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Pisces New Moon Ritual

Pisces New Moon 2021

This Pisces New Moon ritual will help you connect with the mystical and magical energy of the astro weather forming around March 13. Remember to do your New Moon ritual after the New Moon Phase begins:

New Moon Date: Saturday, March 13, 2021 2:30am West Coast, USA 5:30am East Coast, USA 11:30am Rome, Italy

This months Pisces New Moon falls on a Saturday morning, yay! Schedule ahead for some nurturing ‘me time.’

Pisces New Moon: Set Positive Emotional Boundaries

The Pisces element is water. Adding water into your ritual will attract the Pisces energy. Below are some Water Ideas for your Pisces New Moon Weekend. Try to spend time alone and with the element of water.

  1. Soak your feet in warm water with salts or essential oils (Pisces is connected with the feet).

  2. Go to the ocean, sea, lake or pond. If it’s safe and warm enough, dip your toe or feet in the water.

  3. Listen to water nature sounds like rain, ocean waves, moving brooks and streams.

  4. Use a water based diffuser to put essential oil aromatherapy in your air.

  5. Take a candlelight bath with bubbles, salts, or essential oils (recommendations below).

  6. Have a spa day at a place with a wet sauna, pool, and jacuzzi.

The water element is connected with our emotions and emotional security in astrology. Every year we have a Pisces New Moon, but the other planets aren’t always in the same place. That’s what makes each year a little, or a lot, different.

This month we have a mystical and magical line up of 4 planetary bodies in Pisces closely aligned by degree making this a potent stellium (when 3 or more planets are clustered together in the same sign). The planets are mostly in a nice position to each other and so this will be a sweet and quiet time. Lately we haven’t had a lot of that, like all of last year.

There are two sides to this line up, one where we can be super connected with our higher power, our spiritual side, angels, guides, God, and our muses. This is a potent time where the veils between our world and the other world may be thinner than usual. It’s a great time to reflect, meditate, and set heart felt intentions.

The other side is that we may find that we plug in to others emotional states more easily. For psychically sensitive people who already have the gift of ‘knowing’ or ‘feeling’ other peoples mood and emotional state, you may find you are more susceptible to absorbing others energy. You will benefit from actively setting your emotional boundaries and protecting yourself from taking on too much of other peoples emotional stuff.

If you find yourself around people and unable to set a physical boundary, do a mental boundary around your emotional self. Take a little spray bottle of water with a few drops of Lemongrass or Tea Tree essential oil, and spritz yourself anytime you feel the need for a boundary spritz up.

Imagine that each drop of water is a protective shield and other peoples stuff slides right off of you into the vast ocean of other people’s emotional baggage that you will not be carrying. Read about Lemongrass essential oil below.

You can also carry the bottle of essential oil and put a few drops in your hands, rub together, cup your face and breathe in the aroma.

Suggested Essential Oils for the Pisces New Moon Ritual

Here are some essential oil recommendations from my friend and Natural Health Coach Annabelle Fraser that you can use to cleanse yourself of negative energy and move out negative emotional baggage you may be carrying. Use these during your Pisces New Moon ritual for an extra potent combination.

Every month I go live on Facebook with Annabelle to talk about how to support our emotions during the New and Full Moon. For the March 13 Pisces New Moon we talked about how to set positive emotional boundaries for our well-being. You can watch the replay on Facebook here.

Contact Annabelle Fraser through Facebook: BellaBeFree

Lemongrass Essential Oil

According to Annabelle, on an emotional level, Lemongrass essential oil can be a powerful cleanser of negative energy. Diffuse it or rub it on the soles of your feet (Pisces is connected to the feet).

Melaleuca or Tea Tree Oil

This is the oil for Energetic Boundaries, says Annabelle! It is a disinfectant by nature and is also very helpful for clearing negative energetic baggage. And I thought it was just for acne and replacing my old antibiotic ointments lol.

Annabelle says that Tea Tree oil specifically helps us release toxic relationships so that new, healthy connections may be formed that honor our personal space and boundaries. So my idea is to put a bit on each wrist and be like Wonder Woman, aim at anything you want to set your emotional boundaries on. I am joking, but not really.

Remember to follow safety guidelines and if you want to learn more about natural health or essential oils, contact Annabelle.

Pisces New Moon Ritual


This months Pisces New Moon falls on a Saturday when many of you will not be working, yay. I find it’s always helpful to plan ahead when and what I will do so that I am prepared, and so is my boyfriend. Remember to start your ritual after the New Moon phase begins and not before. The time is at the top of this page.

  1. Get your supplies together ahead of time

  2. Schedule with your family and house mates so you have a quiet space where you will not be interrupted

  3. If you don’t already have your New Moon Intentions journal, get one

  4. I use different colors depending on my mood, you may want to get some colored pens or pencils

  5. Vision Board materials if you plan on doing a visual representation

  6. Pisces Colors: violet-red, pink, or shimmering colors and shells (abalone)

  7. Use these colors in your space during your ritual (e.g. candles, rocks, clothes)

I always journal for the New Moon, and sometimes when I have time I vision board as well. I use the same journal for both. It has become an invaluable resource for my own personal self-development to have this journal. Over time, you will see how therapeutic it can be to have a monthly intention setting ritual.

The Ritual

  1. Start by setting your space, light your candles, diffuse essential oils, put on soft music and turn off all electronics

  2. Get comfortable and start mindful breathing by focusing on your inhale and exhale taking long and deep breaths

  3. Let your intentions pour out through your pen or vision board

  4. Focus on what you want only

  5. If you can only think of what you don’t want, reframe it to the opposite – what you do want instead

  6. Hold your intentions in your mind and create a visualization of achieving your intentions

  7. Write a mantra that you can use to help manifest your intentions

  8. Write and say a statement of gratitude

  9. Write and say your closing statement

  10. Ease out of your ritual slowly and gently

  11. Go for a walk, take a bath, cook a healthy meal

  12. Try to avoid noisy and chaotic atmospheres

  13. If possible, leave electronics off, enjoy soft music, dance, do yoga or stretch and enjoy being you!

  14. Hold your visualization as long as you can to train your brain and attract manifesting your intentions

After your Ritual

  1. Write your mantra on a piece of paper and put it where you can see it every day

  2. Say your mantra every day, as often as possible

  3. Remember your visualization and go back to it if you feel yourself sliding into negative thinking

  4. Look at your journal intentions from time to time

  5. If you made a vision board, leave it out where you can see it or hang it up

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