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Scorpio Full Moon

Scorpio Full Moon Date and Time

Sunday or Monday May 15-16 9:14 PM Sunday, May 15, West Coast, USA 12:14 AM Monday, May 16, East Coast, USA 6:14 AM Monday, May 16, Rome, Italy 25 degrees Scorpio

Scorpio Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

Eclipses happen around every six months and they come in pairs. The first of this pair happened back on April 30th in the sign of Taurus. This one happens at the Scorpio full moon on Monday or Sunday depending where you live.

Eclipses are like wildcards in your astrology chart. If they activate your chart, you may experience something impactful or significant in your life. Or a major insight or awakening internally. If nothing in your chart is activated, it could pass by without notice. 

In astrology much of what we can discover in a chart is based on your individual chart. Keep that in mind when reading general horoscopes. That is why general horoscopes are very general, because there is a complexity to your chart that cannot be generalized.

This is a total lunar eclipse and a blood moon. It can be a fascinating thing to see. You will be able to see parts or all of the eclipse if you live in south/west Europe, south/west Asia, Africa, most of North America, South America, Antarctica, and in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans.

If you want to look at your location in the path of the eclipse, go to They will show you the path of the eclipse on a world map, and how much of it you can see at your location. If you want to watch it live, they have a video stream.

If you want to learn more in general about eclipses in astrology, check out my blog ‘Eclipses in Astrology.

About Scorpio

Scorpio is an interesting sign because of its multi-layered symbolism. Deep, dark and mysterious are often used to describe a Scorpio.

All signs have their positive and not so positive qualities, and Scorpio is one who often gets a bad rap for their not so nice qualities. While most of the time Scorpio does not deserve some of the harsh attributes assigned, it is known for its scorpion sting that usually comes in sharp words. 

This sign is so enigmatic that it has more than one symbolic totem assigned to it. The Scorpion, of course, as well as the Serpent (Snake), Eagle, and Phoenix.

The Scorpion

The Scorpion as a representation of the zodiac sign Scorpio signifies its human quality of vulnerability. This arachnid (yep in the same class as spiders) stings to paralyze its prey. Oftentimes this sting is for protection of its softer, more vulnerable side. 

Scorpios loathe to be vulnerable. This uncomfortable feeling is opposed to their need to feel in control and have power over the situation. It’s also why they are fantastic at keeping secrets, especially their own, and they have the best poker face ever.

The Snake

Like a snake, Scorpios love to metaphorically shed their skin and regenerate to the next, new and improved self. There is this element of change in the snake symbolism that has to do with the desire for transforming, unraveling layers, and renewing. 

Scorpio wants to go deep into the heart of the matter and dig up anything hidden that needs to be brought to light for repair or reconstruction. Like the shedding of skin, once you dig up that hidden stuff, something will change, transform, and renew. You could say they are fixated on transforming.

The Eagle

In the Eagle symbolism we enter the spiritual nature of the Scorpio. Known for flying higher in the sky than any other bird, it is related to spirit and soul as it detaches from earth to the heights of the sky. 

With its broad bird’s eye view the eagle sees with clarity. Scorpios of the zodiac can fly to great heights or sink to great depths depending on their circumstances and spiritual growth in a lifetime.

The Eagle represents the great heights a Scorpio can reach and the inspiration that comes from that view. Bald Eagles typically mate for life, as a large number of bird species do. I have heard people say Scorpios are cheaters, but in reality, they are more likely to be loyal and monogamous when in love.

Cheating of course exists in all signs, but I wouldn’t use that keyword to generally describe a Scorpio. Rather, loyalty is a keyword that often describes a Scorpio, and that goes for friends and family too.

Scorpios may have a short list of those they are close with, but once you are in the inner circle, you can expect a loyal and trustworthy friend in Scorpio.


The Phoenix

The transformative and regenerating Phoenix burns to ash only to rise again. Why does that Scorpio you know keep stinging you over and over again? Well to help you burn off that unnecessary baggage and regenerate yourself of course. 

Scorpios can’t help it. They exist to burn through what needs to be destroyed in order to allow the renewed and transformed parts to be born. They live for this stuff. Scorpio energy at this level of the Phoenix is someone who has transformed and renewed themself over and again and has achieved a deep level of inner peace.

These types of Scorpios are the most evolved of the 4 symbols, and typically aren’t born as Phoenixes. Not all Scorpios rise to this level, or persist at this level at all times. Arriving at this level is not a perch, but a place where the renewal process continues and is embraced in the storm of change.

It is usually a progression of renewals and transformations through life that lead a Scorpio to this highest level of Scorpionship. It is often accompanied by personal loss or experience with significant life changes that result in perceiving life as constant growth. They practice reframing the past as lessons learned to avoid the bitterness that can come from difficult experiences.

The Phoenix

Scorpio and The Dark Side

As a licensed mental health therapist, and generally experiencing life as a human being, I have seen the dark side of life through friends, family, experience, the news, former clients and their families. The violence and abuse of those who have suffered at the hands of a stranger, loved one, or anyone in between is devastating. 

I would not point to any one sign as being violent, because that is not how astrology works. An entire chart needs to be considered and violent tendencies that may appear through the placement and interactions between planets does not mean that it will manifest.

Please do not use this label of violent or vindictive as a general term for Scorpios. I mention this because I have heard it before. And though it can be true (or not), it can also be true for other signs and we would need much more information from the chart to see a pattern for violence and vindictiveness.

Which Scorpio Do You Know?

Scorpio has many sides, from stinging those coming too close to their vulnerable side, to a passionate, intuitive, loyal, deeply spiritual and regenerative side. 

If you know any Scorpios, or maybe you are a Scorpio, which one do you interact with? Which one do you have lunch with, talk to, have deep conversations with (can be with yourself)?

The takeaway here is that Scorpios and Scorpio energy is complex. Scorpio represents energy that operates at different levels, and those who grow and learn from their trials of life often become spiritual sages with age. This is the ultimate goal of Scorpio.

Scorpio Full Moon

This years Scorpio full moon has its complexities. We have the eclipse which makes it more potent in general. In addition the Mercury retrograde is happening, reinforcing the message of renewal and transformation. Plus the move of Jupiter in Aries brings a dynamic energy in the air.

The move of Jupiter in Aries is significant because it is a slower moving planet that will stay in this sign for a year. For some this move may bring a burst of dynamic energy wanting to move forward just as Mercury goes retrograde. There is some conflict here of wanting to push forward while needing to reflect backwards.

We can best utilize the Scorpio full moon energy this month by slowing down in general, and taking time to do some deep soul searching. The insights and awareness that you experience now can create some aha moments. Capture what you learn in a journal as you may want to reflect back to this time later on in life.

Change sometimes becomes clear only after time has past. That’s why journaling can be helpful and therapeutic. You may think you will remember, but it’s unlikely you will retain all the details. Write about your experiences, insights, frustrations, and course changes.

There are a number of different energies working at the same time as the Scorpio full moon that can come up differently in different areas of life.

The range of energetics goes from tension, confrontation, frustration, and rigidity to being able to tap deeply into yourself for insights, heightened attraction to spirituality, and a desire to renew. It’s a spiritually energized full moon with multi-rich layers of soul searching possibility.

Scorpio energy has a power component. Things can develop around controlling others or situations, or feeling like you are being controlled by others or situations. Consider where you fall on this spectrum and with the different people and situations in your life.  

Consider if you feel empowered or disempowered in your different life situations. It can be helpful to renew and reframe your viewpoint to find innovative and creative solutions. 

If you are in a situation where you are experiencing abuse, experiencing trauma, or feel disempowered, this is a time to seek help from a trustworthy source. Seek professional counseling, attend a support group, and/or call on your tribe of trusted friends who have your back.

Confrontation may arise around the Scorpio full moon. Confusion is in the air with Mercury retrograde. Your best response is to clarify and ask questions. Things may not be as they seem. Rather than rash responses, take some time to work through confrontations with flexibility. Rigidity is unlikely to produce the best results.

Remember that you are informed about Mercury retrograde, but many others are not. When people try to push forward like normal during Mercury retrograde, the likelihood for frustration increases because this is a time to slow down, reflect, and realign. You know, so you can be the one who brings increased patience and understanding.

Rigidity is another theme of this full moon. Things that are too rigid can snap and break. Things that are flexible can bend and flow which provides the opportunity to achieve balance. Use the mantra ‘I am flexible like a tree blowing in the winds of change.’

Adaptability may be hard to find unless you are looking for it. Setting the intention to practice flexibility when it’s hard can strengthen your spirit and make you feel calm in a storm because you have achieved a higher vibration, or level of spirituality, morality, positive human being, whatever words you want to use. 

Scorpio Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde

The retrograde adds an energetic layer on this Scorpio full moon energy that asks us to renew, release, realign, reframe, review, or redo things associated with our past. It can relate to any part of life, or show up in multiple parts of life.

You may experience deep insights toward your spiritual belief system, and frustration at work due to setbacks or having to redo something that you thought was done. One part can be rewarding and the other annoying.

The best way to approach a Mercury retrograde period of time is to slow down and embrace the delays as a sign that there is more for you to look into. When you try to push something forward that seems stuck or unmovable, it probably means you should stop pushing and take a deeper look.

Chances are you missed something and the universe is trying to help you out by sending a message through delays.

The Scorpio full moon carries the energy of renewal, so does Mercury retrograde. Factor in the changing of the season and we have nature giving us a huge message to slow down, look around, look backwards, and renew. Now is not a time to insistently push forward.

You can really benefit from this time period by taking time for your own personal soul searching and development of your spiritual side. Release old worn out patterns of being and welcome changes that are more applicable to your current situation.

Mercury retrograde and the Scorpio full moon are complementary to the process of releasing things that are no longer important. Even if those things were really important in the past. This is the typical message for Mercury retrograde made more potent by this particular Scorpio new moon.

Learn more about Mercury retrograde in my ‘Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide.

You will find the dates of all the 2022 Mercury retrograde cycles here.

Astrology and Essential Oils

Scorpio Full Moon Theme: Flex and Bend to find Balance

The full moon video series that I co-host with Annabelle Fraser is available now. Annabelle is a naturopath and gut health specialist who is trained in utilizing essential oils to support our emotions. 

In the video we talk about the energetics of the Scorpio full moon, essential oils that help support our emotions, inspirational quotes, and things to do during a full moon ritual.

This month Annabelle recommends a blend called ‘ClaryCalm’ you can get from doTerra, or mix up your own oils at home. The oils in this blend are clary sage, lavender, bergamot, Roman chamomile, ylang ylang, cedarwood, geranium, fennel, carrot seed, palmarosa, and vitex essential oils. 

The blend of these oils is a natural way to balance and regain composure. The calming aroma helps you center when life derails your day, which happens more often during Mercury retrograde.

This blend is especially helpful for women during their cycle and cycle changes like peri-menopause. You can apply a diluted blend of these oils, like the ‘ClaryCalm’ roll-on from doTerra, on your abdomen, back of your neck, temples, or the bottom of your feet.

Remember to dilute before using essential oils, or get the pre-diluted ‘ClaryCalm’ blend from doTerra. You can contact Annabelle for purchasing doTerra essential oils from anywhere in the world. 

Check out this month’s Scorpio full moon video on Facebook. Or if you prefer YouTube, you can find the video posted there on my new YouTube channel. If you subscribe, you can be notified when the videos are posted. They usually go up a day to a few hours before the email goes out if you want to get the information sooner.

For more information on natural health and gut health, contact Annabelle. Or join her private Facebook group, Natural Health Italy, by signing up. 

Scorpio Full Moon Inspirational Quote

‘We must bend in the wind sometimes, so much is beyond our control.’ -Maggie Shipstead, author of ‘The Great Circle’


‘The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.’ -Albert Einstein

Scorpio Full Moon Ideas

On the Scorpio Full Moon

  1. Do the Full Moon ritual for the water element .

  2. Pay attention to the insights you experience and journal about them.

  3. Meditate on your current level of personal power. Do you feel empowered, powerless, or balanced in power relationships with others? 

  4. This can be a time of powerful change. Under this full moon energy, do a releasing ritual to release obstacles holding you back from embracing positive change.

  5. Scorpio energy is about going deep and soul searching. Spend some time pondering your depths.

Things to Do between the Scorpio Full Moon and next Gemini New Moon

  1. Read a mystery novel or watch a mystery movie, Scorpio loves to unravel mysteries.

  2. Go to an escape room recreational game place if you live near one, or play a game online where you have to solve a mystery to advance in the game.

  3. Research something you have been wanting to explore.

  4. Do a detox. Make sure you consult with your health care professional first.

  5. If you are experiencing an addiction, this is a good time to seek professional help.

  6. Scorpio is a water sign element. A steam spa is ideal for Scorpio, as you sweat you are purifying and renewing. 

  7. A hot bath will be soothing because Scorpio waters are still and deep.

Questions and Journaling Prompts

  1. Describe how you balance your external responsibilities and desire to invest in your individual spirituality. How can you transform or renew your schedule to allow for more time to develop your spiritual life?

  2. Note: Spirituality in this context is where you find peace and joy.

  3. Do you feel empowered, powerless, or balanced in power relationships with others?

  4. Are there parts of your life in need of renewal? Write about them.

  5. Are you more flexible, rigid, or balanced in your career, home and family, financial, and social life. Write about each area of your life and if you would like to renew, revise, or realign.

  6. Mercury retrograde is a perfect time to do this.

  7. Frustration is likely, and it is a sign that there is something deeper there that needs your attention. What is frustrating you? What insights have you gained from reflecting and looking deeper into what is frustrating you?

Wrap Up

This month’s Scorpio full moon has rich layers of energy perfect fo soul searching, potential for renewal and transformation, and a vibe of slowing down to reflect, review, revise, and realign. Try to slow down and heed signs of frustration and confrontation telling you to look deeper into matters.


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