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Sun in Clever Virgo

Sun enters Virgo Saturday, August 22, 2020

8:45am West Coast, USA 11:45am East Coast, USA 5:45pm Rome, Italy

Happy Birthday Virgos! It’s your season.

About Zodiac Sign Virgo

When was the last time you needed help with something? Was it the grocery store, a visit to the doctor? Online customer service, or assistance from that really helpful person at your office? We all need Virgos’ essential services in our lives.

This is the month of Virgo, where those super helpful and detail oriented people get to celebrate their birthday. And no detail is left undone.

There are many reasons to adore this sign. If you don’t do details, you need a Virgo ish person to help you. Or maybe you love ensuring everything is orderly and on track. You embrace those outstandingly efficient Virgo qualities. Many things would not get done without Virgo effectiveness and clever analysis.

The world revolves on the finely organized processes designed by Virgo perfectionism.

What does it mean for me?

Everyone has a Virgo section in their horoscope. Finding out where the Sun in Virgo falls in your chart will give you the details on what part of your life Virgo manifests it’s astute abilities. As the Sun shines its way through your Virgo house, you may experience an increase of those Virgo virtues.

Grab your chart and find the house that contains Virgo in your Horoscope. Then read below about the Sun in Virgo going through that particular house:

Virgo in Your Horoscope by House

1st House Virgo: Your rising sign is Virgo. Chances are when you meet people, they meet the Virgo you. This is true even if your natal Sun sign is in a different sign. You will seem reserved, dressed sharp, with highly attuned observational skills, and you actually take notes. You get things done. People love having you on their team. You have amazing critical judgment and you take great care to be useful and of service to others. These amazing qualities shine brighter when the Sun transits your rising sign. This is a time where you could receive recognition for your service and hard work. Shadow side: Perfectionistic to the extreme, nitpicky and fault finding can overload your nervous system. Develop your critical eye to nip compulsive rationality in the bud before you veer off to the extreme end. Be careful that you don’t miss out on something beautiful while waiting for the ‘perfect moment.’

2nd House Virgo: You are generally realistic and pragmatic when it comes to money. This month you can benefit from making a detailed budget. Security is important to you. If you have been worried about finances, this is a time to work on a detailed plan and solution. Shadow side: Monitor your self-talk. Are you overly critical toward yourself? Do you expect perfection in yourself or judge yourself too harshly? This is a time to revitalize how you appreciate your self-worth. Also, be careful not to overspend this month.

3rd House Virgo: Your curious nature kicks into high gear this month. You love to drink in knowledge and exchange ideas with others. This month learning and chatting with others is highlighted. But you won’t enjoy mindless chatter, go for substance. Sign up for a class or join a social group with purpose. Shadow side: Careful your big brain full of details doesn’t become too snobby with others. You have excellent critical skills, just be careful not to criticize. Share but don’t force your ideas on others.

4th House Virgo: Your home is likely immaculately organized. You enjoy putting every last detail in place. This is a great month to spruce up your home. Check out Feng Shui or re-organize an area you have been wanting to re-vitalize. If there is an area that has some built up clutter, get rid of it. Shadow side: Careful over insisting on perfectionism with your family regarding home matters. Especially teenagers can be extra sensitive to criticism. Try teaching a skill instead. Motivate a clean up by shopping for cool home stuff.

5th House Virgo: If you have kids, your cleverness can go a long way to thinking of something fun to do with them. Work on detail oriented creations. Remember creativity is not only for art or music, it’s anything you use your skills to create. For your sensual side, get a massage or herbal treatment, you will feel fantastic and revitalized. Shadow side: Careful not to be so focused on the details that you forget to have some fun. You will be more successful using kind words than criticism, especially with kids. This is doubly true with your own kids or if you are a teacher.

6th House Virgo: You may be extra focused on service or health this month. If you have employees, show them some recognition and appreciation. It will go a long way. You will shine in all the service work you do. Thinking about volunteering, this is a great time to sign up. Want to start a new health routine, do it! Shadow side: You may have a fear of failure. Those thoughts are not helpful, find a positive mantra and repeat it multiple times a day.

7th House Virgo: Plan a romantic outing with your honey. You have the skills to take care of every little detail to make a special date night. Single? Go out! Let your best self shine. You may feel more confident by planning ahead. Look at all the details of any contract that needs to be signed. Remember that special other may not be perfect, just perfect for you. Shadow side: Missing out on a relationship while waiting for the ‘perfect one.’ Watch your critical tongue with your partner.

8th House Virgo: If you are a counselor, you will be full of energy during this transit. It’s a great time for introspection, journaling, and self-care. If you are an administrator of others resources, you may have a successful month. It is also a good time to invest in your own counseling or hire a life coach. Shadow side: Investigate any bitterness that seems to come out of nowhere, it’s a clue to self-growth. Ensure your cleverness is directed toward the moral high ground.

9th House Virgo: Details for any travel or educational plans will come together at this time. Research experiences you have been thinking about. Plan for how you can do something adventurous. Your philosophical mind will kick into high gear. Your spirituality will fill your mind with amazing ideas. Shadow side: Careful not to force your belief system on others. Your values are perfect for you, but may not be perfect for someone else.

10th House Virgo: You may be recognized for your service. You know how to boss others around because you can see how the whole plan works, start to finish. Put together a proposal, it’s a good time for getting recognized for your ideas. You may be called upon to create a presentation, you’ve got this! Shadow side: Public nitpicking. Use honey not vinegar in your words when talking, especially with your boss.

11th House Virgo: Organize a meeting with your friends. Make it themed, or something creative like painting ceramics. Mixing groups with fun and purpose will suit you just fine. This is also a great time to put together a social media campaign calendar. Anything requiring steps and details that involves friends, groups or organizations will go well for you. Shadow side: Being perfectionistic about something without considering others. Getting so lost in the details you forget about the big picture.

12th House Virgo: You will likely want to seclude while the Sun goes through your 12th house. Do productive things like tidying up your space. Read books, take bubble baths, and get those essential oils going. Journal your dreams, get your horoscope read, and bask in your home cocoon. Shadow side: If you feel down or depressed seek professional counseling. Watch your critical self-talk and don’t let it drive you to overindulge.

About Astrology Charts

In order to have an accurate astrology chart, use your exact time of birth. Remember that general astrology is just that and a professional astrologer will look at your natal chart as a whole in order to interpret current planetary placements.

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