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Pisces New Moon: Daydreams Can Come True

Pisces New Moon Date and Time

Sunday 10 March 2024

1:00 AM (before DST at 2pm), West Coast, USA

5:00 AM, East Coast, USA

10:00 AM, Rome, Italy

20 Degrees Pisces

Pisces New Moon

New moon symbology is about new beginnings, growth, action, refocus, refreshing, a new cycle, preparation, rest, and quiet time.

The New Moon in March is in Pisces, a mutable or adaptable water sign. It is one of the most intuitive signs of the zodiac, sensitive to the emotions of others and the environment surrounding them.

Piscean people tend to be drawn to spiritual and metaphysical experiences and enjoy helping others but have to watch out for over-giving. There can be a tendency to sacrifice the self to serve and help others.

The pitfall to avoid with Pisces is not to lose sight of self needs when helping another. Pisces can easily shape themselves around someone else and before realizing it, have become so focused on the other, have lost their sense who they are and what they want for themself. 

That’s why you sometimes hear Pisces described as ‘serve or suffer.’ Helpful attributes of Pisces are empathy, intuition, a sixth sense of knowing, and altruism. Pisces energy wants to unify and merge with the whole. 

The mantra ‘we are all one’ is connected with the energy of Pisces, which is beautiful, but it can also leave Pisces struggling with self-identity. 

Substance use can be especially enticing for Pisces because it opens up the feeling of being connected to something larger, escapism, and pleasure in the way the mind can open up into fantasy and ecstasy. Be careful around using substances to connect with spirituality that becomes toxic or addiction.

Pisces zodiac glyph

Working with the Pisces new Moon energy you want to allow your daydreams some time in your schedule. The veil to the collective unconscious may be thinner when there is substantial Pisces energy like we have now in the new moon.

Take a voyage into your dream world and listen to the messages and your intuition. Pisces energy can help you visualize where you want to go.

It can give way to a fantasy world that is unattainable and unrealistic. But it can also show you a grand vision of what you want to manifest, your big goals, and what it would look like accomplished.

Tapping into Pisces energy may be like jumping into a world where you have to rely on your intuition and instincts to find your way. When you immerse yourself in Pisces energy, step away from what you can see, hear and feel and allow your intuition to guide you.

The opposite sign of Pisces, Virgo, sheds light on this concept by reflecting a practical and realistic version of the truth. Fantasies and visions can only come true if you put in the time and effort.

Virgo cautions Pisces to do the detailed work day by day in order to manifest your dreams.

Planets in Pisces


We have four bodies in the sign of Pisces at the new moon: Moon, Sun, Neptune, and Saturn.

With Neptune involved, not all may be as it seems. There is a mystical quality where you may feel more connected to the collective unconscious. Things may seem clouded and it can be harder to distinguish between fact and fiction during this time.

Saturn is also traveling through Neptune helping to ground vision in reality. Saturn is about doing the hard work in a disciplined and structured way. At first glance, it may seem like Saturn is in foreign territory in the sign of Pisces. But I see it as an incredible combination that can be useful.

Saturn is where we look to build something solid that will last and requires effort. Aren’t our big goals and dreams just that? And what a lovely combination to be able to visualize what we want to manifest with an eye on stability, practicality, reality, and strategy. That’s what we get with Saturn traveling through Pisces.

This Pisces new Moon, dream away your best vision of yourself, but don’t stop there. Incorporate some reality-based planning too. How are you going to take this big dream and make it a reality?

Embrace the hard work as much as you embrace the dream because very little in life comes without putting in the work.

A new Moon means the Sun and Moon are in the same sign. Happy birthday, Pisces! The Sun in Pisces is the time of the year when you could be more sensitive to the caring and compassionate nature of your personality.

Question how well you balance compassion and caring for others. Do you over give to others resulting in little to no space for you to be your own individual self? If you are constantly giving up what you want to do in your free time, what you eat, wear, learn, or even your job in order to please someone else, you may be out of balance. 

The Pisces new Moon encourages relating with others and having intimate empathic relationships and finding ways to serve and help others in a way that doesn’t suck the life out of you and leave you feeling like a victim of the ones you are trying to help.

If you regularly feel exhausted and drained from over giving, set new moon intentions for healthy boundaries around your time and stick with them.

If you find that you are overly self-focused and haven’t extended caring and compassion to those in need around you, consider opening yourself up to helping others. This weekend as we move into the annual Pisces new Moon, assess how well you set boundaries.

Pisces New Moon Planetary Activity

Pisces energy alone can be changeable, intuitive, metaphysical, creative, wanting to merge and unite with others, fall into service or victimhood, and prefer spending time on spirituality or fantasy daydreaming. 

However, we don’t have one zodiac sign activated, there are always other signs occupied by planets and we want to look at the synergy of the planets in the sky.

Mercury just entered the fire sign Aries indicating a spark of creative energy around communication and ideas. 

There continues to be a significant amount of planetary energy in fixed signs Taurus and Aquarius that are breaking up the status quo. Out of the disruption of ‘how things have always been’ comes new solutions and routines. 

Aquarius energy is about doing things differently and in a way that benefits the masses. With relationship-oriented planets Venus and Mars in rational Aquarius, problem-solving is on the agenda.

Powerhouse Pluto just entered Aquarius and we are all adjusting to this revolutionary approach of Pluto in the world. 

Taurus energy likes to plod along ensuring things run smoothly and resistant major change. But with visionary Jupiter and change-oriented Uranus both in Taurus, resistance is futile. Change is happening. Taurus will help ensure new solutions are practical and realistic. 

The planets in Aquarius and Taurus are challenging each other to progress, revolutionize, change and break up old patterns that are no longer working.

Your Personal Chart

Look to the houses of Pisces, Taurus, and Aquarius to find what parts of life are most activated for you at the New Moon.

If you have planets or important points in any of the fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius, those placements are highly activated now.

If you have planets or points in the mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces, your chart is activated by the New Moon, Saturn, and Neptune. Look to the houses for more specific information on the topics that will likely capture your focus under the new moon.

If you don’t have a copy of your chart, you can get a free one online at either or, those are sites that I use and recommend.

You can learn more about the astrology houses in my blog here. If you would like to learn more about your chart, book a consultation with me.

All Planets Moving in Direct Motion

All planets are moving forward this month so take advantage of the underlying quality of time flowing directly. Mercury will enter its pre-shadow period on March 19 before going retrograde on April 1st. 

Take this time in March to wrap up new endeavors so you can spend April realigning what you have progressed since the beginning of the year. 

April will be an excellent time to review what you have accomplished so far this year and give you a chance to review, revise, and realign your priorities for the spring and summer.

Pisces New Moon Activity Ideas

  • Set your new moon intentions near water. Go to a body of water like a lake, ocean, or pond. At home, you could take a bath or run a desktop fountain.

  • Allow yourself time to daydream and fantasize, plus imagine the steps you would take to achieve your dream. Is your strategy realistic? How can you update your plan to be more realistic?

  • Do something of service. Whether it’s for a friend or volunteering somewhere, is there something you can do under the new moon phase that helps others?

  • Take an introspective look within. Is there somewhere or something that you are over-giving to? Are you sacrificing your precious time on others to the point that you are losing focus on your own needs and desires? The Pisces new Moon is an opportunity to set intentions around resetting the balance between your own needs and how much you take care of others.

  • Pisces is a sign that indicates heightened psychic ability. Listen to what your intuition is telling you.  To do that, spend some time alone asking yourself if you need to set boundaries around over-giving, or if you are too rigid when it comes to helping others and could benefit from being more compassionate.

  • If you struggle with substance abuse or any type of addictive behavior, stay away from environments that entice you to use or overuse. Set intentions under the Pisces new moon to seek healthy alternatives to any type of addiction. 

  • Creativity is heightened under Pisces energy, especially as it relates to artistic endeavors. You may want to do something creative under the new moon like paint, play a musical instrument, or dance. If you have been wanting to start a new creative hobby, start it under this new moon. You will have Saturn in the mix to help you stick with it.

  • Watch a fantasy movie like Star Wars or any type of movie where you feel like you have escaped to another land where you are inspired.

Pisces New Moon Inspirational Quote

‘The only people who get upset about you setting boundaries are the ones who were benefiting from you having none.’ -Unknown

Wrap Up Recap 

The dreamy Pisces New Moon reminds us to be caring and compassionate to others and ourselves. Notice if you over-give, leaving yourself exhausted and empty, or if you could open up and be more caring and compassionate. 

Daydreaming can bring your deepest desires to the surface and if you add in a realistic strategy, you may find yourself motivated to manifest your dream into reality.


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