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September 2021 Horoscopes

September 2021 Horoscopes: Jump to Your Sign

September 2021 Monthly Horoscopes

Hello September, and fall, and everything pumpkin. Well maybe in your part of the world. Here in Italy, pumpkin flavored things are not really a thing. But pumpkins are. They are called zucca here, and they are yummy!

My pumpkin curry is amazing, at least that’s what Francesco tells me. As I wrote the word ‘fall’ I realized immediately how my northern hemisphere mentally is ingrained in my brain. Because the southern hemisphere of the world will be ringing in spring.

Shout out to my friends in Cape Town, South Africa. If you aren’t a traveler, or a geography teacher, you probably don’t think much about the two hemispheres. That one half of our world sees a different night sky than the other.

And why am I even talking about hemispheres? Well besides the fact that I want to say the right season for everyone. It’s because September brings us to an Equinox. We get two equinoxes a year, in the summer and fall, when the amount of light and night are equal.

Equinox makes me think of duality, and polarity. The hemispheres are two halves of earth. But other things that come to mind are night and day, good and bad, positive and negative, right and wrong. Equinoxes are about night and day, or better the equal amount of light.

The word equinox stems from the Latin words aequus, meaning equal, and nox, meaning night. The equinox takes place on September 22, the day after the full moon, and represents the change of sign for the sun from Virgo to Libra. The equinox kicks off Libra season and is a time to celebrate balance and see others’ point of view.

The Moon Dates

The New Moon is Tuesday, 7 September

The Full Moon is Tuesday, 21 September

Planetary Energy Shifts

If you like to write dates on your calendar when planets move into the different signs, here is a quick review. Don’t worry if you don’t know what this means, that’s what the horoscopes below are for. But for those who like to know, here ya go:

This month we have Mercury traveling through the sign of Libra that started at the tail end of August. Venus will finish her voyage through one of her own signs, Libra on September 9, and Mars will start his voyage through Libra mid-month on September 15.

Mercury moves into Libra August 30

Venus moves into Scorpio September 9

Mars moves into Libra September 15

Sun moves into Libra on the Equinox September 22

Something to prepare your mind for is the Mercury retrograde that will come later in September. As always with planetary retrograde, there is a ramping up and ramping down time. Not an on/off switch. We will start feeling the slowing down of Mercury early in the month.

This is your first official notification that you may start to feel pulled toward the past, or driven to finish projects you have already started rather than starting new ones, and an overall sense of wanting to slow down and process what has been going on since the last Mercury retrograde in May/June earlier this year.

September Horoscopes

Remember to read for your Sun sign and your rising sign if you know it. These are both Sun sign and Rising sign horoscopes. The rising sign horoscopes are more precise because they match the zodiac signs on the circle of your personal horoscope or chart.

If you don’t know your rising sign, feel free to ask me to help you find yours. Or use a free online chart calculator link this one.


This month could have some irritating moments. While these moments are fleeting, okay maybe a couple of days here and there, they will push you into action to make needed adjustments. Action and Aries are big time buddies. Let any irritations drive you toward goal achievement.

Your long range goal planning is moving along swimmingly and this month’s irritations come along to prod you in the right direction. Later this month, Mercury will go retrograde giving you a period of time to reflect, revise, and refine your plans.

The first week of the month will challenge you to think of others. That’s not your best feature, so please heed the advice to step out of your comfort zone and listen to feedback, seek advice, and consider the consequences to others, not just yourself. Energetically you may feel more tired and this can give you a chance to slow down and look around.

The second week is when we start feeling Mercury’s message to reflect, revise, and refine. Though not yet retrograde, the planet is starting to slow down. Venus changes signs this week indicating you may be more sensitive to how others relate to you. It’s also the new moon giving you an opportunity to set intentions around how to manage irritations.

This is a great opportunity to be less self-focused and spend some time other focused. Even though this is outside of your comfort zone, it’s best to work with the energy than against it. So if you feel like you are fighting more battles than usual, slow it down and look around. What is the message others are sending you?

The third week is a biggie because Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, moves into Libra. This is not a comfortable place because it disperses Aries direct energy. Everything earlier in the month pointing you to step outside of your comfort zone and practice ‘other’ focus will be even more highlighted.

The fourth week of the month has the Sun moving into Libra joining Mars, and Mercury. Oh my, you might want to just stay home and avoid people. But then you would miss the opportunity to learn and grow.

This month may feel uncomfortable, but you will learn a lot about working with others. Plus, this intense focus on ‘others’ is not a long-term energy backdrop like the Saturn Uranus thing and you can get back to focusing on number one with all your newly gained insights as it fades away.

The last week of the month brings Mercury retrograde. If you want to hibernate, take a vacation, or work diligently on your brilliant ideas, go for it. It’s not a great time to start a new project, but it is a good time to move one already started forward.


You may be feeling an energy boost as the month kicks off with two other planets’ energy flowing into your sign. These two planets are full of vitality and give a physical energy boost. This is a nice shift from the summer months.

This energy boost is particularly helpful in relation to your creative projects or kids if you have them. This extra energy is likely to help you with your daily routines in some way, and especially if you work or volunteer in service to others.

The first week you may feel like you have energy, but confused about where to direct it. It could be directed into your spirituality if you have been feeling like dedicating some time to it. Like starting to meditate, do guided visualizations, or even take walks for relaxation if you have some physical energy that needs expression.

The second week we have our monthly new moon highlighting your creative side. This energy may leave you with a creative solution to something, and how to take action in a practical and step by step manner. Venus moves into the area of your chart that has to do with others and your focus may shift to your partner. Enjoy some romance this week.

You may feel energetically that Mercury is starting to slow down in preparation for retrograde. It’s okay to let yourself reflect and rethink some of the ways you go about your daily routine. This will be a theme for the retrograde.

The third week has Mars moving into the area of your chart focused on service and routines. The universe is sending you a message that there are some things that you want and need to improve in your daily routines. Now you have universal assistance to get ‘er done.

The fourth week is full of full moon energy once again highlighting that area of service and daily routines. Whatever has been coming up the last few weeks continues. This is a time to release obstacles to having a daily routine that serves you, and allows you to serve others better.

The last week of the month brings the Mercury retrograde. You will probably have a good idea of what needs to be reviewed, revised, and refined at this point. Now and through October is the time to invest in this process. It is not a time to start a brand new project, but organize and tidy up what is already going on. The universe will support you and you will come out on the other side of the Mercury retrograde better equipped in your daily program.


Your home and career balance is highlighted this month. So is your individual creativity, which can include focus on your kids, and having some fun. It could look something like this. You are unclear with how to proceed with something home/career related, so to figure it out, you run to fun.

Or you get really involved in a creative project, or something going on with your offspring. Kids are included in creativity because they are one of the most amazing things you can create.

The first week has your mind buzzing with new ideas. You may be seeking collaborators, or feedback from others on your new idea, but ultimately this is your own baby. It’s likely that whatever you are working on will be loved by others.

The second week has Venus moving out of this creative area and asking you to spend some time analyzing how you relate to those you are in service to. It may be your boss, your employees, or people who do things for you, like your housekeeper.

It’s also a time when your planet, Mercury, is starting to slow down. Let yourself take some time to just sit and think, quietly. The revisions and refinements that come up could be priceless. If you have a hard time sitting quietly, journal and let the words pour out.

The third week has Mars barging in on your creative process. While his energy boost may be welcome, his delivery may come off a little rough. Don’t be hard on yourself, just be aware of how your actions affect others. You may need an extra dose of patience.

The fourth week is a full moon. Career and home life balance trickiness is really intense at this time. You may be pushed to make a choice and totally confused as to what to do. Don’t worry, all is how it is supposed to be. This is part of the process.

With Mercury going retrograde, you will have plenty of time all through October to review, redesign, and redefine. The answers will come, but not on demand. Ask your family and work to be patient. Let them know you are aware, and are working on it.

Perfection cannot be rushed. And perfection is never perfect, it’s just the perfect solution for the moment. The Sun moves into Libra this week too, beaming down the energy of consideration for the other person. This new energy can be supportive for any push and pull energy you are experiencing between career and family obligations.

The last week of the month kicks off the Mercury retrograde. Journal, journal, and journal. As a mentally agile sign, you will gain many insights by writing or vision boarding on your current and most important projects. It is not a time to kick off something brand new.


Your objective and rational ideals and how they relate to your belief system and spirituality are highlighted this month. With Mercury slowing down, and then retrograding at the end of the month, this is a topic you will find particularly enticing to engage in all month.

The month kicks off with busy-ness in your family and home sector. This is a great time to chat it up with family members. If it’s safe for you to entertain in your home, this is a lovely time for getting together with your loved ones. If not physically, try an online meal together.

If you had intentions to travel this month, there may be some confusion around the logistics. Check everything thrice to ensure a smooth voyage. This energy is particularly intense the first week of the month.

The second week is when Mercury starts slowing down for the retrograde coming at the end of the month. This retrograde is going to focus on your home, family, traditions, land, or real estate. If you have activity going on in any of these areas, be prepared to revise.

The new moon is this second week too and provides some time to set intentions around your communication style and if it is in alignment with your ideals and spirituality.

Venus changes signs this week bringing her aesthetic qualities to your house of creativity. You may get intensely involved in a creative project. You would best use this energy to move forward on a project that is already started, than starting something brand new.

The third week has Mars barging in on your home life like a bull in a glass shop. If things are breaking, a different approach than usual may benefit you better than your tried and true problem solving. Or, you may have to get help rather than do it all yourself.

You may want to indulge in your favorite hobbies and creative activities solo. Meanwhile your family or home is vying for your attention. Take charge of the situation and divide your time in an organized and pre-planned manner. There is a way to please everyone as long as everyone is willing to compromise a bit.

The fourth week brings the full moon. Your faith and belief system is highlighted in contrast to your rational and objective way of thinking and communicating. This is a great time to release obstructions to your connection with that intangible faith which brings you peace.

The last week of the month Mercury goes retrograde. You will have all of October to revise, rethink, and revisit things having to do with your home and family life. Give yourself time to reflect and things will become clear as we move into the last part of the year.


Money may be on your mind this month. Money is one of our main resources, but not the only one. So you may also be thinking about your self-worth, as in your self-esteem. Any thoughts and self-judgments that come up are going to be reflected to you by others.

Be careful not to allow others to determine your self-worth, only you can determine your value. With this area of your chart highlighted this month, allow yourself to refine, revise, and review how you value all your amazing traits. Remember the only true comparisons you can make to yourself are with yourself, not others.

The first week of September has Mercury moving into your communication sector. You will be able to access increased diplomacy in your communication style during this time. Mercury will retrograde in this area, so you will have extended time with this energy.

You may access a more rational approach as you work through your self-conceived notions of your value and your values. Just don’t go too far in the direction of being overly concerned with how others value you, rather than understanding your own self-worth.

Honestly take a good look at what you value in life and determine if how you are living is in alignment with what you truly want in life. Take your time and reflect deeply. Mercury goes retrograde at the end of the month giving you all of October to work through this energy.

Venus moves into your home and family sector indicating you want to spend more time with your family, or just time alone at home. Some surprising inspirations may appear around your home for redecorating. You may find changes in your career are affecting your home life.

The third week Mars moves into your communication sector prompting you to speak before thinking. Those words may not come out exactly as you intended, but with your charm, you can set things straight quickly.

Your colleagues may be more needy of your time and you will have to creatively figure out how to please everyone, and still have time for yourself.

The fourth week brings in a full moon highlighting self-esteem and personal values that are likely already on your mind. Do a full moon ritual to release all the obstacles getting in the way of you appreciating all the wonderful fabulousness of you.

That includes other people’s judgments of you, or how you perceive negative judgments by others. There is no room in your life to be bogged down by others’ opinions. Let your light shine through in your unique way and be proud of it.

The last week of the month brings the actual Mercury retrograde. This is the time for you to get serious about finding the values that are in alignment with your heart. This is not necessarily a time of action, but a time of reflection.

Once the retrograde passes at the end of October, you will be more clear on how you want to move forward in better alignment with your values.


This is an important time for you. The Sun is traveling through your sign, and the new and full moons this month highlight your sign. As a naturally discerning person, this month will find your mind reflecting often on your values, your resources, and how your relationships with others align with your own self-perception.

Sounds deep, well it kinda is. The planetary line up this month is very self-focused for Virgos. That’s okay. Every once in a while we need to spend some time self-reflecting. The thing is, as you do this, you are going to be looking to others to define yourself. This is where you will hit a speed bump.

While others are very important in life. We are all different and unique in our own ways. So to judge or compare yourself to others, or let others define who you are, is going to lead you astray from your true self. This is a time you will be asked to look in the mirror instead of other people. The only true comparison you can make is you to you.

It’s best to rest your self-reflection on yourself the first week of the month for another reason. Others may confuse you or be completely off on their feedback. A less nice way of saying this is that others may be deceitful or in their own fog and not capable of providing accurate feedback.

Once you move into the second week of the month, engaging with work colleagues will take more of your time. This can aid you with some objectivity.

The third week of the month be careful not to slip backwards in any negative self-talk. When you appreciate what makes you unique and different from everyone else, you will boost your confidence and self-esteem. Also, watch spending on frivolous things.

We have a full moon kicking off our fourth week of the month. All that self-reflection work from the beginning of the month will flood in. This is a great time to release the shackles of other people’s ideas of who you are supposed to be and embrace what makes you, you.

The last week of the month brings the Mercury retrograde and you will be prepared to go down that therapeutic path of self-reflection. This whole month is like preparation for a special journey taking you through the retrograde all of October.


Your ruling planet Venus is traveling through your sign. This only happens around once a year. If you want to change something about your appearance or style, the first week of September is a great time. Do it before the 9th when Venus moves to Scorpio.

Mercury is going to retrograde in your sign which means this planet will spend an extended amount of time in Libra. It’s going to reflect a time of deep self-reflection and possibly some confusion or insecurity about who you are.

Libra is always trying to balance and in doing so weighs others opinions against their own. You even go as far as to put others’ needs ahead of your own. This time period in September and October is going to be a chance to question this approach and refine it.

The first week is lovely with Venus in Libra. Socialize as much as you can and do things that you consider self-care. Nurture thyself! There is always time to care for others, this week is all about you.

The other part of your chart highlighted is your shadow side, the mystery of life, and how you identify with yourself in the collective unconscious. You may experience a period of feeling lost and just wanting to isolate. This is a great time to meditate.

Mars is going to move into your sign the third week of September and can re-open any self-doubts you have about who you are in relation to others. While it can stir up some undesirable feelings, it is an opportunity to reflect, refine, and grow your self-esteem.

The fourth week brings a full moon in that same part of the chart where you contemplate the mysteries of life and how you tap into the collective universal energy. You may want to spend the full moon doing the releasing ritual to let go of unhealthy people pleasing habits.

Right after this full moon the Sun moves into your sign and you will get an immediate energy boost. Practically the whole visit of the Sun to your sign will coincide with the Mercury retrograde, that is also in your sign, and is the signature energy of the last week of the month.

This is a big universal message to you that this is a time you can make great progress investing in yourself. Hone in on the values you live your life by and spend the October reflecting on how closely you are living in alignment with your values.

If you are closely aligned, you will love this time of reviewing and reflecting. If you are not, you have the gift of time to come up with some new ideas and strategies for how you will move forward after Mercury goes direct. This process should not be rushed.

Indulge yourself in some intentional self-reflect for growth and development. The universe provides the roadmap for us to acknowledge there are times for starting new things, times for finishing things, and times for reflection (right now). You have through the end of October to deliberate on this.


You may have moved into a mode of wanting to spend more time alone than usual. With a few planets hanging out in your mystical zone, it’s a great time to do outreach inside your head to the mystical boundaries of your mind. Actually, the Mercury retrograde is going to take place in this zone. Your mind runs deep, so with the retrograde happening in this section of your chart, you may be thrilled with this energy.

Ironically, you also have some energy lighting up your social sector of friends. So you may be doing a heroic balancing act of deep inner energy work and socializing with others. Of all signs, you have an innate ability to step into these very different energy zones with grace. Or maybe it’s just that awesome poker face and no one really knows what you are thinking.

The first week of the month you may have some confusion around one of your creative projects, which pushes you to the mystery zone to meditate on it.

The second week has Venus moving into your sign. This is going to give your natural mystical appeal a boost. Others may be magnetically attracted to you during this time. If you want to increase your appeal to attract romance, Venus is here to beam down some of her irresistible magnetic attraction power.

The third week highlights Mars moving into that same mystical section of your chart. You may feel more fidgety because Mars does not like to sit still. While you are plugging into the collective unconscious, your legs twitch or you just can’t get comfortable.

Try a new style of plugging in, especially if you can include some movement. Like walking in nature, going to the ocean and walking along the beach, or doing repetitive movements, like yoga poses, so your mind can plug in.

We have a full moon the fourth week of the month bringing social activities and your creative projects to the forefront. If there is anything blocking your ability to move forward on your individual or group projects, release them in a releasing ritual.

That same week the Sun will move into your mystical section of the chart. It’s really busy there at this time. You may find that all the meditating and plugging into the collective unconscious has brought you new insights regarding yourself.

This is a process that will continue through October as Mercury starts the retrograde in this section of your chart the last week of September. This is a great time to review and refine your perception of yourself as you exist in a collective universe.

Though you may feel like making great changes right now. Let yourself enjoy the process and take the time for self-reflection that Mercury retrograde is calling for. When your birthday rolls around in November, you can set into action the strategies you developed in the process.


You have a lot of activity going on in your career, friends, and socializing part of your chart this month. You may be confused about something or choice you have to make regarding your career and family.

The first week shifts from mental energy focused on your career and public life to your friendships and networking. This shift can shed some light on whatever was confusing you or any pressure for making a choice or decision on something. Maybe you didn’t have enough information?

This shift seems like it’s going to give you the mental energy to consider all kinds of different possibilities. You are likely going to want to get advice and opinions from others. That’s a great way to collect ideas.

The third week of the month you may want to take a break from all the socializing and process through all the stuff racing through your mind. It’s a good idea to balance your socializing with some quality and quiet time. Frankly, watch out for feeling burned out or overwhelmed.

Also watch out for assertive friends with good intentions, but whose opinions may not be in alignment with your own.

The fourth week is going to bring the full moon and refocuses you back on whatever career and home and family balancing act you are managing. If you do have to make a choice, try to leave yourself options for renegotiating later, or the ability to refine, review, and update.

The last week of the month Mercury goes retrograde. The reflective thinking is well under way and now you have the month of October to slow down and take the time to reflect, review, and refine.

Your reflections may focus on how you network, who you network with, and how you want to adjust your future networking to be in alignment with what will bring you the most joy in life. You will benefit from capturing your reflections by journaling or vision boarding.


As a practical person, spiritual matters may take a back seat for you generally speaking. But lately you may have been more focused on this part of life. Even traveling or educating yourself may have pushed open your mind in ways you couldn’t have imagined before.

So as the energy starts shifting to your career and public status, you have new and fresh ways of thinking and relating to others. The Mercury retrograde coming at the end of the month will highlight your career and public status area of your chart and give you extra time to reflect on these matters.

The first week of the month your energy level may either drop, or your energy is channeled into things that you would define as a spiritual experience. Let yourself indulge in that strange territory of faith and belief without spreadsheets and powerpoints.

The second week brings a new moon in your career area. Write about your recent experiences and set an intention plan to utilize what you have learned. Venus is going to move into your networking sector. You have added charm to win people over.

The third week Mars will move to your career sector. Yes, this part of your chart is busy. Watch for your energy to seem dispersed as you try to please others and push forward your own agenda at the same time. Something non-traditional may be the winning way.

The full moon comes the fourth week of the month highlighting that spiritual part of your chart again. This may show up as traveling for a vacation. It is a great time to do a ritual around releasing obstacles to connecting with your spirituality.

The Sun moves into your career section at this time as well. You will have some extra shine when making presentations. Your diplomacy in career matters will be at an all time high. Learning how to express this is the challenge with Mars wanting to assertively or aggressively charge forward. Again, a non-traditional approach may be your winning move.

The last week of the month officially kicks off the Mercury retrograde. This energy will be in place all through October. Take the time to deliberate, reflect, and refine career related matters. Especially think about how it relates to others in your life.


You have probably been sorting through some of the cobwebs of your soul lately. How you view yourself can be significantly impacted by your perception of how others see and value you. This is a precious time for building self-confidence and resilience.

Though your confusion over how others think of you may be higher than normal, it will pass. Take this time to sort out what is your stuff vs what is other peoples stuff. We all have a shadow side pushing us in self-development.

The first week of the month the planet of communication, Mercury, moves into your spirituality sector. This indicates a new way of thinking about these perceptions of yourself and others. It indicates an expansion of your mind, and also the ability to see from the other person’s point of view.

The second week is the new moon and Venus moves into your career sector. You may be more engaged with others at work or in advancing your career. Set intentions to utilize this time to wow others with your work.

The third week of the month will hopefully bring some relief in any pressure or doubts you have been feeling around your self-esteem. Mars is moving into the area of travel. If you have a vacation planned, you will have the energy to go all in. If you are visiting another culture, like going to another country, or even another region of your own country, there can be great differences. Do your best to listen and learn rather than assume things will be what you are accustomed to.

The fourth week brings the full moon in your money sector. This is a good time to do the releasing ritual around obstacles keeping you from getting the level of resources you want. It’s also a time to release obstacles that keep you from experiencing positive self-esteem and value in yourself.

The last week brings the official Mercury retrograde. Take this time to review, refine, and reflect on all of the above. If you can, slow it down all through October during the retrograde. It could be a time of deep research into what is spiritual and meaningful to you.


This month is highlighting how you see yourself through others and how that affects your self-esteem and self-value. You are a dreamy visionary by nature. So when the area of others in your chart is busy, it is always asking you to sort out your own stuff from others stuff. Not easy to do for a sign that can so easily connect with another person’s energy.

That’s what is going on at the beginning of the month. You may struggle to clearly see where your energy stops and starts in relation to another person, especially a close committed relationship.

The second week is the new moon where you can set intentions for being kind to yourself and clearing your energy field often. Whatever method works best for you. Some ideas are sage and essential oils, but you know what works best for you.

Venus moves into the sector of foreign places, people, and travel. If you are single and looking, this could be a good time to meet someone from afar, or while on vacation.

The third week Mars will move into the area of others and how they value you. This could send you into a people pleasing fury, or it can inspire you to interact with others’ perceptions of you in a unique new way. Being prepared with a plan to deal with others’ stuff can be incredibly helpful.

The fourth week brings the full moon in your sign. This is a great time to release obstacles getting in the way of fully embracing who you are. It’s a dreamy full moon and you will want to take some time to connect with yourself. If you can be near water, your spirits will be lifted.

The last week of the month brings the Mercury retrograde in that same area of the chart that has to do with how others value you, and has to do with others resources, including your committed partner. Any financial issues around your partner’s money may be highlighted now.

This is a time for slowing down and reflecting on resources and values in your life. Though it can be hard to tease apart your own self-esteem from the perception of others, the universe is giving you extra time to meditate on this topic.

Wrap Up

Mercury, Venus, and Mars all change signs this month giving us short energy shifts to think about. We are also going to experience Mercury slowing down all month in preparation for retrograde coming at the end of the month.

We can all benefit by planning to slow down and reflect this month and through the end of October. The new and full moons this month highlight the signs of Virgo and Pisces, and the topics of your chart these signs represent.

You will get the most out of these horoscopes by reading for your rising sign. If you don’t know your rising sign, I am happy to help you find out what it is. Or you can use a free online chart calculator.

Have a great September!


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