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Scorpio New Moon

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Scorpio New Moon Date and Time

13 November 2023

1:27 AM, West Coast, USA

4:27 AM, East Coast, USA

10:27 AM, Rome, Italy

20 degrees Scorpio

Scorpio New Moon Overview

The November new moon is in Scorpio, a sign known for regeneration, intensity, and excellent research skills. Mars is amping up the energy of the new moon as it also travels through Scorpio.

A new moon always means that the Sun and Moon are in the same sign. We are already in Scorpio season, which is defined by the passage of the Sun through this part of the zodiac over four weeks.

With the Sun, Moon and Mars occupying Scorpio, the energy of the new moon is intensified with a lot of energy and drive. For some of us, this can be a welcome boost of energy, but for others, it can increase assertiveness and even lead to aggression.

Be careful about letting anything that you are angry or resentful about bubble up over the next couple of weeks to the point that you say or do something you regret. Especially the days on or around November 17, when the Sun reaches Mars in the exact same degree.

Instead, direct that energy to do something that benefits you without hurting others. You may find that you have more energy and drive to make progress on something close to your heart.

I hope that you take this energy and let it provide you with some superhuman power through this super charged Mars in its own sign boosting the Sun and New Moon. Anger or resentment can be a catalyst for pushing you into action, but it's not the only driver.

Lean into your power, your desire, your determination - what you want. Let the super trio of Sun, Moon, and Mars superpower something in your life. Knowing what astrology house Scorpio occupies in your chart is going to give you even more information on what part of your life can tap into this powerful energy time period.

Scorpio New Moon in Your Chart

If you don’t have your natal chart placements memorized, it’s best to have your chart in front of you to get the most out of this blog. You’ll want to see what astrology house is occupied by the signs I’m going to talk about today, which are Scorpio, Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius, Leo, and Pisces.

Knowing the houses these signs occupy in your chart will provide a lot more detail about the part of your life that is activated by the moving or transiting planets. If you are unsure of what the different astrology houses mean, you can learn about them in this blog I wrote on the Astrology Houses.

If you don’t have a copy of your chart, you can get a free one online at or If you would prefer to consult with a professional astrologer, you can schedule a consultation with me.

New Moons in General

New moon symbology is about new beginnings, planting a metaphorical seed, growth, rebirth, taking action toward something new or a fresh path, a refocus, a new cycle, and preparation.

It’s also a coming out of rest and quiet time as the new moon is born out of the end of the last moon cycle called the balsamic phase, which is about endings and releasing that which is no longer needed.

The new moon phase shares the dark sky with the balsamic phase, when the moon isn’t receiving light from the sun and the nights are at their darkest.

A crescent moon eventually appears out of the dark sky during the new moon phase. On average, it takes around 18-24 hours before you see the crescent moon being born in the new moon phase. Of course, it depends on the time of day and weather conditions for visibility.

This crescent new moon represents a seedling that is in the process of sprouting. It is young, new, naive, and a bit otherworldly as it gets adjusted to the new environment it is born into.

Remember to do your new moon ritual in the new moon phase, not before, in the balsamic phase of the previous cycle. That’s why I include the time of the new moon, so you can figure out when it is in your time zone. For ways to work with the new moon, check out my New Moon Ritual blog.

Each month the new moon takes place in a different sign and with different configurations happening in the sky. The sign of the new moon speaks to the entire cycle and this month the sign of the new moon is Scorpio.

Scorpio the New Moon Sign

Scorpio, like all of the signs in the zodiac, has its spectrum of positive to negative qualities. Scorpio excels at going deep into any subject. As a fixed sign, it has endurance. It doesn’t get easily distracted.

Scorpio can exhibit piercing, serious, and profound effort toward what it is interested in. This is why you sometimes hear that Scorpio is obsessive or even vindictive. That is the negative shadow side.

It’s best to try to gravitate toward and manifest the productive side of Scorpio. This sign loves to peel back the layers to get to the heart of any matter. Some other traits of Scorpio are honesty, loyalty, and intuition. As a water sign, Scorpio can be empathic and in touch with how other people feel.

Scorpios are not gossipers and don’t often share their personal information outside of a few trusted close friends. Scorpio has three symbolic representations. The Scorpion walks the earth and can sting, representing its desire to penetrate the deepest levels of a relationship, concept, or project for example.

The eagle has broad vision and uses it wisely. And the phoenix will burn to ash in order to be reborn in a purified form, representing one of Scorpio's traits to regenerate and transform.

Scorpio is a Mars sign, and with Mars in its own sign, along with the Sun and Moon, it signifies a very powerful new moon. Mars is the planet for taking action and getting things done. It can perform its duties best when it is in its own sign of Scorpio (like it is now) or Aries, its other sign.

This new moon highlights the Scorpio part of your chart. Find the house in your chart that contains Scorpio and use this energy to clarify, research, and take action on purifying something in your life. Mars brings action to the picture. It can indicate a time when determination and sheer will help you make progress in a particular area of life or a project.

Watch out for holding any grudges or trying to get even or revenge on someone or something. Though you may really want to take that sort of action, if you do, you will miss out on the beautiful opportunities this new moon is bringing to us as negative energy tends to attract more negative energy.

Rather than fixate on what is wrong, or what someone else did, you will gain a lot more by using this energy to purge and purify anything that is causing you pain and anxiety. Think about what obstacles are keeping you from doing what you really enjoy.

Negative people and things will fade away when you focus on the regenerative energy that comes with focusing on doing what’s best for you. In fact, one of the most auspicious uses of Sun, Moon, and Mars in Scorpio is having intense focus and power on hand to bend to your will. Use this time to find creative solutions.

Scorpio New Moon and Venus and Mercury Sextile

Another configuration happening at the same time as the new moon is a beautiful sextile connection between Venus and Mercury. These two planets are working together to find a solution that suits everyone.

Venus and Mercury in this tight sextile lighten up the mood with their natures expressing in outgoing fire and air signs.

Venus in its own sign of Libra, an air sign, wants manifest situations where everyone is happy. It brings a sociable tone to the new moon and lightens up conversation as it beams over to Mercury, full of ideas, in optimistic and outgoing Sagittarius.

These two are ready for socializing, a party, a friend gathering, a ritual of kindred spirits, or a transformative experience.

Scorpio’s Opposite sign Taurus

Other planets are contributing to the new moon's energy too. We have Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, the sign opposite Scorpio. These signs are on two ends of the same axis. While Scorpio is a water sign that operates on intuition, emotion, and instinct, Taurus is an earth sign that operates on reality, fact and practicality.

These signs share polarity, they are both receptive, and they are both fixed signs, meaning they can both be terribly stubborn and refuse to budge a millimeter. As opposites and in opposition, they both challenge and reflect to each other like a mirror bringing to consciousness two sides of a matter, where choices must be made or a way to see two sides of an issue.

Scorpio wants to go to the depths and analyze everything. It will take action based on what it has evaluated and on instinct, especially the gut and emotions. Taurus wants to keep things moving at a steady pace and enjoy the pleasure of what can be seen, felt, heard - basically the five senses.

Where Scorpio will enter any world, visible, ethereal, or dream to gather as much information as possible, Taurus is very grounded in the world of fact where there is proof or evidence.

Where Taurus can learn from Scorpio how to embrace the sixth sense, Taurus can help Scorpio step away from endless searching and analysis to look at what is happening right now in the present moment and respond in a practical manner.

Taurus is a grounding energy to the watery Scorpio energy that thrives in endless analyzing. Water can be changeable, and Taurus in the earth element is grounded.

Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus Opposite the Scorpio New Moon

Uranus is more tightly connected to the new moon by degree than Jupiter. But they are both on the other side of the Scorpio new moon in your Taurus house. They are providing some grounded energy and practical reflection by opposition from the Taurus house in your chart.

Jupiter can represent a warning of going too far and overdoing something. Jupiter fosters a growth-oriented practical action plan while urging growth in a realistic and productive manner.

Uranus indicates help with innovative new ideas that are also practical and productive. Uranus can also be a sign of some sudden and unexpected event happening at the new moon.

Uranus tightly opposite the new moon can also indicate an uplifting boost to your new moon actions, it can indicate a desire for change in the houses of Scorpio and Taurus in your chart. Uranus in Taurus is a long-term transit as a slow moving planet, but it is activated by the new moon.

It can indicate a sudden or unexpected change or event in those houses as it makes contact with Mars, Sun and the New Moon. You can make progress in any major project that requires research and analysis in the Scorpio and Taurus parts of your chart with Uranus in this configuration.

You will likely feel more charged up and want to take action as it pertains to the themes and topics in your Scorpio and Taurus houses all week after the new moon.

Black Moon Lilith T-square the Scorpio New Moon and Uranus in Taurus

Black Moon Lilith is in a T square with the full moon, Sun, and Mars in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus. There may be a part of your life that gets a boost of energy to make a change for the better as it relates to the freedom of your raw feminine power.

Look to your Leo house for where you want to break free from any metaphorical chains holding you back in life, especially as it pertains to traditional roles you no longer relate to.

Your Scorpio and Taurus houses will show you the parts of life that are part of this process of freeing yourself to live balanced in your feminine and masculine sides, or your receptive and proactive sides. The way you approach traditional roles may change during this time period.

Saturn is Direct

Saturn recently went direct on November 4th giving us all the chance to reaffirm our structure, boundaries, and strategy in life as it pertains to the Pisces part of your chart.

The house that Pisces occupies in your chart will show you where you are taking on more responsibility and building something important in your life, and where things may start progressing again if they were stuck for some time during the Saturn retrograde which started mid-June of this year.

Next Mercury Retrograde Cycle

On November 25 Mercury will enter its pre-shadow phase before going retrograde on December 13. Between now and December 13 is a time to kick off or launch any new things you have going on.

The second half of December is best used to catch up on things that have already started and resolve anything from the past. Since Mercury will be retrograde over the holidays, keep this in mind as it could be a good time for you to resolve any old family issues.

Also, if you want to complete your holiday shopping with Mercury Direct, I suggest you start now. Cash in on Black Friday sales and wrap up your shopping this month so you can kick back, slow down, and enjoy the Mercury retrograde holiday season.

Scorpio New Moon Activity Ideas

If you are looking for more ideas to do for the new moon, I have a few for you:

  • Do a new moon ritual that includes water, Scorpio’s element - you can use my free guide by clicking here

  • Meditate by a still pond, wishing well, or in a renewing bath

  • Reflective and introspective meditation are recommended now. Take some extra time to sit in silence and allow yourself to reflect inward

  • Research ideas that inspire you and put together an action plan

  • Start writing your vision for 2024

  • Use my end-of-the-year Journaling and Vision Board exercise

    • List the things you are grateful for from 2024

    • List the things you are happy to leave behind in 2023

    • List your 2023 accomplishments

    • List your major goals for 2024

    • Do a vision board for your major 2024 goals

  • Launch new activities or new phases of projects before the Mercury pre-shadow starts on November 25 - remember that Mercury retrograde starts December 13

  • Delve into things that are inspirational, mystical, mysterious, or intense as the predominance of Scorpio energy will be highly active

  • Read a mystery or fantasy novel, or watch this genre of movie

  • With Venus in Libra and Mercury in Sagittarius, it could be a good time to do some holiday party planning

  • Get a head start on your social calendar for the holiday season

Scorpio New Moon Inspirational Quote

'The cosmos is a mirror, reflecting back to us our own inner world. As we contemplate the planets and stars, we are also contemplating our own depths.' - Carl Jung

'The unexamined life is not worth living.' - Socrates

Wrap Up

The new moon in Scorpio is a great time to do some introspective reflection, and then take it a step further and take some action with Mars close to the Sun and Moon in Scorpio. Venus and Mercury sextile in Libra and Sagittarius bring a fun and social overtone to the serious and intense new moon in water sign Scorpio.


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