e.g. more music, good food, spa treatments, essential oil diffusion, art museum visits).

  4. Go to an art museum or any place that is aesthetically pleasing.

  5. Bake something. Keyword: comfort food. Something that makes you feel like you are getting a big hug from a cosmic chef.

  6. Create something artsy like ceramic painting or wine and painting.

  7. Eat at your favorite restaurant.

  8. Revamp your schedule so that it is practical and also leaves time for your spirituality.

  9. Do things that leave you feeling empowered. This is a time for you to grow your capacity for inner strength. 

  10. Plant something (especially if you are in the southern hemisphere where summer is beginning). Taurus is a super fertile sign.

  11. Do something that you are completely responsible for without the help of others.

  12. Purchase an aesthetically pleasing piece of art or decorative item for your space.

  13. Step out of your comfort zone and do something innovative or rebellious that you have been wanting to do.

Taurus Full Moon Journaling Prompts

  1. Are you self-reliant or more dependent on others? Evaluate where you fall on the scale and how balanced you are.

  2. If you have co-dependent features, what is one thing you can practice to build up your feeling of independence?

  3. What does finding illumination from within mean to you?

  4. How do you find illumination within?

  5. Where do you feel like you have illumination from within?

  6. Where do you find inner strength? How can you use this strength more often to create stability in your life?

  7. What is your comfort level with soul searching? Do you avoid it like the plague, or do you embrace meditative soul searching regularly? Where is your balance in this area? How do you find it if you are out of balance, or how do you maintain balance if you feel balanced?

Wrap Up

This month’s full moon lunar phase features an eclipse. Like the moon whose light is temporarily blocked, we are invited to find our illumination from within. Deep soul searching is recommended and can produce profound insights to how you balance your daily responsibilities with your deeper meaning and purpose in life.

There is a mash up of a few different energies intersecting at the full moon. The qualities feature mental stimulation, erratic or disruptive energy, and a smooth exchange between relationship planets Venus and Mars.

The Venus and Mars relationship is like putting oil where there is friction allowing a smooth integration of active and reactive relating styles.

Lunar eclipses can signal significant shifts in life for some of us. It depends on your individual chart and if something is activated. Some of us will not have any significant change happening, and some will.

Take advantage of this sensual full moon and indulge your senses. Taurus is one of the most sensual signs of the zodiac and appreciates all forms of beauty. Your senses of sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing will all be more attuned to pleasure at this Taurus full moon.

Aspects for Astrologers

Astrologers and astrology students may want a quick reference to the aspects of this full moon. Here they are:

  1. Mars conjunct Mercury and Sun, applying by 8 and 14 degrees to the Sun respectively.

  2. Mercury conjunct Sun, applying 6 degrees.

  3. Mars opposite Uranus, separating 1 degree.

  4. Venus and Uranus exact trine.

  5. Pluto sextile Sun and trine Moon, 3 degrees separating.

  6. Jupiter square (T square) Moon / Sun & Mercury, 3 degrees separating.


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