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Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse

Scorpio New Moon and Solar Eclipse Date and Time

Tuesday, 25 October 3:49 AM, West Coast, USA 6:49 AM, East Coast, USA 12:01 PM,  Rome, Italy 2 degrees Scorpio

Scorpio New Moon Overview

There are a lot of different types of energy taking place as we transition out of the current moon phase into the new moon phase on Tuesday. The one you are probably hearing a lot about is the solar eclipse. But that’s not all.

We have Saturn ending its retrograde cycle that started back in June. For those of you whose chart has a planetary body or sensitive point around eighteen (18) degrees Aquarius, you may feel like you have glue on your shoes. I will talk more about that below.

Saturn turning direct isn’t the only thing that may represent a time where you are moving in slow motion and that is Mars slowing down in preparation for its retrograde cycle. Mars has a more physical component to retrograde.

Mercury has a mental component. And Saturn, the planet of structure, discipline, and doing things in a strategic mode, may be like having a cement block stuck to your shoes when it changes direction.

All of this is happening while Venus syncs up to the Sun and the Moon exactly at the time of the Scorpio new moon bringing in a soft touch to help comfort and nurture us through this time period.

It may be difficult to tap into the balance that Venus represents at the Scorpio new moon, but she is there trying to nurture us through this intense new moon. Venus asks us to stay in touch with our receptive and nurturing nature, and balance it with the external demands of everyday life.

Solar Eclipse Information

Eclipses in astrology can be like a wild card. Some may find that an eclipse signifies a major shift in life. For others, an eclipse comes and goes without any noticeable activity. Eclipse season happens usually twice a year, and always comes with a pair of eclipses.

This eclipse season begins with a solar eclipse at the new moon, two (2) degrees Scorpio, on October 25 followed by a lunar eclipse, at the full moon, sixteen (16) degrees Taurus, on November 8. We all have Scorpio and Taurus somewhere in our charts.

The Scorpio and Taurus part of our chart represents the topics, people, and events most likely to be activated by the eclipse. If you have planets or points (like your rising sign or midheaven) near the degrees of the eclipse, you are more likely to have a noticeable activation.

If you want to read more about eclipses in general, please read this article I wrote.

If you want to observe the eclipse, it will be visible in most of Europe, northern Africa, the Middle East, and western parts of Asia. In Italy, we will be able to see part of it. If you aren’t in a location where it is visible, you can watch it online.

I recommend this website for detailed information on where the eclipse is visible and to watch it online: 

Scorpio New Moon Follows a Saturn Retrograde Cycle

Saturn went retrograde 4 June 2022 and turned direct on Saturday 22 October. If you have planets or sensitive points in Aquarius, you may have gone through a process of feeling limited and cut off while processing something of importance.

Now that Saturn has gone direct, just three days before the Scorpio new moon, the pressure will start to lift. You may find as you look back to June of this year, that you have had to consolidate, restructure, or re-evaluate your approach to something important in your life.

The part of life that is activated, or the people involved, will be indicated by the house, or part of your chart, that is occupied by Aquarius. Like the eclipses mentioned above, it depends on your individual chart. Knowing what is going on in the Aquarius part of your chart will provide further information.

You can get a free copy of your chart through online calculators like this one. Or schedule a consultation with me and we will look at your entire natal chart.

Saturn is the planet of structure, discipline, and strategy. It can represent where we experience limitations, isolation, and depression. When Saturn retrograde activates something in your chart, it is highlighting a situation or relationship that needs restructuring.

The experience can be like having a particular part of your life, or relationship, to hit a brick wall, feel cut off or isolated in some way, or there is restricted movement. This slow down allows you time for a deep review and to discover the faults and cracks so they can be restructured.

Saturn retrograde time periods highlight where you may be stuck. If you aren’t aware that this is a universal message that something needs to be restructured, you can get into a situation where you keep trying and feel like you are going nowhere leaving you down, depressed, and feeling like giving up.

If you are feeling this way, reframe the situation as an opportunity to correct the course. It can indicate that there is a flaw in the structure of the topic, situation, or relationship and no amount of stubborn insistence on moving forward is going to help make it better.

It’s a sign to be open to a different way of moving forward. When you open yourself to a revision, paths will begin to present themselves. There is always a way to move forward. Looking at things from a different perspective can help.

Saturn is a taskmaster. When it represents an activation of something in your astrology chart, It often indicates a time where you will have to put in effort to reap rewards. Hard work and serious effort result in reward and achievement. This is the Saturn way.

As we leave the current Saturn retrograde cycle and move into the post-shadow phase where Saturn is picking up speed but continuing to cover old ground, it is time to wrap up what you have been working on over the last nine months. It is the best time for completing the resolutions you discovered during the retrograde.

The limits and flaws that were highlighted during Saturn retrograde should be known to you now. You may find doors start to open for you and new ideas are beginning to stream in. It may not be a comfortable feeling, and you may be facing a new phase of work based on what you have learned. But it is an exciting time of liberation and freedom to start moving forward again.

Saturn spends around two and a half years in each sign and takes around twenty-nine years to travel through each sign of the zodiac. The last time Saturn was retrograde in Aquarius was in May – October of 2021. Before that, the last time Saturn was retrograde in Aquarius was in 1993.

We have had a few years of Saturn lessons in Aquarius. Now Saturn is making its way through the last part of Aquarius and will be moving to a new part of our chart into the sign of Pisces in March of 2023. Saturn won’t be back in Aquarius until 2050.

Saturn’s next retrograde will start in June of 2023 in the sign Pisces. Next year’s Saturn retrograde will be a different flavor because it will be in a different sign. Saturn hasn’t been retrograde in Pisces since 1995. If you are old enough, you can look back to 1995 to get a feel for what life lesson Saturn may be bring for you when it moves into the Pisces part of your chart.

Using retrograde cycles in the context of the meaning of the planet retrograde and the part of your chart it is traveling through can shed light and meaning on what is going on in your life. It can make sense of what might otherwise seem as chaos, difficulty, or meaningless delay.

Scorpio New Moon Launches the Mars Retrograde Cycle

The Saturn retrograde cycle ends and the Mars retrograde cycle begins. As Mars slows down and goes retrograde during the Scorpio new moon phase on 30 October, it’s a good time to slow yourself down too. 

Prepare for some significant reflection on how much of an extra load you are carrying over the next few months as the Mars retrograde cycle unfolds. Mars will be retrograde from 25 to 8 degrees Gemini. It will go direct on January 12, and complete its cycle and post-regrade shadow period, where it is picking up speed and covering old ground, on March 16.

Mercury retrograde is about communication and has a mental focus, Mars retrograde is about releasing pent up frustration and has a physical focus. Saturn has a focus on structure, strategy, and creating a strong foundation. And Venus retrogrades have to do with our relating style and how nurture and care for ourselves.

The best way to maneuver through a retrograde cycle is to work with the symbolic energetic vibe of each particular cycle. Start with the planet, what type of energy does it represent? Then the sign, where is it in your chart? What topics, events or relationships is it highlighting?

Then you want to know what parts of your chart it is making contact with, if any? This will let you know how intense that energy may show up and how challenging or difficult it may be. It may make multiple contacts in your chart. For example a challenging contact with your Sun, but a flowing contact with your Venus.

The only way to personalize the energetic tone for you personally is to see how it interacts with your birth (natal) chart. That said, there is a lot you can learn from generally knowing about the retrograde and how to work with the energy that planet represents.

For a Mars retrograde, you want to find healthy outlets for things that have built up over time. Things that you have suppressed or avoided, whether conscious or unconscious, may appear as an opportunity for resolution.

Anything that you are frustrated about and have been containing inside may explode out during the Mars retrograde. This is a time period for clearing the build up of frustration, anger, and passion you have been holding inside.

It is a great time to engage in anger management, releasing pent up frustration through therapy, martial arts, yoga. You may also find your libido is affected. While retrograde motion may indicate a slowing down, for some, a release in passion may manifest as an increase in libido or a freedom from limits you put on yourself around sexual expression.

Mars has a retrograde cycle every two years and two months. It usually retrogrades each time in the next sign, but often it crosses between two signs so this is a general statement. The last time Mercury went retrograde in Gemini, it started in Cancer, and retrograded into Gemini, from mid-November 2007 to the end of January 2008.

If you are old enough, you can think back to that time period to compare it to what you may experience this time period. Remember that the same part of your chart will be activated, as well as any placements in your birth chart. But the current planetary line up in the sky right now will be different and can give it a bit of a different flavor.

As we enter Mars retrograde, try to pace yourself. Acknowledge that this can be a time period of having less energy to do your normal day to day stuff. Look for signs of things that you are carrying around as a burden. Things that are slowing you down or stopping you from focusing on priorities.

Mars is a planet known for its cutting ability. During a Mars retrograde is a good time for cutting ties with things that no longer serve your higher purpose. Cutting the extra out and freeing your load is possible during this time period. There can be a piercing reality that things are not functioning at the speed you would like.

Look for the clues Mars retrograde is giving you about over commitment and carrying too much of a load. You will come out of the Mars retrograde lighter and ready to move forward with an energetic thrust if you are willing to let go of what is slowing you down and holding you back.

This is the gift of Mars retrograde. Lighten your load so you can move forward more freely.

Scorpio New Moon is attached to Venus

There is an amazing beautiful connection at the Taurus full moon between the Sun, Moon, and Venus. They all line up in the same degree of Scorpio making for a loving, spiritual full moon. 

Take time on Tuesday after the new moon phase starts, to pamper your body, soul, and feminine spirit. Your feminine side is due for some pampering. The key to Venus is balance. Have you been neglecting your self-care and nurturing?

This lovely Venus vibe can get lost in all the activity the sky is beaming down on us. The retrogrades can leave us exhausted and confused. The response we can all benefit from is taking it easy, even though our rational brain may tell us to work more and try harder.

We are likely to burn out and exhaust our nervous system by stubbornly refusing to take some universal cues to slow down, lighten our load, and ensure our foundation is solid. We may tell ourselves that we can’t slow down, there is too much to do, and deadlines don’t wait.

But beyond the day to day pressures of life there is a human need for balance and self-care. When that balance is out of whack, we are less productive and can walk ourselves into a rut. There is a lot of research that says taking breaks makes us more productive.

Under this upcoming new moon, we are likely going to need some ‘me’ time. Take it. Reprioritize your schedule and say no to things that don’t directly relate to what your true priorities are. Are there projects, events, and work that you can say no to? Can you postpone a project to a later date, or indefinitely?

Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days to indulge in self-care under the Scorpio new moon. Let yourself engage in some deep spiritual meditations while Venus travels with the Sun and Moon.

Scorpio New Moon and the Air Trine

At the full moon two weeks ago I mentioned this nice connection through planets traveling through the three air signs. This connection is still active with Mercury at 22 degrees Libra, Mars at 25 degrees Gemini, and Saturn at 18 degrees Aquarius.

This presence of the element air means there is a flow of communication surrounding us. Saturn is setting a strategic and structural vibe, Mars is taking action in an adaptable and curious way, while Mercury is full of ideas that are expressed in a fair and diplomatic way.

Those of you with a high presence of fire and air in your chart will get the most out of this line up. You may find that the air trine helps to work with the retrogrades in a rational and objective way. The reviewing, realigning, and restructuring retrograde energy is supported by an influx of ideas for how to evolve, pivot, and move forward. 

Essential Oils for the Scorpio New Moon

To help balance feelings of overwhelm, and adapt to the multitude of different energies, try diffusing Basil, Clary Sage, and Wild Orange.

To nurture your feminine side and the Venusian connection with the Sun and Moon in Scorpio, use calming, regenerating, and relaxing lavender or splurge on some Rose oil. Rose essential oil is very expensive so an alternative is to get some Rose water or a product that contains essential Rose oil. If you have roses growing in your garden, put a few petals in your bath.

To help ground your body from nervous fatigue use cedar wood, basil, and patchouli. If you feel drained as we move closer to the Mars retrograde try Wild Orange.

Scorpio New Moon Intentions

  1. Do your Scorpio new moon intentions after the new moon phase begins.

  2. Set intentions to connect with your feminine side. The side of you that connects with the earth, water, the evolution of time, and your nurturing instinct.

  3. Set intentions to be loyal to yourself by allowing your true feminine nature equal partnership with your solar essence.

  4. Set intentions to see the truth in situations even if they are difficult. Then you will be able to work through and resolve those difficulties so you can move forward feeling lighter and more liberated.

  5. Set intentions to spend some time near or in water. Scorpio is the aspect of still and deep water, like a well. You may want to be near still water and ponder the depth of a deep metaphorical well.

  6. Take a relaxing and cleansing bath. Think of it as nurturing your insides and the feminine and introspective part of yourself. Feminine in this example isn’t the gender you identify with, but the introspective and nurturing part of yourself and the human experience.

  7. If you live near a well, pond, or other type of still body of water, do a meditation near it. Choose a clean body of water, not one of toxins, slime, or sludge.

  8. Honesty is a keyword for Scorpio. Set intentions to be honest with yourself and others.

  9. Scorpio is a sign that highly values trust. Set intentions to be trustworthy and to attract people and situations into your life that hold trust as an important value.

Scorpio New Moon Activity Ideas

  1. Start noticing what may be dragging your time and interfering with what is most important for you. Try to cut some things out of your schedule. Release some responsibilities and lighten your load.

  2. Treat yourself to a spa day and include water activities. 

  3. Pamper yourself regularly over the next two weeks.

  4. Go to a wishing well and ask for insight during the Mars retrograde.

  5. Spend time with people who bring out your nurturing side.

  6. Go to a local spiritual event or retreat.

  7. Journal or vision board about the deep levels of your being and how you are aligned spiritually with your long-term life vision and what you are doing right now.

  8. Start planning for Mars retrograde.

  9. If you suffer from any type of addiction, start a therapeutic program, reach out for help from someone you trust.

Inspirational Quotes

‘Sometimes when you’re overwhelmed by a situation – when you’re in the darkest of darkness – that’s when your priorities are reordered.’ —Phoebe Snow
‘Just doing nothing and having those still moments is what really rejuvenates the body.’ —Miranda Kerr
‘You can’t calm the storm, so stop trying. What you can do is calm yourself. The storm will pass.’ —Timber Hawkeye

Scorpio New Moon Journaling Prompts

  1. How do you nurture yourself?

  2. How do you rate yourself on trust and loyalty? What about the people you are close with? Are you satisfied with your rating or do you want to manifest some change?

  3. What is your self-care routine? If you don’t have one, what are three things you can do for self-care and nurturing over the two weeks leading up to the full moon?

  4. How can you incorporate them into your ongoing schedule?

  5. What extra burdens are you carrying that are slowing you down?

  6. What steps can you take to lighten your load?

Scorpio New Moon Astrology Aspects

  1. Sun 2 Scorpio conjunct 2 Scorpio Moon conjunct 2 Scorpio Venus

  2. The Air trine present at the last full moon is still active Mercury 22 Libra, Mars 25 Gemini, and Saturn 18 Aquarius

  3. Mars 25 Gemini square Neptune 23 Pisces

  4. Mars goes retrograde 30 October

Wrap Up

There is a diverse range of activity at the Scorpio new moon. Saturn retrograde ends, Mars retrograde begins, eclipse season starts with a solar eclipse, and Venus snuggles closely to the Sun and Moon in Scorpio at the new moon.

You may encounter chaos, feeling tired, confused, and for some of you impacted by the eclipse, a great life shift may be happening. These energetics all bode for alignment of action with your true mission in life. You may find that you are trying to do too much and need to lighten your load. Now is the time to start thinking about what to prune in life.

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