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Scorpio Full Moon

Scorpio Full Moon Date and Time

Friday 5 May 2023 10:34 AM, West Coast, USA 1:34 PM, East Coast, USA 7:34 PM, Rome, Italy 14 degrees Scorpio

Scorpio Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Overview

The full moon is the monthly half cycle when the moon receives and reflects the most amount of light from the Sun. Generally, full moons are about releasing, peaks, fruition, and bursting with energy. The days before and after the Full Moon are full of energy that matures and becomes full of wisdom.

This Scorpio full moon lunar phase has the unique qualities of being a lunar eclipse and Mercury is retrograde.

Eclipses always come in pairs, sometimes more than two, and astrologers call the series ‘eclipse season.’ This eclipse season has two, the first was April 20, a solar eclipse in Aries at 29 degrees, at the new moon.

Friday, May 5, the full moon will be the second and last eclipse of this season at 14 degrees Scorpio. A solar eclipse tends to be more external focused where activity shows up through events and other people.

Lunar eclipses tend to be more internal focused showing up as emotional and introspective. Experiences and events that happen around us are more likely to be a result of changes within ourselves.

The important thing to remember is that your chart will indicate how activated your chart will be, or will not be. Not everyone experiences the intensity or big changes that eclipses can represent. If you are not familiar with your birth astrology chart, it’s best to consult with an astrologer who can interpret the language of the stars.

Scorpio Moon Expression

The sign of the full moon is Scorpio. The Moon traveling through Scorpio waters is a time period for introspection. With coinciding Mercury retrograde, the introspective quality of the new moon is more pronounced. In fact, over the full moon, you may become aware of emotions that you have been avoiding and pushing deep into your psyche.

If you experience waves of emotions that relate to the past, it is wise to take some time to reflect, listen, and embrace them. Pushing them away and avoiding them will not make them disappear, but push them to come out in other ways that are likely to be less manageable, less desirable, and more painful.

To reject, avoid, and refuse to work through the messages coming up for you now, creates a larger problem later, and sets the stage for these messages to come to you through other people and situations. It can be you projecting your shadow stuff on to other people, and it’s up to you to recognize your stuff in order to ameliorate the situation.

No matter how difficult, unsavory, or embarrassing, take this opportunity to face and examine your emotions, values, and responses so that you can develop and grow through this lunar phase and retrograde season.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign. There is an idealistic quality to this sign that cannot be budged. Honesty, trust, and uncovering each layer to get to the core are Scorpio traits. The truth can hurt, and sting like the Scorpio tail. Deep analysis allows for healing and purification, which Scorpio loves.

The sign of Scorpio has three symbols. The scorpion of the earth that stings with its poison. This is the lower form of Scorpio that has to do with the shadow aspects of the sign like jealousy, vengeance, and obsessiveness.

Scorpio is represented by the eagle and the phoenix, which represent the spiritual and wise qualities of Scorpio. The passion for philosophy, investigation, evaluation, and having broad eagle eye vision. Phoenix represents the purification process of burning the old making way for a rebirth and renewal.

Scorpio is known for its determination, intensity, and approach that is relentless.

Sun in Taurus

A full moon is based on the light it receives from the Sun. When we say the Scorpio full moon, we have to consider the Sun in Taurus as they operate as a pair. The light giver is the Sun and the light receiver is the Moon.

Scorpio is about navigating the deep waters and Taurus is about grounded reality. Both are fixed signs known to be stubborn and difficult to change. The positive side of fixed signs is that they are reliable and keep things on track. The negative is getting stuck in a rut and refusing change.

Taurus is a fixed earth sign that is practical, fond of routine, reliable, and steady. There is a great appreciation of beauty in all of its shapes and forms, and an enjoyment of the senses. The shadow side is over indulgence, laziness, and difficulty with changing routine.

Taurus is known for being fertile, creative, building material possessions, and an astute sense of and appreciation for beauty.

Scorpio Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

The full moon in Scorpio is a sensitive time for Mercury retrograde in the sign Taurus, the opposite sign of Scorpio, and the sign of the Sun in most of May.

While Mercury in Taurus is asking you to reflect, review, refine, and realign where you may have gotten stuck, the full moon in Scorpio is uncovering emotional responses to what Mercury retrograde is digging up from the past.

Use the energy of the Scorpio full moon and Mercury retrograde together by looking deeper into something in terms of practicality vs idealistic. Something internalized may come up at this time and you are likely to have an emotional surge to help shine the light on what is important to reflect on.

If you have planets or sensitive points in the fixed signs Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, or Aquarius, you are likely to experience this with the most potency. You are more likely to experience a realization of something deeply ingrained in your behavior or psyche that needs to be realigned.

An emotional response is likely to shine the light on what ‘it’ is thanks to the Scorpio full moon intensity activating the Sun and Mercury at the full moon, which is extra potent as a lunar eclipse.

Even if you don’t have a planet or point activated in your chart, the houses occupied by Taurus and Scorpio are likely to be the life topics that are highlighted during the Mercury retrograde cycle.

Mercury is in a supportive (sextile) relationship with Saturn which can help you bring some grounding and structure building to your retrograde work. Saturn is the planet for building a strong foundation with discipline and structure.

Fractures needing repair have support for reinforcement if you are willing to put in the effort to do the work. You reap what you sow. Saturn and Mercury will be in this configuration the duration of Mercury retrograde, though it will be strongest when Mercury is in the earliest degrees of Taurus.

The message of the full moon is to be aware of where you are stuck so you can break out of the pattern during the Mercury retrograde and start new routines and projects after the next new moon May 19 or wait until June, after the post-shadow.

Here are the dates:

Pre-shadow begins: April 7 Retrograde: April 21 Direct: May 14 Post-shadow ends: June 1

For more information on navigating Mercury retrograde and understanding the shadow periods, check out my article on ‘Survival Skills for Mercury Retrograde.

If you would like the 2023 retrograde dates, click here.

Lunar Eclipse Type and Visibility

The Scorpio full moon and lunar eclipse is the penumbral type of eclipse, where it passes through the outer part of the earth’s shadow and is not as dramatic as other types of lunar eclipses.

It will be visible in parts of: Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, Pacific/Atlantic/Indian Ocean & Antarctica. To find out the full visibility for your particular location, and to watch it streamed online, check out this site that I use for tracking eclipses.

Other Planetary Features at the Scorpio Full Moon


Venus and Jupiter are in a support relationship (sextile) to each other during the full moon. Venus travels in Gemini and Jupiter in Aries. Their energetics are operating on a different vibe than the earth and water signs of the full moon and retrograde, and can take the edge off the intensity of the full moon.

It’s like accessing two different areas of your chart. One for growth and self-development with the retrograde and full moon, the other for optimism, idea making, and relief from the intensity of the retrograde work. Jupiter is about growth, expansion, and philosophy, while Venus is about relating to others, values, and harmony.

Venus has a challenging relationship with Neptune (square) where you may experience things that are not as they seem. There can be some illusion or dis-illusion, brought internally through yourself, or externally through others.

Be aware of your own self-limiting denial, rose colored glasses toward something you don’t want to see the truth for, and sugar coating by others. Best case is romantic love, worst case is premeditated deceit. If you do encounter romantic love, time will tell if it is true.


Mars rules the Scorpio new moon and Jupiter in Aries from the sign Cancer, which is an expression somewhat limiting for Mars. Rather than being direct, assertive, aggressive, or combative, it must zig zag to go forward and approach things from a passive stance.

Mars is approaching its square to Jupiter. Things that have been bottled up may explode out after trying for too long to hold it in. There may be a tendency to try to keep things under the lid with Mars in Cancer, creating a build up of pressure that cannot be sustained.

On May 20, Mars will reach Jupiter after both change signs moving into Taurus. It’s likely this will help further identify and rectify what was revealed under Mercury retrograde. Things can move forward even faster post Mercury retrograde as Mars reaches the degrees of the Mercury retrograde along with Jupiter next month.

Mars contributes to the Mercury retrograde in a pattern breaking subtle kind of way as it connects in a supportive relationship with Uranus, Moon and Sun (sextile). It may be that things come to your awareness in a non-traditional, instinctual, or indirect way. Or in a surprising, indirect, or sudden way.

On the Scorpio Full Moon

  1. Do the Full Moon ritual for the water element. You can find the free ritual here.

  2. Scorpio water is like a deep well or a still pond where you can see your reflection. Spend some time in or near water, especially deep and still water.

  3. Use the timing of the full moon culmination to work with Mercury retrograde. Reflect back and evaluate the parts of your life where you feel tested. Take extra time for introspection on things coming up now that are challenging you, especially those things where you are trying extra hard to maintain and resisting change.

  4. This full moon is about being honest with yourself and others and finding balance between idealism and practicality. The full moon shines light on what is hidden and can help you break through resistance to change and inspire you to update some areas of your life so you can grow.

  5. Scorpio is a great sign to work with when needing to do investigative work, a deep dive in research, or evaluate any situation to uncover errors and create a better system. Taurus is about maintaining a routine and appreciation of beauty. In retrograde, consider where some re-patterning will help you.

  6. If you are overwhelmed by emotions and memories that come up for you, reach out for help through therapy, coaching, spirituality, and well-being alternative treatments.

Full Moon Inspirational Quote

‘Wisdom can only come through honest introspection.’ -Nirmala Srivastava
‘People who have had little self-reflection live life in a huge reality blind-spot.’ -Bryant McGill
‘Study yourself. Find your strong points and make them stronger. Study yourself carefully and you will see yourself as you really are.’ -William Walker Atkinson

Sign Changes in May

  1. Venus to Cancer May 7

  2. Jupiter to Taurus May 16

  3. Mars to Leo May 20

  4. Sun to Gemini May 21

Astrology Aspects of the Full Moon

  1. Moon 14 Scorpio opposite Sun 14 Taurus

  2. Mercury Rx 8 Taurus separating from Sun 14 Taurus

  3. Mercury Rx 8 Taurus sextile Saturn 5 Pisces

  4. Venus 27 Gemini sextile Jupiter 27 Aries

  5. Venus 27 Gemini square Neptune 26 Pisces

  6. Mars 21 Cancer trine Moon 14 Scorpio and sextile Sun 14 Taurus

  7. Mars 21 Cancer square Jupiter 27 Aries

Scorpio Full Moon Journaling Prompts

  1. Think about what is happening in your life right now in terms of where you are stuck. Is there something that you routinely do just because ‘that’s the way I always do it?’ Review these patterns to see what has become outworn and needs realigned.

  2. What emotions are coming up during the full moon? Do you want to avoid these emotions, are you pushing them away? Write about them, how you feel, and about the discomfort of what you are experiencing.

  3. Eclipses have to do with the light of the Sun or Moon being limited by another body passing over and eclipsing it. The light is temporarily dimmed. Do you feel like your light is being dimmed somewhere in life? Or do you step into someone else’s light, putting shadow on them as a means to receive more light yourself? This is a difficult question to ask yourself, but be honest. To grow and develop, it is important to recognize if you are being eclipsed, if you eclipse others, or if you find balance in the receipt of light between yourself and others.

  4. Is your daily life balanced, or is it drudgery that you dread each morning? Is your life inspired, full of honesty and trust? This is a journaling prompt that asks you to weigh the practical mundane side of life with your spiritual, ideal, and true nature. How in alignment are you, and how can this Mercury retrograde help you make adjustments to the structure of your daily life that make it more enjoyable?

Wrap Up

The Scorpio full moon coincides with Mercury retrograde in Taurus and the lunar eclipse. Take time to pause and reflect back on your Taurus and Scorpio houses in your horoscope. This full moon shines the light on what this Mercury retrograde is asking you to reflect on. It’s time to review, refine, and realign the structures of your daily life and the ideal life you want to live.


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