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Pisces Shift is in the Air

Pisces Shift: Information Overload Makes Room for Compassion and Hope

The Pisces shift of the Sun and Venus break up the Air Monopoly of planets as we progress through the rest of February. Since the beginning of the month we have had an abundance of the air element because of the planetary pile up in Aquarius in February.

The Sun is making his monthly sign change from Aquarius to Pisces on Thursday, February 18. By the time we get to the end of February, we will be feeling the energy shift when Venus joins the Sun in the watery sign of Pisces. Hopefully all this stuck and stubborn divisive tension in the air will move and take on a softer tone.

We are spending so much more time in front of our screens right now that we are bombarded with Information Overload, which I associate with the unusually high number of planets in an air sign.

With planets moving from aloof diffuse Aquarius energy to soft and compassionate Pisces, we should feel the shift that brings a possibility for compromise and hope that has taken more effort most of February. We may take some time off from online fatigue, or find ourselves engaging in and seeking online contact that focuses on health, peace, and unifying.

The Astrological Quality of our Moving Time

When the Sun moves into Pisces on Thursday, February 18, he will leave Venus, Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter still in Aquarius. The Pisces notion that we are a collective, all part of one, may squeeze through the cracks of intolerance and individuality we are seeing in our world. The Pisces energy will not overshadow the Aquarian social and reform oriented energy, just dethaw some of the stubborn fixed nature a bit. The innovative and aloof energy of Aquarius will continue to co-exist.

Pisces can see the bigger picture. Pisces have vision and are driven to unify and be at one with all. When Venus enters Pisces on Thursday, February 25, we may feel a collective shift out of our head and back to our heart now that only three planets will be in Aquarius after the 25th (Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter). It’s a significant shift from 5 or 6 (for the couple of days the Moon was in Aquarius).

Venus really loves being in Pisces. Her innate drive for equality and justice can be beautifully expressed through empathy, art, and compromise. She is the planet of relationship, social justice, and the act of balancing.

Venus in Pisces brings a subtle shift. Combined with the Sun, the quality of Pisces becomes more prevalent. We can have some lovely experiences of empathy, compassion, tolerance and understanding sprinkled amongst the division, stubborn and fixed opinions shared by opposing groups.

The dichotomy of the time is that Aquarius is insistently unique, different, and individual. Pisces expresses as part of the whole and not focused on the individual. These are two very different energies being expressed at the same time.

We won’t experience a friction free world with the Sun and Venus in Pisces. Far from it. But we may be able to get our rose colored glasses on and at least enjoy a sunset or two amongst the information overload, even if those sunsets must be viewed online. We need a bit of water element nurturing us right now.

Look at the houses in your chart where you find Aquarius and Pisces. This will give you more information about your life topics that may be highlighted around these water and air energies currently reflecting the energy of our times.

Growing Pains: Saturn square Uranus

The signature planetary combination of 2021 is the relationship between planets Saturn and Uranus. Because of retrograde, these planets will cross each other by the square aspect 3 times this year. Squares mean tension and challenges that foster periods of learning, growth, and experience.

Saturn is a determined and tenacious planet. He gets things done in a rigid and structured way. He also represents the traditional and the establishment. Uranus is the planet of sudden disruption and change. There is a rebellious quality and the change that comes can be difficult or beneficial, or both.

In the culture, community and family you live in, you can watch how this astrological weather plays out around you. How it impacts each of you individually differs greatly because of your unique birth chart.

We are all experiencing this same energy in our chart, but this expression is individualized by how the moving planets interact with your chart. Some may experience this friction energy at work, and others with their children, and others with their mentors, and so on.

We can all grow and learn from this friction aspect. The best way to do that is to face the friction, call it out and acknowledge it. Then you identify the strengths you have to overcome those tensions and challenges. When you do that, with a solution focused mindset, you can not only overcome, but come out of it with a skill or learning experience that is priceless.

Our mindset is one of the most important ingredients when facing a challenge. We can program ourselves to think positive and see yourself successfully overcoming. Or we can take the opposite and unrecommended mindset.

Mercury Retrograde is Ending

We have Mercury Retrograde coming to an end on Saturday, February 20, or the 21st if you are in Europe. Watch out for delays and communication snafus on and around that date. Hold off on any big purchases and contract signing if you can until the first or second week of March.

Mercury Retrograde is a great time for finishing up projects, especially ones that got buried for a while. As Mercury goes direct and gets back up to speed, finish off those projects and get ready to speed back up on anything commerce and communication related.

I have been working overtime taking advantage of this time to finish up a few projects that kept getting pushed to the side. I have to say that now that I am focusing on these unfinished projects, I am making huge progress. Yay Mercury Retrograde really is good for some things!

Virgo Full Moon Self-Care and Nurturing

We wrap up the month with a Virgo Full Moon on Saturday, February 27. The Virgo Full Moon may have us seeking some much needed self-care. Virgo is an earth sign so do something to nurture your body and relax. Get some fresh air and exercise.

Join me for a Full Moon Ritual

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