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Scorpio Full Moon: Profound Exploration and Practical Innovation

Scorpio Full Moon Dates

Tuesday, 23 April

4:49 PM, West Coast, USA

7:49 PM, East Coast, USA

Wednesday, 24 April

1:49 AM, Rome, Italy Wed 24 April

4 Degrees Scorpio

Scorpio Full Moon Overview

Full Moons are about releasing, culminating or endings, compromise, making choices and bursting with energy. The Scorpio Full moon is a time of opening possibilities coming from the depths of your soul. 

Scorpio is a sign that looks deeply and profoundly into what catches its interest. There is nothing shallow about Scorpio energy, it is deep and penetrating.

Scorpio is a water element sign, which has to do with the emotional realm. Scorpio’s waters are still but deep, like a well. Utilize the Mercury retrograde energy to penetrate deeply into life lessons from the past that can help in current life situations. 

The insights you discover at this time have the potential to purify or refine an old wound. Resistance to healing and change can make it more difficult to work through a past hurt.

Being honest with how you feel and expressing your feelings to others is important during this time period.

The Scorpio Full moon is lit up by the Sun in Taurus. Taurus is grounded in practicality and thrives in the pleasures of the five senses. It is known for taking great enjoyment of good food, drink, music and smells.

Taurus has exquisite taste in the arts and aesthetics as one of Venus' home signs. Taurus is an earth sign that excels at maintaining the status quo, establishing and maintaining routine and ensuring practical approaches to life situations.


Both Scorpio and Taurus are fixed signs. They share qualities of loyalty, stubbornness and reliability. Scorpio is coming from the depths of emotions and Taurus is coming from a place of practicality.

Both are known for staying true to their word. Once they are committed, they mean it. Sensuality is another common quality they share making this a sensual full moon full of potential.

As fixed signs, they can walk themselves into a rut, stubbornly insisting on staying the course, even if the course is no longer viable. This period of time can be used for breaking out of a rut or breaking out of old habits that are no longer functional like they were before.

This is an auspicious time for getting out of a rut due to the dynamic Jupiter-Uranus conjunction happening in Taurus.

Glyph for Scorpio zodiac sign.

Jupiter and Uranus Conjunction

Jupiter and Uranus join together around every 14 years, which makes this a fairly rare event. The conjunction of these two planets in Taurus is one of the major astrological events of 2024.

The Jupiter Uranus conjunction has been building over the last few weeks and you can tap into it until Jupiter moves into Gemini next month on May 26. This is high-octane energy you don't want to miss out on. Try to do something important over the next few weeks. 

Ask yourself: Where have you been wanting to do something new and innovative? What part of your life is due for some renovation or reform? 

You may be visualizing some new and brilliant ideas for the future or you may be updating the vision for something you are already working on. With Mercury retrograde, you may benefit more from refocusing on a past project or relationship. Things that were stuck before may find a brilliant resolution.

Its maximum potency happens this weekend as a prelude to the full moon on Tuesday (or Wednesday depending on where you live). The energy of this aspect is built into the Scorpio full moon because they happen within days of each other. 

View the theme of the Scorpio full moon as a time of profound exploration and practical innovation.

Keep in mind that we are still in a Mercury retrograde. With the retrospective quality of the this energy, you will likely have a great amount of success focusing on a current or past project over something brand new. 

Anything you work on now will be infused with the vision-oriented and innovative Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. This means the Taurus part of your chart is supercharged for new and innovative ideas. 

There may be some lucky opportunity that comes up for you out of the blue. This is a wild card configuration that can manifest in many different ways. Take advantage of this important period of time by investing your focus on your most important long-term goals.

The life situations you are focusing on now will be infused with the vision-oriented and innovative Jupiter Uranus conjunction.

Things that you are working on now will have long-term possibilities based on the placement of strategic Saturn and action-oriented Mars in Pisces sending harmonious vibes in a sextile to the Jupiter Uranus conjunction.

Saturn and Mars in Pisces Sextile Jupiter and Uranus

The harmonious flow of energy between the planets traveling in Pisces, Saturn and Mars sextile the planets Jupiter and Uranus traveling in Taurus is supportive for growth, reform and making adjustments leading to new and transformed ways of doing things.

Pluto Square Scorpio Full Moon and Sun in Taurus

Pluto makes a difficult relationship to the full Moon and the Sun indicating there may be some sort of struggle or difficult choice that has to be made. The tension and action-oriented square relationship between Pluto to the Scorpio Full Moon and Taurus Sun can bring in feelings of uneasiness. 

Wounds that have been re-opened by recent events can be difficult to face. If you are experiencing a difficult time, please ask for help and access professional services if needed. It's a good time for healing work or addressing addictive behaviors. 

Work on letting go of past emotional hurts so you can connect on a deeper level with yourself. Through this process of healing, you will find that it allows you to connect on a deeper level with others too.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury will be retrograde until April 25 and its post-shadow period will end on May 14. The end of April or the beginning of May is a good time to take action on the innovative ideas envisioned during the Scorpio full moon and Jupiter-Uranus conjunction.

Click here for info on all 2024 Mercury Retrograde dates.

  • Pre-Shadow Begins: March 19

  • Retrograde Begins: April 1

  • Direct: April 25

  • Post-Shadow Ends: May 14

  • Degrees: 27.13 - 15.59 Aries

Learn more about working with Mercury Retrograde in the 'Mercury Retrograde Survival Skills' guide.

Find the Houses Activated in Your Chart

In your chart, find the astrology houses that are activated at the Scorpio full moon. The topics and themes associated with the astrology house in your chart will give you details on what’s likely got your attention. Check out my 'Astrology Houses' blog here.

  • Scorpio: The location of the Full Moon

  • Pisces: Where Saturn, Mars and Neptune are traveling

  • Aries: Where we recently had the New Moon and Solar Eclipse and currently occupied by Mercury retrograde, Chiron, Venus and the North Node

  • Taurus: Where the Sun, Jupiter and Uranus are traveling

  • Aquarius: The placement of Pluto, where some tension may be pushing you to get out of a rut or make a choice

If you are unsure of where your planets fall in the astrology houses of your chart, schedule an appointment with me by clicking below. If you would like to get a free copy of your chart, I recommend either or

Libra Full Moon Quote

‘Every struggle in your life has shaped you into the person you are today. Be thankful for the hard times, they can only make you stronger.’ - Keanu Reeves

Things to Do under the Scorpio Full Moon

  • Do a full moon ritual for Scorpio’s element, use my guide with a ritual for each element by clicking here.

  • Be honest with yourself about an obstacle or pattern that is holding you back from success.

  • Take a deep dive into something you are interested in. Do research and gather information.

  • Indulge in pleasure that feels good physically and emotionally. Get a massage, eat your favorite food, see live entertainment that you love and fill the air with scents that make you smile.

  • Focus on letting go and releasing things that are no longer serving you. The more you try to hold on, the more difficult it can be to flow with inevitable change.

  • You may be able to tap more deeply into your emotional depths. Take more rest time to allow your body to rest and sleep as dreams may help you work through change. Take time for daydreaming or lucid dreaming. Click here for some mindful ideas for self-care.

  • If you struggle with any type of addictive behavior, this can be a good time to get help and make change.

Scorpio Full Moon Wrap-Up

The Scorpio full moon has an intense mix of energy. Underlying stubborn patterns that are resistant to change rise to the surface. An auspicious energy for envisioning an innovative future is on tap and Mercury retrograde asks us to look backward to move forward.

To get the most out of the Scorpio full moon, be honest with yourself about where you may be resisting change. Open your mind to new and innovative approaches to your current projects and most importantly long-term goals.

Utilize this auspicious time for profound self-exploration and practical Innovation. Mercury retrograde ends on April 25. Get ready to push forward on your projects as we move into May.


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