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Scorpio New Moon

We have a Scorpio New Moon coming up this weekend late Saturday or early Sunday depending on where you live. That means both the Sun and Moon are in the zodiac sign of Scorpio. The actual New Moon phase starts when the Sun and Moon are conjunct in the same zodiac degree.

New Moon in Scorpio 23 degrees Saturday, November 14 9:07pm PST Sunday, November 15, 12:07am EST | 6:07am Rome CET

New Moon

The New Moon represents the cyclical beginning of the month-long lunar phase cycle. I like to write up my goals for the month within a day or two after the New Moon phase starts and the times are included in these posts so you know when that is. The hours right after the New Moon phase starts is the most fantastical time to set your intentions for the next month.

You can write, draw, vision board, paint, create or visualize your New Moon intentions for the month during the New Moon phase. But you should wait until after the Sun and Moon have joined. That’s because the time leading up to the New Moon is the phase called Balsamic or Waning Crescent.

The Balsamic phase is about ending things, resting, and preparing for the next cycle. That’s why it’s best to wait until the Moon actually moves into the New Moon phase to do your intentions.

If you want to do something symbolic of the ending of the cycle, you can write down things you want to release or let go of and burn them (safely). Or more simply do something restful and relaxing like take a bath, burn a candle, or meditate. Do this in the day or hours leading up to that exact time the New Moon phase starts.

You want to go with the flow of the energy of the cycle. Waning Crescent Balsamic is for ending and resting, Waxing New Moon is for impregnating the cycle with intention, visualization, and potential.

You can witness this in the sky. It grows dark during the Balsamic phase, to the point where you can no longer see even a sliver of the Moon. The sky is at its darkest at that moment of conjunction. That’s because we are seeing the dark side of the Moon from Earth.

After that the Moon starts waxing and is the time to focus on what to achieve during the next cycle. The waxing crescent Moon soon shows herself as she is growing with potential and possibility.

About a Scorpio

Deep, dark and mysterious are often used to describe a Scorpio. All signs have their positive and not so positive qualities, and Scorpio is one who often gets a bad rap for their not so nice qualities. Like vindictive, jealous, and the sharp sting of the Scorpion that usually comes in sharp words. The worst case is physical violence, but I doubt any of the violent Scorpios are reading this.

This sign is so enigmatic that it has more than one symbolic totem assigned to it. The Scorpion, of course, as well as the Serpent (Snake), Eagle, and Phoenix.

The Scorpion

The Scorpion as a representation of the zodiac sign Scorpio signifies it’s human quality of vulnerability. This arachnid (yep in the same class as spiders) stings to paralyze its prey. Oftentimes this sting is for protection of its softer, more vulnerable side. Scorpios loathe to be vulnerable. This uncomfortable feeling is opposed to their need to feel in control and have power over the situation. It’s also why they are fantastic at keeping secrets, especially their own, and they have the best poker face ever.

The Serpent

Ahh shed that skin and regenerate to the next, new and improved you. It’s quite interesting to me that Scorpios are a fixed sign, they hold the line, maintain the course, and steady the ship. Basically fixed signs like to keep things status quo.

But there is this element of change in the Serpentine snake representation that has to do with the deep penetration and depth of a Scorpio. They want to go deep, to the heart of the matter, and dig up anything hidden that needs to be brought to light for repair or reconstruction. Hence the shedding of the skin, once you dig up that hidden stuff, something will change. You could say they are fixated on transforming.

The Eagle

We are now entering the spiritual nature of the Scorpio, the Eagle. Known for flying higher in the sky than any other bird, it is related to spirit and soul as it detaches from earth to the heights of the sky. With its broad birds eye view the eagle sees with clarity. Scorpios of the zodiac can fly to great heights or sink to great depths depending on their circumstances and spiritual growth in a lifetime. The Eagle represents the great heights a Scorpio can reach and the inspiration that comes from that view.

Bald Eagles typically mate for life, as a large number of bird species do. I have heard people say Scorpios are cheaters, but in reality, they are more likely to be loyal and monogamous when in love. Cheating of course exists in all signs, but I wouldn’t use that keyword to generally describe a Scorpio. Rather, loyalty is a keyword that often describes a Scorpio, and that goes for friends and family too.

Scorpio New Moon Eagle Flying


The Phoenix

And last, but not least, the transformative and regenerating Phoenix who burns to ash only to rise again. Why does that Scorpio you know keep stinging you over and over again? Well to help you burn off that unnecessary baggage and regenerate yourself of course. Scorpios can’t help it. They exist to burn through what needs to be destroyed in order to allow the new and better parts to be born. They live for this stuff.

These types of Scorpios are the most evolved of the 4 symbols, and typically aren’t born as Phoenixes. Not all Scorpios rise to this level, or persist at this level at all times. In reality, it is usually a progression through life that leads a Scorpio to this highest level of Scorpionship. It is often accompanied by personal loss or experience with significant life changes.

Scorpio New Moon Phoenix

The Phoenix

It can truly be a spiritual and uplifting experience to communicate with a Scorpio functioning at the Phoenix level. A Scorpio who actually achieves the evolution from Scorpion to Serpent to Eagle to Phoenix collects and incorporates the gifts and lessons learned from each experience.

The Phoenix Scorpion type is a wise and spiritual person with gifts to share. But beware, when this person lays that sage wisdom on you, it may feel like the Scorpion piercing you with its tail, paralyzing you as it channels regenerating energy challenging your status quo.

The Dark and Ugly Side

As a licensed mental health therapist, I have seen the dark side of life through former clients and their families. The violence and abuse of those who have suffered at the hands of a stranger, loved one, or anyone in between is devastating.

I would not point to any one sign as being violent, because that is not how astrology works. An entire chart needs to be considered and violent tendencies that may appear through the placement and interactions between planets does not mean that it will manifest.

So please do not use this label of violent or vindictive as a general term for Scorpios. I mention this because I have heard it before. And though it can be true (or not), it can also be true for other signs and we would need much more information from the chart to see a pattern for violence.

Which Scorpio Do You Know?

So there you go. Scorpio has many sides, from stinging those coming too close to their vulnerable side, to a passionate, intuitive, loyal, deeply spiritual and regenerative side.

If you know any Scorpios, or maybe you are a Scorpio, which one do you interact with? Which one do you have lunch with, talk to, have deep conversations with (can be with yourself)? The takeaway here is that Scorpios are complex, they operate at different levels, and those who grow and learn from their trials of life often become spiritual sages with age.

This Scorpio New Moon

This is a great time to look deep inside yourself. What parts of you are vulnerable? What parts need regenerating? What part of the world do you see from a sage visionary birds eye point of view?

This is a good time to research any subject, yourself most importantly. If you are fixated or stuck on something, write about it, think about it, poke it and dare it to transform you. Give yourself that nudge, or sting, to do something about it. Maybe, by the next Full Moon (Nov. 30), or next month’s New Moon (Dec 14), you will see something has shifted for you. You can get that regenerating spirit moving through you.

Mars Goes Direct

The day before the New Moon, Mars goes direct, after retrograding since early September. When a planet retrogrades or goes direct, it takes some time slowing down and speeding up. Just like your car when stopping and going.

You may feel your energy levels low, erratic, or even a burst of energy. Where in your life you experience this energy shift depends a lot where the retrograde is happening in your chart. The house topics involved with the sign Libra will indicate where you will be feeling this energy shift the most.

Since this planetary shift is happening near the New Moon I wanted to mention it. The energy shift will be happening at this energetic point of the lunar phase this month.

I hope you have a deep and intensely satisfying New Moon this weekend!

If you want to print out a free copy of your chart to see where the Scorpio New Moon will take place in your chart, click here. The house it falls in will give you further insight to the topics in your life that may be highlighted this weekend.


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