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Pisces Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde

Pisces Full Moon Date and Time

Saturday 10 September 2:59 AM West Coast, USA 5:59 AM East Coast, USA 12:34 PM Rome, Italy 17 degrees Pisces

Pisces Full Moon Overview

This weekend we will have our full moon in dreamy Pisces. This sign is creative, imaginative, and has a heightened ability to feel the mood of people around them. Pisces is known for being adaptable and and can sometimes be too adaptable leading those under its influence to be people pleasers or going with the flow and wishes of others over their own desires.

Pisces is about unity. The ‘we’ over the ‘me.’ It’s a sign deeply involved with spirituality in some form. We all define spirituality in our own way and so how that may look amongst different Pisces is as varied as the number of people we are considering.

You can often spot someone with a large presence of Pisces in their chart by the dreamy and almost watery look in their eyes.

Pisces is the opposite sign of Virgo. These are two signs on the same spectrum. Virgo is an earth sign, grounded, focused on the details, and can get lost in details and miss the big picture. Pisces is all about the big picture. They are known for their visionary creativity and can inspire others to reach for the highest mountains.

With all that Piscean visioning, the details can get lost. Pisces like the big picture, to be inclusive, and to solve problems with creativity and their keen instincts.

This Pisces full moon is a time to think about where you fall on the scale of adaptability. Both Pisces and Virgo are known to be adaptive, but in very different ways. Virgo adapts by applying logic. They strategically and logistically adapt their steps to finish their to-do list. They love a plan and are great with spreadsheets, organizing, and detail work.

Pisces are more likely to skip over the details and find tedious organization unnecessary. Pisces prefers to focus on the big picture, the end point, and unifying the group. Pisces love to view the world through their rose colored glasses. They can be an inspiration to those who are enamored with their visionary approach.

When you combine these two energies, you can find highly inspired vision with the ability to execute in an orderly and detailed way. To bring into balance these two energies takes practice and most of us have to struggle from finding ourselves at the extreme end of one side. The Pisces full moon over the weekend beams down Piscean energy on us. There is a calling for us to tap into our creativity, spirituality, and instinctual nature.

The Pisces full moon is a time to step out of detail work and into inspirational mode. The best thing you can do for yourself this Pisces full moon weekend is to take some quality time for yourself away from the daily grind and allow yourself to daydream on why you are here. What is your mission for this lifetime.

Allowing yourself to tap into Piscean visionary dreaming can be highly enlightening. You may discover a part of yourself that has been cut off from your consciousness. It’s time to let your inner soul speak to you outside of logic, rationality, and what you ‘think’ you are supposed to be doing with your life.

It’s only daydreaming, let your inner daydreamer out. Your mind will fill your brain with all the reasons why you ‘cannot’ or ‘should not.’ Shoo those thoughts away and invite them back another day under different energy. This is a time to dream your fantasy life. Who knows, maybe you will be inspired to make some changes in your life that will lead to a higher degree of happiness.

Daydreaming can be wonderfully fun and indulgent. There are some other things happening during the Pisces full moon that may boost your daydreaming desires. However, if you are someone who thrives on details, roundedness, and sticking to a routine, you may find the energy of this Pisces full moon weekend somewhat challenging.

If you try to stay in you head and move forward in the status quo, prepare yourself for some delays and frustration. That is because Mercury goes retrograde just hours before the Pisces full moon. The Mercury retrograde haze supports daydreaming and slowing the pace, but detail work may hit some snags.

The Pisces full moon will be traveling near the planet Neptune, which is has been traveling through Pisces for many years now. Because the Pisces full moon is in this sign, Neptune is activated and engaged. Neptune has an energy that dissolves, erodes borders, can be mystical, deceptive, spiritual, artistic, and inspirational.

A third energy signature of the Pisces full moon is the involvement of planet Uranus. It is known for sudden changes, disruption, and surprises. It’s a triple whammy. I’m going to talk more about each of these energetic signatures.

Pisces Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde

A lot gets written about Mercury Retrograde and for good reason. Knowing when Mercury retrograde cycles will happen can help you prepare your pace and rhythm of life, and to hopefully avoid some of the more annoying things that happen under a Mercury retrograde.

Mercury goes retrograde the day before the Pisces full moon after a few weeks of slowing down. You likely have already experienced a slow down in pace in some area of your life. Take note of these things and prepare yourself for more.

Mercury retrograde can often bring delays, confusion, and is best navigated with a great amount of fluidity in all aspects of life. Pisces is about fluidity all the time and is magnified by all of these energy signatures under its annual full moon. Pisces can merge with others like a chameleon and can struggle at times to hold on to their independent identity from their friends, family, and peers.

A Mercury retrograde coinciding with the Pisces full moon can take foggy things and make them foggier. Pisces will probably very much enjoy this full moon. It’s one you have to feel your way through using your instincts over any type of rational and logic attempts.

All Mercury retrogrades ask that we slow our pace so we can pause and look around before continuing forward. When we are looking around, we should be evaluating what has happened over the last few months. We should reflect back, realign, review, and make corrections as needed so you move forward on solid ground.

I believe that Mercury retrogrades are periods of time that ask us to look backwards to move forwards. This Pisces full moon is about the big picture, long-term vision, and finding your soul mission in life. Take time this weekend to reflect back on your path so far, and if it is taking you where you want to go in the long-term.

Reflect on your true mission in this lifetime and if you are on the right path. As you reflect on your life mission, you may find some course corrections are needed. Once we move away from the Pisces full moon this weekend, it will be a good time to dive into just what those course corrections may be.

The Mercury retrograde starts on September 9 or 10 depending where you live and ends on October 2. Remember that these are the most sensitive Mercury retrograde dates, when the unexpected can be most potent. We have been in a shadow period leading up to the retrograde for a few weeks, and we will have a post retrograde shadow from October 2 until mid-October.

To learn more about Mercury retrograde, what the shadow periods are, and tips for the best way to navigate Mercury retrogrades, check out my ‘Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide.’ To find all the 2022 Mercury retrograde dates, you can click here.

Pisces Full Moon and Neptune

The Moon is conjoined with the planet Neptune during this Pisces full moon cycle. This can indicate some confusion with Mercury retrograde. It can also indicate an incredible amount of creativity, visions, psychic messages, and artistic flow. If you are an artist, this is a great time to mentally check out and get in your creative groove. You could create a masterpiece that has been inside of you for a long time and waiting for the right time to come out.

This active Pisces full moon and Mercury retrograde energy is boosted by the planet Neptune giving it an active dreamy vibe. If you love falling into situations that call on faith over fact and having your gut instinct as your only compass, this weekend is for you.

For those of you who embrace the adventure of not knowing and handle life’s curves like you are being saved from boredom, this weekend is for you. This is usually the type of energy enjoyed by creatives, artists, musicians, and improv performers. There are many of us who manage a day job of details and in our free time pursue artistic hobbies to fulfill our soul and spiritual side. This weekend is for your free time.

If you are someone who needs to always feel like your feet are on the ground and your hands are firmly planted on the steering wheel leaving you in full control over where you go, this can be an uncomfortable weekend for you.

Using mindful approaches to daily life will help you adapt to whatever situations come up for you under the Pisces full moon traveling with Neptune during Mercury retrograde. What often comes up for those who experience an increase in stress and anxiety when feeling like things are outside of your control is fear. Fear can be thought of as ‘false expectations appearing real.’

What usually happens when experiencing a loss of control and fear is anger at something from the past or worry about what will happen in the future. What will help is to guide those thoughts happening in your mind back to the present and tap into some of this creative energy for creative solution finding.

It may be difficult for you to do this, but now is the time to practice. I use essential oils on a daily basis to help me manage my mood, uplift my spirit, and help me focus on problem solving rather than worrying about the future or ruminating on the past.

Remember that all experiences are life lessons and

use positive language with yourself as you navigate the fog.

The Pisces full moon is a time to dive deep into those things that bring out your creative side. Let your inner artist and daydreamer out to play. The voices of your muses will be louder than normal. Listen to their call and follow your heart, your gut, and your instincts. Let your mind and thinking brain know that it can take a short vacation while you go into dream land.

This is a time period where you may question your integrity and challenge yourself to be true to your core values. Have faith in yourself and do not let outside circumstances push you away from your core integrity and values. A great deal of frustration, anxiety, and confusion can throw you off guard. The universe is challenging you to find path in a way logic will not be your best tool to use.

Pisces Full Moon and Mystical Romantic Love

The Moon is with Neptune and the Sun is with Venus in opposite signs. Those of you looking for love could find a mystical, exciting, and romantic new love. Be aware that not all may be as it seems so wait a few months before fully committing.

If you are already in a relationship, this could be an incredibly romantic time with your partner. If you can get away this weekend for a romantic getaway, do it! Even if you can’t get away, plan something romantic at home or a future romantic date. It would be a great time to dress up in something sexy or watch a romantic movie.

Just keep in mind that Mercury may make things tricky. You will want to be extra careful about booking something in regard to cancellation policies and double booking your calendar.

Pisces Full Moon: Navigate Mercury Retrograde Fog and Manage Stress

The Sun is moving through Virgo as it is in the opposite sign of the Moon in Pisces. The relationship of the Sun and Moon dictate when the full moon is because they are always in opposite signs. Virgo is amazing at tracking details, loves to be of service, and can be relied upon to create a streamlined and organized process.

All of these things may be difficult to maintain during the foggy activity at the Pisces full moon with Neptune involved and Mercury retrograde just starting. We are likely to experience an increase in stress and anxiety or be around people who are experiencing it.

The best way through this energy is to accept that it is coming and prepare yourself for how you will travel through it. The artistic types are probably excited to zoom out and be liberated from the normalcy of how days unfold. That doesn’t mean that delays and annoyances won’t cause a moment of frustration, but it can be easier to handle since the enjoyment of flying by the seat of the pants can be exhilerating.

Those struggling a bit more may want some ideas for what to do. Here are a few simple things that can help.

  1. Take annoying delays and changes of plans as a sign that you are being directed to a better path. Look for the signs every time you hit a glitch, delay, or frustration.

  2. Stop yourself from ranting and trying to force something forward and pause, take a deep breath, and bring yourself to the present moment. When you mind shifts to the past or future, focus on creative problem solving right now in the present moment.

  3. Allow yourself to go with the flow and make the change so you can get on to finding out where this delay, change, or confusion is taking you.

  4. Ask yourself ‘what is the message the universe is sending me.’

  5. Look for the silver lining, the message, an answer, that in some way, there is a benefit to you and you just have to pull yourself out of your head and be open to something completely different than what you were expecting.

  6. Take a deep breath. It works.

  7. If you can, take a break away from whatever the frustration is. Can you postpone your task a day, an hour, thirty minutes?

  8. Use essential oils to help shift your mood.

  9. Shift your perception. Remember the quote that the way we perceive an event is far more impactful than the actual event. Adjust your perspective.

  10. When the universe throws roadblocks in your day, stop and ask yourself if there is something else more important you should be focusing your energy on. Take a break and try something else. If you do not experience resistance, then accept the sign from the universe that this is what you should be doing. If you continue to experience blocks, move on to something else. When the time is right, you will find that the resistance dissolves.

There is another planet involved in the Pisces full moon weekend that indicates there may be some unexpected surprises that pop up. Uranus, the planet of unexpected change, disruption, and surprise.

Pisces Full Moon and Uranus Surprises

Unexpected Events can be helpful if you look past the stress and annoyance of disruptions. This is more difficult for those who find adapting quickly does not come naturally. Those who thrive on adapting to unexpected events may be more open to being pushed off course and more likely to embrace other options that are presented.

Unexpected change, disruption, or surprises can bring good things in your life. Even if at first it seems unwanted or annoying. Be open that sometimes being blown off course is a blessing in disguise. It can help you shake loose from a rigid hold on something that has become outworn. This tends to happen under a Mercury retrograde.

To sum up all these energies. We have some confusion and fogginess coming in through Mercury retrograde. It is boosted by the Pisces full moon, and boosted again with Neptune traveling near the moon. Uranus is connecting with these planets in a type of relationship that is an easy flow. Meaning unexpected change, disruption, or surprises could come up quickly and without resistance.

It’s like this weekend is asking you to be ready for anything. And asking you to proactively look for messages and signs to help understand your greater life mission. It’s not likely going to come from logical thought, but from your soul, spirit, and instincts.

Being able to embrace unexpected change in the moment is not easy. But it can help you as you navigate the fogginess, juggle anything unexpected, and manage anxiety. When this multi-layered type of energy happens and you are unaware that it is a temporary vibe that will eventually dissipate, you can try to force things to bend to your will. This will likely not work out. 

Now that you know about the energetic vibrations of this Pisces full moon, you can plan for responding differently. Even if you know yourself to struggle with quickly adapting to unexpected situations, you can navigate through it with this knowledge. Accept the disruption and let it guide you.

You will likely find that when you stop resisting and allow yourself to have faith that the universe is guiding you the right way, then you can navigate the fogginess and manage your stress levels in a much more satisfying way. You can minimize the difficulty and gain new insights beyond your imagination.

Pisces Full Moon and Mars Retrograde

You may not want to hear that another planet is going retrograde, but it is. Mars will go retrograde late October. Right now Mars is just starting to slow down the pace as it prepares to change direction next month. I mention this because some of us may experience a physical drain on our energy as we move into the Mars retrograde.

It really depends on where it falls in your chart as to how it will impact you personally. But we all collectively may feel the slow down in our bodies. We may feel more tired and drained of energy as we move into the last half of 2022.

You may feel frustrated with the pace of life as we move through this full moon phase since Mercury is already retrograde. It may seem that no matter how hard you try, things don’t work out the way you expected them too.

Rather than trying to pick up the pace. See how you can slow your pace down to meet the vibration of energy you are experiencing. This tension is sending you a message. I have found over the years of working with retrograde energy that there is a message in retrograde snafus.

The message is usually letting you know that there is something else in need of your attention. Or you have missed something in your process that you need to reflect back on. Or you could be getting the message to simply take a break and come back to what you are doing later on when the time is right.

Pisces Full Moon: Essential Oils to Navigate Mercury Retrograde and Manage Stress

Each full and new moon I record a video about the energetic vibration of the moon. This month’s Pisces full moon video is posted for you to review on my new YouTube channel. I talk about these essential oils in the video.

I choose these essential oils because help us manage stress and for clarity and focus:

  1. Lavender is the go to oil for many things. It is known for its calming and soothing nature. It can help in moments when your stress level is high and you are experiencing high levels of anxiety. If Lavender relaxes you too much, choose an oil below when you want to be energized.

  2. Basil helps balance you when experiencing agitation or nervousness, which are qualities that tend to come with Mercury retrograde energy.

  3. Bergamot is a lovely essential oil that will help uplift your mood and relieve anxiety and stress.

  4. Sweet Orange essential oil is calming and uplifting and it has benefits of helping you focus and get energized to work through retrograde hiccups and needing to adapt to unexpected situations.

  5. Peppermint is a great essential oil to help you focus. It’s known to help soothe the tummy, which can feel upset when you experience stress and anxiety. This oil will help you invite more peace into your present moment while helping you find clarity through the fogginess that comes with Mercury retrograde.

Pisces Full Moon Inspirational Quote

‘Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, it turned into a butterfly.’ – Anonymous proverb
‘Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.’ – Anne Lamott
‘Surrender to what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be.’ -Sonia Ricotti
‘The universe doesn’t allow perfection.’ – Stephen Hawking

Pisces Full Moon Ideas

On the Full Moon

  1. Do the Full Moon ritual for the water element.

  2. Unplug, rest, and recharge by doing something that you can get lost in and let your inner daydreamer out to play.

  3. Engage in anything you define as artistic.

  4. Reflect back without worrying about the details and journal about your mission in life, even if you don’t know what it is yet. This Pisces full moon may help you discover what your soul seeks in this lifetime.

  5. Go near the water if you can. Or take a lavender essential oil bath.

Things to Do between the Pisces Full Moon and next New Moon

  1. Throw a coin in a wishing well.

  2. Rest and recharge as often as you can. When you do, let your inner daydreamer out to play.

  3. Reflect, review, and realign areas of life that show change or adapting is needed.

  4. Accept delays and unexpected disruptions as messages to do a different activity. Allow yourself to be guided by faith rather than logic when possible.

  5. If you struggle with quick adaptation, you can reframe this time period as an opportunity to workout your adaptability skills and practice relying on your instincts over your rational mind.

  6. If you experience severe panic attacks or anxiety attacks, consult your doctor or an alternative medicine provider to help you with natural solutions.

  7. Use calming essential oils regularly and make a habit of taking them with you on the go.

  8. Engage in artistic activities that you enjoy.

  9. Do something romantic with your partner. Pretend like you are on a first date or go somewhere that has special meaning for the two of you.

  10. If your perfectionistic side and inner critic make it difficult to work through this energy, you may experience a high level of anxiety. Schedule things that relax you. For example, a massage, spa treatment, hiking in nature, going to the beach, listening to music, dancing, or engaging in any type of art. The more artistic the better.

  11. Listen to your favorite music and let your musical muses inspire your creativity.

  12. Participate in a retreat or something spiritual with a group of people you trust.

  13. Rather than get lost in details, focus on the big picture and the vision of your life mission in the long-term.

  14. Visit bodies of water to engage in activities that involve water.

Pisces Full Moon Journaling Prompts

  1. How do you deal with unexpected situations? If you struggle with this, what are some different ways that you want to practice during this time period to decrease your stress levels?

  2. What positive words can you use when you experience a high level of stress that make you feel like your imperfections are unacceptable. How can you reframe your mindset to embrace that you’re perfectly imperfect and lovable for exactly who you are?

  3. When logic isn’t helping you solve a problem, how do you get in the mindset of trusting that things are going to work out? How do you find your personal and optimistic inner faith?

  4. What is most important for you to accomplish by the beginning of next year? What about in ten years? Is your current plan realistic? Take this time to not only slow down and reflect about the time period going back to June, but reflect on what needs to be done to be on the right path toward your life mission and realign your plan.

Wrap Up

We have a highly spiritual, mystical, and dreamy Pisces full moon coming up this weekend. We have a few different planetary signatures indicating we will best flow with the energy of the Pisces full moon by resting our brain and logic mind while letting our inner daydreamer out to play. Let your instincts guide you.

The pace of this weekend and next week may be slower than expected or completely altered from what you expected.

Pisces Full Moon Astrology Transits

  1. Moon 17 Pisces opposite Sun 17 Virgo

  2. Moon 17 Pisces applying to conjunct Neptune 24 Pisces

  3. Venus 6 Virgo applying to conjunct Sun 17 Virgo

  4. Uranus 18 Taurus trine Sun 17 Virgo and Sextile Moon 17 Pisces

  5. North Node 14 Taurus conjunct Uranus

  6. North Node 14 Taurus Sextile Moon 17 Pisces and trine Sun 17 Virgo

  7. South Node 14 Scorpio sextile Moon 17 Pisces and trine Sun 17 Pisces

  8. Mars 11 Gemini in a separating T square to Sun and Moon and slowing for retrograde


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