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Sagittarius New Moon

Sagittarius New Moon Date and Times

Wednesday, 23 November 2:57 PM, West Coast, USA 5:57 PM, East Coast, USA 11:52 PM, Rome, Italy 1 degree Sagittarius

Sagittarius New Moon Overview

The Sagittarius new moon this week brings a lighter energy and a jovial mood. This is in contrast to the energy of the past month when we had a pair of intense eclipses highlighting where things may be stuck with many planets traveling through fixed signs.

Fixed signs are neither good nor bad, it depends on what is going on for how we experience them. The fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. An astrology chart is made up of all the signs, so we all felt this energy somewhere in our lives.

Fixed energy is about staying constant, maintaining the status quo, reliability, and constancy. There are times when this stabilizing type of energy is much needed. However, when change is on the horizon, whether from seething frustration from within or from external forces, it can promote an environment of fear of the unknown, stubbornness, and anxiety.

The Sagittarius new moon shifts us away from fixed energy into changeable energy. Six planets will be traveling through signs that are known for their adaptability. The shift from fixed energy to changeable and adaptable energy is a notable difference. Things that felt stuck and pressurized are released and ready for change.

We are coming out of a month of intense stuck energy. The energetic signature of a period of time is perhaps easier to see in the world around us than looking deeply inside of ourselves. Knowing that in the past month on the world stage there were intense elections and polarization of people’s will, we can get an idea of this energy by reading the news.

We could say that there was an intense desire for change over the last month. This desire can be something we are aware of, or projected onto others, which would manifest as a desire for others to change rather than considering a change for ourselves.

The new moon ushers in a time where we move out of this stubborn energetic playing field onto a new one that lifts the tension and allows us to start rearranging the pieces of our lives. When there is a challenge to the stubborn tension of life, like what we all went through last month, things tend to start breaking up.

Things break up so they can be reconstructed in a better way. This new moon indicates signs of a breakthrough, of movement from stubborn to pliable, and of rigidity to optimism. We may find there is a bit of cosmic chaos as things break into bits and pieces creating a new puzzle that needs to be put together.

Whatever pieces broke up in your life, or around you, are now ready to be assembled into something new, something better than before, and with a touch of optimism, faith, and luck built inside.

Sagittarius New Moon and the Jupiter Retrograde Cycle

The optimism, faith, and luck energetic vibe is because there is a large amount of Jupitarian influence with the Sagittarius new moon. There are two zodiac signs associated with Jupiter, Sagittarius, the sign of the new moon, and Pisces, the sign Jupiter is moving into.

Jupiter is traveling through the tail end of its retrograde cycle in the sign of Pisces as we move into the Sagittarius new moon. Shortly after the new moon phase starts, Jupiter will go direct in Pisces. We all have Sagittarius and Pisces somewhere in our charts.

Where these two signs show up in your chart are the places where there will be increased opportunity, possibilities for growth and enhancement, and where you can experience increased optimism. You can look at these two signs in your chart as a way to move forward and away from stuck, stubborn, and resistant energy in your life.

As Jupiter turns direct at the beginning of the Sagittarius new moon phase, there is a touch of luck, opportunity, and an awakening in your life. Think back to what has been on your mind since July as it pertains to expanding your life experience and your philosophy on life. You can now start to see progress moving forward.

To find out where the Sagittarius new moon and the Jupiter in Pisces placements are in your chart, use this free online calculator. To learn more about your individual placements, read my article about ‘Astrology Houses‘ and your ‘Ascendant sign.

Jupiter Retrograde Dates

  1. Pre-Shadow: 4 May 2022 in Pisces at 28 degrees 48 minutes

  2. Retrograde: 28 July 2022 in Aries at 8 degrees and 43 minutes

  3. Direct: 23 November 2022 in Pisces at 28 degrees 48 minutes

  4. Post-Shadow: 14 February 2023 in Aries at 8 degrees 43 minutes 

Sagittarius New Moon, Mars, and Neptune in Pisces

Faith, Optimism, and Inspiration

The Jupiter influence at the Sagittarius new moon has the vibe of going deeper into the philosophical and spiritual meaning going on in your life. The words having faith, optimism, and inspiration describe how we can embrace the energy of the new moon.

There is another planet active at the new moon and that is the planet Neptune. It is currently traveling through the sign of Pisces, just like Jupiter is. Neptune is a slow moving planet. It takes 165 years for it to move through all twelve of the zodiac signs as it orbits around the Sun.

When a slow moving planet makes contact with another planet, astrologers pay attention. Jupiter is moving back into Pisces, where Neptune is traveling, to finish off its voyage through Pisces. Jupiter takes twelve years to travel through the entire zodiac. You can see how much slower Neptune is.

Neptune in the sign of Pisces, a Jupiter sign, at the same time as Jupiter, brings a visionary, optimistic, dreamy, and rose colored glasses feel to the new moon. Wherever Pisces falls in your chart will be activated by these two planets hanging out there.

Like all planets in astrology, Neptune has its spectrum of meanings. It can be inspirational, artistic, visionary, and creative. It can also indicate a part of your life must be navigated by faith because things aren’t clear. You may feel like you are moving through fog. The most difficult part of Neptune is the risk for illusion and deceit.

With Jupiter and Neptune traveling through Pisces, watch for going overboard, overindulging, overcommitting, and stay away from anything that could pull you into addictive behaviors. This is an important caution for those of you who struggle with addiction, or have struggled with addiction in the past.

The best way to use the combined energy of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces is to let your inner daydreamer out and see what interesting things come out. You may experience a desire to connect with things and people that make you feel good. You can have incredible moments of creativity, inspiration, and enjoyment of the arts. You may be drawn to mystical and spiritual things. Enjoy and have fun. 

Mars Retrograde and Neptune

Neptune is also involved with the planet Mars at the time of the new moon. It is a challenging relationship between these two planets as they move through signs that operate very differently. Plus, Mars is retrograde, which is an important energetic signature of the new moon.

A connection between Mars and Neptune is like going about your daily life in a boat. The ground under your feet may not be steady, and you may hit some stormy waters throwing your timing and balance off.

It can manifest as difficulty concentrating and an unsure feeling about which direction to take. You may lose track of time, misjudge your energy levels, and miss deadlines if you have over booked your calendar.

The best way to work with retrograde energy is to engage in reflection, slowing down, and correcting course by aligning your actions with what takes you in the direction of your life mission.

Sagittarius New Moon and Mars Retrograde

Mars is well into its retrograde cycle when the Sagittarius new moon arrives. Here are the Mars retrograde dates:

  1. Pre-Shadow: 4 September 2022 in Gemini at 8 degrees 8 minutes

  2. Retrograde: 30 October 2022 in Gemini at 25 degrees 36 minutes

  3. Direct: 12 January 2022 in Gemini at 8 degrees 8 minutes

  4. Post-Shadow: 16 March 2022 in Gemini at 25 degrees 36 minutes

Mars is the planet that represents how we take action in life, how we get things done, our inner drive, and motivation. When Mars goes retrograde, we may feel more fatigue than usual.

All retrogrades have a retro looking focus. Mars asks us to reflect on where our daily energy and action go. We are asked to realign how we use our physical energy toward taking action so that we are focusing on what is most important to us in life.

As you move through the Mars retrograde cycle, you may find there are things you want to cut out of your calendar. Obligations that seemed important may need to take a backseat, or be eliminated altogether. The retrograde cycle represents a time period to reflect, realign, and prepare for moving forward in a way that is better aligned with your life purpose.

Sagittarius and Gemini are a pair of signs that are always opposite of each other. They represent the spectrum between what you believe objectively and what you believe spiritually. The difference between rationality and philosophy.

With Mars retrograde during this year’s Sagittarius new moon, we are asked to cull out what doesn’t resonate with our spiritual belief system. And we are asked to reconcile what we know objectively and rationally with what we know to be true in our hearts.

There are objective and rational facts and there are spiritual and philosophical truths. Both are important and have their place. The universe is asking us to take some time to ponder how these two signs show us two different sides of the same coin.

There are four planets traveling through Sagittarius at the new moon, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus. Mars is the only planet traveling through Gemini in this time period. Gemini is a Mercury sign, and Mercury is over on the other side of the zodiac in Sagittarius. There is the potential for making choices, seeing two sides of a situation, and integrating these two sides into a whole.

Mars in Gemini further indicates a productive use of the new moon phase is taking some time to ponder, reflect, and realign our spiritual beliefs with how we go about communicating with others, rationalizing our thoughts, and tapping into our spirituality to find our personal truths about how we are living our lives.

The key to utilizing the Mars retrograde cycle is to honestly evaluate how you direct your physical energy, and your inner determination and motivation. Then implement any changes needed to put yourself on the path to achieving your true mission and purpose in life.

Between now and mid-March is the time to complete this cycle of reviewing, reflecting, realigning, and shedding unnecessary obligations from our life so we can focus on the most important things we want to manifest in our lives. I work with people on this through Astrology Coaching.

Essential Oils for the New Moon

  1. Frankincense to support going from feeling separated to unified, Sandalwood (uninspired to inspired), and Cedarwood (alone to connected) for grounding the changeable energy and inspiration. Diffuse all three together for a spiritual and grounding blend.

  2. Eucalyptus to help go from congested to stimulated.

  3. Jasmine to help go from feeling confined to liberated.

  4. Rosemary to go from confused to open-minded and optimistic.

  5. Wild orange to support exhaustion and pace your energy.

  6. Spearmint to refresh your spirit.

Sagittarius New Moon Intentions

  1. Do your new moon intentions after the new moon phase begins. Check your time zone if you aren’t sure when the new moon phase starts.

  2. Review your year so far and get a head start on planning for 2023 by writing a rough draft of what you want to accomplish next year.

  3. Include fire in your new moon ritual like a candle, fireplace, or fire pit.

  4. Practice reframing challenges and difficulties into lessons learned and how these experiences can help you make greater progress in life.

Sagittarius New Moon Phase

  1. Go on an adventure for the experience of it. Focus on the journey more than the destination.

  2. Start something new or a new phase of something that you would like a little bit of luck built into.

  3. Seek out opportunities.

  4. This can be a good time for a restful vacation or break. If you decide to travel, build in lots of extra space so you can take your time and enjoy the journey.

  5. Watch funny movies and videos. Seek out humor.

  6. Allow yourself to dream big. Write down what you want and don’t limit the possibilities. You can figure out what is possible later, now is a great time to dream up the vision of abundance. 

  7. Envision yourself as lucky, attracting success like a magnet.

  8. Do anything with or around horses.

  9. Go on or book yourself into a spiritual retreat.

  10. Use this time for deepening your understanding of what this Mars retrograde cycle means for you. What are the messages, experiences, and symbols happening around you right now? Pay attention as the Mars retrograde cycle highlights areas that need re-worked or things that may need to be cut out or redesigned in your life. Especially as it relates to how you take action in the world, your inner motivation and drive, and how you go about getting what you want.

Inspirational Quotes

‘Sometimes when you’re in a dark place you think you’ve been buried, but you’ve actually been planted.’ – Christine Caine
‘Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.’ – Helen Keller
‘It’s never too late – never too late to start over, never too late to be happy.’ – Jane Fonda

Sagittarius New Moon Journaling Prompts

  1. What are the messages, experiences, and symbols happening around you right now that can indicate what is draining your energy, determination, and motivation?

  2. What inspires you?

  3. What kind of adventure have you been wanting to go on?

  4. What inspires you to take action?

  5. What differences can you reconcile between what you think rationally and objectively, with how you feel connected spiritually and philosophically to life and your life path?

  6. What can you do during this new moon phase to walk the path of your life mission?

Astrological Events

  1. Moon 1 Sagittarius conjunct Sun 1 Sagittarius

  2. Venus 8 Sagittarius conjunct Mercury 10 Sagittarius

  3. Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury opposite Mars Rx 21 Gemini

  4. Mars Rx 21 Gemini square Neptune 22 Pisces

  5. Mars Rx 21 Gemini trine Saturn 19 Aquarius

  6. Mars retrograde

  7. Jupiter 28 Pisces goes direct shortly after the new moon

  8. Saturn 19 Aquarius separating square from Uranus 16 Taurus

  9. Wide Jupiter Rx 28 Pisces conjunct Neptune 22 Pisces

  10. Sunday, November 22, Sun moved into Sagittarius

Mercury Retrograde 2023 coming up in December

  1. Pre-shadow Begins: 3 December 2022 – 8 degrees 8 minutes Capricorn

  2. Retrograde Begins: 29 December 2022 – 24 degrees 21 minutes Capricorn

  3. Retrograde Ends: 18 January 2023

  4. Post-shadow Ends: 7 February 2023

  5. Sign of Retrograde: Capricorn

Wrap Up

The Sagittarius new moon brings a significant energetic shift, a lighter mood, and an easing of stubborn tension. New opportunities await. With Mars still retrograde, pace your energy and be on the lookout for where you are over-booked so you can cut out unimportant tasks.


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