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Pisces Full Moon

Pisces Full Moon Dates and Time

Monday 20 September, USA 4:55pm, West Coast 7:55pm, East Coast

Tuesday 21 September, Rome 1:55am, Rome, Italy

Think of this Pisces full moon like a great time to put on your rose colored glasses and view the world with awe. Or dance like nobody’s watching.

Pisces Full Moon Background Noise: Mercury Retrograde Cycle

We are coming up to the third and final Mercury retrograde cycle of 2021 on September 27. But, it’s true you are probably already feeling the shifting energy. The cycle has a ramping up time before the actual retrograde, and a winding down time, following the retrograde. These periods are called the shadow periods. We are in the pre-shadow period right now.

For all the Mercury Retrograde dates of 2021, including the shadow period dates, click here. It’s important to be aware of the shadow dates because this building up time before the actual retrograde can seem like Mercury is already retrograde.

You can learn lots more about Mercury retrograde, and the shadow, in my Mercury Retrograde Survival Skills article about it. I want you to be aware of this retrograde cycle background that is already in action as we flow into the full moon coming up next week.

An Oasis in the Storm

The full moon will take on a dreamy and visionary vibe and you will be feeling it starting Saturday when the Moon first enters the sign Pisces. This is the perfect moon for dreamers and visionaries since it is in the creative sign of Pisces.

If you are trying to be super productive under a rigid schedule, be prepared for delays. It would be better if you could loosen your schedule and do things that inspire you instead. If you have any type of big idea or project coming up, now is the time to let your inner visionary take over.

You might be surprised with the amazing and creative ideas that pop up. This full moon is beckoning you to imagine, envision, and fantasize. Actions can be taken later, now is the time to vision. To see the big picture, the end result, and without limits. Let your imagination soar.

Your Visionary Archetype

Some of us are natural visionaries, and some of us aren’t. The archetype that comes to mind when I look at the chart of this Pisces full moon is The Visionary. The opposite of Pisces the Visionary is Virgo the Perfectionist, who gets every little detail done. The opposite of the big picture is the smallest detail. Virgo is about the trees, Pisces is about the forrest.

Virgo is about order and step by step processes, Pisces is about the big picture. No matter where you fall on the spectrum of Visionary to Perfectionistic Detail Doer, this is the time to seek out your archetypal Visionary. This continuum is highlighted because a full moon means the Sun is always in the opposite sign from the Moon. So for the Pisces full moon, the Sun is in Virgo. It’s time to lean on the Pisces side of the continuum for a few days.

Over the next two weeks as we pass through the full moon phase, notice which archetype is calling you. Are you struggling by trying to focus on the details and denying your inner visionary? You are leaning to the side of the Detail Doer. Or do you feel lighter and super engaged in visioning creative ideas? You are leaning toward the Visionary.

It can be helpful to know where Pisces falls in your chart in order to know where your Visionary tends to operate in your life. The same goes for finding the Virgo archetypal perfectionistic detail doer. If you have your chart, you can see where you may be trying to do the details, but would benefit by focusing on the big picture where Pisces falls in your chart to go with the flow of this Pisces full moon energy.

The Visionary is a dreamer who can come up with enticingly creative ideas. We need our big visions so we know what we are working towards, and what achievement looks like. We need both the Visionary and the Perfectionist in life. The Visionary concocts the big idea and the Perfectionist gets it done, detail by detail.

Some of the big ideas and visions that you concoct under this full moon may be a desirable goal. Others may be fantasy and nice to think about, but not actually do. Either way, allowing your mind to go into visionary mode is called for starting Saturday and through Tuesday. Take some time to do nothing and let you mind out to play. It’s best to take this time without distraction, noise, or under a schedule where you have to watch the time.

Even if your visionary has you daydreaming of things you probably won’t do, you never know what creative idea was jiggled loose from those free and random visions, and will start to form something really amazing in your life. The flow of time reminds us not to stay in the same place all the time, we benefit from perceiving life from different view points. So rather than thinking that one type of archetypal energy is better than the other, think about the flow of time and which one is highlighted and more accessible, right now.

This full moon is asking you to zoom out and envision life without restraint. Dream it, and later on you can decide which, if any, visions that you have are something to take action on. This is also a good time to meditate on solutions that have been evading you. Now you may be able to download a solution by opening yourself to the universal flow of Pisces energy.

Engage your Inner Visionary

If you can, get out in nature, you will really enjoy the moments. Especially if you can get near a body of water. Even better if you can get in the water.

If you keep hitting roadblocks, delays, and you feel really agitated, it’s a sign from your inner visionary that you are in need of a break. Understanding the flow and rhythm of time helps you sync up with the natural beat of the moment.

This is really hard because in real life we usually can’t just work when we want. Or take the kids to school when you want. You will likely have to plan some time to tap into this energy.

Even if you can only carve a few hours out of your schedule. Take it and savor the moments. As time moves past this full moon and dreamy oasis of visioning, you will get back into the zone of time. You will be able to put some practical plans behind some of your visions.

But during this full moon. Take advantage of this once a year Pisces full moon. This one is unique because of the Neptunian cast of spirituality, nebulousness, and a general feeling of dissociation with reality. Not every year has Neptune involved with the Pisces full moon. The proximity of this nebulous planet gives it some extra mysticism and a calling toward spirituality.

Watch out and support friends and family who suffer from any mental health illnesses that have features of dissociation from reality as this full moon could indicate some fluctuations.

This is a great time to connect with your higher power, however you define it. Some may connect with gods, angels, spiritual guides, and nature spirits. Whatever takes you into a world where you can freely create and be in your flow is perfect synchronization under this full moon.

Artists, entertainers, and creators may be especially entranced under this moon. Be prepared to indulge in your art and create some wonderful things. After this full moon passes we head straight to the Mercury retrograde, minding our patience, and reflecting backwards. Hopefully this time you take to connect with your higher power, spirituality, and visionary will fill you with inspiration for what’s to come.

With this feeling of being full of spiritual energy, you will be better prepared for facing any Mercurial hiccups to come. It can help you in the slowing down process. The retrograde will call for reflections on the past, finishing up projects that were already started, and refining things that need it.

Engage your Inner Visionary with Essential Oils

I co-host a video series called Natural Health and Astrology, with Annabelle Fraser, a naturopath and gut health specialist. Each month we talk about the energy of the full moon and essential oils that support the vibe.

This month Annabelle suggests Clary Sage essential oil for clarity and creative vision. All the essential oil information provided below is from Annabelle. You can contact Annabelle for purchasing doTerra essential oils as well.

Clary Sage is great for relaxing and engaging your inner visionary. Plus it has other helpful uses. It promotes healthy looking hair and scalp and calms and soothes the skin. It helps enhance your mood, and soothes your body during menstruation. For internally approved consumption brands of Clary Sage essential oil, it can help with a restful night’s sleep. This should be discussed with your doctor first.

Check out this month’s Pisces full moon video on Facebook. For more information on natural health and gut health, contact Annabelle. Or join her private Facebook group, Natural Health Italy, by signing up here.

Pisces Full Moon Ideas: Engage your Inner Visionary

  1. Release obstacles that limit your vision in the full moon releasing ritual.

  2. Do your Full Moon Releasing ritual Tuesday evening during the full moon phase.

  3. Release what is no longer serving you into water using the full moon releasing ritual.

  4. Let yourself fill up with creative visions of what brings you true joy.

  5. Make a creative and colorful vision board about your vision(s).

  6. Go with the flow near water. Or just go with the flow and do not hold on rigidly to your calendar.

  7. Use a water based essential oil diffuser.

  8. Listen to natural water sounds like this one on YouTube. Sorry you will have to skip the ad to get to the beautiful water music.

  9. Energize your rocks, gems, and crystals under the full moon.

  10. Put on rose colored glasses and see the beauty in the world.

  11. Do anything that is creative and that you enjoy fully.

  12. Dance like nobody’s watching.

Things to do under the 2 week Full Moon Phase

  1. Sign up for a creative class like wine and paint, ceramics, or dancing.

  2. Create a vision board of all the things that came up for you at the full moon.

  3. Go to a body of water.

  4. Take a steam bath, candlelight bath, or go to thermal waters. Better yet do all 3!

  5. Do a hydrotherapy session.

  6. Slow down and spend some time reflecting on what is important to you.

  7. Learn how to clear energy in your space and make it part of your routine.

  8. Clean with soap and water instead of chemicals.

  9. Relax, take a vacation, and minimize a rigid and busy schedule.

  10. Write down your dreams.

  11. Follow your intuition.

  12. Get a pedicure or foot massage, Pisces rules the feet.

Journaling Prompts

  1. When, what, or where do you feel the most creative?

  2. Who are your muses and why?

  3. When you imagine your Visionary archetype, what does he/she/they look like? Why did you choose that persona as your Visionary archetype?

  4. Think of a time recently when you felt content, joy, or pride. What inspired the moment that made you feel that way?

  5. What people in your network inspire you? What people in your network drain your energy? How can you spend more time with the people who inspire you and less time with those who drain you?

  6. Ask these questions for different areas of your life: Relationships, family, romantic partner, work, friends.

Wrap Up

We have a spiritually beautiful full moon coming up that is inviting you to go with the flow and call on your inner visionary. By trying to stay practical and follow a rigid schedule, you may run into roadblocks and delays. Try to take some time for yourself and bask in some daydreaming or creative visualization.

The background energy is Mercury preparing to retrograde. Confusion and intangibility are keywords for the next few days. Keep this in mind, slow it down, and let your creativity flow. This is the best way to navigate through the waters of this super watery full moon happening Monday or early Tuesday morning depending on where you live.

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