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Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

The vibe of this Sagittarius Full Moon has a wide spectrum of different energies beaming down on us. There is a feeling of optimism, mysticism, chaos, opening, expansion, growth, endings, releasing, and confusion. You may have a mystical or spiritual experience, and feel an urge to communicate or socialize with others.

Sagittarius Full Moon Date and Time

Wednesday, May 26, 2021 4:14am Pacific Time, US 7:14am Eastern Time, US 1:14pm Rome, Italy 5 degrees Sagittarius

Topics involved can be around communication, your philosophy, ideals, faith or belief systems. Other topics will be involved that are specific to your chart depending on which topic they activate. So be on the lookout for where it may show up.

Sagittarius Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

One of the best things you can do for this full moon is to slow down and try to savor the mystical, and move slowly through the fog. It may not be easy to slow down if you are tapping into that Sagittarius optimism and feeling super creative. Let your curiosity be your guide. Try not to over do it, but do open your arms and step out of your comfort zone with this expansive energy vibe that will be in the air.

Using the skill of savoring is a way to do both. Savoring asks you to slow down and really enjoy the moment. This can fuel that optimism and boost the creativity brewing in your beautiful brain.

With a lot of Mercurial energy in the air, this is a great time to self-evaluate yourself and honor your true voice. A little sweetness is added to the mix, with a side of friction, due to the planet Jupiter moving into the sign Pisces recently. What that means is that everyone will have a shift somewhere in their chart, depending on where Pisces is in your chart. Jupiter loves being in Pisces, and is the ruler of the Sagittarius Full Moon.

Jupiter in Pisces is going to add in a sweet mystic vibe from a position that may send some friction because it wants to help activate you, motivate you, and push you in the direction of growth. Since this Sagittarius Full Moon is also an eclipse, the energy is more potent.

Because an eclipse is happening with this Sagittarius Full Moon, it may bring on some much needed growing pains in a particular area of your life. You may feel like you have outgrown something, or need to release something and leave it in the past.

If this particular Sagittarius Full Moon lunar eclipse is making contact with a point or planet in your chart, it can bring life changing events into the picture. Because there is some mental fog hanging around, you may not clearly see the results of this full moon experience until some time passes.

How strong or weak you will feel the super potent eclipse energy will vary person to person because it has to connect with something in your chart to be active. Many of you will not experience the potency of the eclipse because it won’t interact with your chart.

Eclipses are big deals, but they don’t affect everyone. It really depends on your chart. You can read more about eclipses in general here.

Eclipse Visibility

The eclipse on Wednesday, May 26, 2021, will be a total lunar eclipse. It is called a blood moon because it will take on a reddish hue. It will turn this reddish shade for around 14 minutes, so if you are in the visible path, be sure to check the timing so you don’t miss it.

According to the Time and Date website, this particular eclipse will be visible if you are in Australia, parts of the western US, western South America, or in South-East Asia. You can get specific details for your location and time zone here at the Time and Date website.

Mercury Retrograde is Coming

There is the potential for confusion and/or delays to show up a few days before and after the full moon. This is because Mercury is getting ready to go retrograde on May 29. And because the planet of confusion, illusion, and delusion Neptune is sending some of its vibes toward Mercury.

Now you could have a mystical and spiritual awakening and some fog and confusion all at the same time. Be aware and prepared for both. The full moon energy will pass, but we will have the Mercury Retrograde energy hanging around through June.

Are you suddenly having trouble sleeping? This can happen with all the Mercury in Gemini energy happening. If this is you, just know that the energy will pass. If you have always had trouble sleeping, that is something to take up with your doctor.

Mercury will retrograde starting May 29, 2021 and go through June 22, 2021. By July 8, Mercury will be clear of the degrees involved in the retrograde. Or as astrologers say, it will have moved out of its shadow period. If you want to see all the Mercury Retrograde dates for 2021 click here.

The shadow period is the time it takes for Mercury to get back up to speed, and move past the degree range of the retrograde. There is a shadow period before the date Mercury retrogrades, and we are already in it now. You can get the Mercury Retrograde survival guide here.

Sagittarius Full Moon Energetic Vibe: Honoring Your True Voice

Sagittarius is known for their blunt honesty. The planetary configuration at this time highlights communication. This is a great time to find and honor your personal truth and voice. This is the topic of the monthly Natural Health and Astrology series I co-host each month with health coach, gut specialist, and Naturopath Annabelle Fraser.

You can catch the video replay here. To join us live each month, join the Facebook group Natural Health Italy here. Each month I suggest activities to do for the Full Moon, which you will find below. Annabelle recommends essential oils that support the energy vibe. All the essential oil information below is provided by Annabelle.


Frankincense essential oil is the oil of truth. It helps us let go of negativity, and a closed heart and mind. It helps open us up to connecting with our inner light and reveal the truth of who we are. It opens us to our gifts, wisdom, and knowledge.

Frankincense is a very spiritual oil. It can enhance both prayer and meditation, which is why it is often used in churches. Annabelle pops a drop under her tongue before meditation for this reason, and to get the benefits from it’s powerful effect on the body.

As the king of oils, Frankincense is known to support healthy cellular, immune, nervous, and digestive function when used internally. A good, pure Frankincense essential oil will always have a high price point and that is because it is so precious and difficult to obtain.

One brand that is safe to use internally is doTERRA, where they bleed it carefully from the Boswelia tree that grows on the rocky slopes in countries such as Ethiopia, Oman, and Yemen. For Frankincense deemed safe for internal use, you can put a drop directly under your tongue, or take it in a veggie capsule. You can inhale it from your hands or a diffuser. It can be applied to the soles of the feet, forehead, and pulse points.

Sagittarius Full Moon Releasing Ritual Ideas

Releasing is even more highlighted this month because it’s a south node lunar eclipse. Sagittarius is a fire sign, so we will want to incorporate the element of fire into our releasing rituals. Here are some ideas for you. Remember to do this in the full moon phase, or the two weeks following that lead up to the next new moon. The date and time of this months full moon is at the top.

  1. Do something that has to do with horses.

  2. Read a philosophy book.

  3. Go for a hike or a bike ride where you have to use your legs, hips and thighs.

  4. Sign up for a class or webinar to learn something new, especially as it relates to personal development.

  5. Teach a loved one something.

  6. Ponder the deeper meaning of life.

  7. Reach out to a mentor.

  8. Do free online personality tests to help get in touch with your truth and inner voice.

  9. Write an article.

  10. Do something adventurous.

  11. Host a party if it’s safe to do so.

  12. Journal, and read past journal entries if you have one.

  13. Let it guide you to your true inner voice.

Wrap Up

We have a few different energies peaking around the same time as the Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse this month. You are likely to feel like you are being pulled in different directions. Big changes may happen in your life if the eclipse is touching a point in your chart.

We all want to give ourselves a bit more time with the Mercury retrograde. Let’s remember that Sagittarius energy likes fun, adventure, learning, experience, and to ponder the meaning of life. Sagittarius have a natural connection with horses, and are symbolically represented by the centaur, half horse, half person.

It’s a perfect time to have an honest conversation with yourself about life and let your true voice shine from within. I wish you a safe and exciting full moon eclipse where you feel free to run toward adventure like a free and wild horse.


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